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ACT in Context
ACT in Context is freely available to anyone, and its episodes will take listeners on a journey from the history and development of ACT through its clinical application and the future of the work. This podcast will primarily focus on ACT, but it will often touch upon several related issues such as behavioral principles, the underlying theory of language(Relational Frame Theory) and philosophy of science. We hope that informal learners, potential consumers, researchers and clinicians alike fi ...
Learn to connect better with others in every area of your life. Immerse yourself in spirited conversations with people who know how hard it is, and yet how good it feels, to really connect with other people – whether it’s one person, an audience or a whole country. You'll know many of the people in these conversations – they are luminaries in our culture. Some you may not know. But what links them all is their powerful ability to relate and communicate. It's something we need now more than ever.
World renowned class act Barry McCockiner has finally taken his talents to the podcasting world. Barry’s incredible sports knowledge combined with his unrivaled respect for the troops makes for an incredible listen. If you’re easily offended by facts, this podcast isn’t for you.
Rob Paulsen, one of the most accomplished and well-known voice actors of our time, sits down with various other voice actors to discuss their experiences! And yes, of course, there'll be plenty of voice acting games from script-reading to re-enacting famous film scenes with cartoon character voices.
Kind World
Kind World is a show about compassion. Through stories big and small, we explore the effect one act can have on a life, to better understand each other and ourselves.
Get the latest news and go behind-the-scenes of the world's #1 family audio drama, 'Adventures in Odyssey'! In 'The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast', you'll hear fun stories straight from the show's actors -- and 'Adventures in Odyssey' producers regularly answer fan questions submitted at New editions available every other Wednesday. Subscribe now to get each new edition right when it releases!
Hurry Slowly
How to be more productive, creative, and resilient through the simple act of slowing down.
Join professional voice actor, audiobook narrator, and author Mike Lenz as he shares stories from some of the most amazing and inspiring people from all areas of the voice-over industry to help you achieve your dream of becoming a professional voice actor.
An occasionally suitcoated ex-expatriate with chronically untied shoes sets off in search of the world's weirdest travel anecdotes without quite overcoming the social anxiety that keeps him semi-permanently cloistered in a basement studio apartment with his cat.
Guide Dogs NSW/ACT
Acting Out
Trevor Lawless, Dave Harris, and Shea Norman are three wanna-be actors taking some time each week to share the highs and lows of starting out in the entertainment industry. They discuss their lives, loves, and the never-ending pursuit of happiness, which almost always includes a beer or two. The conversations range from informative to insulting, but all are (hopefully) amusing. And if anything they say offends you, don't take it too seriously - they're just acting out.
KCCK’s Award-Winning Environmental Show
Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! Entertainment Publicist and creativity coach Diane Foy has conversations with thriving performing artists and industry influencers on what it takes to succeed. Solo shows offer coaching drawn from her 25 years’ experience as a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur. This podcast will empower you to thrive in the arts.
The ACT Party’s weekly podcast for those who love free markets and free minds. Each episode covers off the week in politics and one big idea for a better tomorrow. Hosted by Ruwan Premathilaka with regular guests ACT Leader David Seymour and Deputy Leader Beth Houlbrooke.Authorised by D Smith, 27 Gillies Ave, Newmarket
Personal Studio tips, tricks, and how-To, voice acting, business. VoiceOver related topics, coaches, and stars.
What went wrong at BER? Berlin's unfinished airport has been in construction for over 11 years, cost have blown from €1 to €5.4 billion, and there's no end in sight. It's a story of incompetence, corruption and Berlin's general inability to get it's act together. On this series, Radio Spaetkauf explains the BER disaster fail-by-fail.
HI I'm Dennis Sy, editor in chief of Act Like a Man - the #1 manhood blog in the Philippines. I am also a best-selling author of three books. This is my podcast site. You can aslo subscribe on my iTunes podcast just search for Act Like a Man.
How can you change the world? Join Krishnan Guru-Murthy and his guest of the week as they explore the big ideas influencing how we think, act and live.
Act of Worship
Your source for commentary and discussion on worship, theology, and culture.
Act Out! podcast
The news corporate media won't touch, stories from the front lines of our movements to fight and build and just a dash of spoken word, visual art and snark. Blend and enjoy.
Got a cheating spouse or significant other? Listen to these culprits CAUGHT IN THE ACT!
An acting podcast that offers insight and actionable tips to Ignite Your Acting Career. Don't just start your career... Ignite it! Hosted by Frank Faucette Support this podcast:
Stoic Coffee Break
"Act on your principles, not your moods." A weekly meditation on how Stoic principles can help you be a better human.
Hey! Jesse Daley here! I’ve been working in Hollywood as an actor for the last 9 years and I’m here to share advice from “Behind the (Hollywood) Sign” to help you start your acting career! Support this podcast:
The Film Riot Podcast is a conversation with talented and innovative filmmakers. From directors, editors, stunt coordinators, DPs, Actors, VFX artists, and so on... We will be diving into the process, art, and lifestyle of filmmaking from every aspect.
Perpetual Traffic
Perpetual Traffic is a weekly podcast produced by DigitalMarketer and hosted by Ralph Burns (Tier 11) and Molly Pittman ( The duo shares cutting-edge strategies on acquiring leads and sales for your business through paid traffic. Paid traffic is the act of putting your product, service, or message in front of your target audience… it’s the act of acquiring customers online while also building goodwill, and is the lifeline of any business. So, whether you’re a media buying ex ...
Welcome to my Lyrical Audio Candy Tour (Lyrical ACT) where we explore books, poetry, & quotes of modern & vintage writers. Let’s go! Literary treats await! For a visual, go to Pinterest Lyrical ACT. Most episodes and my ideas are displayed on boards. For more fun check out my other Podcast called "The Lover's Book & Poetry Club". Support this podcast:
A bite-sized podcast about traveling while running a business and being an introvert. Not knowing what introversion was until my 30s, I feel that I wasted some of my early years by not really understanding myself. An inspiration for my business is that I want to help others understand themselves better, earlier on in their careers and their lives. Introversion is a very misunderstood area – introverts can suffer mentally and physically because people typecast them or act negatively towards t ...
Expository sermons with expectations of authenticity of all followers of Jesus
The Juggling Act
Are you a parent feeling the struggle of the work-life juggle? We hear you! We're doing it too! Every week hosts Melissa Wilson and Sarah Harris will speak with experts to answer your burning working parent questions as well as plenty of fabulous celebrity parent interviews. And there will be wine. Obviously.
Podcast by Lauren Mayer & Jenna Lockhart
Every hero needs a mentor, a guide. To provide insight, advice, training or even (what seems like magical) proven tools to help you succeed on your journey, every day. DarrenDaily On-Demand, hosted by Darren Hardy, is designed to act as a companion to the DarrenDaily morning mentoring sessions. A way to re-visit, be reminded and to turn ideas into practice and practice, ultimately, into success mastery. DarrenDaily, and now DarrenDaily On-Demand, is a global movement of over 350,000 unusuall ...
My Little Tonys
Devouring Broadway history, season by season // Hosted by Tim Kov & Anna Hulkower
Hi, I'm Tristan White - welcome to The Think Big, Act Small Podcast. This is an information-packed resource for leaders, entrepreneurs and managers wanting to improve their business and their life. We interview leaders with a proven track record of success to uncover ideas, lessons, tips and strategies that in turn we can all use to fast-track our personal and professional growth, and take action to help us become even better versions of ourselves.
Kate McClanaghan and Jeff Finney discuss current trends and helpful techniques regarding the voice over industry, and also host interesting interviews with guests.
The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast is a regular examination of what it means to be a transformational leader—someone who daily influences people to think, speak, and act to make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others. This podcast will teach you the principles, practices, and process of becoming a transformational leader because leadership isn’t an event—it’s an uphill journey. Every week we will offer a free tool to help you on this journey, so let leadership autho ...
Voice Coaches
Our award-winning Voice Over podcast offers advice, motivation, and interviews with top Voice Over industry professionals. Listen to new episodes every Friday!
Inside Acting!
Learn the inner secrets of the acting business. We bring entertaining to entertainment. Hosted by actor\writer William Powell.
VAST Horizon
Nolira is an agronomist tasked with establishing agriculture in a new solar system, but when she wakes up on a now- empty colony ship, the whole of her plan disappears. The ship has been set adrift, with numerous mission-critical problems requiring immediate attendance outside of her area of expertise. Nolira is aided by the ship’s malfunctioning AI, which acts as her confidant and companion during the fight for survival.
Voice Over Experts
Voiceover Experts is the industry's most downloaded educational podcast featuring renowned voice over coaches from US, Canada and abroad.
Don't settle for someone else's story about your life! Your 3rd Act of life is the time to be fully you. In our 3rd Act series. you'll learn to thrive post-midlife; In our StoryPros series, you'll learn how stories can transform your life in our StoryPros series. Sally Fox, Ph.D., veteran coach, consultant and writer interviews thought leaders who are shaping the narratives that are shaping the world. Find out more at
Get all the Canberra Raiders, ACT Brumbies and ACT sport news from around the capital.
Brian Timoney, is a leading authority on method acting and the business of acting. He reveals the truth about the acting industry (warts and all) and how to develop your acting muscles to win at the acting game.To get a transcript of the shows and free access to Brian Timoney’s online method acting course go to
Riot Act
An alternative music podcast hosted by Stephen Hill and Remfry Dedman.
We m*ake podcasts about pro wrestlers appearing in TV shows and movies. * Please subscribe to us on iTunes and visit our website Like our Facebook page
Hosts Jed and Sam take you through the life, events and general hijinks at Abilene Community Theatre in Abilene, TX.
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VAM 152 | Interview with Maile Flanagan, Part 2 Welcome to episode 152 of the Voice Acting Mastery podcast with yours truly, Crispin Freeman! As always, you can listen to the podcast using the player above, or download the mp3 using the link at the bottom of this blog post. The podcast is also available […]…
Ross is owner and CEO of Therapy Direct Health Care in the UK. His book 'The Business Of Health' shares his experience of becoming a strong leader inside a health business. In this interview, Ross shares the learnings and rituals that help him be at his best. We specifically focus on his leadership learnings, which include learning from others, ...…
Hey Juggling Act family! If you want to hear about Sarah Harris ripping her pants in a skateboarding accident, you've chosen the right episode. Also, we're in for a treat this week as we sit down with Michelle Bridges who tells us about the one thing she won't compromise on - time for herself. Plus, are you a 'money moron'? We get the downlow f ...…
I've been doing the discipline of solitude lately and it has done great wonders with my faith and my walk with Jesus. Here is my latest learning from learning to silent myself with the Lord.By Dennis Sy.
In which your host attempts to explain the chaos behind and betwixt the David Liebe Hart interview and his own rant re: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mother China, et al. He also, in the wake of the second anniversary of the show, serenades his audience with a tasteful Taiwanese selection, sung in proper East Asian karaoke room fashion, complete with exce ...…
I do notdiscredit either or find either fulltime vocational ministry or bivocationalministry more admirable than the other Both manifestations of ministry arenoble and worthy tasks The purpose of my words today nevertheless is todiscuss the benefits of bivocational ministry I personally wish moreministers were bivocational for the reasons I wil ...…
A close up look at the epicenter of the nation's affordable housing crisis: San Francisco. We sit down with local residents and activists to hear about the manifold problems that gave rise to this crisis, and the creative ways in which folks are fighting for their human rights. https://www.peop ...…
The Indian Creek Nature Center achieves an international environmental designation. The post Clean Up 10-2-19 appeared first on Jazz 88.3 KCCK.By KCCK's Clean Up Your Act.
You've heard so much about what it takes to START working on a goal, and you've heard about what it feels like to achieve that goal...but WHY doesn't anyone talk about the MIDDLE? You know that's the part where you're exhausted. Where you're feeling defeated...where you're struggling to understand why you're not farther along...why y ...…
Barry reviews all week 1 games and the Antonio Brown situation. Barry McCockiner.
In this episode of Politics in Full Sentences, Max Whitehead talks to Dr David Cumin about the Free Speech Coalition’s legal action against Auckland Council after its decision to deny a venue to Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux. Why was legal action taken, where’s the case up to, and what are the implications for free speech in New Zealand? ...…
Hello and welcome to episode 23 of Sing Dance Act thrive! It is great to be back after a little Aug hiatus. I have created a new website at where I will be adding lots of articles and resources for performing artists in addition to it being the new home of the podcast. All previous episodes now have full transcripts and a ...…
In this episode we get to be a fly on the wall while Frank teaches acting class, and we respond to a listener email question about Igniting Chuck's Acting Career. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. this podcast:…
Guns! Explosions! Morgan Freeman's voice! It's all here in the third instalment of Gerard Butler's "Fallen" series, including some dynamite Nick Nolte. Have a listen to what we thought and chat with us on Twitter @ActingOutProds to let us know what you think! Cheers! Check out the guys on the social medias! Trev - @trevorlawless on Twitter and ...…
Success is within your hands! You have what it takes, and here’s some motivation for you. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. this podcast:
Kicking off ACT's 65th Season is APPLE OF HIS EYE, the first show ACT ever mounted! We sat down with cast members Amber Barber and Aaron Schutter for a freewheeling conversation about the show and...many other things. Tickets: Music this week is "Long Exposure" bu Bonus Points. Link: ...…
My guest this week is Dr. Aria Campbell-Danesh, back for a second time (Aria was my very first podcast guest). We’re really pleased to announce the release of the book we wrote together called A Mindful Year, on September 10, 2019 (Blackstone Publishing).In this episode Aria and I explore many of the themes that came up in our year-long collabo ...…
Welcome to the August edition of the Client e-News. This month we are pleased to share with you some updates from our Customer Service Team that showcase our appreciation of the voice of the client.We also bring you some exciting accessibility updates from two tech giants, Google and Apple. These updates are a welcome move to offer people with ...…
Jonathan Singer Ph.D is a proud social worker and an expert on suicide. He is also the host of the Social Work podcast. We discuss his conceptualization of suicide, especially looking at clinician’s assumptions about suicide. This is a powerful podcast where Tim and Joanne both learn a lot and have their o ...…
Growing up, I was always the entertainment in the family. I could be found recording radio programs (just to hear the announcer) or making voices and sounds with my mouth. After a while, my mother would get a little fed up with all the noise, and yell, "Tony, quit exploding all over the house!" Deep down I know she loved all those sounds I made ...…
** Dial 347.884.8997 to join the converstation ** Frank Cisco Anderson, a Navy veteran, DJ and movie soundtrack composer talks about his amazing career with host William Powell, aka the King of DC Media! Cisco Castille, a 10-year navy veteran, has musicality coursing through his veins, possibly partially inherited from his distant cousin, Cab C ...…
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