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mrbrown (Kin Mun Lee) is the Blogfather of Singapore, satirist, writer, lyricist, traveler, photographer, cyclist, gamer, and podcaster. Papa of Faith, Isaac & Joy.
ONE FM 91.3's Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman with Andre Hoeden and Shaun Tupaz - Bringing you the greatest laughs and latest news this side of the world. @Glennn@FDOne@Shaun_Tupaz@AndreHoedenFollow us on Social Media
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Today At The Coffeeshop, Short Fart and Ah Lim talked about whistelblowers and in Hashtag Wars we added the word "Silly to anything. We did destory a couple of movies.
Today At The Coffeeshop Short Fart and Pak Satay discscused Fake News And in Hashtag Wars we discovered what Strange Things we argue about? Does Glenn ever argue?
Today we talked about Fish Spas Too Weired for Glenn, FD and Andre but not for Shaun. And in Hashtag Wars we discovered a few things Darth Vader wouldn't say and thank goodness Glenn came to the rescue.
Today we nominated our choice for the No 1 song in the Courts and ONE FM 91.3 Greatest Hits of All Time Countdown. At the Coffeeshop, Dick Thambi adn Ah Lim talked abou the Vietnamese shop lifting syndicate.
It is Tuesday, 18th of September 2018. This is my longest journey on this short Japan trip, five hours from Wakayama to Karuizawa. But somehow, time flies when you are Shinkansening from one end of Japan to another.My record was more than ten hours on the trains. That is a story for another day.Coincidentally, I am watching episode 5 of the Jap ...…
It is Monday, 17th of September 2018. I travel from big city Nagano to the little post town of Narai. And ended my day in Wakayama, where I checked into my favorite hotel chain in Japan.Episode Date: 18th September 2018
Today we discussed whether or not we should smoke in our own homes. When does our privacy get invaded? Which job will make you happy? The survey result surprised us.
Today we discovered what the favourite "Feel Good" song of our fans are and if Glenn can sing them? And we found out that weather you make your bed or not effects your life.
A little adventure I had on Sunday morning in Sado Island. Lesson learnt.Episode Date: 17th September 2018Music: Mining by Moonlight Kevin MacLeod ( production of
A little hello from me, in Japan. I’m on Sado Island, off the coast of Niigata, and enjoying my random travel. #travel #mrbrowntravels #mrbrowninjapan
Today at The Coffeeshop Pak Satay and Dick Thambi discussed Singapore's Chicken Scandal. Also we were visited by Celebrity Chef Daniel Boulud - we caught up and chatted about his new robotic kitchen.
Today we spoke to Boddy Tonelli and Munah Bagharib of Celebrity Car Wars. What was Munah like on the show? And we found out who has the best smile on the show.
Today on the show we found who each of us admire when it comes to public figures and At The Coffeeshop, Honkey and Rajoo discussed the proposed ban on smoking in your house.
Kim Huat reads the news - 11th September 2018a production of
Today we discovered who we had a crush on in "Weird Celebrity Crushes". And can you use a movie title to label your last fart. Glenn can.
Today at the Coffeeshop, Short Fart adn Ah Lim, discussed the over pricing of drinks, this after an eatery boss in Malaysia was fined RM 30,000 and Glenn paid $8 for a fruit juice. What a rip off!
Today we discussed wether Pole Dancing was appropriate for schools. Does it have to be sexy? And At The Coffeeshop, Ah Lim and Dick Thambi speak about, of all things, sting ray repellent.
Kim Huat reads the news - 6th September 2018a production of
Today FD had an issue with a private hire driver, and asked for better training, plus we found out just what sort of atheletes the boys are, all thanks to a DNA test!
Today Glenn and FD could not agree on whether schools in Singapore should ban mobile phones and we tried to find out which football team has the most female fans in Sinapore.
Today we talked about Movies misquotes from the Wizard of Oz to The Empire Strikes back and in Hashtag Wars we tired to add toys to our favourite bands.
Kim Huat reads the news - 3rd September 2018a production of
This morning we had Miss Universe Singapore 2018 Zahra Khanum and 1st Runner up Tiong Jia En on the show. We also found out who are good role models for your kids.
What is that meaning of life? We tried to find out with Hashtag Wars and we found out what you shouldnt wear around your partners.
Today we discovered some truly interesting health myths from Glenn and we asked out fans what luxury item they couldn't live without and "Family" came up.
Kim Huat reads the news - 29th August 2018 a production of
Since FD has been whining about not finding a good milkshake, we brought the amazing guys from Black Tap on to the show and gave FD a run for him money.
Today we had a blast talking to Minister for Education Mr. Ong Ye Kung. And we found out what we do when no one is looking in Hashtag Wars.
Today Glenn explained why he is a modern day empolyer when it comes to maids. At the Coffeeshop - Short Fart and Ah Lim discussed Crazy Rich Asians.
Today we talked about the Kevin Kwan saga that everyone is talking about. We got some insteresting calls. And in Hashtag wars, we talked about our 3 word lagacies! What's yours?
Today we asked the question - which country has better hawker food, Malaysia or Singapore? And in Hashtag Wars we found out how dates go wrong. #TheDateWasGreatUntil
Today we went back to the 90's and we talked anout Death by Selife, the numbers are quite amazing.
Today we discussed Hawker Culture in Singapore and what food should be dropped and do you know how many calories you are consuming with those holiday drinks?
This morning we were out at One Raffles Place to introduce everyone to the Samsung Family Hub and we spent time with Hilary, Ischelle and Tyen, 3 contestants in this years Ms. Universe Singapore and we met Ryan Staff is and Darren The from Geylang International F.C.
Today we had a day of incredible guests: first we spoke to Senior Parlimentary Secretary Ministry of Transport & Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC Mr Baey Yam Keng. Then we met Ameerah Smith and Renee Kee, 2 finalists in this year's Miss Universe Singapore Pageant.…
Kim Huat reads the news - 15th August 2018 a production of
Today on the show, we caught up with three more Miss Universe Finalist, May Tia, Jia En and Nicol Hunt. And we found out what are some of our favourite things not to binge watch in Hashtag Wars.
Today we discussed large dogs in HBD flats, yes or no? And we were visited by Qiao Ying, Sushil Como and Chloè Padirac, 3 contestants in this year's Miss Uninverse Singapore 2018 pageant.
Today Short Fart and Ah Lim talked about Crazy Rich Asians @ The Coffeeshop and we caught up with 3 Miss Universe Sinapore 2018 contastants, Jaslyn Tan, Mohana adn Zahra Khanum.
Today we tried to find qunique ways to develope passwords and we also gave suggestions on, "Things Never Said In Rap Songs" for Hashtag Wars
Today we addressed what sort of weight loss plans Glenn & Andre should adopt, and find out... "Who is BS?"
Vote for Kim Huat's cheer for NDP 2018 by pressing Like and Sharing this video! #NDP18 #NDP2018 #WeAreSingaporeActually he is not in the NDP18 Cheer Competition but he didn't want to miss out on the fun.He also apologizes for using the NDP word “Singapore”. But he avoided other NDP words like “Home”, “Dreams”, “One Nation” and “Harmony”.No Haka ...…
Today on the show we found out how naughty we and our fans were in school and Glenn came up with Top 5 Alt things we use our Smartphones for.
Today Shaun came up with his forth win in Friday Free For All! The power of ABBA's Mamma Mia. And women say the term "Housewife" is obsolete, sexist and embarrassing so what term should we use?
Kim Huat reads the news - 2nd August 2018a production of
A woman gets four weeks jail for killing a Parrot. Dont flush that goldfish down the toilet. How do you know you are wasting your time. Check out our Top 5 list.
Today is Nurse's Day, Happy Nurse's Day to all our Everday Heroes. And yes, we managed to find a mover for Glenn's extremely expensive mattress
Today is Andre's Birthday and we each sang him a song of his choice, its was "Speical"
Today we discussed who should be ther next James Bond, Idris Alba?? And at the Coffeeshop, Short Fart and Raju talksed about chilli padi.
Today we found out what the crew would do if we won the Singapore Big Sweep and in Hashtag Wars, we explained what being a rich kid meant to us.
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