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mrbrown (Kin Mun Lee) is the Blogfather of Singapore, satirist, writer, lyricist, traveler, photographer, cyclist, gamer, and podcaster. Papa of Faith, Isaac & Joy.
ONE FM 91.3's Glenn Ong and The Flying Dutchman with Andre Hoeden and Shaun Tupaz - Bringing you the greatest laughs and latest news this side of the world. @Glennn@FDOne@Shaun_Tupaz@AndreHoedenFollow us on Social Media
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Today Shaun introduced us to some really funny possible Father's Day Gifts. We shared our favourite movie quotes. Listen out for Glenn's favourite. How did he remember all that? We'll be on leave next week. Talk to you again on June 25th @ 6am.
Today we spoke to former Singapore National Footballer Lim Tong Hai about the Fab 4 Football Challenge and we attempted to find a forfit that the guys from SGAG will have to do when Portugal lose to Spain on Saturday morning.
Today we hosted our own Trump X Kim Special with guest Nicholas Fang, Director Sercurity, Global Affairs at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs and we discuverd some #TrumpKimSummiFood in hashtag wars.
Today on the show Glenn told us about this 40 mins wait for the "Real" Supreme Leader and what perks do you want at work?
Today we found out what makes us feel kinda weird in Hashtag Wars and Glenn has his Top 5 Car Food Puns - so what is a Yolkswagen?
Today on the show we found out who the greatest TV character of all time is and we asked the question - Are women really disgusted by men?
Today we found out who is a nightmare resturant customer and what skills does a modern father need.
Today we adviced women on the top songs to give birth to and Shaun developed a Top 5 list of what FD looks like now that he's bald.
Kim Huat reads the news - 4th June 2018a production of
Today we found out what FD really hates when it comes to food, and we talked World Cup with a couple of World Cup prep hacks!
Today on the show, Sarah Pang drops by and we talk tennis. Plus, What would our bucket list be in 5 words?
Today on the show we spoke about a K.L resturant caught washing their untensils in a pothole, Glenn shared his Top 5 Parental Crazes and ONE FM Fans have picked their favourite names for Glenn's kids.
Today we found out what TV shows sparked memories with our fans and Glenn picked his favourite baby names.
Kim Huat reads the news - 28th May 2018a production of
Today the gang finally got to play FD's birthday greetings from Joesph Schooling, FD's kids and his wife - the reaction was "Tears"! Plus, we gave tips on how to get pregnant.
On today's show, find out about Rajoo's life hack on the quickest way to lose weight, and we discovered what Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling's favourite underwear is in "My Favourite Things".
Today on the show, we had our special guest host Rajoo in the studio as FD's not feeling well. We also spoke to Singapore's most decorated chef, Reif Othman. And to fist bump or not to fist bump, that is the question today.
Today we discussed weather or not the title "Nurse" was approprate for men. Find out what we think of this year's NDP song and we found out just how motown the UFC Fighter Kevin "The Motown Phenom" Lee really is.
Kim Huat reads the news - 22nd May 2018a production of
Today on the show we heard how dangerous it is to be around some cyclist in Singapore and we asked the question, "Would you purchase a flat in an intergrated parchase/rental block?"
Today on the show we revisted our One FM Makansutra Food Trail and we descovered who has the most attractive body proportion, it all came down to length.
Today on the show we discovered the Top 5 similarities between the FA Cup Final and the Royal Wedding according to Glenn and in #Hashtag Wars we came up with our very own Royal Pick Up Lines.
Today we tried to figure out if it was Laurel or Yanni, who heard which? And we spoke to Singapore's new National Football Coach Fandi Ahmad.
Today we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the release of the movie "Grease" and we discovered the things men should never do on a 1st date.
Kim Huat reads the news - 15th May 2018a production of
Today we spoke to the man behind the Osim Sundown Marathon 2018, the very inspirational Adrian Mok and find out what FD once found in a bucket of fried chicken.
Kim Huat dedicates this song to his Malaysian friends. 14 May 2018. a production of
Today on the show, we talked about whether or not tuition should be banned, and we are discovered what makes FD and maybe Glenn, old?
Today we broadcast live from Suntect City! We had the Young Lions with us and we celebrated mothers day in Hashtag Wars!
Kim Huat gets a booking on his first day on the job at a budget airline.a production of
Today on the show, Glenn and FD discussed if taxi drivers should inflict their music on passengers. And we found out how we make an entrance in today's Hashtag War.
Today on the show, we confirm that women do fall asleep during labour, plus mixed gender sports in schools - are ONE FM fans for or against it?
Kim Huat reads the news - 8th May 2018 a production of
Today we learn what values Glenn and FD picked up from their parents and we got Singaporeans impressions on the discretionary right turn issues, plus as always there was #HashtagWars "Things Took A Turn When"...
Today we gave everyone a tip on how to avoid a stroke and we also discovered the Top 5 Best and Worst things about being a classical musician. Plus we made a Metallica song softer in Hashtag Wars.
Kim Huat reads the news - 4th May 2018a production of
Today on the show KF Seetoh introduced us to a dish we didn't know and being Star Wars Day we crowned our Star Wars Superfan.
Today we were live from Ocean Financial Centre, and one lucky fan beat Glenn at Tic Tac Toe for $100 food voucher. Also in HASHTAG WARS asked "What is a better name for a retirement home?"
Today on the show we discussed "Gender Netural" toilets and found out Glenn isnt as conservative as we thought. Plus did Glenn release any Avengers Infinty War spoilers.
Today on the show, we found out what games we and our fans remember from our childhood. Do you remember "What's The Time, Mr Wolf?" Plus we turn our favourite celebrities into pirates in today's Hashtag Wars.
Today we broadcast live from Singpost Centre, we had our food guru K F Seetoh back on the show and we found out what we consider "Winning" in Hashtag wars! Also, Find out what Rajoo and Dick Thambi talked about At The Coffeeshop.
Today we paid tribute to Inuka the polar bear and FD almost had a heart attack and we met a true cowboy - UFC's Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone.
Today we celebrate Avengers day! Shaun puts Glenn and FD through the hardest Avengers quiz ever. Also we find out what everybody wanted for breakfast and we finally found out what show Glenn was binging on Netflix.
Today on the show, Glenn and FD discussed Singapore's beloved polar bear, Inuka. Plus just how much did the guy that rear ended Glenn's car have to pay?
On the show today, busking as a full time job, what do the One FM fans think? Plus, over the weekend Glenn got rearened, what's the repair cost going to be?
Today we broadcast live from Tanjong Pagar Centre! We find out the ONLY emoji that FD uses and we define ourself in 4 film during "Hashtag Wars"
Today on the show, we ask, "How proud are you to be Singaporean?" and Glenn and FD discuss the Eng Wanton Mee War! Plus we find out what deep thoughts golfers have in "Hashtag Wars".
Today on the show, Glenn updates us on Mandy! Possibly he's new Jack Russell Terrier. Also, find out why FD is so mad when he went to the supermarket. And the boys fight it out during Hashtag Wars. #DontConfuseMeFor
Servant, Maid, Domestic helper? On the show this morning we discussed if any of these is politically incorrect. Also, we asked stupid questions for the IRAS in today's Hashtag Wars.
Today on the show, Glenn asks if he should buy another Jack Russell Terrier to keep Biscuit company. And, the team discuss why The Rock no longer wants to be President!
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