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As It Occurs To Me
As It Occurs To Me (AIOTM) was a smash-hit sketch show written by Richard Herring and performed in front of a live audience. It ran for three series and was nominated for a Sony Award. It's now back!
This is an audio version of Richard Herring's Warming Up blog, available to read at, but there might be a few little extra surprises thrown in as well and exclusive audio blogs. Warming Up is thought to be the second longest running consecutive daily blog in the world, having been started in November 2002. Richard Herring is a comedian and writer and podcaster who you can also hear in the Collings and Herrin podcast and AIOTM
This is a story about life. This is a story about light. This is a story of how some men are the product of their lives, and some are the prisoners of the choices they have made. This is a story about sin. Joseph Leighton is on the cusp of adulthood, his university days stretching before him with the luxury of rose-tinted foresight. David Leighton is Joseph's father, a grumpy, vicious sour man. Or is he a snake-hipped guitar god, with a shot at the big time? John Leighton is Joseph's grandfa ...
The Scars
Peter Everett is a man stained with grief, his life becomes a struggle of decisions as he watches the lives of the people around him dissolve and burn. Mags Donne is a damaged, bruised young schoolgirl, reaching out into the darkness, trying to take control of her life. Their Scars are what begin to unite them, with the people that surround them. Their Scars are what mark them out. The Scars is a story of difficulty, hatred, intrigue, kidnap, wrongdoing, abuse, laughter and beauty. The Scars ...
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AIOTM Video Series #6 - Repo Mann. It's the final episode of the series and there's a hostage situation to resolve. I expect they will manage that. And, if they do, then you can will get to see the first kniforkoon off the production line, the true story of the Song of Sixpence and how Richard's obsession with toaster robots resolves. Christian ...…
AIOTM Video Series #5: Orange Beads. Rich has been dreaming about a movie star and also got a bit cross with Hitler. You won't believe what he's done now! Also he takes a look at an old Nespresso advert and wonders why we have frozen peas. Plus poo stories, Christian takes on Trump (is he still going?), Tiny Baby Anus and Gemma the toaster sex ...…
AIOTM Video Series #4: Barbara. Has becoming a dad meant that Richard has lost his comedy mojo? Only you can decide (but the answer seems to be yes). Having finally got rid of the dead wood of Emma Kennedy and getting back the dead wood of Dan Tetsell, Rich turns his attention to how constitutional revenge porn is and meets the couple whose dec ...…
AIOTM Video Series #3: Kniforkoon. We're a cast member down and the new young blood on the team seems to be plotting a permanent takeover. It reminds me of something, but surely there can't be a Shakespeare parody in the middle of all this rubbish about poo and robot sex? Richard is furious about a slight he has received from a young house gues ...…
AIOTM Video Series #2 - Average. In the second episode of this groundbreaking series, Richard wonders about the consequences of sending soiled toilet mats to strangers, discusses his (as yet still unbroadcast) third appearance on Pointless Celebrities, introduces a new cool cast member, tries to flog a new Christian Reilly album, recalls an emb ...…
AIOTM Video Series #1: Warsaw Indiana. It's taken some time, but here it is! The kickstarted video episode (also available as this audio) of AIOTM. Rich assembles the old team and they reveal where the money has gone. Plus there's news of Richard's holiday in pre-Trump America, a President who is less interesting than his hat, the start of a si ...…
AIOTM Audio Extra 6: The Tigers Come at Night. It's been on helluva slog, but we're nearly there. And on the final audio extra before the completely different video series begins (hopefully by May 2017), Richard is concerned about tweets from Jeremy Corbyn, who is more popular Morgan or Rowling and why we have a Doomsday clock. There's a moving ...…
AIOTM Audio Extra 5: Hootenanny Lies. It's the penultimate AIOTM of the series, but the videos won't be out for a couple of months at least, so enjoy this bonus topical podcast which predictably is mainly concerned with a piss-covered President elect, but there's also time to cover Last Of The Summer Wine, washing baked bean tins, the return of ...…
AIOTM Audio Extra 4: Farage in the Garage. It's the AIOTM (aiotm) team's fourth attempt to give you bonus content and try and tempt you down to come and see a show live - or subscribe to the channel of video extras, but is the tactic workin ...…
AIOTM Audio Extra 3: Dan has been mysteriously replaced by Matthew Crosby and everyone is trying to process the week's incredible and terrifying news, and Rich wonders if he can get back to the alternate Universe where Trump got dumped and see how things turned out there. Whilst acknowledging that the President- Elect is unsatirisable (and yes, ...…
AIOTM Audio Extra 2: Richard's usual plan to write AIOTM at the last minute very nearly comes unstuck, when he is betrayed by the thing that he loves. But somehow he pulls it out the pan (in both senses) and constructs a topical bonus podcast (that is not the same show that you Kickstarted - that will be out in 2017) looking into what happens i ...…
AIOTM Audio Extra 1: Ram-Packed. After 5 years apart, the AIOTM team are reunited and it's like they've never been away. As well as recording the kickstarted video episode of the show (which will be released in 2017) the whacky funsters put together this bonus, topical audio podcast, created under the ridiculous last minute structure of the ori ...…
AIOTM - the Return. As it Occurs To Me is coming back. We're filming six new episodes that will be released next year. You can buy tickets to see the studio parts of the show being recorded here - The first one is on September 11th. Aptly. But as well as the six super-duper e ...…
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AIOTM: The New Class??? It's been five years since the AIOTM caravan closed its doors, all the cumpkins and dumpkins and minted cumpkins are mouldering in a corner, Emma and Dan have not had any work since and Christian turns up at the Leicester Square Theatre every Monday night, just hoping. Richard in the meantime has been off writing critica ...…
Princess Diana Memorial and Southport based liesBy Rich Herring - Warming Up.
My new hero and role model is the unbreakable Sepp Blatter. I also go to Redhill and rue Alfred Nobel's failure to destroy it.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
I discuss the wonder of innocence, the terror of loss and the tiniest lloyds bank in the world. I don't need to tell you that that is Kenneth Blackburne, can't believe I didn't use him in my Ken based chicken routineBy Rich Herring - Warming Up.
Even more frustration with BT Infinity. How long will this last? Clue in the name.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
I try out a new smart watch and feel pleased with myself that I haven't gone with Apple (even though I slightly wish I had gone with Apple)By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
I want to work, but have been tired out and turned grey(er) by this happy little monster.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
BT let me down again, even though I have an ology.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
Back in Cheddar, reminiscing like a middle aged twazzock.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
I multi-task like a motherflipper and keep 50% of the creatures in my life happy. Then to Taunton to perform for the incestuous people of Somerset, play Addams Family Pinball and mourn the loss of another icon from my childhood.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
Self-playing snooker attempts to raise a million pounds and I think about Jack and the Beanstalk from the perspective of the old man who swapped his magic beans for a non-magic cow.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
I am in charge of my daughter for most of the day. Can I keep her in one piece and undrowned (spoiler alert) yes.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
We receive Welsh hospitality and poor customer service and I have to deal with a drunk man in an otherwise lovely gig.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
In which I mourn the unproduced sitcom scripts I've written and steel myself to have another go.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
Hungover and eating a breakfast of death. Then going to see a film that isn't really aimed at me, but which I still feel able to criticise.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
Phoebe Doris Joy Herring is named Bright Gift Happy Fish and comes out as an unexpected Tory.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
A day of good news, kickstarter success, script commission and a pretty much sold out DVD record!By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
First night at the Bloomsbury and I discuss the secret themes of the show. Photo by Steve Best.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
The King of Edinburgh steps down with a churlish and childish boycott of the Fringe.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
Best laugh ever.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
The joy of witnessing a developing sense of humour.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
My daughter celebrates her quarter birthday with tears.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
The curse of Jimmy Savile nearly takes me from beyond the grave.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
Post election slump.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
We vote for a better future. But we don't get one.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
Political quiz with tiny yellow lines and only the news that happen on the world.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
Surprise at the Post Office.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
4540 4 5 15 by Rich Herring - Warming UpBy Rich Herring - Warming Up.
Crossing the Rubicon at parties and dressing like a dad.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
My cat tries to mother or murder a tiny teddy bear. I do a hungover gig in a cinema where I need to climb a ladder to get on to the stage. Or maybe that was a dream. It sounds like a dream.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
A drunken night out where I drink like a pornstar (though with less gametes- I hope) and don't miss my daughter one bitBy Rich Herring - Warming Up.
I start booking in podcast guests and manage to make more online entertainment in spite of having no running waterBy Rich Herring - Warming Up.
A brave new internet world with a brand new newsletter and an attempt to kickstart some video RHLSTPSBy Rich Herring - Warming Up.
I remember the acceptable face of showbiz Harrises, Keith.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
I go to the cinema in the MORNING???? The world has turned upside down. Plus Holland and Barratt based embarrassment.By Rich Herring - Warming Up.
I catch up on some warming upsBy Rich Herring - Warming Up.
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