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Brains On!® is a science podcast for curious kids and adults from American Public Media. Co-hosted each week by kid scientists and reporters from public radio, we ask questions ranging from the science behind sneezing to how to translate the purr of cats, and go wherever the answers take us. @Brains_On
A weekly conversation on politics with Ken Rudin, from MPR News
In-depth conversations on news and culture, with host Kerri Miller.
Counter Stories
We discuss race, identity, social justice and culture in a region grappling with demographic changes.
MPR News Update
From MPR News, Minnesota news on your schedule. Delivered 7 days a week.
Cube Critics
From Minnesota Public Radio News, Movie Maven Stephanie Curtis and arts reporter Euan Kerr share a cube wall, and a passion for movies. Each week, they take a break from their day jobs to talk movies.
Each week three people from the Minnesota arts community talk about a performance, opening, or event they're excited to see or want others to check out.
MPR news medical commentator Dr. Jon Hallberg shares his insights and expertise on health and health care every week with All Things Considered host Tom Crann.
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Host Chris Farrell talked about all these aspects of universal basic income with two guests. Michael Howard, a philosophy professor at the University of Maine who has done extensive research on universal basic income. And 47th Ward Alderman Ameya Pawar who has worked to bring universal income to Chicago.…
This episode brings us to New Orleans to explore the way the river divides people and the way a changing climate exacerbates that problem.Our guests are Happy Johnson, chief resilience officer, Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement & Development and co-founder of the Team Happy Foundation; Heather Stone, oral historian and assistant ...…
This week: Massive masterpieces at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum. Plus Art Hounds recommend Gremlin Theatre's Ideation and an art exhibition inspired by a book of wallpaper patterns.
July 19. Steven John hosts.
MPR host Chris Farrell spoke to Joan Goldstein the commissioner for Economic Development in Vermont about their scheme to attract new business to rural areas of Vermont by paying up to $10,000 to move there. Farrell also spoke to Ben Winchester, research fellow, Extension Center for Community Vitality at University of Minnesota.…
What happens here in the fields and farms of Iowa and the rest of the Midwest has an effect on the Mississippi River and its watershed all way down to the Gulf of Mexico. But the country needs the crops that Iowa produces. How do we find the right balance?
MPR News host Kerri Miller talked to Political Junkie Ken Rudin for his take on the politics of President Trump's visit to Europe and the UK.
July 18. Steven John hosts.
The Red Planet is putting on a show this July. It'll be closer to Earth than its been in 15 years and that means at night it'll appear bigger and brighter than average. In fact, you should be able to see it easily without a telescope! In this episode we'll tell you how to spot Mars plus, you'll hear the planet itself answer your questions. Plus ...…
In many towns and cities along the river, there are clashes over levees, diversion plans. dredging drainage and development. Are we listening to more than just the interests with the loudest voices and most money? Are government decision-makers hearing from enough individuals? Kerri Miller digs into these questions with two guests: Roger Wolf, ...…
July 17. Hosted by Stephanie Curtis.
So many things are difficult about divorce. But how do you figure out co-parenting after a break up? And how do you remind your kids that the family still exists, despite taking on a new shape? MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke with Christine Hammond, licensed mental health counselor, and Amy Baker, parental alienation author and expert, about t ...…
The Mississippi River snakes over 2,000 miles from the United States' northern border to its southern coast. But the waterway's imprint is felt far beyond its shores. As we kick off Flyover: Down the Mississippi River, we discuss the historical and cultural impact of the river -- from the towns that were founded on its banks to the businesses t ...…
MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke with two experts to preview the meeting between Putin and Trump in Helsinki, Finland.Guest 1: Molly McKew - foreign policy and strategy consultant Guest 2: Chris Preble - Vice President for Defense and Foreign Policy studies at the Cato Institute
MPR News host Kerri Miller talked to Political Junkie Ken Rudin for his take on the politics of President Trump's visit to Europe and the UK.
Why do people of color constantly have to field questions about where they are from? Why isn't America an acceptable answer? And what does it mean to be an American anyway?
Counter Stories is MPR's ongoing conversation by people of color for people of color and everybody else. This week, the team talks about what it means to be American
This week on Art Hounds: Winona celebrates Shakespeare, ordinary superheroes and Mayda Miller tells her story through music.
President Trump is disputing a New York Times report on his administration's quibble with the World Health Organization. The report alleges that U.S. officials wanted to tone down the language on a breastfeeding resolution. Michele Barry, Stanford University's senior associate dean for global health, joined MPR News host Kerri Miller for a conv ...…
Tommy Orange's debut novel is a must-read of the summer. It describes what it's like to be an urban Native American.
Are you experiencing burnout out at work? You're not alone. A recent study from the University of Montreal found that women were more likely to feel burnout than their male colleagues. So why is that? And what can be done about it? MPR host Kerri Miller spoke with CEO and President of the Rae Mackenzie group, Sharon Smith-Akinsanya, and, Profes ...…
Today, we’re sharing another epic showdown from our brand new debate show, Smash Boom Best. Each episode, we pit our favorite things against each other, like bats versus owls! Or pizza versus tacos! And we ask you to decide who won.
MPR host Kerri Miller talked about the struggle of the Democratic Party to win campaigns in rural areas.
Cube Critic Euan Kerr thanks fellow Cubist Stephanie Curtis for introducing him to one of his favorite directors.
Community activists and family members of a man killed by Minneapolis police said Monday he wasn't a threat when he was shot and called on the officers involved to face criminal charges.
The Twin Cities is going through a housing shortage. Is it a case of home buyers beware or does the Twin Cities have housing problem?
As President Trump prepared to reveal his next Supreme Court nominee, MPR News Host Kerri Miller asked guests to think about the effectiveness of the nomination process.
A new Whitney Houston documentary hits the spot, and Antman and the Wasp hit a bunch of stuff. Cube Critics Stephanie Curtis and Euan Kerr talk them through.
MPR host Kerri Miller spoke to Robin Diangelo, author of "White Fragility: Why It's So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism".
MPR host Kerri Miller talks to Kevin Powers the author of "A Shout in the Ruins"
At 19, Donna Hylton was sentenced to 25 years-to-life imprisonment for kidnapping and second-degree murder. MPR Host Kerri Miller talks to Donna Hylton, author of "A Little Piece of Light," about how her life behind bars at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility led her on a path to becoming a leading advocate for criminal justice reform.…
The aliens are coming to dinner! In this episode we wonder what food aliens might eat and talk to real scientists who've thought long and hard about this question. Plus, our friends at America's Test Kitchen show us how to whip up a delicious beef and broccoli dish. We'll lay out the cooking instructions step by step throughout the podcast so y ...…
It's been 45 years since the Supreme Court's landmark Roe v. Wade decision. MPR host Kerri Miller talked about the future of the anti-abortion movement under President Trump.
This week on Art Hounds: the activist art of Ricardo Levins Morales. Plus, Art Hounds recommend Body Cartography Project at the Weisman Art Museum and First Friday Art Nights in Northfield.
Last Wednesday, Justice Anthony Kennedy shocked the nation when he announced his retirement from the Supreme Court, giving President Trump the power to appoint a new justice. What does it mean for the highest court in the nation to lose its swing vote? Does this guarantee a conservative majority for years to come? How might Democrats try to blo ...…
In this re-pod Cube Critics Stephanie Curtis and Euan Kerr discuss movies which are gone from theaters, but should not be forgotten.
MPR News with Kerri Miller talks about the state of Wisconsin's politics.
MPR host Kerri Miller talked about the impact of police body camera evidence.
MPR host Kerri Miller talked about his role on the court, his reputation for being a 'swing vote' in several of the court's most divisive cases, and how his absence will shift the makeup of the court.
Cube Critics Stephanie Curtis and Euan Kerr go out West with a Damsel and South with a new Sicario.
This week on Art Hounds the Guthrie Theater stages a timely production of "West Side Story." Plus, Art Hounds recommend music festivals in Winona and on Madeline Island.
MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke Daniel DiSalvo, of the Manhattan Institute, Monica Bielski Boris, a labor educator from the University of Minnesota with a Ph.D. in industrial relations, and Margaret M. Russell, a law professor at the Santa Clara University.
In a move that could harm public labor unions, the high court decided that government employees represented by unions are not required to pay union fees. MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke to Will Brucher, a labor expert at Rutgers University.
In an interview with MPR News host Kerri Miller Archbishop Bernard Hebda addressed a proposed $210 million settlement fund for victims of clergy sexual abuse, efforts to prevent future abuse and the path forward for the Twin Cities archdiocese. He also answered calls from concerned parishioners.
Are you ready to mix it up? In this episode, we find out why oil and vinegar are like bickering siblings in the back seat of a car, what delicious food inspired the invention of the blender, and the most effective whisking technique (spoiler alert: it's probably not what you think). We also learn how the way we mix flour makes our baked goods e ...…
On Tuesday, the Supreme Court upheld President Trump's "travel ban" which prevented nearly all travelers from five mostly Muslim countries. MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke to Jaylani Hussein, executive director of CAIR-MN, about how Muslim Americans responded to the news.
Mitchell Hamline School of Law professor John Radsan was in studio with MPR News host Kerri Miller. Originally, the conversation was about Gina Haspel taking over the helm of the CIA. But as soon as the ruling came down, Radsan pivoted to address the news.
MPR host Kerri Miller spoke to two guests about whether these religious voters are just voicing their criticisms, or are formally withdrawing support of Trump: Emma Green is a politics, policy, and religion writer for The Atlantic, and Bonnie Kristian is the weekend editor of The Week and author of "A Flexible Faith: Rethinking What it Means to ...…
omen are still largely underrepresented in tech and many have been forced out by the male dominated culture. How can we change that culture? Where do we start? And why is it important to have women leading technology projects, building apps and algorithms?MPR guest host Stephanie Curtis explored these questions and more with Jennifer Epperson , ...…
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