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Host Daniel Campbell, with Milton Underdue, John Soufia, and Michael Montanti along with friends, drivers, and special guests each week to bring you local and global coverage of concept cars, builds, racing, things that go sideways, and much much more.Instagram: @DrivelinemediaTwitter:@DrivelinemediaFacebook:
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DJ ROSENBERG | Official Podcast | Lounge / Slow Disco / Soulful House / Deep House .
This blog is written primarily by Daimler employees from all over the Daimler Group. It also includes contributions and opinions from guest authors outside the Group. The views and opinions expressed on the Daimler Blog are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the company.This applies in particular to insights into life within the Group and to discussions with interested readers. On this platform, our factory gates are open 365 days a year.
Celebrating AZ & Westcoast Legends while throwing in a hell of a lot of laughs!
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Carnival is so important for us that right as you are reading this post, there are Brazilians still celebrating and even more people are already counting the days for next year's event! The festival is so longed for because it allows everybody to actively take part in the Brazilian culture and to get exited by the music rhythms as samba and for ...…
To stand behind the doors of a design department in which the greatest secrets of Mercedes-Benz are hidden. To take a look behind the scenes of the department in which the first ideas were created for the Mercedes-Benz Design that we know today. I had this fantastic opportunity after an invitation to a design-workshop in Stuttgart/Germany. Here ...…
In this Formula 1 preview, Bradley Lord gives an insight into the first race in Australia and explains the function of an F1 steering wheel.
For almost a year now, I’ve been participating in the MBC Mentoring Program as a mentor for women team leaders from throughout the Group. One of the most surprising things I’ve discovered about the program is how much it’s actually benefited me as well.
Today there’s no lack of things that can be shared. Vehicles are shared via SHARE NOW, overnight accommodation via couch surfing, green spaces via “garden sharing,” and pets via “dog sharing.” This trend is also gaining ground in the workplace. At Daimler there are currently more than 250 “job sharers” at the management level — and that number ...…
Sound of Thursday (SOT) — еженедельный выпуск контрастов, наполненный свежими ритмами в стилях: nudisco, soul, slow motion, lounge, soulful & deep house.
What innovation platforms are there at Daimler and who is behind them? At #venturewednesday on Wednesdays, we give insights behind the scenes of the Daimler ventures and their exciting task: the future of mobility. This time: DigitalLife.
Always in high spirits. Our secret: How our project team used a model update to freshen up its SUV bestseller for the next few years. And to create a real highlight on four wheels!
You can call it episode two: Last Friday, BMW and Daimler announced in Berlin that they are launching five joint ventures that will offer mobility services such as solutions for car sharing, the search for parking spaces, and many more
It’s one of those moments. Which color brings out the design best, which wheel rims make the biggest impressions, which trim inserts best emphasize the AMG style? Everything has to be perfect. Because the first impressions count. There’s no second chance. But every pearl of sweat — every fold of the brow — was worth it. Because this is the mome ...…
When I was invited to participate in the mentoring program of Mercedes-Benz Cars, I was delighted. Why? What does mentoring do for me? You can find the answer here…
Joint ventures between BMW Group and Daimler? From an outside perspective, that may seem a bit odd at first. But times are changing — and that’s actually a good thing! A recent remark of the German Chancellor about global partnerships also applies to the mobility services offered by BMW and Daimler: We’re stronger together. That’s why we are no ...…
The 2019 season is very special for the entire team. It's the year that the 1000th Formula One Grand Prix ever takes place, the tenth season in modern-day F1 for Mercedes as works team, and the 85th anniversary of the Silver Arrows. We are very well prepared for these upcoming jubilees and challenges and we are facing the races with the new Mer ...…
Not so long ago, I ordered a solid-wood bed on the Internet. It was delivered three weeks later at a cost of €100 for the forwarding agent. That gave me an idea: Why not develop an app that would enable people to transmit delivery orders between B2C and C2C?
Visitors to Barcelona probably have a very precise idea of what their stay will look like. Most of them have an agenda that consists of sightseeing, tapas, good Spanish wine, a tour of the famous Sagrada Família, and possibly a bit of shopping. That’s what Barcelona is all about, isn’t it?
ROS, EBIT, CASE — the Annual Press Conference is one of the most important, and also one of the more complex events that take place at Daimler. But in my role as a Social Media Manager I nonetheless have to maintain an overview, in spite of all the acronyms and figures. So far, I’ve seldom attended the Annual Press Conferences, or APCs for shor ...…
When I go for a walk with our dog I can let my thoughts drift and completely switch off my work mindset. For me that’s very important, because I’ve got a really demanding job. It’s often extremely fast-paced. That means I have to get outdoors once in a while, relax completely, and watch my dog frolic. The natural world is important, and I need it.…
Today it feels as though it’s the seventy-fourth day of January. I’ve got a bad case of the winter blues, and I’ve had them since the beginning of this year. The sky is gray, the days are short, and it’s SO COLD! I’m ready for the winter to start fading away.
What innovation platforms are there at Daimler and who is behind them? At #venturewednesday we give insights behind the scenes of the Daimler ventures and their exciting task: the future of mobility. This time: The Startup Intelligence Center.
The first ball sped toward us from the side without any warning, barely missing us. Before we could see what game was being played, a second ball flew toward us and hit. Not us, however — it was another pedestrian who was just then walking toward us.
The discussion of whether esports are genuine sports has been going on for quite some time. Double-digit growth rates, sold-out stadiums, millions of spectators and award money totaling several million euros clearly show that esports stopped being a fringe phenomenon long ago.
When you are racing at a speed of 400 km/h, there is no time to second-guess your decisions. As a pilot, I have to implement with one hundred percent accuracy the plans I have previously worked out as a team leader together with my crew. In this context, we need absolute concentration, a flow of new ideas, and unconditional trust.…
Dear fan club, here’s a sign of life from me at long last! This session is unplugged as I’m writing directly from the snuggly soft coffee-colored plush that lines the trunk of my 380 SLC.
The reason why it’s not a normal morningat the wind tunnel in Sindelfingen is that today we are hosting a special guest that I’m especially happy to meet: The triathlete Jan Frodeno.
Sound of Thursday (SOT) — еженедельный выпуск контрастов, наполненный свежими ритмами в стилях: nudisco, soul, slow motion, lounge, soulful & deep house.
What about innovation platforms at Daimler and the people behind it? With #venturewednesday we introduce the teams and their special role in shaping the future of mobility. This time: Tech Invest - the M&A colleagues at Daimler who are responsible for strategic startup investments.
Sixteen years — that’s half of my life. That’s how long I’ve already been working at Mercedes-Benz Vans in Düsseldorf. During this time I’ve passed through many different projects and stations, and I’ve been given the opportunity to get continuous advanced training and learn new things. That’s why I particularly like the Van unit.…
It’s that time of year again: A crowd of journalists catering to fans of high tech gathers every year in early January in the gamblers’ mecca of Nevada to take a look at the latest technological achievements of the consumer electronics industry and related fields. And I was there to cover the event for you, right in the midst of it!…
Let’s talk about the future. Will it be as exciting as we imagine? And what will cars be like? When you imagine the cars of the future, what do you see? How do they move? What are you doing? And what will our relationship with them be?
The new year just started and already came with its first highlight: in September 2018, we presented our self-driving, electrically powered Vision URBANETIC study to the world for the first time. Just a few weeks later, I experienced the famous Las Vegas Strip in it. Why? At the beginning of January the city is known as the “place to be” for te ...…
Today is an exciting day for me: The new Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe is celebrating its world premiere at the CES in Las Vegas. And I’m the proud Product Manager. That’s why I’m glad to have the opportunity to introduce this new vehicle to you from my personal perspective. An automobile’s premiere at a show for consumer electronics? How cool is tha ...…
Whenever I’m driving down the road, I can’t help but do a little truckspotting – trying to guess an approaching truck’s make by the shape of its radiator grill. I’m pretty good at it, and can usually beat anyone else in the car. But two years ago, a new grill design appeared on the road that stumped my passengers. Today, it’s popping up all ove ...…
The introduction of our MBUX Voice Assistant in the new A-Class has caused quite a stir this year. For the first time, our customers can now control a number of functions, ranging from the navigation system to the radio and the air conditioning, very simply and intuitively through voice commands.
Еженедельный выпуск музыкальных контрастов, наполненный свежими ритмами в стилях: nudisco, soul, slow motion, lounge, soulful & deep house.
s submitted on June 24, 1909 — almost exactly 17 years before the merger of Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft and Benz & Cie. And because the star is older than the merger of Mercedes and Benz, this symbol consequently is still known today as the “Mercedes star” rather than the “Mercedes-Benz star.”
1Say It Slow (feat Georgia Anne Muldrow - Wayward remix)Moullinex2Don't Stop Dancin'Jb Boogie3Drive (Dan Solo remix)Future Feelings4Slow Motion Cowboy (Hifi Sean remix)IPG V Hot Toddy5Lovers Change Minds (Hot Toddy extended remix)Ilija Rudman6Feel Me (Yuksek extended remix)Simon Says7Sweet Surrender (Joey Negro dub Re-Arrangement)The Apx8Push ( ...…
“Do good, and talk about it.” I’m taking this motto to heart, because today I’m writing about a cause that is close to my heart. It’s a project that supports vulnerable young people — children and teenagers in Georgia. The Daimler initiative ProCent is participating in this project.
Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 07:30 a.m. Two big trucks and several cars and vans are rolling onto the Daimler testing grounds in the German town of Immendingen, which is located northwest of Lake Constance.
Our last assignment as junior reporters for Genius was in a class of its own. The location was a real standout, and so was our interview partner. We were sent to the Mercedes-Benz Museum to meet the CEO of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche!
Being successful in your job without having to conceal your true self — it sounds simple and worth pursuing, but in the course of your daily work it’s not always so easy. My own career has already taken me through a wide variety of jobs at employers ranging from a development aid organization to an international industrial group and a startup. ...…
At some point, probably between 1900 and 1930, a hunter killed a chimpanzee in the northern Congo or in Cameroon. Today it is still not unusual to hunt for wild animals in central Africa, because their meat is in great demand and is sold in local markets.
The following post will be of special interest to current or potential podcast fans. Since December 2015 we’ve been cooperating with the startup narando to have our blog posts read aloud by “real” people.
Whenever we talk about automated or autonomous driving, there’s one topic that particularly unsettles people: How do we know what these automatic vehicles are doing? Whom do we look at as we’re crossing the street? Will they stop for us? Have they seen me?
Normally, Emma and I work as a pair. We’re junior reporters for Genius and we investigate the world of Daimler. This time around I got the opportunity to visit the Radar Hall on my own. The first thing that struck me was the strange black walls….
Every Wednesday at 6 p.m., unfamiliar sounds waft through the Daimler plant in Esslingen-Brühl. That’s when the Daimler Choir of Stuttgart (DCS) holds its weekly rehearsal session in the plant’s cafeteria.
Even before the new GT R PRO from Mercedes-Benz AMG celebrated its official world premiere, I was granted the pleasure of putting it through its paces on the Nürburgring.
When we think about the mobility of the future, automated driving is the topic that immediately comes to mind. Technology is often the main aspect we consider. But what kinds of information and signals do pedestrians actually want to receive from automated vehicles?
This year, the teams with the Mercedes star on the hood captured the Formula 1 Drivers' and Constructors’ World Championship for the fifth consecutive year and achieved a hattrick in the final season of the DTM. As if that wasn’t enough, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team came out on top in the inaugural season of the F1 Esports Pro Series!…
On an afternoon like this one, I would normally be standing at my assembly line in the final assembly area at the Bad Cannstatt plant. But today I’m sitting behind the steering wheel of a G-Class.
I live in the countryside, where our snow-removal service is a farmer and his tractor from the next village. It sounds about as reliable as it is.
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