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Comedians Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt review a movie once a week, every week, for a year. Year one: Grown Ups 2. Year two: Sex and The City 2. Year Three: We Are Your Friends. A podcast host by two boiz who have more commitment than talent.
Fletch, Vaughan and Megan every week day across New Zealand from 6am – 10am. Listen in for the best music, biggest celebs, latest gossip and a bit of a laugh..
BEYONCÉ LOVED THIS PODCAST! Two guys, a girl, and a pretty weird radio show! Join Jono, Ben and Sharyn for your daily dose of celeb interviews, banter, scandal, lols and all round randomness. DISCLAIMER: Beyoncé has never heard this podcast ... we were just trying to get your attention.
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On today's show Jono's back to being bald and Ben gets punished for stealing an idea off another radio station! Support the show.
It's the last show for the year! Prime Minister - Jacinda Adern is in studio and Flashback Friday.
Guy and Tim watch Grown Ups (the first one) for the first time ever. Recorded live at Upright Citizens Brigade with a full audience just after the viewing, things get very low energy and tired and depressed. Featuring a birthday boy!
On today's show Jono's away getting some NEW HAIR!!!!! Plus Ben admitted he loved someone on the team at the work Xmas Party... Support the show.
A special edition of How Do You Know, Megan's Life Hack and what won't make your family Christmas Newsletter?
The winner of Festive Film Fight, Vaughan forgot about Alexa and when did you make a typo?
On today's show Sharyn's away but it didn't stop Jono & Ben talking to a lady who was attacked by a shark and helping out Middle Management Dean with an audition... Support the show.
The final of our Festive Film Fight, the most popular day to get engaged is coming up and Megan had a proud Mum moment.
On today's show Jono decides he is getting hair and we go on the hunt for NZ's biggest family. Support the show.
The Semi Finals of our Festive Film Fight, Don't Get Fletch Started and does your partner let you check their phone?
Today on the show we get a shocking call from a listener who walked in on her Gran... Plus Shelton Woolright is in to tell us a gross yarn about Jono! Support the show.
It is the Semi-Finals of Festive Film Fight, Friday Flashback and what did your work sweep under the rug?
On today's show Jono is selling his most prized possesion and Sharyn has had a massive blow out on Facebook! Support the show.
We rate Vaughan's Grapefruit, How Do You Know and when were you a good wing-person?
The boiz are coming back for another season. Was this a mistake? WITHOUT DOUBT! But they're doing it, nonetheless. It's all about having fun, forgetting the world and seeing how quickly the lose their minds this time. But before they do, time to have a dig through the mailbag...
On today's show we want to hear your tinder nightmares and we talk to a man who lost his car... You will never guess where he found it... Support the show.
Indie got her school uniform and Vaughan can't handle it, Am I A Bad Person and when did you see someone in the wild?
On today's show Jono tries a New Zealand food delicacy and we try to get another Listener Pal story on The Sun website... Support the show.
The next round of Festive Film Fight, nicknames you don't like and what do you always bring to work?
On today's show Shaz is back and we chat to the guys that the Netflix series Narcos is based on! Support the show.
Fletch was not happy about his Secret Santa, Mosh Monday and when did your parents not want you to steal their thunder?
Graduation day in Today in NCEA, Friday Flashback and Am I A Bad Person?
On todays show Shaz has gastro and Dan's cat has timsel coming out its bum... Support the show.
Fletch is seriously embarrassed after yesterday's events, something has arrived in the mail and when did someone think it was drugs?
This special features the Workjuice Players reading a script based on Guy and Tim's memory of Grown Ups 2. Featuring Busy Philipps, Melanie Lynskey, Jason Ritter, Michael McMillian, Mate Micucci, Ardern Myrin, Baron Vaughn, Marc McConville, Hal Lublin and Humphrey Ker.
On today's show Sharyn is away but we want to know what you have stolen from a party and we chat to a girl whos boyfriend cheated with her dad! Support the show.
Noises that you like, Don't Get Fletch Started and are you a breadcrumber?
This episode of the podcast is Guy and Tim's Question and Answer session at Cinefamily, LA that was conducted immediately before the final watch of Grown Ups 2. A packed out audience of about 150 fans had their opportunity to ask what needed to be asked. Where's the knife? Where's Tanya? Where are the tattoos? All will be revealed. As best as T ...…
On today's show we play a prank on Guy Williams that involves Sharyn's baby Tyson and PJ King Peter Alexander is in for a chat. Support the show.
Vaughan got emotional yesterday, Cyber Monday tricks and tips and when did you know they were the one?
Guy and Tim have finally made it. It's the last viewing of Grown Ups 2, exactly one year after they started. Recorded live in front of a soldout CineFamily crowd on Sunset in Los Angeles, California. After a public viewing of the movie the lads have finally seen the backend of the movie. What ensues is an elated, nonsensical final romp through ...…
On today's show Sharyn is away but that won't stop Jono and Ben chatting to How To Dad and trying to demolish The Rock's 'cheat meal'. Support the show.
Alarms were going off yesterday, Vaughan is on a power trip and what did you dump?
Guy and Tim have taken their camper (thanks Jucy Rentals!) to Joshua National Park, California. It's late, it's isolated and the boys are getting a little freaky. In this episode, the movie appears to have taken a backseat to delightful stories ranging from childhood bike injuries to a very recent adult pant-crapping incident. We find out what ...…
Against the odds, Guy and Tim have made it to LA. They've eaten some Blaze Pizza and now it's time to tick some other bucket list items off the list; Namely, watching Grown Ups 2 in a Kmart. That's right, the lads have watched the entire film inside of a Kmart and recorded an episode in the terrible, dirty walls of the quintessential department ...…
ATTN: DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN BIRDMAN YET Fresh from the table read of the script Guy and Tim wrote from memory being performed in front of 150 people in their hometown of Auckland, the lads immedately went home and chucked on the movie for the fourth to last time ever. It's 2am. It's an emotional podcast this week, Montgomery ...…
The chocolate biscuit debate is back again, Friday Flashback and when was there a price mix up?
It's finally here. The commentary nobody asked for, in which Guy and Tim provide an audio companion to your watch of Grown Ups 2 (not recommended) or simply a super-extended edition of the podcast to be enjoyed by itself (barely recommended). A rich tapestry of story telling, questionable facts and unbelievable facts about the making of Grown U ...…
Fletch was not happy about his supermarket tasting, Today in NCEA and my pet is so fat that...
Just what comes of two men when you sit them in front of Grown Ups 2 for the forth dozen time inside a year? Apparently, it's sour relationships, lots of singing, lots more swearing, rumination about their self-imposed prison and chats about the mighty Haast Eagle. If you weren't worried about Guy and Tim before this episode, you swear as hell ...…
The perfect fried rice, Today In NCEA and are you in a open relationship?
Guy and Tim are on the road again, the road to watching Grown Ups 2. With just 5 episodes to go - the boys' mental sanity appears to be at an all time low. The boys momentarily become German tourists, Tim reminds everyone that Stone Cold is in the movie and there's a serious questions asked of the co-hosts' parents. Plus a confusing toilet pape ...…
Guy and Tim are joined by their friends and NZ comedy people Dai Henwood and Josh Thompson for an extended guest episode. In the Grown Ups 2 arena this week, the boys hit some familiar terrain such as Kmart, product placement, racial stereotypes and a perceived lack of plot. Plus some curveballs get thrown, including why does Principal Tardio m ...…
Vaughan had a check-up, Today In NCEA and when did you lie on your CV?
On today's show Sharyn has been accused of crop dusting and The People's Court is back to solve some listener issues. Support the show.
On today's show Sharyn has been accused of crop dusting and The People's Court is back to solve some listener issues. Support the show.
Guy and Tim are back and they're suprisingly upbeat! Far from the nightmare depression the pair experienced in the last episode, both lads are back in action and armed with notes aplenty! This week, G and T continue to guess at what happened in the first Grown Ups, the Braden Warlock Theory makes a reappearence and we all find out how to spell ...…
It's the first day of 2015 and in New Zealand, a wonderful summer day has gripped the whole country. But Guy and Tim aren't at the beach! Or even a park! They're indoors, watching the movie again and BOY is Tim unhappy about it (again). One of the lowest ebbs in the project so far. Guy stages an intervention to deal with Tim's drinking (which h ...…
Episode 43 of the podcast was recorded on Christmas eve. Guy was in New Zealand's beautiful South Island, near his family home for the holidays. Tim meanwhile was still in the North Island, interrupting wrapping presents and drinking beer with another watch of Grown Ups 2. They recorded the audio separately while speaking on Skype, with a view ...…
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