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A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we're reviewing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from beginning to end! New episodes on Mondays. Also check out The Greatest Discovery!
Badsons Broadcast
Every week Kenny and Connor get together and trade stories about all things they're passionate about. Whether its comics, movies, or embarassing stories, its all thrown of front street here. Join in on games and conversation with us on the "Bad-Sons Broadcast" Podcast.
Locked on Ravens
Jacob Troxell brings you the daily podcast Locked on Ravens is part of the Locked On Podcast network, your team every day
Stark and Swint
Kyle “the Swint” and Ryan “the Starky” bring you a list of new things to try every week. Whether it be Savannah’s 4 best restaurants guaranteed to give you food poisoning or Bill Clinton’s 3 most embarassing affairs, Kyle and Ryan have you covered. New episodes air Tuesdays at 7pm EST.
Mike Skinner & Murkage Dave - we don’t bless the weakness, we stress the peakness
Taste Of Taylor
Get a Taste of Taylor as she tackles the world one Hey Girl Hey at a time. The always irreverent and comical Taylor Strecker takes on pop culture in this weekly wrap up of her radio show, The Taylor Strecker Show.
Merch Lifestyle
Explore print on demand strategies, expert interviews, powerful tools, and daily e-commerce entrepreneur struggles. Hosted by Spencer Shewbridge. Become a supporter of this podcast:
We travel to the deepest depths bad TV has gone. Join hosts Maura Kate & LaToya on their journey to the bottom of the broadcast barrel.
Dirty Talk 509
Dirty-Talk, Crazy, Random, Puke your guts outPARENTAL ADVISORY required Mature Content may vary. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Cars Unfiltered
Our sometimes bizarre points of view on cars, trucks and lots of other random sh...
The perfect blend of Saints related news, analysis, and humor
The next version of hockey training. Powered by science, technology and psychology. Let’s upgrade together. With Jason Yee - Pro Hockey Player and Kinesiologist. And his special guests.
Super Panic Frenzy Podcast: Welcome to the apex of pure entertainment and wisdom. Come join Steven Suptic and Reina Scully as they discuss their weekly adventures in life, providing endless hours of delightful pleasure.
Hey this is the podcast of John Hastings it is for you and has no theme or topic but john will discuss wrestling and you will hate it.
Reuben Sachs is a London lawyer whose political aspirations do not include marriage to Judith Quixano, the daughter of a respectable but unexeptional family. But without Reuben, a woman like Judith might have a bleak future in mid-19th century England: a loveless marriage or lifelong dependancy are apparently her only options...A feminist, a Jew, and a lesbian, Amy Levy wrote about Anglo-Jewish cultural mores and the lives of would-be independent women in Victorian society. Levy was as repel ...
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This week the hilarious Chris Burns, aka @fatcarriebradshaw, talks about the highs and lows of chasing your dreams in the entertainment industry. Chris also discusses how he became an @betches video insta star, and the realities of coming out and being gay in NYC! Thanks to our sponsors Away and ScentBird!…
On this week’s Taste Of Taylor America’s favorite love birds Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark stop by! They get real about what it’s really like to be in a relationship on Vanderpump Rules. They also talk engagements, marriage, kids, and of course sex!
When the Little D is deployed to the frontier of the federation, nobody is initially suspicious that Jake Sisko seems to now be a Starlfleet Admiral. But when aliens we’ve never heard of threaten war with the Federation, it’s the diplomats you really have to be worried about. Is the Defiant on its way to Vertiform City? Why does Eddington want ...…
We talk about Amazon and GM investing in's truck platform and about how we use our trucks as trucks...or not. We also talk about why Ford makes things like dog houses and beds.
Hi!! It's mee!! :) Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by The Infatuation
On this week's episode, the unapologetically honest @MelissaGorga of @BravoTV ‘s RHONJ: recaps the Season 9 finale... but she also dishes about what’s to come in the explosive 3 Part Reunion!!!! She talks girl fights, shares sex secrets, and spills about where her and SIL @teresagiudice relationship stands post reunion!…
This week, we talk about all the new truck tailgate designs and we pick our favorites. We also touch on the Jaguar/Land Rover $4 billion loss that they just posted and why the Queen of England is switching away from Land Rovers!
When Jadzia Dax assembles her friends for a symbiote bar mitzvah, everyone is invited. But when some guests overstay their welcome, it’s up to Dax to convince Kerzon that the party’s over. What’s the most boring video game? Which actor may be “too scary for tv”? Does Darien Wallace fuck? It’s the episode where we did it on the first take!…
In this week’s episode, Taylor has on the newest cast mate of Bravo’s Summer House, Hannah Berner @beingbernz! She spills her secrets on how to go viral on social media as well as what life’s been like since being cast in the craziness that is reality TV
I return after Super Bowl LIII to talk about the Baltimore Ravens' 2019 offseason. With the draft order set, I look at the 2019 NFL draft selections the Ravens have. We also talk a bit about the last power rankings of the season and where the Ravens look to be heading into next season. Finally, we end with C.J. Mosley's value in free agency and ...…
SNEAK PREVIEW: The path to hell is straight and narrow, we finished watching Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II.Subscribe to LaToya's Patreon and listen to the full episode here:
SNEAK PREVIEW: We're continuing the journey to hell with the next installment of our Challenge series and talk Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno II.Subscribe to LaToya's Patreon and listen to the full episode here:
This week, we talk about our favorite automotive superbowl commercials of all time, cold weather driving and the Porsche Taycan buyers getting 3 years of free charging.
When Kira is confronted with the prospect of the most awful person possible becoming the head of her planet’s government, that news comes with a mission from that same awful person. But when she tries to repo some farm equipment from her old terror cell, it’s more than just pizza ovens in peril. What character in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure was mos ...…
This week the witty and inspiring @theskinnyconfidential aka Lauryn Evarts Bosstick shares her secrets about how she became a blogging sensation, podcast royalty. And how she used her personal struggles and pain as fuel to achieve her aspirational success! If you need a pick me up for today or for this year we’ve got your medicine right here. T ...…
Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta held his own 'State of the Ravens' press conference, so we review. Matthew breaks down how DeCosta will differ from Ozzie Newsome as a GM, re-signing C.J. Mosley, the franchise tag, Joe Flacco's trade value and so much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
Matthew breaks down the hiring of David Culley to run the passing attack and develop wide receivers. Who is Culley, where did he come from and is it a good move afterall? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Matt returns to the show to talk about what positions the Ravens have holes at for the 2019 offseason. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Since Mike and Sal weren't able to join, I take over and talk about supercars!
When a secret investment scheme by Quark’s mother is laid bare, it makes everybody else in her family uncomfortable. But when a freighter captain visits DS9, it’s apparent to everyone that Commander Sisko is looking to give her docking ring preferential treatment. What is dumb for a Ferengi? Do tomatoes have cores? Where’s Leeta in all of this? ...…
Brian goes over his reaction from the NFL's screwjob over the Saints, what the real issues are that caused it to happen in the first place, and why this team, and this season's memories will NOT be ruined by a BS ending from a bad official.
Taylor and @jackieoproblems take you behind the scenes of the life in the entertainment industry on this week’s podcast. Jackie talks about how she turned a college twitter account into her dream job (so fascinating), we dissect the genius that is The Morning Toast, and discuss the best and worst things when you do your job in the public eye. T ...…
RJ sits down for an interview about his experiences earning $6k+/mo across Merch, Etsy, Redbubble, and Spreadshirt. He's an accomplished community builder and has gained a reputation for educating about print on demand since the beginning. Tune in to see where his head is at going into 2019! 🐧You can find RJ on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. ...…
This week we talk a lot about shifting and not just in cars! Have a listen and if you want to see us record this podcast subscribe to our youtube channel!
When a bend-at-the-waist hug, leads to a father/son sailing trip, the Sisko men get to cranking. But when the adventure threatens to provoke a diplomatic incident, they’ll have to keep their new hobby in a bottle. Why is Dax cock-blocking Bashir? What’s a super comfy long-term sleeping solution? Can Chief O’Brien get “I love you, man” drunk? Ro ...…
In this interview I'm joined by JJ Deakins, the former owner of a successful Merch by Amazon business. JJ walks through how he sold his business online and walked away with over $12k for it. If you're interested in learning more about what a Merch "exit" might look like, tune in for some helpful strategies and tips. 🐧You can find JJ on Twitter ...…
This week Taylor goes deep with U Up? podcasting duo @JordanaAbraham and @JaredFreid... by deep we mean sex. From blue balls to masturbation this will make you feel awkward in a good way. Come see Taylor live 02/18 @ Carolines in NYC.
The guys discuss the Saints comeback victory over the Eagles, why there are more reasons they should blowout the Rams than they shouldn't, Patrick is inappropriate, and as always we answer your twitter questions.
This week, we talk about Salamondrin/Alejandro's Mclaren Senna fire, Cadillac's EV plan and the North American International Auto Show. Take a list and come along with us for the ride!
When Enabran Tain devises a military strategy straight out of the Admiral Hanson playbook, the fight does not go well. But when their plan to splash the Founders puddle gets them all wet, Garak must choose between escaping with his friend or going down with the ship. How do you pronounce Enabran? What do you do when you have too much bag? Are y ...…
Brian recaps a stressful, exasperating, exhilarating, Playoff game in which the Saints beat the defending champs in the SuperDome and are now 2 wins away from the storybook ending. also...Brian finally welcomes Mike to Tier 1 (whichto many of you is WAY past due)
We decided to save this week’s podcast for Sunday because Liris Crosse takes us to church! Aside from being the 1st plus model to win Project Runway, Liris knows how to preach! And who doesn’t need a little inspiration to help curb the Sunday scaries XX Tay Thanks to our sponsor BioClarity!
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The guys discuss the miracle that is the Eagles who manage to be both an unstoppable juggernaut, but also the underappreciated underdog who everyone is counting out...however that works. Despite some technical difficulties the guys engage on the debate that matters most....just how bad are the Saints going to beat the Eagles? Because when you'r ...…
Jacob recaps the Ravens and Chargers matchup and looks at some of the positives from Baltimore's 2018 season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week we discuss Tom's experience driving a Tesla Model S P100D and a Model 3. We also find out what our "car resolutions" are for 2019.
When an attempt is made on Garak’s life, it’s not just tailoring paraphernalia that gets blown out into the open. But when the Cardassian spy stops dissembling and the Tal Shiar stops playing chess, the potential conflict takes on a Spaceball One sense of scale. Is Quark finally fulfilling his debt to society? How big a threat are the Romulans ...…
In this episode I review all of my print on demand income for December 2018, in which I broke through my goal and earned over $7k! In this episode you'll learn which platforms and strategies helped me get there, with tips for you to grow your business smarter and faster in 2019. ⚖️Bench is helping me close my books each month so I can save time ...…
Brian was unable to make the show, but Chris and Patrick held it down as we prepare for our playoff bye week. Also we debut our new intro and outro for the playoffs that should be just a little bit nostalgic.
Richard Bradshaw from the Pylon to Pylon podcast and the Ebony Bird joins the show to discuss the Ravens and the team's upcoming matchup against the Chargers. Follow Richard on twitter @Richiebradz36. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On this weeks Taste of Taylor, Taylor interviews guest Ellie Schnitt, host of the podcast Schnitt Talk. They talk all things Barstool Sports and debunk the “Saturday’s Are For The Boys” stereotype discussing the broader appeal of Barstool.
Jacob looks into what the Ravens need to do to beat the Chargers for the second time in three weeks. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
SNEAK PREVIEW: We're finishing our walk down memory lane and watched the second half of Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno.Subscribe to LaToya's Patreon and listen to the full episode here:
When Commander Sisko gets taken to the Mirror Universe, he makes strong choices w/r/t “the right thing to do” vs. “the Mirror Universe thing to do.” But when confronted face to face with his Prime Dead wife, his mission begins to suffer from a case of performance anxiety. Is the human brain capable of grappling with the sexual morality of multi ...…
Brian sits down with fellow former blogger from Andrew Juge (and co-host of the HappyHour Saints podcast) to discuss the 2018 Saints season, the ups and downs, and the importance of appreciating special seasons like this as fans.
Hi Become a supporter of this podcast:
Happy Holidays everyone! Thank you for listening to our podcast this last year! 2019 has some fun things in store for the podcast! We're going to be focusing on interviews! We're really excited to talk to industry leaders and enthusiasts! This week on the podcast we talk about Elon Musk's Boring Company and the latest tunnel completion...Mike t ...…
When Garak is in the midst of soundly defeating Bashir in a round of Birthday Chess, Quark introduces a scary man to the doctor. But when that man goes rummaging in Bashir’s personal space, that space turns out to be more personal than he originally bargained for. How many boba teas did Altovar drink during production? What distinguishes good h ...…
The guys discuss the Saints defensive dominance against the Panthers, Cam's stupidity, what's wrong with the Saints offense, and why Tedd Ginn coming back will be huge for the team (and Brian's blood pressure)
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