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Sincerely Accra
Joeseph Nti(Host) & Kwame Asante(Producer) bring you a vox pop-driven podcast set in Accra. The show is fastpaced, colourful and heated just like the city, be sure to subscribe for unmissable entertainment.
Join Kofi and Denzel from UNARTISTE.CO as they sip tea and throw shade at the expense of pop culture and the craziness of the world. To anyone who is easily shook, we suggest you turn away now but if you can take it welcome to The UNARTISTE Podcast.
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Another week, another fun guest! Official Kwame joins Koffi and Denzel to discuss Beyoncé (and her husband)'s album, sugar baby scandals and where they go wrong, Shatta Wale's penile incident on Snapchat and the passing of XXXTentacion (We still don't know how to pronounce his name). Be sure to RATE, REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE and SHARE. Intro/Outro - F ...…
We were joined impromptu by Frank Selasie to discuss Ghana meets Nigeria, OTR II, unlearning misogynistic societal conditioning and NDAs. Koffi and Denzel then get into the mess of Metro TV shutting down and corruption in Ghana, big surprise there. Ugh the ghetto of this week. A GCR Production
Share | Follow | Subscribe It’s the bane of our existence but fresh out of college graduates seem to have it worse. Joseph is talking salaries - what’s acceptable and what’s a spit in the face? Guess which tunes Kwame’s serving up on this one. Song Credits Intro Music: Oshe – Reynolds The Gentleman ft. FRA. Bridges: Touchdown (Remix) – Kerwin D ...…
This week we discuss Koffi's first blackout. Koffi and Denzel discuss what has been happening in pop culture including Drake vrs Pusha "Tea", Vic Mensa's banging new body, Azealia Banks' hateful ass and a whole lot of mess from people who are too rich to be having so much drama. A GCR Production
A Bonus Episode What better way to get to know the hosts, Koffi and Denzel, than listening to them rant about things that drive them crazy. Be sure to rate, review, subscribe and share with your friends. Questions - questionunartiste@gmail.comAdvertisement - A GCR Production
Share | Follow | Subscribe On the very first episode of Sincerely Accra, Joseph Nti (Host) and Kwame Asante Ofori (Producer) introduce us to the anonymous and piercingly honest opinions of Ghanaian millennials about how long they think a man should last in bed. The show is vox pop driven and set in Accra. Fast paced, colorful and heated just li ...…
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Tiffany won't stop talking about Beyoncé while Naomi Campbell is slaying in Lagos. A lot more tea and great music in the play or pass section. Questions- Advertisement- A GCR Production
We're baccckkk for season 2 finally we know you missed us. Denzel is back with Official Kwame giving you the official Dezemba Report because Dezemba Forever and we miss it. We go through all the hottest events and all the tea. We also get into Snapchat's whack ass update, Kylie's new bundle of joy, Wakanda and many more. Long episode because we ...…
Loads of laughs, shots fired and a little banter as hosts from your favourite GCR podcasts come together to share their thoughts and experiences on what has been a great year at GCR. We also look ahead to season two and talk about our plans in the off season.
We finished a whole bottle of Jameson. Jupiter is in Scorpio, the Lemon emoji belongs to Beyoncé and all the Afrochella tea is revealed. Follow us on all social media platforms to be a part of our “The Unartiste Giveaway” during this upcomming holiday season!
We solemnly swear that we are up to no good. Irene and Joseph join us in this episode. Be sure to listen intently to catch all the shade disguised as questions. Also Kofi’s shade is Fenty Beauty 430. Joseph tried it. GoFundMe - Koffi Needs A New iPhone.
Denzel gets a big surprise. We have Pokua & Joey Chase from Accra We Dey. There was so much to discuss; fights, music and being an influencer in Accra, but an hour and seven minutes was all we could record.
Getting you caught up on all the activities, more nonsense from Glitz, Denzel doesn't know words and Koffi falls for an unnecessarily "woke" tweet. Find out more on the The Unartiste Podcast website.
We decided to take a chunk of this episode to say a hearty FUCK YOU to people who don't respect young creatives and then got into some pop culture mess. Go to our Instagram to see how to sign up for Roselyn Ashkar's Industry MasterClass. Find out more on the The Unartiste Podcast website.
We are joined by our favs Chrissi and DJ Dirty Cursive to talk about Beyoncé, Mr Eazi, White privilege in Ghana and the biggest day party in Accra #TheDayPartyGH. Twitter/Instagram @AccraPremium @TheDayPartyGH @AccraFoodFestival @ChrissiKii @TheTh3rd @MelissaMensah Find out more on the The Unartiste Podcast website.…
Jermaine, Pinkberry and The Wild Wild West. This week we talk about events in Accra. The Twins...again, Mariah "Unbothered" Carey, Disgusting Hollywood D Listers, and many more. We also discuss some new music that you should get on and what events you should be looking forward to. Find out more on the The Unartiste Podcast website.…
Relaunching, rebranding and re-getting our shit together. The UNARTISTE Podcast with hosts Denzel and Kofi is finally back and this time round with occasional guests. Expect more consistent episodes with even more drama than before. Discussing the train wreck AKA Pop Culture, Accra living and all the hottest places to be. A weekly podcast avail ...…
Reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.
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