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We talked to local experts to find out why some Christmas songs are so popular, and why huge hits — like Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" — are so few and far between.
Look at which agencies have already moved into the cloud.
President Obama visited the National Counterterrorism Center in Virginia Thursday, where he received a briefing from intelligence officials. The president's visit and his comments were meant to reassure Americans that the government is doing all it can to protect them.
A calm has settled in Baltimore after a mistrial in the first Freddie Gray trial, the first criminal charges may be coming today in the San Bernardino terror attack and Defense Secretary Ash Carter says he used a private email account for official business. These stories and more from WNEW's Nathan Hager.…
Federal CIOs are concerned that not enough agencies are transitioning to the the cloud.
Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson unveiled a new national threat system on Wednesday to replace a current alert program that has never been used. The move comes amid new concerns about terrorism, in the wake of the attacks in Paris and in San Bernardino. WNEW's Bill Rehkopf speaks with The Hill's security correspondent, Julian Hattem, ...…
Going after ISIS was topic A at the GOP debate - but candidates didn't hesitate to go after each other, L.A. schools are back open after yesterday's threat and we get our first up-close look at Bei Bei. These stories and more from WNEW's Nathan Hager.
Even with the low morale, federal workers want to stay with federal service.
Among D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser's initiatives is a strategy to combat recidivism, when ex-offendors commit another crime, by creating a smoother transition from prison to society.
The jury is back for deliberation in the first Freddie Gray trial, a Harford County man is accused of taking money from people involved in ISIS and a British astronaut makes history. These stories and more from WNEW's Nathan Hager.
Boosting federal employee morale within your agency, despite budget
Closing arguments are underway in the first Freddie Gray trial, the grieving process begins after a Montgomery County officer was killed by a suspected drunk driver, Republican presidential candidates are getting ready for the next debate and Adele will say hello to D.C. next year. These stories and more from WNEW's Nathan Hager.…
Federal workers want to feel like they can make a difference in their agency.
Deadly crash on the Wilson Bridge, the latest on Donald Trump, #trollingisis, "Byrd Stadium" no more, help CBS Radio stuff a truck. Those stories and more from WNEW's Nathan Hager.
Federal workers feel undervalued by Congress and their agencies.
Court's adjourned for the day and resumes in Friday morning as the defense appears to have delivered its strongest case yet in the trial of Baltimore officer William Porter, the first of six officers to be tried in the Freddie Gray case.
A procession for the Montgomery County police officer who died this morning was held in Wheaton Thursday afternoon. The officer died a week after he was hit by a suspected drunk driver as he was conducting a holiday DUI traffic stop.
The search for Relisha Rudd picks up again, a crash overnight in Prince George's County left a vehicle unrecognizable, Trump isn't backing down after his comments on Muslims and the Golden Globes nominees are out. These stories and more from WNEW's Nathan Hager.
federal employee satisfaction improves, but just barely
Donald Trump says he's not a bigot but gets backlash for statements about Muslims all the same, TIME names "Person of the Year," San Bernardino investigation continues, another Paris attacker identified. These stories and more from WNEW's Nathan Hager.
Biggest problem is most don't realize that there are already government apps and federal services online.
The trial against Baltimore Police Officer William Porter will continue Wednesday morning after the prosecution rested and a defense motion to dismiss was denied Tuesday in court.
Criticism continues to mount against Donald Trump's proposal to bar Muslims from entering the United States. House Speaker Paul Ryan is among those who have waded into the fray to denounce Trump's proposal, as Republicans worry that the frontrunner's rhetoric could hurt the GOP in the 2016 general election. WNEW's Bill Rehkopf sits down with Th ...…
Donald Trump defends his post-San Bernardino policy on Muslims, politicians respond. Investigation of San Bernardino killers continues. U2 welcomes Eagles of Death Metal on stage at Paris concert. First Freddie Gray officer trial continues. These stories and more from WNEW's Nathan Hager.
We saw the color-coded system replaced by the two-tiered system. Now DHS is ready to unveil a new terror alert system for this 'new phase' we're in....
Testimony wrapped up for the day in the trial of Baltimore Officer William Porter after hearing from the assistant medical examiner, a medical expert and the paramedic who treated Freddie Gray at the Western District.
President Obama gave a rare Oval Office address, a new poll shows more than half of Americans want the U.S. to fight ISIS with ground troops, the Grammy nominations are out and the Redskins will play their biggest game in years on Monday night. These stories and more from WNEW's Nathan Hager.
How'd you like to be able to charge your cell phone in less than a minute?
WNEW's Bill Rehkopf speaks with Dr. Michael Jenson, who investigates profiles of individual radicalization in the United States for the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, based at the University of Maryland.
No COLA for federal retirees. New legislation could help fix that.
Testimony is wrapped up for the in the trial Officer William Porter, the first of six officers to be tried in the Freddie Gray case -- a day that proved emotional for Gray's mother.
WNEW's Bill Rehkopf takes a look at this week's report from George Washington University regarding ISIS' recruitment efforts in the United States with reporter John Domen. And, some of the troops being sent to fight ISIS head on in Iraq may soon include women, thanks to an decision announced Thursday by Defense Secretary Ash Carter. Bill talks ...…
Fourteen people are dead and many others wounded after a shooting in San Bernardino, Calif.; the first trial in the Freddie Gray case enters day two and D.C. is getting ready for tonight's National Christmas Tree Lighting. These stories and more from WNEW's Nathan Hager.
With the attacks in Paris still fresh in our minds, a new report came out this week looking at the growing influence that ISIS is having in the United States, how it's attaining that influence, and what is and isn't working to counter it. WNEW reporter John Domen takes a closer look at the report from George Washington University's Program on E ...…
Communication with your supply chain is crucial in helping your small biz recover from a crisis.
You must make sure your customers know you're back in business so you can recover faster.
WNEW's Bill Rehkopf examines the business and funding structure of ISIS with Dr. Gina Ligon, Ph.D., of the University of Nebraska, & the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism at the University of Maryland. We also look at the impact of ISIS, and other terror incidents like the attack in Benghazi in 2012, on t ...…
Plan for a crisis before it happens, and you'll likely be able to reopen your business faster.
You can recover more quickly if your business is prepared.
WNEW's Nathan Hager speaks with the filmmaker behind "Killing Them Safely," a documentary about the use of Tasers by law enforcement.
Three months ago, WDBJ-7 reporter Allison Parker and photographer, Adam Ward, died when they were ambushed while in the middle of a live report near Roanoke during their morning show. Now WDBJ anchor and reporter Chris Hurst, who had been dating Parker for several months, opens up to WNEW's Bill Rehkopf about what the weeks since the shooting h ...…
WNEW's Bill Rehkopf talks with The Hill's White House Correspondent Jordan Fabian about President Obama's meeting Tuesday with French President Francois Hollande, and what Hollande is hoping to get from the United States.
Expect to find some changes to your health care plan during this year's open enrollment.
WNEW's Bill Rehkopf examines the definition of a caliphate, it's place in history, and why it's the keystone of ISIS' recruitment efforts with Alejandro Beutel, a researcher of countermeasures to violent extremism with the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), based at the University of Maryland.…
Some feds would like the day after Thanksgiving off. So they've petitioned the White House.
WNEW's Bill Rehkopf talks about the politics of the refugee debate with The Hill's Niall Stanage.
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