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Beyond the Book
A series of recordings from the Copyright Clearance Center.
Copy This
The Copy This Podcast is hosted by Kirby Ferguson and presented by the Re:Create Coalition, which represents a cross-section of creators, advocates and consumers seeking to promote balanced copyright laws that foster innovation, creativity and economic growth. This monthly podcast series will feature some of the leading authors, policy minds, legal experts, and members of the creative community to take on the important questions and topics driving the copyright debate today.
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As EU member states now begin to support the directive through passage of national legislation, opportunities, challenges, and unintended consequences are emerging.By Beyond the Book.
Frankfurt Book Fair is not only about publishing rights and the book distribution business. Frankfurt Book Fair is a cultural event and a political nexus.By Beyond the Book.
“Not only does a book gather ideas together, but also it develops a community of shared readers.”By Beyond the Book.
The story the latest trade book sales numbers tell is an assortment of tales. Children’s and YA titles saw a big climb, while adult books moved upward though more slowly.By Beyond the Book.
Publishing has a data problem – a deficit of accurate, relevant data necessary to manage in a world of change.By Beyond the Book.
Doris Spielthenner and Raymond Moser, Jr. Business Development For IP Lawyers – Interview with Ray Moser and Doris Spielthenner – IP Fridays – Episode 105 Filing Analytics is described as ‘Crack for IP attorneys’ in this IP Friday’s insightful podcast – discussing current deficiencies in law firm business development and best tools and practice ...…
Should Audible’s plan to scroll snippets of AI-generated text alongside audiobooks be called what it is – reading?By Beyond the Book.
New and powerful digital technologies are good for business in many ways. Going digital can certainly help organizations to market better their products and services. Yet digital is at its most transformative when organizations use it not to sell but to solve customer problems.By Beyond the Book.
The Dept. of Justice lawsuit asks for a restraining order and preliminary injunction compelling Edward Snowden’s publisher Macmillan to “freeze all assets in Macmillan’s possession relating to Permanent Record that belong to Snowden or his agents, assignees, or others acting on his behalf.”By Beyond the Book.
As its stock price tumbles, the online publishing subsidiary of China’s Tencent Holdings is hitting the brakes on an ambitious program to purchase rights for foreign works.By Beyond the Book.
On November 1, Macmillan will restrict libraries to purchasing a single e-book copy during the first eight weeks of a book’s publication.By Beyond the Book.
Online access, competing digital formats, and open access publishing models have all contributed to the sales crash of print editions of academic monographs. But publishers, researchers, universities, and funders, however, aren’t ready yet to give up on a favorite form.By Beyond the Book.
Publishers assert Audible’s Captions service creates a market that must be licensed into. They claim their agreements do not allow for text display, so any new program that goes beyond the scope of those agreements—even if that’s just a few words at a times—must be a negotiated right.By Beyond the Book.
Editors look for things like a high level of engagement – not just a lot of followers, but how many people are interacting and retweeting with an author.By Beyond the Book.
Timothy Trainer Customs and Border Enforcement of Trademarks – Interview with Timothy Trainer Find more information on Timothy on his website.By Rolf Claessen and Ken Suzan.
The textbook is a very, very reliable medium to educate students and to facilitate the distribution of content to students.By Beyond the Book.
On a week that leading publishers reported drops in book sales even while profits jumped, the forecast for fall is “wait and see.”By Beyond the Book.
Twitter hashtags and individual tweets often make the leap from smartphone screens to print and cable news headlines. Some tweets even venture farther and land in unexpected territories.By Beyond the Book.
For publishers, the reprieve is only partial, as President Trump’s threat to levy tariffs on adult books printed in China remains.By Beyond the Book.
Misinformation and disinformation thrive best in the dark. And like fungus and mildew in a cellar, they disintegrate quickly when air and sunlight arrive on the scene.By Beyond the Book.
This week, the curtain fell on Barnes & Noble as a publicly-traded company with longtime CEO Len Riggio making his exit after decades in the bookselling business.By Beyond the Book.
Researchers at a startup founded by experts in biomedical informatics have developed what they call a credit report for scientific publications. Just like a financial credit report, which shows the fiscal health of a person, this automated analysis shows the hygiene of the scientific paper.By Beyond the Book.
With Baker & Taylor moving out of trade book retail, it’s been a busy summer for Ingram and BookazineBy Beyond the Book.
Available editions of the Mueller Report failed the accessibility test for the visually-impaired. So Thad McIlroy and Bill Kasdorf went to work making a fully accessible, freely available editionBy Beyond the Book.
Gene Quinn Patent Eligibility Reform in the US – Interview with Gene Quinn – New G-Decision and New Rules for the Boards of Appeal at the EPO Find out more about Gene at the IP WatchdogBy Rolf Claessen and Ken Suzan.
Just like captions on a TV program, Amazon suggests it may want to show captions on Audible.By Beyond the Book.
On the World Wide Web as we have known it so far, books, photographs, art, and music have all suffered an identity crisis.By Beyond the Book.
From selling books as objects to providing a serviceBy Beyond the Book.
Considered from the perspective of technology, a book is an interface, a device for communication. A book is a form factor, too, a physical and metaphorical container, suitable for holding any imaginable human expression.By Beyond the Book.
Shareholders who bought B&N stock in late 2018 when shares were trading for as low as $4.11 should be pleased.By Beyond the Book.
Scientific publishing advances human knowledge by sharing the latest discoveries. Now, a 15-year-old publishing startup is adding collaboration and community building to its goals.By Beyond the Book.
On Independence Day in the United States, this “Best of BTB” special edition features author/activist Jane Mosbacher Morris. She urges us to reflect on the future of publishing, from news to novels. “What we bring into our households, what we bring into our offices, truly influences the environment in which we’re living,” she says.…
What are the chances you’ve listened to an audiobook lately? According to a new survey, about 50-50.By Beyond the Book.
Cameron Tousi Current State of Patent Trolls – Interview with Cameron Tousi – License in Bancruptcy – IP Fridays Episode 102 The profile of Cameron TousiBy Rolf Claessen and Ken Suzan.
“Reading Dangerously,” features excerpts from famous banned books. The Freedom to Read Foundation marks a half century of court battles to protect the right of free access to controversial books and other media in schools and public libraries.By Beyond the Book.
Perpetual access e-book licenses are making way to limited but less expensive “metered” models.By Beyond the Book.
Editors look for things like a high level of engagement – not just a lot of followers, but how many people are interacting and retweeting with an author.By Beyond the Book.
The 2019 purchase price is pretty eye-opening, and certainly reflects the troubles the company has endured in recent yearsBy Beyond the Book.
African authors and publishers are eager to make the 21st century the era of “Africa Rising.”By Beyond the Book.
Librarians prepare to take Washington by stormBy Beyond the Book.
In the digital environment, the book world becomes a crowded place.By Beyond the Book.
Stanford Non-Practicing Entity (NPE) Litigation Database – Interview with Shawn Miller – Canada Joins Madrid System – IP Fridays – Episode 101By Rolf Claessen and Ken Suzan.
There’s hope, at least, for the second half of the year. Next week, Michael Wolff’s “Siege,” the follow-up to his “Fire & Fury” bestseller, lands in bookstores.By Beyond the Book.
Good things come from small presses, says author JoeAnn HartBy Beyond the Book.
The 2019 Copyright Directive includes increased responsibility regarding infringements on the part of social media platforms.By Beyond the Book.
More than a billion people have lifted themselves out of extreme poverty over the past 25 years; education about the issue is critical to continuing the trend.By Beyond the Book.
As bookstore sales falter, the imminent arrival of an “explosive book about a presidency that is under fire from almost every side” is welcome newsBy Beyond the Book.
Discovery is a persistent challenge for many types of online commerce. In the digital environment, where inventory is nearly unlimited, consumers need help to discover what will interest them.By Beyond the Book.
A particularly intriguing bench ruling will mean that in order to sue the fired executive, the bookseller must pay a substantial portion of his legal feesBy Beyond the Book.
The democratization of ideas is a really wonderful thing. You have more people from more diverse points of view contributing to the world’s body of knowledge. But of course – and all publishers recognize this – it also creates a huge problem for the consumer of ideas.By Beyond the Book.
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