Karla Walsh's Must Have Exercise DVDs. New British Military Fitness App. Ellen Barrett's New Workout DVD

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Be sure to check out our new Facebook Fan Pagethat blogger, web genius and Fitness Journalist Karla Walsh is helping us with. She is running contests and all kinds of fun stuff for us. We really appreciate all that she is doing and want to make sure she gets the recognition she deserves. And be sure to check out the SobeFit magazine with a special feature on Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy

On today's show Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy opened with our good friend Karla Walsh. Karla shared some of her favorite exercise dvds that you should add to your collection. She explained the benefits of adding workout dvds to your exercise routine. To learn more about what Karla is up to please go to her blog www.healthfulbitesblog.com

Next we had David Stevens from British Military Fitness App. This great iPhone app gives you a real time workout led by some of Britain's finest military personnel. Their are virtually unlimited workouts becuase of a unique randomizing feature this app possesses. So whether you want a cardioworkout or a strength workout you can get a new one pretty much everyday. And you input the time you have available to exercise and your own personal fitness workout trainer is literally at your fingertips ready to get you in shape. To learn more please go to www.bmffitnessapp.com

We closed the show with our good friend Ellen Barrett. Ellen has a great new exercise dvd for new moms titled Happy Baby Fit Mama. This workout dvd lets you bring your baby along as you exercise and get back in pre-baby shape. Thsi workout dvd is available everywhere but be sure to check out Ellen's website www.ellenbarrett.com to see what she is up to.

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