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Android App Addicts - Podnutz
The Android Central Podcast, brought to you by
All About Android delivers everything you want to know about Android each week--the biggest news, freshest hardware, best apps and geekiest how-tos--with Android enthusiasts Jason Howell, Florence Ion, Ron Richards, and a variety of special guests along the way.Records live every Tuesday at 8:00pm Eastern / 5:00pm Pacific / 00:00 (Wed) UTC.
Hungry for Android? Get All You Can Eat at the Android Buffet
A weekly look at all things Microsoft, including Windows, Windows Phone, Office, Xbox, and more, from two of the foremost Windows watchers in the world, Paul Thurrott of and Mary Jo Foley of All About Microsoft.Records live every Wednesday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific/ 18:00 UTC.
Podcast by Android Police Podcast
Android App Arena is your weekly source for some of the latest and greatest apps and games available on the Android mobile platform. Hands-on demos, category shoot-outs, a closer look at the biggest new app of the week, and in-depth interviews with some of Android's best developers. Vote for your favorite apps on our subreddit at the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives. Find more Android coverage on All About Android.
The Droid Life Show is a podcast about the world of Android smartphones, apps, and general technology news. We also talk a lot about Google and their products, while bringing you the hottest of hot related takes from Mt. Tech Take. It's off the cuff, fun, casual, and generally includes freebies. Who doesn't love freebies and gadgets?
Android Backstage, a podcast by and for Android developers. Hosted by developers from the Android engineering team, this show covers topics of interest to Android programmers, with in-depth discussions and interviews with engineers on the Android team at Google.
The Fragmented Podcast is a podcast for Android Developers hosted by Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal. Our goal is to help you become a better Android Developer. We chat about topics such as Testing, Dependency Injection, Android Patterns and Practices, useful libraries and much more. We will also be interviewing some of the top Android Developers out there. Subscribe now and join us on the journey of being an Android Developer.
The Android Authority Podcast – discussing topics in Android every week. Tech nerds and Android enthusiasts unite each week on the Android Authority Podcast. If you are looking for an entertaining overview of recent technology news and culture, join Joshua Vergara, Jonathan Feist, Joe Hindy, Andrew Grush, Nirave Gondhia, John Dye and other guests from around the tech community and from within our family at Android Authority, TabTimes and SoundGuys. If you've never heard the terms #joerant or ...
Material is a weekly discussion about the Google and Android universe. Your intrepid hosts try to answer the question, “What holds up the digital world?” The answer, so far, is that it’s Google all the way down. Hosted by Andy Ihnatko, Russell Ivanovic, and Florence Ion.
Three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely related matters.
Android Snacks
The TL;DR of last weeks Android developer news
Going Linux
Once you become aware that there is a dependable, secure, capable, and modern computer system that rivals all others in popularity and actual use, you will want to try the Linux operating system on your computer. Perhaps you've been using a member of the Unix/Linux family - Linux, Android, ChromeOS, BSD or even OSX - for quite a while. If so, you are likely looking for new ways to optimize your technology for the way you work. Going Linux is for computer users who just want to use Linux to g ...
LINUX Unplugged
An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.
Get the latest Apple news and views from the top names in Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad journalism.Records live every Tuesday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.
The Sams Report
Podcast by Brad Sams
Ubuntu Podcast
Upbeat and family-friendly show including news, discussion, interviews and reviews from the Ubuntu, Linux and Open Source world.
Your weekly source for the best stories and insights from the world of Windows, Windows Mobile, Surface, HoloLens, and Xbox. Hosted by Daniel Rubino and Zac Bowden.
Late Night Linux
Late Night Linux is a podcast that takes a look at what's happening with Linux and the wider tech industry. Every two weeks, Joe, Félim, Graham and Will discuss the latest news and releases, and the broader issues and trends in the world of free and open source software. Expect drinking, swearing, strong opinions and Will being told to shut up about Ubuntu.
The Android Headlines Show is a weekly podcast giving you the biggest news in the pat 7 days in the Android world. Typically about 30-45 minutes in length.
Linux chat and banter
iMore show
iPhone, iPad, Mac — for everything Apple and beyond. Learn more. Be more. iMore!
LinuxForTheRestOfUs - Podnutz
The Blerg
The non-award winning podcast from Chris Lacy, the guy who spends most of his days writing apps such as Action Launcher and seemingly needs yet another avenue to express his opinions & thoughts.
Linux Outlaws
Two pragmatic geeks talk about the latest news concerning Linux, free and open technology or anything else they deem noteworthy which may include such absurd things as hockey or bands you never heard of. This means there's many a joke and derailed conversation along the way, so don't come here expecting only Linux or software freedom talk — just sit back and relax, partner.
Mac Power Users
Learn about getting the most from your Apple technology with focused topics and workflow guests. Creating Mac Power Users, one geek at a time since 2009. Hosted by David Sparks and Katie Floyd.
Tech news, social and political commentary, family-friendly humor, and of course bacon await you in this rambling wreck of a show... but if you're not careful, you may accidentally learn something along the way.
Linux Action News
Weekly Linux news and analysis by Chris and Joe. The show every week we hope you'll go to when you want to hear an informed discussion about what’s happening.
iOS Today (MP3)
Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone love their iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches so much they've created iOS Today, the TWiT network's first show highlighting the best apps, most helpful tools, coolest tricks, and essential news surrounding iOS. Contact iOS Today at or 757-504-IPAD (4723).Records live every Tuesday at 12:00pm Eastern / 9:00am Pacific / 16:00 UTC.
MP3 – Linux Luddites
not all change is progress
New Podcast about Android Development
Debug is a conversational interview show about developing software and services, primarily for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and gaming. Hosted by Guy English and Rene Ritchie, it's all the great talk you get at the bar after the conference, wrapped up in convenient podcast form. Pull up a chair, hit play, join us.
Android podcast discussing Android news, reviews and awesome Android apps.
That Android Show
Making Android More Accessible for Everyone
The Critical Path
The Critical Path is a talk show contemplating the causality of success and failure in the evolving story of mobile computing and related industries. Using Apple as a lens to look at existing and emerging tech markets, we try to understand what it means to be great. Hosted by Anders Brownworth & Horace Dediu.
Discussion about the Windows Phone ecosystem from the All About Windows Phone (AAWP) team. Covers the key stories: device launches, apps, games and services.
Connected is a weekly panel discussion on Apple and the impact of technology on our lives. With each co-host having a unique background — and accent — Connected provides a perspective that no other show can. Hosted by Federico Viticci, Myke Hurley, and Stephen Hackett.
The director’s commentary track for Daring Fireball.
The Linux Link Tech Show
Destination Linux
A podcast by two everyday guys who love running Linux.
The podcast that keeps you up to date on the latest happenings with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, AppleWatch, Apple TV, iOS and iPhone Apps . We have news, tech tips, hacks, App reviews and interviews all centered around the iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch.
Join Justin Herrick and everyone at Talk Android for a weekly conversation on all things Android.
Mac OS Ken
This is daily Apple news. Monday through Friday, Ken Ray brings commute-sized tech news to the podsphere. If it's Apple news, Apple-related news, or news related to Apple-related news, you'll hear about it here. News you'll like... this is Mac OS Ken.
Going Linux
Once you become aware that there is a dependable, secure, capable, and modern computer system that rivals all others in popularity and actual use, you will want to try the Linux operating system on your computer. Perhaps you've been using a member of the Unix/Linux family - Linux, Android, ChromeOS, BSD or even OSX - for quite a while. If so, you are likely looking for new ways to optimize your technology for the way you work. Going Linux is for computer users who just want to use Linux to g ...
The Windows Insider Team is taking the podcast airwaves to share all things future of Windows, Insider community and beyond.
The Linux Link Tech Show
The iOS Show
A show about all things iOS and beyond. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, iOS, apps, and more!
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At the SuperMeet at NAB in Las Vegas, we caught up with David Abramov, Senior Account Executive at Pond 5, to talk about their new integration with Final Cut that lets editors download and insert and work with a comp version of their stock video clips, then purchase and insert the full version automatically. David explains their philosophy abou ...…
In this episode, Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Gamet talk about how Amazon has quietly become the Cyberpunk king. They also discuss Tim Cook’s choice of dinner companions for the White House’s state dinner, and how Grayshift’s data breach is the proof in the pudding that backdoors and cracks get mishandled. Sources referenced in this episode: Amazon's ...…
Windows 10 Lean: What is this thing? Maybe it really is just a smaller version of Windows 10 for storage-constrained devices? Or a new OS for the Education market? Related: Windows 10 S is flawed in a new way. Related, maybe: Windows 10 on ARM - Paul is finishing his review of the HP Envy x2. Remember how crappy S mode was? Windows 10 on ARM is ...…
Federico is gone, but the show had to to go on, so Stephen and Myke talk about the death of Liam, whatever is happening with Flickr and Amazon’s future robotic army. This episode of Connected is sponsored by: TextExpander, from Smile: Communicate smarter with TextExpander. Molekule: The only air purifier that actually destroys pollutants. Slack ...…
Everyone’s favorite new buzzword is ‘machine learning’ (or ‘ML’) but what exactly is ML and how is it already transforming everyday life and business? We chat with Microsoft engineers about machine learning and the significance of Windows ML, a new AI platform for developers available through the upcoming Windows 10 update. We cover how ML is c ...…
At the SuperMeet at NAB in Las Vegas, video is the focus, but you can’t have good video without good audio. Marc-Andre Ferguson, Senior Product Manager for Landr, tells us what their service, which has been available to musicians for a long time, is now offering to video producers. With features like automatic leveling, background noise reducti ...…
Adam Christianson from the Maccast and Kelly Guimont join Jeff Gamet to look at what the pending demise of Google Play Music means for Apple Music, plus they have a warning about a new Flash malware threat on the Mac. Google Play Music's Switch to YouTube Remix Could Give Apple Music a Big Subscriber Boost New Crossrider variant installs config ...…
Bionic Beaver, crappy office applications, zoomBy (Dann Washko, Linc Fessenden, Pat Davila, Allan Metzler).
- Deutsche Bank Calls Smart Speaker Race Early - Apple Supplier AMS Cuts Current Quarter Guidance - iPhone X Concerns Rock Supplier Stocks - Wells Fargo Sees Apple Chips as Threat for Qualcomm - Apple to Start Paying €13B Irish Tax Bill Next Month - LTE Apple Watch Headed to Denmark, India, and Sweden in Mid May - Apple Releases iOS 11.3.1 - Ap ...…
As the guys take a look at some recent news stories they find the secrets of a dead man, Google's next step toward Skynet, grandstanding politicians and more!By (Mark Cockrell, Seth Anderson, & Myles Wakeham).
This week, we discuss the many hints of Material Design 2, Google's next Chat obsession, Motorola's low and midrange lineup, LG's G7 ThinQ event, Google Play Award nominees, your emails, and more! Read our show notes here. Jason - PUBG MOBILE (Free/IAP): Flo - NewDay - Procrastinate n ...…
Happy 3rd Birthday to the Apple Watch, Apple closes the last exclusive Watch store, AT&T and Verizon being investigated for possible collusion against eSIMS, Series 3 Apple Watch with LTE finally launches in 4 more countries, reviews of Nano For Reddit, Life Cycle and It's Baseball Time Baseball watch band. Apple closes last Apple Watch exclusi ...…
At the SuperMeet at NAB in Las Vegas, Carllene Mowry, Product Evangelist for Atto, profiles their Thunderbolt 3 12 GB SAS, a solution that is suitable for serious video production. The Atto difference is a complete solution, from the first connection through their support. Carllene explains why their 30th anniversary is indicative of their qual ...…
At the SuperMeet at NAB in Las Vegas, a unique video caught our attention. Remo Camerota is the brains behind the world’s first animoji band music video. No, this isn’t animoji karaoke. Using Apple’s tech and software from CoreMelt, Remo has something completely different. He talks about how he did it, and the response it got from Apple. This e ...…
We get the inside scope from the Ubuntu flavors prepping for the 18.04 release, and then we finally make good on a long running threat. Plus the quiet shuttering of the Windows division inside Microsoft, and how they could help save Linux from Apple. Sponsored By: Linux Academy: Visit to support the show and sign up f ...…
Broken iMac Pro and the Right to Repair. iPhone earnings silly season is in full effect. Users love the iPhone X. AT&T and Verizon collude to try to stop eSIM. EU cries anti-trust over Apple's Shazam purchase. Alex's Pick: Roblox Andy's Pick: Super Cheap Chinese LED Panels Lory's Pick: Prince - Nothing Compares 2 U Hosts: Rene Ritchie, Andy Ihn ...…
At the SuperMeet at NAB in Las Vegas, our annual visit with Roger Bolton, Owner / Director at CoreMelt introduces their new layer-based color correction plug-in that goes beyond that which was just introduced in the newest version of Final Cut. Roger also gives us a preview of an upcoming transcription product, and how it will be select the bes ...…
Jason Snell from Six Colors and MacWorld fills in for Leo Laporte. Jason and Megan Morrone discuss Jason's favorite iPad keyboard and stand for writing at home. Plus, the new Drafts app from Agile Tortoise and how to get FileBrowser working on your iPad. Is an iPhone SE 2 phone coming soon and will it have a headphone jack? Hosts: Megan Morrone ...…
Bryan Chaffin and Dave Hamilton join Jeff Gamet to talk about the EU’s investigation into Apple’s planned Shazam purchase along with Amazon Key expanding to cars. They also mangle a few metaphors and dive into investigation theater. EU Investigates Apple's Shazam Acquisition Based on Customer Data, Harm to Competition Amazon Can Unlock You Home ...…
At the SuperMeet at NAB in Las Vegas, Colton Rybus, the Chief Marketing Officer for Soundsnap, talks about their library of sound effects and loops, how and where they are sourced, and how they are among the most affordable around. This edition of MacVoices is sponsored by Smile, the makers of PDFpen and PDFpenPro, PDFpen for iPad, PDFpen for i ...…
- J. Cole Record Breaks Apple Music Record - Apple Music Hits Music City - Report: Streaming Music Puts Industry Back at 2008 Levels - EC Investigating Apple’s Proposed Shazam Acquisition - DoJ Investigating Carriers Over SIMs and eSIMs: Take 1 - DoJ Investigating Carriers Over SIMs and eSIMs: Take 2 - Apps Featured by Apple Do Really, Really W ...…
Running Apple devices is quite a bit of fun most of the time. Occasionally, though, you have problems… and that’s where Dave and John come in to help. Today’s topics include syncing Wi-Fi passwords, managing Mail’s calendar events, and dealing with a cracked iPhone screen. Press play and enjoy! SPONSOR: Ring – Visit for up to $150 ...…
In the Facebook Live Pavilion at NAB in Las Vegas, Nick Mattingly, the CEO and Co-Founder of Switcher Studio talks about their latest enhancement to their iOS streaming service: 4K video in Director mode. Now you can stream based on your bandwidth, and still have a 4K capture of your production that now easily integrates with Final Cut Pro. Nic ...…
At NAB in Las Vegas, Bryce Stejskal, Product Manager for Live Streaming Solutions and Screenflow for Telestream, goes through the latest enhancements to Wirecast, their long-standing video streaming software. Of special interest is their new control surface and easy integration with PTZ cameras, and new re-streaming and closed captioning featur ...…
This week on the Windows Central Podcast: New builds in testing, our thoughts on animations in Windows 10, and more reorg news! We're back with another exciting episode of the Window Central Podcast. This week, Daniel Rubino and Zac Bowden talk about new builds for Insiders in Fast and Skip Ahead, our personal opinions on animations in Windows ...…
John Martellaro and Andrew Orr join Jeff Gamet to look at Amazon’s Vesta home robot project and the possibility of Apple getting in on the competition. Amazon's Vesta Project Means it's Time For Apple to Step Up its Robot Game When Artificial Intelligence Becomes Human Intelligence, Look Out Will Amazon’s Fire TV Edition Do What Apple Could Not ...…
In this special episode recorded LIVE at RWDevCon 2018, Janie and Dru talk about Season 7, a behind the scenes look, and what is happening in Season 8. [Subscribe in iTunes] [RSS Feed] Interested in sponsoring a podcast episode? We sell ads via Syndicate Ads, check it out! Join our season This season we are looking for new technologies and deve ...…
The power trio of Daniel Bader, Russell Holly, and Jerry Hildenbrand talk about ZTE being banned from using U.S.-based hardware or software in their products as a consequence of selling products into North Korea and Iran. Could this put an end to their smartphone business? Also, Google is set to announce 'Chat', a messaging client intended to u ...…
At NAB in Las Vegas, we got a look at another option for streaming video that takes advantage of the devices you already have to make the compatible with streaming services like Facebook or YouTube. Epiphan Manager, Creative Services George Birchall talks about how their Webcaster X2 puts your camera your professional mic system, or your pro vi ...…
This will be a short discussion on some changes occurring that we think everyone is going to enjoy. Why the change? Scheduling for all four hosts Reaching a broader audience with Linux Providing a more interactive show What is Changing The next stop on our Journey for Destination Linux is Twitch! . . . and YouTube live. We hope this brings a la ...…
- Morgan Stanley Cuts iPhone Estimates; Apple Target - Canaccord Genuity Cuts iPhone Estimates for Current Quarter - BTIG Sees Better ASPs for iPhone - Reported Issues with LG OLEDs for iPhone - Apple Announces Battery Replacement Program for Some MacBook Pros - Laptop Mag: Macs Less Cool than Before - AT&T Bringing Skinny Bundle to Apple TV “W ...…
In this episode of learning kotlin, we look at the typealias keyword. The typealias keyword allows you to provide alternate names for existing types and and function types. Learn how, why and when you can use it in this episode Show Notes Kotlin Inline functions Sponsors Microsoft AppCenter – Sign up now on and spend less time mana ...…
David has written a new book - the iPhone Field Guide. In this episode, we discuss his latest project, the process of creating a multimedia book, the state of iBooks Author and more. This episode of Mac Power Users is sponsored by: 1Password Have you ever forgotten a password? Now you don't have to worry about that anymore. Save up to 20% using ...…
So the GMen are tired of dancing around this, the world is filled with dumb arsed analysts and every media outlet seems determined to give them a platform to speak from. They do the show live (still in testing) on FaceBook, and are very sorry they missed last week and promise it will never happen again unless it does.…
Make sure you're following us on Twitter! We're now on Spotify! Blog Posts Exploring the v28 Android Design Support Library Additions by Joe Birch Coroutines and RxJava — An Asynchronicity Comparison (Part 3): Transferring stream of values by Manuel Vicente Vivo A Guided Tour inside a clean architecture code base. by Yossi Segev #31DaysOfKotlin ...… Downloads: MP3 format (for Freedom Haters!) OGG format (for Freedom Lovers!) Contact Us: show (at) or the Contact us page Intro: Tony Bemus, Tom Lawrence, Phil Porada and Mary Tomich Sound bites by Mike Tanner Phils GitHub The LawrenceSystems YouTube Channel Where videos ...…
Trisquel has a new release, and Chris tries out the new ReactOS. Plus our thoughts on Microsoft announcing their own Linux, the German government switching to NextCloud, and the fix is in for Gnome Shell's infamous "Memory leak". Sponsored By: Ting: Save $25 off your first device, or $25 in service credit if you bring one! Links: Trisquel 8.0 L ...…
At NAB in Las Vegas, Audio-Technica’s Marketing Director for Professional Markets Gary Boss, talks about the wireless microphone (ATW-1702 Portable Camera Mount Wireless System) that Chuck uses for trade show interviews, and how it delivers solid audio even in a challenging environment like the NAB show floor. Gary also discusses the side-addre ...…
At NAB in Las Vegas, Senior Marketing and Community Manager Yev Pusin of BackBlaze talks about their new pricing for their B2 service that stores data in the cloud at a price that you can afford. Yev talks about how you get your data to them, how you get it back when you need it, and all the details in between. This edition of MacVoices is spon ...…
The dynamic duo of Lory Gil and Mikah Sargent talk all about the week's news in the Appleverse, including a leak about leaks, how to repair or replace an Apple Watch, and rumors about new Series 4 models. Speaking of rumors, they also discuss next generation iPhones and speculate about a possible new gold color. Finally, you no longer need expe ...…
Next week the SMR Podcast guys are in charge of the show (good luck with that) so there won't be a live show till May 6th. This week we've got a review of the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer done on location in Belgium with Peter Boodts, we've got two interviews from NAB: Vice Imaging about their Manfrotto grip for the mobile videographer and Hinde ...…
Dave Hamilton and Andrew Orr join Jeff Gamet to talk about why macOS and iOS won’t merge into a single operating system for now, and they look at how the iPhone’s long life span stands in contrast to Greenpeace criticism. Tim Cook Insists That iOS and macOS Shall Remain Separate. He's Right Starting Today, Apple is Making Earth Day Donations an ...…
On this episode of the Sams Report, Microsoft looks more into Xbox expansion, Microsoft continues to move the deck chairs around, and Brad has made a mistake.
At NAB in Las Vegas, Boxcast CEO and Founder Gordon Daily updates us on his service’s social media streaming capabilities, discusses his new Boxcaster Pro live video encoder that expands their support of pro-level gear, and their support of 4K on their platform. This edition of MacVoices is sponsored by Smile, the makers of PDFpen and PDFpenPro ...…
- TSMC 2Q Guidance Shakes Apple Shares - IMF: Significant Portion of World Economic Growth Tied to iPhone - Apple Talks a Green Game Ahead of Earth Day - Greenpeace Calls for Repairable iPhone, Not Disassembling Robots - Tim Cook: People Don’t Want macOS and iOS to Merge - Response from YOU on paying for news - Get 10% Off of Your First Squares ...…
On this episode of the Droid Life Show, we’re talking heavily about Google’s latest messaging adventure, which is their rebranding of RCS Universal Profile to “Chat.” We’ll talk about what this means for the future of Android messaging, if you should care, and when you can expect to enjoy it.After that, it’s onto our Pixel 3 wishlist, the lates ...…
Show Notes Android News New Android Distribution Numbers, Oreo at 4.6%, Nougat at 30.8%, Marshmallow at 26%. Protecting Webview with Safe Browsing Android Things Release Candidate Android P: Features So far – ‘Notch Support’, HDR and HEIF support, Indoor Navigation(WiFi RTT), Multi-Camera API, More Informative Notifications, A Rotation Button, ...…
Flo sets off alarm bells. Andy can't get no satisfaction from Google Play Music. Russell unearths more youths from our listener hordes. Also Chrome muting autoplay videos, Pixelbook getting dual boot, Google maps gets street smarts and NIGHTWATCH. The coolest damn code name of the coolest damn team in the world. This episode of Material is spon ...…
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