Best K-pop Podcasts (2017)
Best K-pop podcasts — All about South Korean pop music (Updated March 2017; image)
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This Week in Kpop
This Week in Kpop is a bi-weekly discussion podcast of the newest Kpop music video releases. Join two guys discover, discuss, and digest a healthy scoop of Kpop goodness each week!
Kpop Hot Pot
Let's discuss Kpop! Email us your favorite kpop songs and we'll discuss them on Kpop Hot Pot. Kpop is universal music we all love. Hears us discuss Kpop news and tell Kpop stories! Find us on instagram at kpophotpot, on twitter @kpophotpot, and email at
KTop 10 (K-POP HITS)
KTop10 is a show where we give you and play the top 10 K-Pop hits according to official South Korean music charts! The show provides personal opinions and up to date news on the songs and artists featured in each episode. Episodes are generally released on Tuesday's, please see our website for full details on our scheduling. Visit us online at: Questions, requests, and feedback on our show can always be sent to our email at Find us on Facebook at: facebook.c ...
Super K-Pop
Super K-pop is a program that uses all of the different genres of K-pop to present the endless possibilities of K-pop. From the hottest current hit songs, to all of the hidden gems we don't know about. Youll be able to hear all of it right here.
K-Stop is the No. 1 destination for insightful and fun commentary on the biggest K-pop news, music, issues and events. Every week, hosts Jeff Benjamin and Tina Xu go deep on the topics that matter most to K-pop fans, while talking to the artists that also make their hearts flutter.
KPop Nerd Podcast
Music Mind brings you high-quality KPop content on the regular! Join us at for exclusive interviews, podcasts, and partner content with songwriters, producers, executives, and artists themselves.The KPop Nerd Podcast, the official podcast of Music Mind, releases a new episode twice a month, and features guests from all across the globe! Shoot us a message if you'd like to get involved, give feedback/suggestions, or just want to chat!
K-Pop on a new level! The latest K-pop news and music for all K-pop lovers around the world!
The Kpopcast is a kpop podcast. The weekly program features reviews of the latest releases within kpop, trends within the genre, and what it means to be a kpop fan in the United States. Recurring hosts Soupermatic and DJ Peter Lo engage and spotlight listeners on the twitter hashtag #kpopcast.
K-Pop Unmuted
A podcast dedicated to in-depth discussion of Korean Pop Music hosted by Stephen Knight and Scott Interrante. Part of the Pop Unmuted family.
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Welcome everyone to episode one hundred and ten of This Week in Kpop. In this episode, Josh and Stephen record late at night while sick. Consider donating to us on Patreon ( or Paypal ( Music Videos of the Episode: (05:50) DPR Live (feat. Loco, Jay Park) - Right Here Right N ...…
This week, K-Stop gets into... "Plz don't be sad," the official title track from Highlight (formerly known as Beast) Pledis girl group Pristin's catchy debut single "Wee Woo" CNBLUE's return with "Between Us" off the band's seventh EP 7ºCN Plus in our Deep Cuts section, we review the politically-charged collaboration between BTS' Rap Monster an ...…
Happy beginning of spring everyone! Hopefully the weather isn't being mean and cold D: With the spring feels, we're bringing you some new additions to the chart, including songs from Jung Key, Whee In of MAMAMOO, GOT7, BTOB, and many more artists. Host: Sunny Song list: Knock Knock – TWICE 부담이 돼 (Anymore) Feat. Whee In of MAMAMOO – Jung Key 사랑은 ...…
This week, K-Stop chats about...-GOT7's 'Flight Log: Arrival,' the final installment in their 'Flight Log' trilogy and is led by the single "Never Ever"-The debut single "Love&Live" from LOOΠΔ 1/3, the sub-unit release from upcoming girl group LOOΠΔ who will reveal a new member every month for a year until their late 2017 debut-The first releas ...…
On Episode 13 of Pop Unmuted, Stephen Knight and Scott Interrante discuss their favorite songs from the past few weeks. Stephen shares Subin’s “Circle’s Dream,” B.A.P.’s “Dystopia,” and Brave Girls’ “Rollin’.” Scott picks Lovelyz’ “WoW,” BtoB’s “Movie,” and Ha:tfelt’s “Thru The Sky.” ...…
B.A.P's "Wake Me Up" is layered in meanings which go beyond mental health. We dive into these hidden explanations thanks to Reddit user BrigidAndair. Post production note: Jeff Benjamin's story on Billboard also deconstructs this music video in a compelling way. We'd cite his story, but we recorded this prior. Catch Jeff's story here: http://ww ...…
We had a chance to see the San Francisco stop of HyunA's tour, recap pivotal moments and share a few stories to bring you to the heart of the show. For photos and videos of the event, visit us at with
This week we talk about the recent ballads that center around Break Ups. Most of these are collabs from amazing artist. Enjoy! Oh! and we spend the first moments talking about KCON finds us on twitter, IG and FB
Welcome everyone to episode one hundred and nine of This Week in Kpop. In this episode, Josh and Stephen aren't on the same page. Consider donating to us on Patreon ( or Paypal ( Music Videos of the Episode: (03:15) Dean (feat. Baek Yerin) - Come Over (13:00) Gugudan - A Gir ...…
GFriend's "Fingertip" may appear to be a dream-centered story in the music video, but what most people miss is the Greek mythology driving the narrative in this latest hit.Post-production note: we were wrong about "Navillera" meaning 'butterfly' in Spanish. It sounds like this was more based off of "Navi" sounding like 'butterfly in korean. Vis ...…
This week, K-Stop chats about...-GFriend's comeback with "Fingertip," that shows off a more mature and slick side of the trendy girl group-The emotional return of B.A.P with "Wake Me Up," a single off their Rose EP-"Rollin'," the sexy, tropical house-inspired new single from Brave Girls Plus in our Deep Cuts section, we discuss news that the Ko ...…
Hello everyone! The weather's getting warmer, and the perfect way to enjoy the pleasant spring days is while listening to some fresh k-pop beats! We've got a variety of new songs added to the chart, including songs from Tae Yeon of Girls' Generation, BTS/Bulletproof Boy Scouts, TWICE, and many more! Host: Zilin and guest Spencer Song list: Fine ...…
This week, K-Stop discusses... Girls' Generation leader Taeyeon's new single "Fine," off her first full-length album My Voice "A Girl Like Me," the bubbly comeback from girl group Gugudan Producer Code Kunst's collaboration with Tablo and G.Soul, "Fire Water" Plus in our Deep Cuts section, we discuss Sistar leader Hyolyn's exciting deal with ED ...…
On Episode 12 of K-Pop Unmuted, Stephen Knight talks to musician and Quincy Jones Scholarship Recipient Suzanne Choi about the K-Pop and K-Indie industries.
Gugudan's latest "A Girl Like Me" presents a new concept from the group's initial debut. While the aegyo may be present in both their last and present release, does one approach succeed over the other? Tweet us your thoughts at #kpopcast.We're giving away a copy of BTS’ album, “You Never Walk Alone!” How to win your copy: 1) Leave a review for ...…
BTS and TWICE have released new music this week and we go over both songs. We also reveal the giveaway winners. look for us on twitter and instagram
Welcome everyone to the "After Show Show" for episode one hundred and eight of "This Week in Kpop". In this episode, Josh and Stephen reminisce about Produce 101 and IOI and talk about the future of the members. Consider donating to us on Patreon ( or Paypal ( Topics of the ...…
BTS is profoundly changing what listeners and music-video-viewers can expect out of Kpop as a genre. For this special episode of the Kpopcast, we perform a double-shot of 'Daebak or Not' reviews for their singles "Spring Day" and "Not Today."BTS' "Spring Day" has initiated a number of interpretations for what it means, and we provide a temporal ...…
K-Stop talks... -K.A.R.D's latest single "Don't Recall"-Dean's new collaboration "Come Over" featuring 15&'s Baek Yerin-Twice's comeback single "Knock Knock" Plus in our Deep Cuts section, we talk about a recent hacking of BigHit Entertainment's website that posted a Twice music video seemingly indicating a BTS vs. Twice fanwar. As always, we'l ...…
The latest single from TWICE seems like a sequel or prologue to their previous single, "TT." But what does this mean, and why are the girls dying from hypothermia?TWICE knocks and we answer whether their hit is Daebak or Not.
Hey everyone! Here's the last episode for the month of February! Hopefully everyone is doing well! We've got a variety of new songs added to the chart, including songs from DEAN, Ye Rin of 15&, BLOCK B, MC Mong, Huh Gak, and many more artists. Host: Amy Song list: 넘어와 (Come Over) Feat. Ye Rin of 15& – DΞΔN 첫눈처럼 너에게 가겠다 (I Will Go To You Like Th ...…
Taeyeon's "I Got Love" offers a lesser-heard flavor in kpop. In this episode, we dive into the music video and explicate what this means for Taeyeon and her label mates.
Welcome everyone to episode one hundred and eight of This Week in Kpop. In this episode, Josh and Stephen talk about BTS. That's what you came for right? BTS?!?!!? Consider donating to us on Patreon ( or Paypal ( Music Videos of the Episode: (05:45) Moon Kim - Dark Chocolate ...…
A very fun episode covering fantastic music! We go over NCT DREAM First and Last, BTS Spring Day and K.A.R.D Don't Recall! We reveal our next giveaway too and we give some shout outs to our favorite fellow podcasters look for us on twitter, Instagram, facebook and email :)
KARD's "Don't Recall" may appear to be a breakup love song on the surface, but what is it really about? We take a look to discuss the symbolism and meanings not immediately seen in this prolific music video and review the song for Kpopcast's Daebak or Not.
This week, K-Stop talks... -"Spring Day," the highly anticipated single from boy band phenoms BTS-NCT Dream's return with "My First and Last"-San E's bold discussion of mental health on his latest "Counselor" Plus in our Deep Cuts section, we get in the Valentine's Day spirit by revealing our favorite K-pop love songs. As always, we'll count do ...…
Welcome everyone to the "After Show Show" for episode one hundred and seven of "This Week in Kpop". In this episode, Josh and Stephen reminisce about the Wonder Girls after hearing about their disbandment. Consider donating to us on Patreon ( or Paypal ( Consider Donating: P ...…
Kpop Hot Pot
The kpop world was rocked when T-ara was accused of bullying a former member. For years T-ara has never been able to be fully accepted by korea. Now it appears new truths have come out to give hope for T-ara talk to us on twitter, Instagram, facebook and twitter