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Front Burner
Front Burner is your essential daily news podcast, brought to you by CBC News & CBC Podcasts. Every weekday, award-winning investigative journalist Jayme Poisson takes you deep into the stories shapin ...
Skimm This
In today’s world, context is clarity. "Skimm This" breaks down the most important stories of the day and explains why they matter. All in 10 minutes. Every Monday through Friday. All at 5PM.
The Signal
Sometimes the news can feel overwhelming. But The Signal is here to sort the news from the noise. It's your smart and sceptical dive into the stories that matter, delivered straight to your favourite podcast app every morning.
Delivering the Mueller Report, in audiobook-style format, without political commentary. Due to the wide public interest in the "Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election," this project started with the belief that quality audio of the report should be available for anyone to hear -- and not hidden behind a paywall or require a subscription. For many of us, reading through the report page-by-page is too time consuming. This is the report, availabl ...
Background Briefing is daring narrative journalism: Australian investigations with impact. Our award-winning reporters forensically uncover the hidden stories at the heart of the country’s biggest issues.
Start Here
A straightforward look at the day's top news in 20 minutes. Powered by ABC News. Hosted by Brad Mielke. Winner of the 2019 Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Innovation.
Each episode will go deep on a big story you’ll definitely want to hear more about. We’ll share with you our best investigations (think private prisons, electoral skullduggery, Dark Money, and Trump's Russia connections), and informative interviews with our reporters and newsmakers. We're hoping to make your week more informed with the stories that really matter, told by us, the folks you trust for smart, fearless reporting.
The Next Episode
Chatting through the stories that matter. Hosted by Ben Zand and Linda Adey. Soundtracked by BBC Music Introducing.
The Tip Off
Welcome to The Tip Off- the podcast where we take you behind the scenes of some of the best investigative journalism from recent years. Each episode we’ll be digging into an investigative scoop- hearing from the journalists behind the work as they tell us about the leads, the dead-ends and of course, the tip offs. There’ll be car chases, slammed doors, terrorist cells, meetings in dimly lit bars and cafes, wrangling with despotic regimes and much more. So if you’re curious about the fun, com ...
The Quicky
Do you find the news cycle overwhelming? Depressing? Confusing? Boring? Endless? Then you need The Quicky. Mamamia's daily podcast that gets you up to speed on the top stories, then deep dives on one topic you want to know more about. It's the easiest and most enjoyable way to get across the news every day.
Insight, wit and analysis as BBC correspondents, journalists and writers take a closer look at the stories behind the headlines. Presented by Kate Adie and Pascale Harter.
World at One
Forty-five minutes of news, analysis and comment, with Sarah Montague.
Get the biggest scoops and best storytelling on television from 60 Minutes - on your schedule. Now you can listen to the show in its entirety every week. 60 Minutes is the most successful broadcast in television history with more than 80 Emmys under its belt. 60 Minutes is also the only show to obtain interviews with every American president from Richard Nixon to Donald Trump.
A daily news show from the publisher of The Monthly and The Saturday Paper. Hear from the country’s best reporters, covering the news as it affects Australia. This is news with narrative, every weekday.
Series focusing on foreign affairs issues.
WorldLink connects global voices: People around the world tell their own stories and help us understand what political, economic, cultural developments mean for their lives. Listen to emotional stories that show the human element behind the headlines.
'The Weekly Post' covers major stories from across the week from here at home and around the world.
Time-poor? Never get around to watching or reading the news? Aware you’re not quite as on top of what’s happening in the world as you should be? Well, The Daily News In Brief from is the weekly podcast bringing you the scoop on the breaking news and current affairs you need to know. Subscribe, keep listening and stay informed. You can also get your daily dose of news sent straight to your inbox each morning by signing up to The Daily News In Brief newsletter here
FT Big Read
An audio version of the best of the Financial Times's Big Reads — in-depth reporting from FT correspondents around the world. Listen to longform stories that explore and explain key themes in world news, science and business. Produced by Anna Dedhar.
​Presented by ​Andrew Mueller, Monocle 24’s flagship global-affairs show features​ expert guests ​and in-depth analysis of the big issues of the week. Winner in the ‘best current affairs’ category of the 2018 British Podcast awards.
Go behind the numbers of mass incarceration in America, in this 4-part series hosted by CNN's Van Jones. Hear from a range of voices, as Van and his guests explore what's behind the staggering number of individuals locked in the criminal justice system, and discuss solutions to what has become a national epidemic. And for more on the criminal justice system, check out "The Redemption Project with Van Jones," airing Sunday nights at 9 PM ET/PT, beginning April 28th on CNN and, or v ...
Empire Files
The podcast version of a documentary & interview series on war and inequality from the heart of Empire hosted by Abby Martin. Empire Files is donor-funded, independent and add free. Help keep us going by becoming a patron at Follow: @EmpireFiles and @AbbyMartinLike:
File on 4
Award-winning current affairs documentary series investigating major issues at home and abroad
An ex-Al Qaeda jihadi turned MI6 spy and a former monk turned filmmaker, have been embedded at the heart of conflicts in the Middle East. Together Aimen Dean and Thomas Small unpack the realities of war, fundamentalism and their global implications through first-hand experience.
Download the latest documentaries Investigating global developments, issues and affairs.
DW (English)
Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany's international broadcaster and a trusted source for reliable news and information, providing content in 30 languages to audiences around the world via TV, radio and online.The flagship channel DW provides analysis and insights to viewers around the globe, reporting on important issues in English 24/7. Continuous news reports, special features and talk shows cover everything from business, science and politics to culture and sports, DW brings people closer to w ...
Media criticism, news analysis and investigations with host Jesse Brown. The #1 Canadian podcast.
3 Things
Our flagship daily news show, where hosts Neha Mathews and Shashank Bhargava talk to in-house experts about what is going on and why you need to care about it
Reporter Radio
Onderzoeksjournalistiek over onderwerpen die voor iedereen relevant en herkenbaar zijn, op een toegankelijke manier.
A weekly roundtable about Indigenous issues and events in Canada and beyond. Hosted by Rick Harp.
Podcast by TheAtlantic
Renegade Report
A hard-hitting, factual podcast that seeks to undermine modern narratives with the use of evidence, facts and statistics.
Matt Chorley and a selection of leading Times writers and columnists give their perspective on major national and international stories. If you like what you hear, then read more at
The perfect way to start the day in Europe is with Monocle’s morning news programme. Join Monocle 24’s editors, presenters and guests as they set the agenda in international news and business. Winner Best News & Politics Radio Show in the 2015 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards.
Current Affairs
A podcast of politics and culture, from the editors of Current Affairs magazine.
RNZ: The Detail
The news, explained. Join Sharon Brettkelly and Alex Ashton every weekday as they make sense of the big stories with the country’s best journalists and top experts. Made possible by the RNZ/NZ On Air Innovation Fund.
News, Analysis and Service from Germany and Europe - in 30 Languages
The Big Story
The Big Story podcast - Where we dissect headline-making news with analysis and inputs from experts.
On Ireland's most cutting edge current affairs show, Matt and his guests provide a running stream of intelligent opinions and heated debates on the issues that matter most to Irish listeners. You might not always agree, but you'll never want to miss a Word.
An inside view of how Israel can warm your heart and make your blood boil. It’s a show by a journalist, a professor and an NGO professional who live in and love Israel even though it drives them crazy, and who each week discuss the latest in Israeli politics, culture, and society.
The Explainer
The Explainer is a new weekly podcast from that takes a deeper look at one big news story you need to know about. What's the background? Why is this in the news? Get the facts behind the story from Ireland's biggest news website.
The World This Weekend is a dynamic half-hour program that showcases first-rate journalism on the news of the day from Canada and around the world. We tell stories you won't hear anywhere else that connect you with remote places and people.
All Things Policy is a podcast on subjects ranging from the challenge of job creation to the latest developments in space warfare. We're a bunch of public policy nerds based in Bangalore and we like bringing fresh perspectives to Indian affairs, as well as an Indian perspective to global affairs. All Things Policy is brought to you by the Takshashila Institution, a centre for research and education in public policy.
Life Matters is your guide to contemporary Australian life. Be part of rich conversations on relationships, family, parenting, education, work, health and consumer issues.
The Week Ahead In Russia podcast dissects significant developments and upcoming events in Moscow and beyond. It's hosted each Monday by Steve Gutterman, author of RFE/RL's The Week In Russia newsletter, and features a rotating panel of guests.
Korea 24 brings you in-depth news coverage and expert analyses on current affairs in and around the Korean Peninsula.
RTÉ - Playback
The best of the week's radio from RTÉ Radio 1
A summary of today's impactful news stories from around the world hand-picked by our staff at TRT World.
Monocle 24’s weekly tour of the most inspiring people, companies and ideas in global business, whether they are starting from scratch, reinvigorating the family firm or developing new technology.
Stories from the Middle East and the spaces in between. We release episodes twice monthly.
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show series
Health justice advocate Tim Faust tells the CA team why single payer healthcare is essential.'Health Justice Now: Single Payer And What Comes Next' is available to purchase now: is a preview of an episode available in full to our Patreon subscribers. To gain access to this episode, as well ...…
Who’da thunk it? For once, we at MEDIA INDIGENA are happy to be wrong—right out of the gate at the first leaders debate, Indigenous issues are on the radar of Canada’s federal election. But will they continue to enjoy that spotlight? And among those leaders who did take part in that first to-and-fro, who got it right and who got it left when it ...…
The story of World War Two is usually told in terms of heroism on the battlefield, but perhaps the most important struggle was the economic battle. Across the world countries were fighting to feed their populations, maximise production from their factories and fund their armies. To mark the 80th anniversary of the start of World War Two, econom ...…
Diplomacy used to be a dignified art. But social media has changed that, as it has everything else, into a much faster, more direct and often informal discourse. Is this just a case of governments changing with the times or is the world walking into something much more serious?By Monocle 24.
From addressing over 50,000 Indian-Americans and desis at the ‘Howdy, Modi’ event in Texas, sharing the stage with maverick US president Donald Trump, to speaking on global agendas at the UN’s General Assembly.. and possibly even taking on Pakistan PM Imran Khan.. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's US trip from 21 to 27 September promises to be a h ...…
Myanmar’s government wants Rohingya refugees to return, but can it guarantee their safety and way of life? Jonathan Head takes a rare trip to Rakhine state to see the government’s resettlement plans. In Assam state in India, another migrant crisis is on the rise, following a drive to identify and deport illegal immigrants. This has left nearly ...…
Late last week, a director-general with the RCMP was arrested and charged with breaching Canada’s secrets law, for allegedly preparing to share a cache of classified intelligence material with a foreign entity or terrorist organization. Today on Front Burner, we speak with CBC reporter Catherine Tunney on what we know so far about what Ortis is ...…
Where our eyes go when we're placing a digital bet, a new form of apartment, Hilary says darn it, Backflip gets serious, and gentle paws on the earth.By ABC Radio National.
The world was gripped by massive student-led climate strikes today. Some say the demonstrations were the largest climate protest in history. We’ll let you know what strikers want and what they’ll be watching for at a big UN climate summit on Monday. Meanwhile: Taiwan’s friend group got a bit smaller this week, as it loses support from two of it ...…
Thousands of students around the country turned out at the Global Climate Strike protests today.What measures can we take here in Ireland to reduce our carbon emissions and tackle climate change?Is shared mobility the way forward to deal with traffic congestion and CO2 emissions?Dr. Jari Kauppila, Head of Foresight and Quantitative Analysis at ...…
Fair City celebrated its 30th anniversary this week, but the soap's executive producer Brigie de Courcy feels things have changed a lot over the years.De Courcy, who joined the show almost two decades ago, says the storylines were more daring when she first arrived and would "promote a dialogue", but now the audience response is different due t ...…
Paddy Cosgrave is the CEO and founder of Web Summit and Collision, two of the leading technology conferences in the world. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Cosgrave worked in a number of start-ups before launching the annual Web Summit conference in Ireland, which has grown steadily since 2014. He is now listed as one of the most influenti ...…
Today on Front Burner, we talk to the National Observer’s Fatima Syed, and to doctor Ritika Goel, about Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal, and why for so many Canadians of colour, it’s a familiar sort of racism.
On this week's podcast, we look at chemsex: what is it, what accounts for its rise in popularity in Ireland, and what is its connection to the drug GHB? To find out more, we speak to the experts: Dr Kiran Santlal, registrar in psychiatry of substance misuse at the National Drug Treatment Centre (NDTC) and Graham Ryall, treatment services coordi ...…
As people around the world come together for the largest mass climate protest in history, we introduce you to DW's brand new environment podcast, On the Green Fence, examining issues of climate change, pollution and conservation. Hosts Neil and Gabe visit a Bavarian town where the water has been tainted by a dangerous chemical and head to the B ...…
Mon-Thurs: analysis of news and current affairs, presented by Sarah Montague. Fri: analysis of news and current affairs, presented by Mark Mardell.By BBC Radio 4.
In these recent weeks Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has been making a bunch announcements with measures to revive the economy which is currently headed towards a slowdown and today she announced that corporate tax rates for domestic companies have been slashed from 30 percent to 22 percent. As a result after the announcement the sensex zo ...…
The headlines this evening, from the Indian Express.By The Indian Express.
As people around the world come together for the largest mass climate protest in history, we introduce you to DW's brand new environment podcast, On the Green Fence, examining issues of climate change, pollution and conservation. Hosts Neil and Gabe visit a Bavarian town where the water has been tainted by a dangerous chemical and head to the B ...…
Last updated : 2019.09.20 Korea 24 brings you in-depth news coverage and expert analyses on current affairs in and around the Korean Peninsula.By KBS WORLD Radio Service.
This week on Playback. We’ll hear the voices of young protestors on our climate emergency. We’ll work out the mathematical beauty of the music of Bach. And of course, we’ll have an itty bitty bit of Brexit. All on Playback presented by Sinéad Mooney.By RTÉ:Ireland.
On this week's show:Tempers flare as the EU loses patience with Boris Johnson and Brexit - How is Brexit impacting Scottish hopes for independence? - Spain heads back to the polls - Vienna’s Fiaker tradition - Turkey faces another Syrian refugee influx - Is Italy’s basic income working? - Are the days numbered for controversial Dutch character ...…
With India's automobile industry skidding off the growth path, Anupam Manur joins Aditya Ramanathan to discuss what ails the sector and what can be done about it.By The Takshashila Institution.
Congress demands to know about a conversation between President Trump and a foreign leader. Climate activists get ready to launch a global strike. And the CDC adds more vaping-related illnesses to the tally. Like the show? Leave a review: Follow @StartHereABC for exclusive content, show updates and more: - Twitter: ...…
TRT World’s Daily News Brief for Friday, September 20: *) Fridays For Future protests kick off around the world Millions of school students from 150 countries will walk out of their schools today to call for more action against the climate crisis. The event is part of a global climate strike sparked by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunber ...…
How will Saudi Arabia confront Iran? Plus: the history of national-unity governments, Japan keeps an eye on the Olympics as the Rugby World Cup begins, the Emmy awards and we check-in with our man in the Balkans.By Monocle 24.
Two days ago, the Union Cabinet had approved an ordinance banning production, import, distribution and sale of electronic cigarettes. With their sleek designs and fun flavours, e cigarettes have become a commercial hit across the world. So the Centre claims the decision to ban e-cigarettes was taken as they were a health risk to the youth. What ...…
In the Weekly Post, Amelia John presents a wrap of the major stories making news this week.
You might be suffering from migraines and don't know it. Plus uncovering dark secrets travelling through your home and the dilemma of dealing with unwanted gifts.By ABC Radio National.
In part two of the exclusive interview, Matt Chorley asks David Cameron about his relationship with the Queen, his dread of PMQs and his biggest gaffe as prime minister. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
A whistleblower is sending Washington into a tizzy today. The House Intelligence Committee is demanding information about a complaint that reportedly has to do with President Trump. Meanwhile: an actor’s arrest is making waves in Russia. And other actors are staging protests. Also on today’s show: a big Chinese tech company is launching a new s ...…
If you've ever been pregnant you've probably blamed baby brain for any memory lapse, missing key or mixed up words... but is it actually a real thing? Today we talk to Neuroscientist and author Dr Sarah McKay about how we may have talked ourselves into believing baby brain is real and that having a baby could actually make you smarter. CREDITS ...…
The principal of Blackrock College in Dublin has asked parents not to let their children attend tomorrow's Global Climate Strike.Despite stating his support for the cause, he wrote that the strikes were "a tad infuriating" and were having "a negative impact on schooling".Should schools be encouraging and allowing students to take part?Arthur Go ...…
Tomorrow, Scott Morrison will be received in Washington on a state visit. The trip highlights the special relationship he has with Donald Trump. At the same time, it underscores the difficulty he has with Beijing. Paul Bongiorno on the prime minister’s diplomatic wedge. Guest: Columnist for The Saturday Paper Paul Bongiorno. Background reading: ...…
Kevin Lunney, director of Quinn Industrial Holdings, has been left with life-changing injuries after being abducted and attacked by a gang of four men near his home in Fermanagh on Tuesday evening.In a radio interview with Shannonside this morning, Seán Quinn condemned the attack as "barbaric" and expressed fears that his family would be blamed ...…
Hong Kong's protests have stretched on for more than 100 days, and they're still escalating.Maybe not in numbers, but the front lines are much more organised and in some cases, more violent.Today, we look at the evolving tactics on both sides of this fight, and how these marathon protests could be forging a more extreme enemy for China.…
People all over the world are taking part in tomorrow's Global Climate Strike to demand action against climate change.This weekend will also see the Red Stables Festival, which connects food, nature and sustainability, take place in St. Anne's Park, Dublin.Angela Ruttledge, co-owner of Olive's Room and organiser of the festival, joined us to di ...…
Mon-Thurs: analysis of news and current affairs, presented by Sarah Montague. Fri: analysis of news and current affairs, presented by Mark Mardell.By BBC Radio 4.
Allison Kaplan Sommer, Don Futterman and Noah Efron discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week. Looking for the extra segment? --What Just Happened?-- Tuesday’s elections feel like they changed everything and nothing at all. What can we make of their odd, inc ...…
New Zealand's demand for meth is rampant - and organised crime gangs are stepping up their efforts to get it into the country.
A photograph of Justin Trudeau in brownface and wearing a turban at a 2001 “Arabian Nights”-themed costume party was published in TIME Wednesday night. Soon after, Trudeau apologized, saying he now realizes it was “racist.” Today on Front Burner, Vassy Kapelos, host of Power & Politics, joins us talk about the reaction to the news and political ...…
All commercial vehicles in Delhi-NCR have come to a screeching halt because 41 transport associations comprising truck owners, drivers, cab drivers, auto drivers and owners of other commercial vehicles, who come under the banner of United Front of Transport Associations (UFTA), called for an strike in Delhi-NCR on 19 September. The strike was c ...…
The PM's prorogation faces a legal battle and Downton Abbey is listed on Airbnb. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
The headlines this evening, from the Indian Express.By The Indian Express.
As young people all over the world take to the streets to demand climate action and the United Nations Secretary General hosts a special climate summit in New York, the UN Environment Programme's Executive Director, Inger Andersen tells us people power is proving pivotal. And we look at new ways of getting the climate message across.Host/produc ...…
As the world gears up for a global climate strike to demand urgent action on climate change, we hear from people who are already feeling the heat. Producer/host: Sarah SteffenStudio: Christian Stä DW (English).
Every August tens of thousands of Kurdish migrant workers, including children, toil long hours for a pittance in the mountains of northern Turkey picking hazelnuts for the spreads and chocolate bars the world adores. Turkey provides 70% of all hazelnut supplies – and the biggest buyer is Ferrero, maker of Nutella and Kinder Bueno. The confectio ...…
Last updated : 2019.09.19 Korea 24 brings you in-depth news coverage and expert analyses on current affairs in and around the Korean Peninsula.By KBS WORLD Radio Service.
Every August tens of thousands of Kurdish migrant workers, including children, toil long hours for a pittance in the mountains of northern Turkey picking hazelnuts for the spreads and chocolate bars the world adores. Turkey provides 70% of all hazelnut supplies – and the biggest buyer is Ferrero, maker of Nutella and Kinder Bueno. The confectio ...…
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