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Linear Digressions is a podcast about machine learning and data science. Machine learning is being used to solve a ton of interesting problems, and to accomplish goals that were out of reach even a few short years ago.
Brian and Scott, two long-time Game Masters for Dungeons and Dragons and other Role Playing Games, don't hand out advice about your game. Instead, they take a wide ranging view of the RPG hobby as a whole, discuss current trends and developments, and visit a variety of other subjects in what can only be described as living up to the name of the show. More at
From Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, and Bruce Headlam, liner notes for the digital age. Digressions, arguments, back-stories, and random things to disagree with about music.
Baltimore based comedian Josh Kuderna is your host of The Digression Sessions. Listen as he chats with comedians, improvisers, musicians, and creative people from around our beautiful globe..
Explore the Super Nintendo catalog at random with the intrepid Super Nintendo Exploration Squad. Every other week, a rotating crew of SelectButtoneers select a game from the SNES library at random. Afterwards, we discuss it using the five standardized metrics for scoring a video game: Gun, Vanity, Mystery, Poetry, and Harmony. We dive in deep on games you've never heard of with some of the brightest minds in video game criticism.There are also a healthy amount of digressions and unrelated ba ...
The H2O Podcast
Mr. Hunt and Mr. Harvey share opinions on the latest news and happenings in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres -- with the occasional digressions.
A fictional docudrama about a supposed conspiracy to turn Sherlock Holmes from a historical figure to a fictional character over the last hundred years by person or persons unknown.
Quixotic Musings
Recapitulations of off the beat texts and thinkers, and occasional digressions of the independent variety...
Pass the Jam
Pass the Jam is the project of Sam Watson and Josh Mackow. We are two gamers that won't shut up about Magic the Gathering, but will also often digress to talk about our strong love for gaming, tech and the world of fantasy. We record once a week on Tuesdays with the primary focus of the podcast being about Magic the Gathering and mainly the commander (EDH) format, but also delving into limited, standard and more. We are by no means serious players, though we do enjoy exploring the competitiv ...
Aunt Zelda and Me and The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It's supposed to be about us watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but honestly it's probably going to digress into deep unwanted discussions about my love life.
What about Life?
Welcome to just-Hikaru, where amazing things happen.
Join nic as he attempts to parse out the mysteries of life and art using the best guide in American Literature: Scooby-Doo! Discussions and digression abound in the fun romp through childhood, pop-culture nostalgia and bad impressions.
Spectre Etc
Spectre Etc is a podcast discussing the man, the myth, the magic that is James Bond. Every 2 weeks, we talk Bond movies in chronological order, and whilst we do recommend having watched the films, we digress enough that you will enjoy our hi-jinx anyway. Probably. So join hosts Col, Benso, Cam and Matt on a roller coast ride of emotion and Australian accents.
Playing the best in new and classic Punk / Hardcore / Psychobilly / Oi! / Ska / Metal / Thrash. Hit that subscribe button!
Heavy metal music is a vessel for endless connections—bands past and present—lyrical content to philosophy, history, science, religion and beyond. Above all else, this is one mellow geezer’s reflections on metal expressed with introspection, irreverence, digression, and deep appreciation for this golden age of literally ENDLESS metal!
A show dedicated to living, loving and learning all things delicious.
Tuesdays with Stories- a fun weekly pod hosted by NYC comedians Joe List and Mark Normand. Luckily, Joe and Mark are funny (thank God) and have an endless amount of funny stories. They meet every week to spin a few hilarious yarns, sometimes with comedian friends. Give it a listen and be their friend too.
TwinSet Designs
Twinset Designs Podcast is hosted by identical twins, Jan and Ellen. They share their thoughts on life, their current fiber adventures (in knitting and spinning and…), and their exploration of the design world.
DelveCast » Delve
Welcome to DelveCast, the home of Delve the Podcast. Delve and DelveCast are dedicated to the sharing, discussion and creation of all tabletop gaming. We welcome developers, designers and all people who work on games to join and share with us what you do.
Don't listen to this if you aren't up to date on Serial, it will contain spoilers. Each episode discusses theories about Serial, from the internet or elsewhere.
Imagine getting a distress call and going to investigate it. Only when you get there, it’s quiet, and no one is around. What happened? Where is everyone? What the hell is going on? Listen to The Haven Chronicles to find out.
Kody, Mike and Jesse have the most random collection of thoughts on the internet, some correct, others no so much... three regular dudes from Calgary talking anything that comes to mind. Contact us on Twitter @RuckusSessions , we'll address our BS and give you a shout out.
In The Pocket - NFL
In the Pocket is a show about NFL, hosted by two Americans who find themselves living in Melbourne Australia. Each week, listen to Steve Salisbury and Jay Mueller talk about what they love best. Our show is passionate. It’s informative. It’s a celebration. In fact, it’s the podcast equivalent of a tailgate party: fans standing around laughing about the characters and story lines of each week’s gladiatorial soap opera. The only thing missing is the smell of grilled meat (you can provide the m ...
She likes Musicals, He doesn’t. Elise Evans and Scott Clarke have made a Podcast all about it. For the lovers and sceptics of Musical Theatre, this podcast really is something else!
Figuring out the universe.Check us out on iTunes, Stitcher, and Laughable!For booking or general inquiries:LFTSPODCAST@GMAIL.COM
Sermons and Audio Messages from New Life Community Church
Nerd and Tie
A podcast discussing all things nerdy, geeky and nerdy-geeky
Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases is a practical handbook written by Grenville Kleiser. Grenville is known for his writings on humor, positive thinking and inspirational thought. This serves as a handbook of pertinent expressions, striking similes and terms for embellishing speech and literature. This book can be used to improve vocabulary for reading, writing and speaking alike. Through mastery of words, the most powerful and perfect expression of thought can be delivered orally. Choosing the ...
The podcast where a bunch of us are exploring Dave Made a Maze one minute at a time. The twist: many of the participants have never seen the film, some don't even know what film they're sampling. They get their minutes (assigned mostly at random) and they tackle them as they see fit.
Film Tweakers
FILM TWEAKERS IS A SERIES of improvised movie commentaries. Unlike the slick studio commentaries that arrive polished into your dvds and blue rays, Film Tweaks are notable for their lack of insight and Shandean digression. Not recommended for weak-hearted film lovers or children.
Podcast by Sup, Jisoo?
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Where the HELL was that fence jump? My second cousin once removed, Sarah-Beth, guest stars. Aunt Zelda tells us about her hot, steamy first kiss. Sarah-Beth reveals how her husband awkwardly asked for her dad's blessing. Uncle Floyd breaks down what Colton would do if he was a "man". And I dive into my WILD-ASS weekend and how it led to a terri ...…
It's a kooky ep as Mark's mom gets masturbated at during a visit to NYC, Mark dines with a comedy legend, and Joe see's a play he didn't like. Check it out!Subscribe to our Patreon for bonus eps and more! have have NEW t-shirts. Get em' here! the Laughable app today! ...…
Sometimes you want to get in touch with your inner animal. What if you could play them in D&D? Alex and Nathan discuss some ideas for converting animals and other creatures into playable characters. And surprisingly, very little discussion on unicorns is involved. Also, watch as they completely fail to acknowledge that Timon is a meerkat, not a ...…
Hola Digheads, on this week's episode, Josh and Umar sit down with their handsome selves and catch up on the week of shows and whatnot. And Josh's band, Tremendous Athlete, released a new ep entitled Progress! It's available wherever you stream music! Bandcamp link -> HERE! Follow the podcast and Josh Kuderna and Umar Khan, on Facebook, Twitter ...…
K Nearest Neighbors is an algorithm with secrets. On one hand, the algorithm itself is as straightforward as possible: find the labeled points nearest the point that you need to predict, and make a prediction that’s the average of their answers. On the other hand, what does “nearest” mean when you’re dealing with complex data? How do you decide ...…
New Life message given by Pastor Danny Lopez (2/17/2019)By (New Life Community Church).
Brian wonders if Scott is a 10,000-hour GM. Scott finishes Breath of the Wild and then goes dark. And, among the several problems with online game groups, they both try to solve any one of them. (more…)
Rat Boy - Night Creature Ft Aimee Interrupter)Rat Boy - No Peace No Justice Ft. Tim TimebombTwink - Undermined Twink - Reality TVLeach - New LowZebrahead - Nudist PriestLandfill Crew - Worldwide WarfareViolent Affair - Dead to MeAggressor ID - Ash and BoneMy Latest Failure - LiesMy Latest Failure - Our Latest Failure Disconnected Genius - Quiet ...…
My friend Martin guest stars. Aunt Zelda tells me I want Jake’s leftovers. I freak out because Nicole is SINGLE and that coming attraction montage was INSANE. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT COMING ATTRACTION MONTAGE. Martin dives into his love for practicing kissing with fruit.
Get into it y'all as nic is joined by Josh Macleod to chat about a crazy ep of Pup Named Scooby-Doo! Will we actually get on topic? There's only one way to find out, but also there's some sports talk, which seems even more crazy! Web: Facebook: Email: T ...…
This week we adopt a slightly lighter tone compared to last weekTalking about the ending of shows and what a difference it makes for a series to have an official finale vs early and unexpected cancellationsDo you have a favorite show that got the axe before it was overSubscribe and share And watch us LIVE Saturdays at 2pm Central US on SciFi4Me ...…
The final episode of In the Pocket until pre-season starts again. Keep an eye on those Cardinals...they're going to win the pre-season. How they'll go in the regular season is anyone's guess. But we digress, the final episode is here. Was the Super Bowl Super? No. But it was historic. That's why we're calling it the Historic First Below Average ...…
Mark & Joe are back with a piping hot ep as Joe deals with the twists and turns of going on the Late Late Show with James Corden and Mark has a great weekend in Cleveland take a dark turn. Check it out!Subscribe to our Patreon for bonus eps and more! have have NEW t-shirts. Get em' here! ...…
In which Jan shares about signs of coming lambing, hermaphroditic sheep, a complete doggy update, her grandson's name, some design principles for color selection in stranded knitting, a 5-minute interview by Ellen of Eric Allness of Reywa Fibers, some details on the UNKAL, and a lengthy Fashion Forecast.…
On Episode 8, we talked about health. On Episode 208 we discuss health, hit points, wounds, healing systems and more. We also flip the script, leading Alex to ask some questions of Nathan. Get your health potions ready, we’re going in! You can find Nathan and Alex on Twitter, as well as the show itself over at DelvePodcast. Make sure you follow ...…
Rain of Terror - Reign of Terror Rain of Terror - WastedMooonfrost - Frontier SpiritWristmeetrazor - Insecurity CheckpointFeel No Pain - Sky Burial Tyrant - Inner CultWarcrab - Destroyer of WorldsBeheaded- Crossing the House of KnivesAt the Gates - Souls of the Evil DepartedRising - Kill AutomationSpectral Descent - Cold Dead StareCarnal Forge ...…
Hola Digheads, on this week's episode, Josh and Umar sit down with their handsome selves and catch up on the week and discuss improper nudity. And check out Josh's band, Tremendous Athlete! Click here! Follow the podcast and Josh Kuderna and Umar Khan, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Josh - @JoshKuderna on Twitter and @JoshKuderna on Insta ...…
Deep learning is a field that’s growing quickly. That’s good! There are lots of new deep learning papers put out every day. That’s good too… right? What if not every paper out there is particularly good? What even makes a paper good in the first place? It’s an interesting thing to think about, and debate, since there’s no clean-cut answer and t ...…
New Life message given by Aaron Lopez (2/10/2019)By (New Life Community Church).
DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES , GOOGLEPLAY AND IHEARTRADIO The guys are back at the table with Hayley Williamson (ep. 067) to talk about the creation of her new Podcast and have some laughs while were at it! Check out Haley's blog at
Street Dogs - Justifiable Fisticuffs Abrasive Wheels - Jailhouse RockThe Vibrators - Jumpin’ Jack Flash Special Duties - Judge and Jury 4 Skins - Jealousy Noise Agents - Jungle Step Turbonegro - John Carpenter Power BalladBlood for Blood - JadedThe Tokyo Brave - Journey to the End of the East BayThe Humanoids - Jungle Rhythm Sick of It All - Ju ...…
Jay Larson—comedian, actor/writer, and co-host of the late CrabFeast podcast—hits the studio with a surprise call-in from former co-host and Baltimore native, Ryan Sickler. Exclusive Feaster on-air reunion at 01:04:40.Follow Jay Larson on EVERYTHING!@ JayLarsonComedyOriginally recorded January 31, 2019.…
Curses, toys, gaming, and new careers feature heavily in this week’s episode. Scott has a happy memory and Brian has a sad one. It’s all here inside this very show. (more…)
Suburban Hell Kill - DC in FlamesNeighborhood Brats - Lust To Love (Go Go Covers)New Found Glory - I Wanna Be SedatedPennywise - Stand By Me Pennywise - Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Insanity Alert - Two Joints Insanity Alert - Why So Beerious Druglords of the Avenues - What is GoodTeresa Banks - Strike the Match Teresa Banks - Long Road HomeBambies - S ...…
Plant the seeds, harvest the value - It's the name of the game for this week's EDH deck, none other than Sam's much talked about Vaevictus Asmadi, The Dire list. A simple idea sprouted from the idea of land deck allstars Omnath and Gitrog working together in jund colours to throw down an absurd amount of landfall value in and out of the graveya ...…
We're back baby!!! and i'm not talking about that movie with dinosaurs or Arnold fufilling he promise (was was going to "be back" yes?) i'm talking about Doug Collins, Season V and the return of this dumb podcast to talk about an ep of Mystery Incorporated and a WHOLE LOT MORE!!! Web: Facebook: ...…
So Bill Maher made some rude comments about fandom back when Stan Lee died and then he doubled down and then he tripled downAnd a lot of people think that hes being a troll But it leads us to an even bigger conversation about disagreeing without being disagreeable Is that even possible in this day and age of the internet and the anonymity it gi ...…
My friend Michael guest stars. Aunt Zelda and Uncle Floyd reveal their deep love for Margaret. My Cousin Labe steps in to tell me about love. Michael reveals his loyalty to the Eagle Scouts. Honestly, today just gets freakin' crazy and stupid and I'm sorry.
It's a cold Tuesdays as Mark takes shrooms and goes skiing with Bert Kreischer and Ari Shaffir while Joe searches for pasta and deals with annoying yoga instructors in Michigan. Check it out!Subscribe to our Patreon for bonus eps and more! have have NEW t-shirts. Get em' here! ...…
Way back in 2015, we did an episode called Experience, Limited. That was Episode 17. 190 episodes later, we revisit the subject to discuss experience vs milestones, alternative systems, bell curves, large numbers and a few new ideas for ways to level up. If you have a favorite experience system, let us know in the comments below. You can find N ...…
In which Jan provides a wrap-up of happenings from the last year...very incomplete, but sufficient to bring us up to date...and in which she makes a call to Ellen to hear about her knitting shenanigans. Note that the call audio is different, and not to my standard. We're playing with new technology and if we can't get it right in the next episo ...…
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