FDR3639 True News: Week In Review - April 2nd, 2017

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0:00 – Elephant Starving In Venezuela
6:33 – Venezuelan Government Coup
10:35 – Jeff Sessions on Sanctuary Cities
22:56 – Noam Chomsky: Conspiracy Theorist
29:19 – College Man Up Event, Masculinity Confession Booth
38:44 – “Analyzing Whiteness” College Club
44:57 – No Evidence Microaggressions Cause Harm
47:57 – Suspended From Kindergarten For Playing With A Stick
54:24 – Ivy League Schools Receive $41 Billion In Funding
1:03:57 – School Budget Cut Due To White Students
1:06:32 - Michael Moore: ‘Extinction of Human Life on Earth’
1:16:06 – Tomi Lahren/Glenn Beck Update
1:27:36 – HIV Positive Migrant Rapes Children In Sweden
1:31:55 – American Attitudes Towards Communism
1:53:40 – Video Game Playing Is A Mental Disorder?
2:08:17 – Shocking Info on Psychiatric Drugs
2:32:59 – Mike Pence Non-Scandal Scandal
2:38:00 – Chicago Pension Plan Disaster
Sources: http://www.fdrurl.com/true-news-april-2-2017
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