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At Autism our outstanding parent hosts and autism experts focus on providing information, support, treatment, recovery, and prevention options for autism spectrum disorders. Radio is brought to you by the social network. Be your child’s most effective advocate and healer. Learn how.
Your weekly update from Spectrum, the leading source of news and expert opinion on autism research.
Our show offers a great weekly conversation to inspire, inform and support families and individuals living with autism. We offer practical information for parents of children of all ages. The show explores treatment topics and recent research. We have a variety of guests to share their expertise, experience and resources. Advocates and parent guests share their insights and discuss the paths they have taken to find effective treatments. Authors, Physicians and researchers will keep us update ...
Spectrumly Speaking is the podcast dedicated to women on the autism spectrum, produced by Different Brains®. Every two weeks join our hosts Becca Lory, CAS, BCCS (a Life Coach, Certified Autism Specialist, and Autism advocate that is herself on the spectrum) and Katherine Cody, Psy.D. (a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in people on the autism spectrum) as they discuss news articles, share personal stories, and interview some of the most fascinating voices from the autism communit ...
Autism Resources International, “Ari”, is a non-profit organization with the mission to help parents plan, implement, and sustain “best-fit” treatments for their children. We provide affordable trainings and workshops to support parents’ central role in their child’s development. We sponsor innovative projects that will advance the understanding and awareness of autism as it relates to our communities.
Autism Warriors
A podcast where we talk about everything related to Autism. Each week, Ericka Charette and Pamela Mari will get together and talk about Autism including but not limited to Autism stories in the news, questions concerning behaviors, family dynamics, methodologies, and most importantly, share difficulties and triumphs while living within an Autism family.
The Timmy James Show is a Podcast where a Stand up comedian with autism shares his views on the world
Autistic Flappy Hour is a podcast with an Autistic Angle. While there are a lot of amazing blogs written by autistic people, we noticed that there was a lack of podcasts. We like podcasts, so we decided to make our own!The aim of Autistic Flappy Hour is to offer one-hour episodes on autism-related subjects, viewed from an autistic angle with autistic hosts & guests with various opinions and lived experiences. We will be talking about major topics relating to autism and autistic life in order ...
The Fatal Assumptions In The News podcast will explore news stories related to topics explored on the Fatal Assumptions podcast. These include the causes and cures of diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's, autism and many more modern diseases. Fatal Assumptions are things like GMO crops, artificial sweeteners, chlorinated water and glyphosates. Identifying and connecting the puzzle pieces of modern diseases by converging thousands of peer reviewed and published National Institute of Health funded r ...
CAN Radio Show
CAN Radio is a public service provided by the Council for Autism and Neurodiversity. Episodes present news, interviews, reports, alerts, information and entertainment for the community. To learn more about the show, including sponsorship, requests, internships, and other information, visit the CAN website.
You Aut to Know!
How does one raise three children diagnosed with autism? What kind of support to you need? Where do you go for help? Host Nicole Flamer is taking it to the next level sharing her unique story and balancing loving and living through the context of chaos, challenge and change.
ANCA Radio, Autistic People, People First is a Naturally Autistic® ANCA® radio show, created to educate the public about our growing Global Autistic Community. Our shows celebrate the diversity, strength and talents of a once misunderstood and marginalized group of people. The shows are educational, artistic, informative and cultural. Our hosts broadcast live from Canada, Australia, and the USA. Our listening audience is from Asia Pacific region, North & South America, Europe, the Middle Eas ...
Welcome to the Essentials of Healthy Living, a program for news and advice on complementary and alternative approaches to living well. Join hosts Dana Laake and Dr. Kevin Passero, along with health experts, for a lively discussion of topics related to health and wellness. Essentials of Healthy Living is brought to you by Village Green Apothecary, bringing you individualized nutrition and healthy living resources at, as well as traditional pharmacy products and specialty co ...
Focus on the Family radio programs are played on over 550 stations around Australia with an estimated 4.5 million listeners each month. While the content is diverse the purpose and hope for each program is the same – to help your family thrive.
Business Daily
The daily drama of money and work from the BBC.
Senior Dad
Show about parenting Host Senior Dad Stan Goldberg speaks with parents, educators, experts, and professionals offering cutting edge information about how to raise our children to succeed in the modern world. Hear the latest scandals, disputes, best practices, and food choices from the best sources in the world. Visit the Senior Dad Briefing Rooms that are packed with usable knowledge on teaching methods, homework, Autism, and even a special San Francisco Briefing Room. Listen and learn.
I'm a psychiatrist, my wife is a psychologist. Listen to how we view life and the world around us.
The Bruenigs
Podcast by Elizabeth and Matt Bruenig
Trends Like These
Two internet friends talking about internet trends! Travis McElroy (MBMBaM, Adventure Zone, Bunker Buddies) and Brent Black (Brentalfloss, With Lyrics Video Series) bring you all the latest trends from Facebook, Twitter and all over the Internet!
Latest medical news and features from Medscape Psychiatry
Latest medical news and features from Medscape Family Medicine
The Corbett Report
Open Source Intelligence News
Latest medical news and features from Medscape Neurology
Over to You
Talk back to the BBC and challenge the programme makers.
“The Measure of Everyday Life” is a weekly public radio program featuring researchers, practitioners, and professionals discussing their work to improve the human condition. Independent Weekly has called the show ‘unexpected’ and ‘diverse’ and notes that the show ‘brings big questions to radio.' Episodes air Sunday nights at 6:30 PM EST in the Raleigh-Durham, NC, media market (and also are streamed internationally through WNCU) and are available online the Wednesday following the original ai ...
Latest medical news and features from Medscape Pediatrics
Latest medical news and features from Medscape Nurses
Open Source Intelligence News
Where Nutrition , Activity, Meditation, and Compassion all collide to make a super you
Medscape Podcast
Latest medical news and features from Medscape
Join veteran journalist Shaka Ssali on Straight Talk Africa every Wednesday as he and his guests discuss topics of special interest to Africans, including politics, economic development, press freedom, health, social issues and conflict resolution.
The best bits from The Independent Republic of Mike Graham on talkRADIO. Listen live every weekday from 10am til 1pm. Find more from talkRADIO at talkRADIO.CO.UK 740124
WFUV's Cityscape
An inside look at the people, places and spirit of New York City and its surroundings, with host George Bodarky.
Linux fueled mayhem & madness with a side of news, reviews, and whatever the Hell-Elks™ we come up with
Join host and Member of Parliament Tony Clement for a look at the hottest topics hitting Canada’s political landscape, and how they might impact Canadians.
Pat Campbell Podcasts
Strength In Words
Join host Ayelet Marinovich for a “family enrichment” program, as she discusses various topics on development in infants and toddlers. For weekly sessions of music, play and developmental information for both you and your baby, subscribe on iTunes and visit! Stay connected by joining our newsletter:
Breaking news and research on acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and herbal medicine with HealthCMi.
Health nutrition and functional medicine; practical, evidenced-based and cost-effective information for optimum digestive, thyroid, immune and hormonal health. Dr Michael Ruscio shares the most effective and efficient techniques for using diet, nutrition and functional medicine to improve digestive, thyroid, immune, hormonal and overall health.
Welcome to The Disruptors, the podcast about the future of all of us where look at the technologies, trends and societal norms shaping our collective future. Here the world’s disruptive top minds share their passion projects and how advances in genomics, space travel, connected devices, artificial intelligence and other exponential tech is converging to create the future of tomorrow. Two minds are better than one, and the purpose of this podcast is to create a worldwide “neural network” of c ...
San Diego Stories
San Diego Stories is KPBS' news podcast. KPBS covers politics, education, health, environment, the border and more on podcast, radio (89.5FM), TV and online at Listen to new episodes every weekday at 7 a.m.
Join veteran journalist Shaka Ssali on Straight Talk Africa every Wednesday as he and his guests discuss topics of special interest to Africans, including politics, economic development, press freedom, health, social issues and conflict resolution.
A collection of videos highlighting current research at LSE.
It's all about Motocross and Supercross. The AMA riders and races. Discussing how what is going on who is going down. I grew up racing and riding until 4 years ago at 48 riding my CRF450 Honda. I won a national at Glen Helen at 45. I built my 450 everything from Engine to Suspension. I am a mechanic and nut when it comes to computers. I want o meet peolple who are just as as passionate about riding and the AMA racing. Honda, Husqvarna, KTM, Kawasaki and Suzuki I don't care they are all great ...
Lukas, Sam and friends talk day to day politics, history and culture. New episodes released every Monday.
Raising Our Kids
Pat Carroll of WCBS NewsRadio 88 New York is a mom who focuses on the formative years of today’s children. Drawing upon the resources of PARENT magazine, each broadcast includes news and advice on child development and family dynamics.
Challenging the mainstream, negative stereotypes of people with a mental illness ths program actively engages those living with a mental illness as researchers, interviewers, performers and program designers while promoting community mental health awareness.
Science and technology are everywhere in our lives. This podcast takes a look not only at the science itself, but its role in society, how it affects our lives, and how it influences how we define ourselves as humans. Episodes also throw in a mix of history, ethics, philosophy, religion, and the future! Hosted by Elizabeth Fernandez, an astronomer and science communicator. Let’s spark some dialog!
Current content form the Science News Magazine
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Dating apps like Tinder are a multi-billion dollar business, but have they reduced romance to a commodity? Vivienne Nunis speaks to Stanford University economist Paul Oyer, author of Everything I Ever Needed to Know about Economics I Learned from Online Dating. Historian Moira Weigel, author of Labor of Love, explains how dating and commerce ha ...…
An unhealthy relationship with food can manifest as being overly fearful about eating certain foods. This can be problematic for people who have been researching healthy diets because there are different healthy diets, all calling to remove different foods. It’s important to understand how to eat healthy while also maintaining a healthy relatio ...…
After the school shooting in Parkland Florida, lawmakers in Virginia formed a task force to make schools safer. Now, several of their suggestions are now well on their way to becoming law. Mallory Noe-Payne has details.…
With no end in sight to the partial government shutdown in Washington, lawmakers in Richmond are trying to figure out how to help federal employees in Virginia. Michael Pope reports. Nick Gilmore.
Senator Frank Wagner (R-Virginia Beach) Lawmakers in Richmond are considering legislation to prevent wage theft. Michael Pope has the story. Nick Gilmore.
Pat Campbell talks to Dr. Meehan about C-Sections, focusing on the one his daughter just had to give birth to his granddaughter. Learn if there's a connection between c-sections and autism, about Doulas, and the "Cascade of Interventions" that happen when a woman gives birth in a hospital. Pat and Jim also discuss the controversy of the marches ...…
In Pat's 6a hour, he continues to talk about the incident between the Native American man and the Catholic high school student in Washington D.C. He shares views from other students at the school and an article from Phil Lawler called, "They Came For Covington Catholic; Next Will They Come For You?" You'll also hear audio from the Black Hebrew ...…
San Diego Stories is KPBS' weekday news podcast. KPBS covers politics, education, health, environment, the border and more on podcast, radio (89.5FM), TV and online at
You can respond calmly even when your kids push your buttons. You’ll learn how to better respond when your children disobey, whine, or complain; and how you can better cope with exhaustion, noise, and a disorganised home. It’s a reminder that God is always with you in the midst of motherhood.
Mike Graham speaks to defence journalist Sean Rayment about the plight of after-care for people leaving the armed forces. People who can't sing are starting to join special choirs and there's been an increase in Chinese people visiting Scotland.
The number of female executives in the UK’s top companies remains stubbornly low. Vivienne Nunis speaks to Heather McGregor, dean of the Herriot Watt Business School and Sue Unerman, co-author of The Glass Wall, to hear what women can do to get a seat at the table in big business.(Photo: Young businesswoman in a meeting, Credit: Getty Images)…
[audio mp3=""][/audio]James Corbett joins Nathan Riva of IN-Depth Perceptions for a philosophical conversation on the deeper level of the conspiraverse. From 3D chess and Plato's cave to conscious revolution and the nature of reality, no stone is left unturned in this "IN-depth" c ...…
[audio mp3=""][/audio]James Corbett joins Nathan Riva of IN-Depth Perceptions for a philosophical conversation on the deeper level of the conspiraverse. From 3D chess and Plato's cave to conscious revolution and the nature of reality, no stone is left unturned in this "IN-depth" c ...…
Credit: sabreguy29 / Flickr The minimum wage in Virginia is $7.25 an hour. And, that’s not about to change anytime soon thanks to a party line vote. Michael Pope reports. Nick Gilmore.
Access to firearms remains one of the hottest issues in Richmond. But the tone of the debate this year — an election year — is taking a dramatic turn. Michael Pope has the story. Nick Gilmore.
How do infants and toddlers learn about emotions How do we do the big job of teaching and supporting our infants and toddlers when it comes to emotional development? How do we reign in our own emotions when our toddlers are testing us? On this episode of the Strength In Words podcast, Ayelet sits down with Dr. Laura Markham, a trained Clinical ...…
Credit: John Brighenti / Flickr With the government shutdown in its second month, the pain is starting to be felt more by federal workers and people who rely on government services. The Commonwealth’s lawmakers remain divided on how to get the government’s lights back on. Michael Pope reports. ...…
Pat, again, takes up the topic of the Native American man (Nathan Phillips) who was involved in a "stare down" with Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann. Riley, a Talk Radio 1170 listener, calls in to tell Pat he's being too hard on the kids, and opinions start to fly back and forth on the phone.…
A controversial sighting of dark matter is looking even shakier The COSINE-100 experiment finds no evidence of the evasive subatomic particles By Emily Conover 1:00pm, December 5, 2018 DAMA DRAMA The COSINE-100 dark matter detector (pictured) found no signs of the mysterious subatomic particles interacting in sodium iodide crystals, casting dou ...…
Dads, not just moms, can pass along mitochondrial DNA In rare cases, kids can inherit the energy-producing organelles from fathers, a study finds By Tina Hesman Saey 6:00am, December 3, 2018 PATERNAL POWERHOUSE Energy-generating organelles called mitochondria (blue in this false color transmission electron microscope image of a liver cell) are ...…
Getting goose bumps could boost hair growth The same nerves, muscles and hormones work together to stimulate hair follicles By Tina Hesman Saey 6:00am, December 11, 2018 HAIR RAISING The hormone and nervous reactions that make the pupils of your eyes dilate, your heart race and your skin break out in goose bumps may also make hair grow.…
Nearly 200 Great Barrier Reef coral species also live in the deep sea The unexpected coral bounty means deep reefs have a richer biodiversity than thought By Cassie Martin 7:05pm, December 11, 2018 DEEP DIVE Researchers have found a plethora of shallow water coral species in the deep ocean off Australia's northeastern coast.…
This scientist watches meat rot to decipher the Neandertal diet Nitrogen-15 levels in putrefying meat could explain high levels of the isotope in hominid fossils By Laurel Hamers 6:00am, January 2, 2019 HIGH STEAKS Kimberly Foecke is measuring the biochemical changes of rotting meat, hoping to get a better understanding of Neandertal diets in t ...…
50 years ago, scientists studied orcas in the wild for the first time Excerpt from the January 18, 1969 issue of Science News By Mike Denison 8:00am, January 10, 2019 IN BLACK AND WHITE Killer whales captured off the coast of British Columbia in 1968 offered scientists the first chance to study the animals in their natural habitat.…
Readers ask about electrons' roundness, a science board game and more Your letters and comments on the November 10, 2018, and November 24, 2018 issues of Science News By Science News Staff 7:00am, January 8, 2019 Magazine issue: Vol. 195, No. 1, January 19, 2019, p. 30 Email Print Twitter Facebook Reddit Google+ Sponsor Message Beer today, gone ...…
How some sap-sucking insects fling their pee Sharpshooters can hurl their liquid waste at an acceleration up to 20 times Earth's gravity By Emily Conover 6:00am, December 4, 2018 BOMBS AWAY Glassy-winged sharpshooters (one shown) chug plant sap and excrete liquid waste.
Magnets make a new soft metamaterial stiffen up in a flash The material could be used to make adaptive robots and body armor By Maria Temming 2:00pm, December 7, 2018 MAGNETICALLY MALLEABLE A new magnetically tunable metamaterial contains many "unit cells" (like these pictured above) composed of plastic tubes filled with tiny bits of iron and oil.…
Scientists' collection of gravitational waves just got a lot bigger Scientists added 4 new sets of spacetime ripples to their inventory By Emily Conover 1:19pm, December 4, 2018 COUNT ' EM Physicists have now spotted gravitational waves from 10 black hole collisions (two black holes illustrated) and one neutron star merger.…
Little Foot' skeleton analysis reignites debate over the hominid's species Researchers disagree over resurrecting a defunct species name By Bruce Bower 6:00am, December 12, 2018 FOSSIL PUZZLE Paleoanthropologist Ron Clarke excavates the skull of a hominid skeleton known as Little Foot.
A 5,000-year-old mass grave harbors the oldest plague bacteria ever found An ancient woman's teeth might help reveal how the deadly disease got its start By Bruce Bower 11:00am, December 6, 2018 PLAGUED BONES Bacterial DNA recovered from a Scandinavian woman buried in this mass grave around 5,000 years ago could yield clues to the origins of th ...…
Americans are sleeping less than they were 13 years ago Technology use and stress could be contributing to the short-sleep trend By Rodrigo Pérez Ortega 12:00pm, December 21, 2018 POOR SLUMBER Light-emitting devices and high stress levels could be contributing to sleep deficits among Americans, especially minorities.…
Big data reveals hints of how, when and where mental disorders start New genetic complexities emerge for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and autism By Laura Sanders 2:49pm, December 13, 2018 ON THE BRAIN Lab-grown brain organoids (one shown) mimic the real thing, analyses suggest.
Two daring spacecraft aim to bring asteroid dust back to Earth The pristine space material may help explain life's beginnings By Lisa Grossman 2:42pm, January 15, 2019 TREASURE HUNTERS Two spacecraft, Hayabusa2 (left) and OSIRIS-REx (right), began exploring two ancient asteroids in 2018.
Babies born in opioid withdrawal have unusually small heads A new study suggests the drugs may impair brain growth By Aimee Cunningham 3:25pm, December 12, 2018 LESS GROWTH Infants born in withdrawal from opioids had heads that were nearly a centimeter smaller, on average, than babies born to mothers who didn't use the drugs while pregnant.…
150 years on, the periodic table has more stories than it has elements Its organization holds stories of discovery and strange reactions By Elizabeth Quill 11:29am, January 8, 2019 INTRINSIC ORDER Every element on this venerated table has its own story.
Hybrid rice engineered with CRISPR can clone its seeds The research raises hopes of making bigger crop yields more affordable By Susan Milius 3:52pm, December 12, 2018 CLONING MILESTONE The gene-editing tool CRISPR can be used to make hybrid rice plants that can clone their seeds, Imtiyaz Khanday (left), Venkatesan Sundaresan (right) and collea ...…
NASA's OSIRIS-REx finds signs of water on the asteroid Bennu The craft will spend 2019 scoping out the best spot to grab a handful of space rock dust By Lisa Grossman 6:13pm, December 10, 2018 ROUGH TERRAIN The boulder-strewn asteroid Bennu, shown here in a mosaic of images taken by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft on December 2, is full of water-rich ...…
The periodic table remains essential after 150 years By Nancy Shute 7:15am, January 8, 2019 Magazine issue: Vol. 195, No. 1, January 19, 2019, p. 2 Email Print Twitter Facebook Reddit Google+ Sponsor Message
New research may upend what we know about how tornadoes form As the climate changes, twister behavior on the ground is changing too By Carolyn Gramling 2:06pm, December 14, 2018 BIRTH OF A TWISTER Radar data combined with visual observations of this tornado that struck El Reno, Okla., on May 31, 2013, are offering new clues into how such twiste ...…
How the periodic table went from a sketch to an enduring masterpiece 150 years ago, Mendeleev perceived the relationships of the chemical elements By Tom Siegfried 11:29am, January 8, 2019 REVOLUTIONARY Russian chemist Dmitrii Mendeleev (shown around 1880) was the first to publish a periodic table, which put the known elements into a logical or ...…
The list of extreme weather caused by human-driven climate change grows From droughts to deluges, scientists link 16 events in 2017 to global warming By Carolyn Gramling 10:41am, December 11, 2018 DRY LAND Human-caused climate change was responsible for extremely warm ocean temperatures off the Horn of Africa from March through June 2017.…
Biologists are one step closer to creating snake venom in the lab Researchers have grown organoids that mimic the venom glands of snakes By Tina Hesman Saey 2:08pm, December 11, 2018 NO FANGS NEEDED Antidotes to snakebites require milking snakes for their venom, but new work with stem cells may allow researchers to make venom in the lab instead.…
The Parker Solar Probe takes its first up-close look at the sun The spacecraft broke speed and distance records on its initial solar flyby By Lisa Grossman 5:49pm, December 12, 2018 FIRST LOOK One of the first images NASA's Parker Solar Probe took during its close encounter with the sun shows a streamer of plasma in the outer solar atmosphere, ...…
Tumor 'organoids' may speed cancer treatment A new method can quickly test hundreds of drugs on mini tumors grown from patients' own cells By Esther Landhuis 12:00pm, December 17, 2018 TUMOR IN A DISH By growing patients' cancer cells into mini tumors (many of the round dots seen at the edge of this image) in the lab, researchers are developing ...…
Pat Campbell talks with Congessman Markwayne Mullin about the government shutdown and border security. Find out what's going on behind the scenes, when he thinks the shutdown will end, new fence technology, and more.
Pat gives his view on the "staredown" between a Native American man (Nathan Phillips) and a Catholic high school student (Nick Sandmann) in D.C. over the weekend.
Two Virginia Indian tribes are at odds over a casino in Norfolk…and the City of Portsmouth was surprised to learn that a gift will cost it quite a bit of money. Those have been among the most read stories over the past week at the Virginia Public Access Project’s Va. News link. More from Fred Echols. https://virginiapublicradio.files.wordpress. ...…
Downtown Richmond comes into view as overgrown areas of Evergreen Cemetery are cleared. (Credit: Pamela D’Angelo) Martin Luther King Day is a national day of service and for the past few years volunteers have worked alongside the descendants of those buried in a neglected historical African American Cemetery in Richmond to restore it to its for ...…
You can manage and overcome the inevitable anger that erupts in motherhood! You’ll discover the most common external and internal triggers for most mums, and practical, biblical ways you can respond to your children.
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