Best Naruto podcasts — News and adventures of ninja Naruto Uzumaki (Updated March 2019; image)
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We, at Naruto Shippuden Live, always give you the most up-to-date and groundbreaking deck types, news releases from James Takenaka himself, and combos made by you, the listeners! Tune in to enjoy!
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Raccoon nuts, Madara actin like a prick and it not makin sense, murder plans, and tailed beast pinball!By Nathan and Ryan.
How to become a baseball player (anal steroids, obviously), and another good chapter as this apparently final battle moves forward at a very un-Kishi pace. And, to immerse ourselves in the material Nathan comes to us from the echoing recesses of Obito's mind for the first four minutes.By Nathan and Ryan.
Great chapter that gets us in the headspace of Naruto and Obito. We keep wondering - how's it going to end???By Nathan and Ryan.
Not so great tree chopping chapter, yet again! Ryan and Nathan feel the grind of the weekly fille..uh episodes. Bonus: hilarious stories about Nathan's uncle!By Nathan and Ryan.
Another lackluster Naruto chapter. Cheer yourself up by going to prison! Prison camp, that is!By Nathan and Ryan.
Jugo! Orochimaru! Karin! A snooze-tastic meeting of the Kages that happened hundreds of years ago! Buckle up as we review one of the worst chapters in Naruto history!By Nathan and Ryan.
Three amigos, excuse yous, angry riders, and a chapter full of regret.By Nathan and Ryan.
Kishi's issues, our issues, mario mashups, and a grand slam of a prediction. We basically cover it all in this weeks podcast.By Nathan and Ryan.
Bear evolution, moon's eye plan fantasies, rabies craze, and more on our latest episode!By Nathan and Ryan.
Sasuke gets sad, Shikamaru gets mad, and the art gets rad. Dad fist-bumping action, and feeling Rick Ross-y!By Nathan and Ryan.
We made it to 100 episodes guys! Thanks for listening!By Nathan and Ryan.
Tough guy styles, who's copying huge techniques, gonzodragon susanoo clashin' fun. Sorry about the sound levels on this one, it sounds really wack.By Nathan and Ryan.
Razor sharp elbows, and Obito demonstrates both his instability and his power.By Nathan and Ryan.
Naruto and Sasuke are in deep shit, and we are talking about the Summer Dog Vision line-up on A&E.
A better chapter, some bizarrely action and Nathan talks about his misadventures in online dating.
Brazilian referees, Ryan's fantasy sports team names, fanny packs, soft porno lenses, and a chapter we can't completely throw our support behind.
Nathan and Ryan get tricked by another classic Kishi fakeout, wonder how Kakashi gets out of Obito-land, and we carefully redefine the word "couple"
Konoha 11 is back! And everybody's power levels are..well, they're somewhere north of 9000. Nathan and Ryan go through some old-timey jokes, and we recap the ending to the third season of Game of Thrones.
More Team 7 action, a giant pair of dog balls, and Nathan is a cyborg.
Naruto! Sasuke! Sakura! Madara gets punk'd, and Team 7 is BACK along with Kishi's mojo! An epic review for an epic chapter.
Consider the holes in your hearts buried! Here's part one of our epic two day double episode/our latest release ever.
A better chapter with a little more personal touch. Kakashi fails to bro-out with Obito, and Ryan and Nathan discuss how Kishi will finish the manga's last scene. ALSO - we spend 20 minutes talking about game of thrones.
Nathan's 8 mistakes made by Kishi, we struggle with the direction of the series since the Pain arc, a double dose of silly in the walkthrough, and a GoT finish. Spoiler alert if you're not up to date in season 3.
The Hokage's get to fight! But is it worth the price? The guys have some serious issues with Kishi's decisions in this chapter. But they also talk about video games and poop.
Nathan and Ryan, Hashi and Mads, yin and yang, hatred and power, and some craptastic art. Kishi, we grow tired of your flashbacks.
Dingo nook, love stones, hestitationpalooza, branch cred, Rodara Dangertrain, and another mixed-bag chapter.
Enjoy our latest podcast with a tall can of Four Loko! Some moving Hashiadara action, a timely discussion about urination, and who had the mustache first, Hitler or Chaplin?
Stone skipping' antics, special topics in war and destruction, more 7 year old wisdom, Nathan gets razzed for wearing a scarf, civilian murdering leeway, and is that a mystery Zetsu?
What, 9000!? Mountain-top slicing, battle modes that belong in a museum, Ryan reminds Nathan not to reveal their ignorance, a voicemail from Austin, and the mysterious they.
Hashirama's Goku-ness, Oro's sneaky plans, and our newest feature - what would 7 year old Itachi do???
We discuss Hokage personalities, accursed clans, high-fiving, and the inscrutable wisdom of 7-year-old Itachi.
Resurrected Hokages?!?! Four exciting pieces get added to the board, but what's Oro's big plan? And does it have to involve Jugo and Suitgetsu?
Kishi diagrams, Neji's soul, mixed Beatles references, and hope for a change of scenery.
Back after the break! We enjoy the great art, Nathan shoots himself in both hips, and come up with a uniquely disgusting idea for what Shikamaru's dad was really hiding in that drawer
We go all Scrooge McSasuke on you in this week's two-chapter episode covering Neji's demise, and the always awkward NaruHina action.
Finally some real drama in the ninja war! Although the art's been a little lacking, Nathan and Ryan look forward to Shikamuru's inevitable leadership of the ninja alliance. And what's with that weird ear? Doo doo doot doot-doo, Doo doo doot doot-doo
Hundreds of Ninjas use their most powerful abilities to!… make cement. Also, the very best of Not-Giving-A-Fuck, dolphin's eating pizza, and Nathan gives some constructive criticism.
The ninja army finally gets off their ass and decides to back Naruto up! Panda all-your-base-ness vs mangastream groan worthy translations, and is this all just a dream??
Hot or not Juubi edition, Zelda boss fights, struggling with the weekly Naruto grind, and unexpected money shots.
Frumpy grandma Sasuke, horrible, horrible translations, and how to curb-stomp someone in a world without cars, and collective nut sacks.
Gimme a T, gimme an R, gimme an A, S, H, what's that spell? Our new favorite word and game on our latest Naruto podcast.
Not caring, Nathan's space-suit obsession, Obito the salesman, and of course, not giving a f###
Masterful imagery from Kishi, rushed exposition, and a Bingo Battle: who gives the least of a f***?
Why is Rin so important, what an UOOOOOOOOOHHH!!! sounds like, plot holes and retcon galore. Was this the darkest Naruto chapter ever?
Wacky anime hairdos, Nathan is none too pleased with the art, why is everybody a murderer, and which of the seven deadly sins is the man we know as Mitt Romney?
Do Zetsu's take dumps? Nathan still doesn't get it! What's the difference between ten-dicks Zetsu and spirally guy? Some wack comic relief, but we're here to make sense out of all the dumpage.
Madara and Obito, split Tsunade, and Zetsu, ebony and ivory. It's the most perverted you've ever heard. In the tub!
Madara shows up to take a big ole dump on the story, the carefree lives of anime strippers, straight crushin' with rocks
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