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This Week in Kpop
This Week in Kpop is a bi-weekly discussion podcast of the newest Kpop music video releases. Join two guys discover, discuss, and digest a healthy scoop of Kpop goodness each week!
Kpop Hot Pot
Let's discuss Kpop! Email us your favorite kpop songs and we'll discuss them on Kpop Hot Pot. Kpop is universal music we all love. Hears us discuss Kpop news and tell Kpop stories! Find us on instagram at kpophotpot, on twitter @kpophotpot, and email at
KTop 10 (K-POP HITS)
KTop10 is a show where we give you and play the top 10 K-Pop hits according to official South Korean music charts! The show provides personal opinions and up to date news on the songs and artists featured in each episode. Episodes are generally released on Tuesday's, please see our website for full details on our scheduling. Visit us online at: Questions, requests, and feedback on our show can always be sent to our email at Find us on Facebook at: facebook.c ...
Super K-Pop
Super K-pop is a program that uses all of the different genres of K-pop to present the endless possibilities of K-pop. From the hottest current hit songs, to all of the hidden gems we don't know about. Youll be able to hear all of it right here.
K-Stop is the No. 1 destination for insightful and fun commentary on the biggest K-pop news, music, issues and events. Every week, hosts Jeff Benjamin and Tina Xu go deep on the topics that matter most to K-pop fans, while talking to the artists that also make their hearts flutter.
K-Pop Unmuted
A podcast dedicated to in-depth discussion of Korean Pop Music hosted by Stephen Knight and Scott Interrante. Part of the Pop Unmuted family.
The Kpopcast is a kpop podcast. The weekly program features reviews of the latest kpop releases, within trends within the genre, and what it means to be a kpop fan in the United States. Recurring hosts Soupermatic, Stephanie and DJ Peter Lo engage and spotlight listeners on the twitter hashtag #kpopcast.
K-Pop on a new level! The latest K-pop news and music for all K-pop lovers around the world!
KPop Nerd Podcast
Music Mind brings you high-quality KPop content on the regular! Join us at for exclusive interviews, podcasts, and partner content with songwriters, producers, executives, and artists themselves.The KPop Nerd Podcast, the official podcast of Music Mind, releases a new episode twice a month, and features guests from all across the globe! Shoot us a message if you'd like to get involved, give feedback/suggestions, or just want to chat!
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Red Velvet's summer jam offers perspective for young adults as they prepare for their next chapter in #adulting. The Kpopcast dives into this theory from KPOP Junkee after highlighting constructive listener feedback from the Kpopcast's analysis of BoA's "CAMO." Catch KPOP Junkee's Theory to Red Velvet's "Red Flavor:" ...…
What it do awesome people?! We got a hot line up of new releases this week to match up with the intense summer we're feeling in between the rainy days! This week's chart features music from Red Velvet, Zi Co of BLOCK B, Hyo Lyn of SISTAR, and many more artists. Host: Khuyen Song list: 비도 오고 그래서 (You, Clouds, Rain) Feat. Yong Jae of 4Men – Heize ...…
This week, K-Stop chats about... -EXO's summer comeback with "Ko Ko Bop" off their 'The War' album-Zico's new Television EP with the singles "Artist" and "Anti" featuring G.Soul-Red Velvet's return with "Red Flavor" off their seasonal 'Red Summer' EP Plus in our Deep Cuts section, we talk about KARD experiencing a racist encounter when they per ...…
Jonathan here will be discussing and reviewing all the tracks on Red Velvet's Red Flavor Album! Please support us on twitter and Patreon!
In this episode, Josh, Stephen, and Jonathan from Kpop Hot Pot talk about our top 5 Kpop songs of 2017 so far. We also talk about our most disappointed songs too. Consider donating to us on Patreon ( or Paypal ( Music Videos of the Episode: (HM = Honorable Mention, MD = Most ...…
The OG Kpop Queen BoA returns with her track "CAMO" and the Kpopcast crew takes a critical look at her recent hit.Read Nick of The Bias List's Review: to @marvidmusic for his concluding bumper music cover. Check Marvid's talented tunes here: Replay ...…
On Episode 20 of KultScene's K-Pop Unmuted, Stephen Knight and Tamar Herman are joined by music writer Jacques Peterson to discuss T-ara and their latest release "What's My Name?" We also discuss Girls Next Door's "Deep Blue Eyes," Seulong's "You," and Apink's "Five" and "Only One."By (Pop Unmuted).
In this episode, Josh and Stephen talk about our Twice concert experience and probably the best lineup of songs so far in 2017. Consider donating to us on Patreon ( or Paypal ( Music Videos of the Episode: (01:04) Twice Seoul Concert Discussion (Twiceland Encore) (31:14) Ben ...…
you did it k-elf... you finally did it.
Hope ya'll are having a smashing summer! Cool down with our latest episode of hits straight from Korea! This week, we'll be playing songs from K.A.R.D., BTS, Heize, MAMAMOO and many more artists. Host: Zilin Song list: 널 너무 모르고 (Don’t Know You) – Heize 나로 말할 것 같으면 (Yes I Am) – MAMAMOO 비도 오고 그래서 (You, Clouds, Rain) Feat. Shin Yong Jae of 4Men – ...…
Hey everyone! Here's another episode to mark the beginning of the second half of the year of 2017! Can you believe that half the year has flown by already? Corny and overdone, but it shocks me how fast this new year is passing by us. To celebrate this mark, we bring you a small summer special series, beginning with an episode made by the fans! ...…
This week, K-Stop chats about...-BTS' "Come Back Home," their remake of Seo Taiji & The Boys' 1995 single for the band's 25th anniversary-Lee Hyori's long awaited comeback with 'Black'-Heize's new single "Don't Know You" off her '///' EP Plus in our Deep Cuts section, we talk about the impressive success Twice and BTS are having in Japan which ...…
Kpop fans often make a number of natural comparisons between Blackpink and 2ne1. In light of this, we review "As If Its Your Last" to see if Blackpink is still 2ne2.Read Jacques' review on BlackPink: SoNE1's dance covers: Replays: - MAMAM ...…
Today on our show we talk about the recent scandals centered around SUJU. Its not all bad, we also discuss Yesung's new Japanese track SPLASH! As well as Henry's IM GOOD. To get our episodes early check us out on Patreon! Thank you for being a dumpling!!
This week, K-Stop chats about...-Blackpink's comeback single "As If It's Your Last"-BoA's long-awaited return with "Camo"-MAMAMOO's confident anthem with "Yes I Am" off 'Purple' Plus in our Deep Cuts section, we take the halfway point of the year to recount our favorite and the best K-pop songs of 2017 so far. As always, we'll count down the K- ...…
Welcome everyone to episode one hundred and sixteen of This Week in Kpop. In this episode, Josh and Stephen talk about Korean R&B. We swear we still like Kpop! Consider donating to us on Patreon ( or Paypal ( Music Videos of the Episode: (01:25) Samuel Seo, Qim Isle - Mango ...…
Kpop Hot Pot
WE ARE BAAAAACK! Sorry the hiatus but a lot of life events going on. We do a quick run down of important missed topics like TOP and BTS winning BBMA. GD @ 19:30mn BLACKPINK @ 30:55 T-ARA @ 42:53 Please pledge to our Patreon! On Patreon we release episodes early. Thank you find us on Instagram, fb, ig and twitter…
Welcome everyone to the "After Show Show" for episode one hundred and fifteen of "This Week in Kpop". In this episode, Josh and Stephen reminisce about Sistar and talk about going to their last concert together as a group. There's also a little bit of TOP's marijuana controversy at the end. Consider donating to us on Patreon (http://www.patreon ...…
Happy summer days everyone! We got a lot of songs to hopefully make your summer hotter and awesomer the more you listen to our top 10! ;D This week, we bring you songs from Bolbbalgan4, 20 Years of Age, Nation's Idol from Produce 101, solo comeback of G-Dragon from BIGBANG, and many more artists. Host: Amy Song list: 남이 될 수 있을까 (We Loved) – Bol ...…
This week, K-Stop chats about...-The experimental return of NCT 127 with 'Cherry Bomb'-T-ara's goodbye single "What's My Name"-Monsta X's explosive comeback single "Shine Forever" Plus in our Deep Cuts section, we bring special guest Brooke Bunce from Fuse TV to discuss and preview the upcoming KCON 2017 New York to talk about the artists, pane ...…
On Episode 19 of KultScene's K-Pop Unmuted, Stephen Knight and Alejandro Abarca are joined by co-founder of the East Coast Kpop Outlet Samantha Lifson to discuss G-Dragon and his self-titled "Kwon Ji Yong." We also discuss Nation's Son's "Never" and Sistar's classic "Alone."By (Pop Unmuted).
Welcome everyone to The Kpop Round Table. In this episode, Josh and Stephen talk with April from the Jinjja Cha podcast about our top 3 Kpop songs of April 2017! There were some problems with the audio so it took a long time finish it. Sorry! Consider donating to us on Patreon ( or Paypal ( ...…
This week, K-Stop chats about...-The new solo single from Hyoyeon of Girls' Generation "Wannabe" featuring San E-Suran's new single "1+1=0" featuring Dean off her 'Walking' EP-Gummy's return with the ballad "I I Yo" Plus in our Deep Cuts section, we discuss the news that BIGBANG's TOP needed to enter hospitalization after being recently dismiss ...…
On Episode 18 of KultScene's K-Pop Unmuted, Stephen Knight and Joe Palmer discuss the most interesting Kpop songs of May 2017. They talk about Sol B's "Red," Triple H's "365 Fresh," Twice's "Signal," April's "Mayday," Kim Lip (LOOΠΔ)'s "Eclipse," and B1A4's "Follow Me."By (Pop Unmuted).
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