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Big in Japan
Bilingual Owarai comedians residing in Tokyo talk about what's big in Japan.
Wanna know what life in Japan is REALLY like? Everything you need (and didn't think need) to know about life in and around Tokyo with a bit of comedy sprinkled on top.
Tokyo Splosion is a comedy podcast from the bowels of the world's most tentacled mega city. The show's mysteries, improv bits, tall tales, and friendliness should appeal to even those with little to no interest in Tokyo or Japan.
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Kentucky Fried Christmas FIND US ON PATREON AT
This time we talk about the Carlos Ghosn and how cultures can clash in corporate Japan. Also I give a little-known piece of info about Japan and jail.
-Foreign interns being taken advantage of. -“Black Companies” in Japan -Half Japanese/Japanese who have lived abroad and how they are treated in Japan.
Ann shares a troubling story of life on the first floor in Tokyo. Find us on Patreon:
-Onabe VS Okama on Japanese TV -Kittan might get famous! -Japanese TV is all fake!
-BJ Fox, star and writer of NHK’s Home Sweet Tokyo, talks about the upcoming season two!
Find us on Patreon: Stephen talks about when he realized he was always being watched.
-Listener Mail -Floyd Mayweather mayhem in Japan and Tenshin’s samurai like tweet -Underworld ties in the Japanese fighting Industry -Comedian love scandals -Jungian psychology and archetypes in the Japanese entertainment industry
Ann talks about Japan's unique way of catfishing on social media.
-The Japanese Government getting their panties in a bunch over the legalization of weed in Canada -Nick bouncing ideas off Stephen about researching Japanese Comedy at grad school.
Halloween in Japan can be... intense. Find us on Patreon:
-Japanese Weddings -Power Harassment in Japan -Grandchildren killing their grandparents
- A story about lack of communication in Japan. (Sorry I say elevator a couple times but I mean escalator)
This time I give some Tokyo train sleeping tips, we talk about the how Japanese businesses do innovation and why it is not always a good thing, plus we continue with my food advice tips.
Find us on Patreon: -Nick talks about his time in grad school. -Analyzing Japanese Novels. -Nick's big idea. -The real use of Japanese woodblock print in samurai times. -Royalty: Japan v. Britain. -Japan v. Korea v. China
We almost decided not to release this one. It's gross, disgusting and juvenile . If you don’t like bodily functions, skip this episode! Oh yeah, Questions from Dan the Man!
Working on a pachinko show and the dirty secrets involving pachinko
Find us on Patreon: Going to the movies in Japan!
Nick is absent this week, sending the show into a spiral of chaos that leads to not one, not two, but THREE new hashtags, a long discussion about Gackt's hairline, and a former idol who can't drive.
In this episode I explain my hiatus over the past few weeks, then we get into the first part of a more detailed explanation of eating various Japanese dishes with a discussion of rotating sushi bars.
JOIN US ON EL PATREON, MI AMIGO! Not gonna lie. Doing this podcast killed me.
-Fraud in Japan. -Senpai Kohai Problems.
-To celebrate Kyary’s new album, Nick reminisces about doing a show with her.
The blood of the last shogun lives on and Stephen is tangentially connected to the guy! Also, the Emperor's branding is ON POINT! Find us on PATREON:
-Letters from our listeners -King of Conte -Sex Scandals -Witching Hour -Japanese dude going to the moon
JOIN US ON PATREON An example of Japanese suberanai hanashi or "funny stories."
Stephen climbed Mount Fuji. He survived. His feet did not. NOW ON PATREON AT
-Japanese pro virigins VS amateur virgins -Chikan stories -The story of Saito -Japanese relationships -Japanese Shazai Kaiken
Stephen talks about his recent cold and the drawbacks of being sick in a country scared of getting addicted to drugs. Find the show on Twitter And on Patreon
-Nick and Black Samurai’s comedy special breakdown. -The new CEO of Johnny’s -Would you do Nagase? -Robert Campbell comes out!
Nick talks about what it's like working with Nogizaka46 members and a normal day at NogiEigo.
Stephen recounts his experience after a nice meal in a rural port town's local conveyor belt sushi restaurant. It is not nice.
In this episode I share an interesting bit of information about the fate of Toyota's combustible engine, plus talk about how future changes will affect other industries in Japan.
-National Basketball team scandal -How hostess clubs work in Japan. -343,000$ bottle of Whisky and Japan’s rich whisky culture. -Check out this Japanese book: Onamen (masks) by Enchi Fumiko
You've heard of the thermal sensation scale, but do you know the other important sensations scales? In this episode we tell you all about them. Then we give you some tips to get more out of your time in Japan. Stick around until the end for our formal hiatus announcement. We love every single butt hole and will be back! Intro music by clintbree ...…
-When a loophole in the law allowed for the sale of psychedelic drugs in Japan.
Yoshimotozaka46 just unveiled its inaugural members! Stephen isn't among them. Find out why in this episode!
-Yoshimotozaka 46 talk -People peeing on each other?? -Does Japan have a drunk problem?
In this episode I break down an incident that happened to me online recently and give some advice on dealing with racial insensitivity in Japan
WARNING EXPLICIT -The crazy world of afterparties in Japan.
-The hells of moving house in Japan. -Haunted/Death housing rules in Japan. -Public baths in Japan: Poo, Balls, butts, and Sexy time. -Shocking bathroom stories -Comedy contests
In this short episode I tell you about a ridiculous news story involving a sexist policy in Japan, then give some table manners lessons
-What are comedy contests in Japan? Why are Japanese people so obsessed with contests? -What are Maesetsu? What is the difference between being a warm up comedian in Japan VS a warm up comedian in America. -The best way to warm up a studio audience before a TV show. -Stephen and Nick’s Japanese comedian recommendations…
In this quick episode I bring you a recent strategy coming out of Japan to combat the 2020 heat, and tell the REAL story of what happened during Japan's bidding process.
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