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Protests as separated families await reunification, more than 200 undocumented workers rounded up in Ohio immigration crackdown, and how genetic genealogy can help solve decades-old crimes.
9:00 Trump admin struggles to repair migrant families it shattered 9:09 Trump foments border policy outrage in cynical political ploy 9:21 Michael Cohen sends mixed signals as case reaches turning point 9:34 HHS Sec Azar photographed at reunion as border crisis boiled over 9:39 Anti-Clinton ads show major effort to subvert U.S. democracy 9:49 O ...…
Nearly 2,000 children still in limbo as separated parents wait to be reunited, investigators say Arizona fatal self-driving Uber accident was avoidable, and biometric scanning now more widely available.
9:00 As HHS tent city filled with kids, Azar left for college reunion 9:28 Conscientious objectors to Trump border policy get free legal aid 9:39 Senators push back on DoD over JAGs assigned to immigration cases 9:45 Kids removed from parents by Trump policy suffer lasting trauma 9:55 Multiple states sue Trump admin to stop family separation po ...…
Melania Trump visits border amid crisis over separated families, protests in Pittsburgh after fatal shooting of unarmed black teen, and FBI warns sexual assault on airplanes increasing.
9:00 Americans finding ways to work against Trump immigration policy 9:29 Trump detaining babies, toddlers breaks from child welfare policy 9:39 Nielsen struggles with Trump immigration policy as protests grow 9:45 Johnson: Trump foreign relations failures hurting border effort 9:53 Trump migrant family policy adjustment faces overburdened syst ...…
Trump orders end to policy separating migrant families, parts of Texas submerged after heavy rain triggers flash floods, and father pulls son from burning car after dramatic racetrack crash.
Mothers unsure about crossing the border in fear of losing children, Trump defiant about immigration amid mounting outrage, and major credit card companies are cutting their perks.
Audio recording reveals distraught migrant children separated from parents, heat wave rolls over Eastern half of the U.S., and gaming disorder to be classified as mental health disorder.
Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Trump; Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.); Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.); Al Cardenas, Helene Cooper, Carol Lee, Bret Stephens
A number of scientists are becoming first-time politicians, many motivated to run for office by what they say is an attack on science by the Trump administration. Chief Environmental Affairs Correspondent Anne Thompson reports.
An international competition with a $10 million prize hopes to find a solution to harmful algae blooms caused by agricultural runoff. Chief Environmental Affairs Correspondent Anne Thompson reports from Ontario.
Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) delivers a weekly speech on the Senate floor urging action on climate change. He speaks to Chief Environmental Correspondent Anne Thompson about his efforts.
Fishermen have been pulling in a different kind of catch in the Florida Keys: lobster traps and fishing gear lost at sea. Chief Environmental Affairs Correspondent Anne Thompson reports on how some of that debris is being turned into energy.
Chief Environmental Affairs Correspondent Anne Thompson travels to Dillingham, Alaska to report on a controversial copper mine proposal that some say could threaten the world’s largest salmon run.
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