Best Experimental podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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LSU Experimental
Experimental is a podcast series that features Louisiana State University faculty and students sharing their passion for research and their personal stories of investigation. Listen and learn about exciting projects and the individuals posing the questions.
Experimental Ambient Music Podcast plays the best and freshest selections of dark ambient music, noise music, drone music, and dark contemporary classical music.
Could you write and publish a bestseller in one year?
Our American Experiment is a podcast that engages leading thinkers and doers creatively working to strengthen the United States of America-- the longest running experiment to defend individual liberty and promote human flourishing the world has ever seen. Cohosts include DC-based tech insider Jessica Dahl and Austin, TX, based serial entrepreneur Evan Baehr.
What does it mean to have it all? Each of us have a different answer to that question. No matter how we each define 'having it all' or how we go about achieving it, love is a key ingredient. The Made with love Experiment is an ongoing conversation with different artisans and small business owners to discover and discuss what it means to have it all.
Stanislas Dehaene received his training in mathematics at the École normale supérieure in Paris, then completed a PhD in cognitive psychology with Jacques Mehler, post-doctoral studies with Michael Posner, as well as neuronal modelling studies with Jean-Pierre Changeux. He has been working since 1997 at the Orsay brain imaging center near Paris (Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot of the Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique), where he directs the Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit since 2001. In Septe ...
Podcast by Experimental Podcasts
The Beat Oracle
A Sound Collage of Future Music: Experimental Electronic, Ambient, House, Dub, and Hip-Hop
A collection of mixes that include many different artists of the ambient / experimental genre. Unbroken seamless mixes including field recordings and other snippets.Please listen responsibly.
Experimental Radio the way grandma used to make."
Tabs Out is an all cassette podcast with a focus on experimental music and cassette culture.
A podcast by Experimental Aircraft Association for those who fly for the love of it or are simply fascinated by the world of flight. The Green Dot is sponsored by GE Aviation and features EAA news, general aviation topics, history, personal experiences from the hosts and a variety of guests, and anything fun, interesting, or cool in and around the world of flight.
A weekly dive into the Free Music Archive's vast and wondrous collection: cassette punk, indie-hop, freak-folk, and more electronic & experimental than you can shake a stick at. Join the Listening Party!
Witch House Music Podcast plays nothing but the best selections of witch house, chillwave, indie, and downtempo experimental glitch music.
Chemically Enhanced Music.✪ Experimentation with sound.EDM / DUBSTEP / HOUSE / ELECTRONIC/ TECHNO / GLITCH / VOCALSFor the podcast listeners out there, This podcast consists of songs produced by SoS (Stefan Stuck). The style of each song varies greatly so listen to each one! Ever since I started producing I've been addicted! I spend more time making sounds and beats than I do at my full time job. I have always been good with computers and learning software so learning FL Studio has been easy ...
This season, unbelievably true stories of perception and what it’s like to experience the world the way someone else does. An experimental treatment that works all too well. A man selling get rich schemes until he unleashes a part of himself he...
Now a Prime Original TV series. From Gimlet, Homecoming centers on a caseworker at an experimental facility, her ambitious supervisor, and a soldier eager to rejoin civilian life — presented in an enigmatic collage of telephone calls, therapy sessions, and overheard conversations. Starring Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, David Schwimmer, David Cross, Amy Sedaris, Michael Cera, Mercedes Ruehl, Alia Shawkat, Chris Gethard, and Spike Jonze.
Sound of Silence
Sound of silence is a downloadable pause. An experimental podcast that records the silence that arises between people. Each episode is around 2 minutes and 45 seconds in length and features a very special guest.
My Pursuit Podcast
With humor and authenticity Mike walks through the topics that any Christian faces while living our their faith in the real world. This is an Experimental Weekly Devotional Podcast. Mike is your Guinea Pig in applying scripture directly to life. If you are a forward thinking, out of the box Christian who is looking for a way to make following Jesus your Pursuit, this is the Podcast for you.
How They Did It: Filmmaking is a podcast that shares how others have succeeded at filmmaking; we learn from those who have gone before us. Whether you’re striving to complete your short, experimental, documentary, web series or feature, you’ll learn what it takes from those who’ve already met the challenge.
A regular selection of the latest trance and progressive releases. Plus alternative, experimental and archive sets.
Two years, two months and two days! This is what forms the time line of one man's quest for the simple life and a unique social experiment in complete self reliance and independence. Henry David Thoreau published Walden in 1884. Originally drafted as a series of essays describing a most significant episode in his life, it was finally released in book form with each essay taking on the form of a separate chapter. Thoreau's parents were in financial straights, but rich intellectually and cultu ...
Discover what it takes and what it means to think entrepreneurially from thought leaders throughout the St. Louis region. Cheryl and Christy bring to you the best and most experienced trailblazers around to give you insights to unlock your pioneer potential for creativity, innovation and experimentation.
Crank Playthings
A podcast of experimental and noise music
This Anthro Life
This Anthro Life is an experimental narrative podcast that takes a unique cross cultural and time spanning perspective on what makes us human, from the designed world, future hopes, and myths of how things came to be. Join anthropologists Adam Gamwell and Ryan Collins as they venture into the countless possibilities encountered in everyday global life. From Missing Link Studios in Boston, MA. Become a supporter of this podcast:
New York based record label, podcast, and event series focused on ambient & experimental music in various forms.
Orion is a London, UK based beatsmith and founder of the HardJazz7 Music Netlabel. Born (Ope Alayande) in March 1990, he was raised on a wide variety of music including jazz, hip hop, disco, funk and soul. His parents got him into Gospel artists like Kirk Franklin, while Fela Kuti was his earliest introduction to Jazz leaning afrobeat music. In his early teens he’d found himself listening to alot of UK Garage and House music through pirate radio sets. Mini Discs, CD’s and Tapes were his init ...
Echo Chamber
Experimental retrospectives of sub-genres and cult artists. Featuring new themes and guests each week. Hosted by Seán Brandt.
Love of ambient, experimental, & modern classical vinyl with roots of downtempo & IDM. We highlight current music in these genres, with some old favorites snuck in. OEP sets are vinyl, guest mixes contain all formats. Optic Echo Presents is live on XRAY.FM Tuesday evenings, 6-8pm PST on 91.1 / 107.1 FM KXRY Portland, OR
Homestead Workshop
This is an experiment in building, growing, raising and DIY. We'll talk about everything from cutting the grass to fine woodwork. We'll cover raising our 8 chickens and how to do most things on a small farm.But that's not all...!
The Almanacs
The Charmer’s Almanac alternates with The Palgary Almanac every Thursday morning. Proudly brought to you by The Arusha Centre.The Charmer’s AlmanacYou know that rare, beautiful feeling when you wake up to the smell of someone cooking your favourite breakfast for you? Well, Charmer’s Almanac is kinda like that, except for your soul. Kate and Matt serve up thoughtful chats, in-depth feature interviews, and eclectic tunes with a healthy side of morning charm.Hosted by: Kate van Fraassen and Mat ...
As the name suggests each cast explores new interesting and sometimes some great old tunes not likely to be played on the freakin radio. A mix of indie, pop, alternative, punk, and experimental with no commercial breaks and only a little yapping. Cool?
Your gateway to a world of interesting music
Abstract Paradigms
Melbourne based experimental and underground music podcast. Monthly episodes with interviews and sounds.
By The Book
By The Book is half reality show, half self-help podcast, and one wild social experiment. Join comedian Jolenta Greenberg and her skeptical friend Kristen Meinzer as they live by the rules of a different self-help book each episode to figure out which ones might actually be life changing.Jolenta is a contributor to the BBC, WNYC, and Risk! She's also a Moth story slam winner. You've probably heard her funny stories on a podcast before. Kristen is a producer with Panoply and former co-host of ...
Not There Yet
The Not There Yet podcast is a ongoing series of short essays covering a wide range of subjects from the perspective of the second decade of the 21st century. Typically running from five-to-ten minutes, they are intended to be thought provoking, challenging, sceptical and hopefully funny once in a while. They are sometimes conventional in nature and others are a little more experimental. They cover science, sports, technology, philosophy or just about whatever subject comes to mind. Sometime ...
You can’t have a main course without getting a little experimental in the kitchen. The Creepy Cooking Staff is a podcast where UCA fixture Allen Chaney and his co-host Mike Macdee use the ‘ingredients’ supplied by listeners and their guests to try and make something tasty (or at the very least edible). Once a month Allen and Mike tackle the popular tropes and common story types of Creepypasta as suggested to them and try to brainstorm a story on the fly with the help of a guest. The results ...
Sound + Process deconstructs new electronic and experimental works through conversations with their composers. These artists all belong to the online community lines ( Hosted and produced by Dan Derks.
An experimental arts and entertainment radio podcast, based in Washington, D.C. We interview compelling figures and bring their stories to life.
Live improvised sound collage experiment, weaving mesmerizing loopy layered found soundscapes, riding the liminal spaces between waking and dreaming.
This began as an experiment in using Soundcloud to podcast, but I've had former parents ask if I had a regular preaching gig somewhere or if my chapel messages were ever online. Well, now they are!
Welcome to 26 MOVIES FROM HELL, a podcast dedicated to discussing, reviewing and shedding light on overlooked and underrated Cult, Horror, Experimental, 70’s Exploitation and just plain Strange movies. We start at ‘A’ and end at ‘Z’ and start all over again. The idea behind the series podcast is to get our guests and listeners involved with the selection process. Prior to each show, we will share Clips, Trailers and Movie info of the contenders,via Twitter at @26MFHPOD after which, we will p ...
Dark Ambient Atmospheres plays the absolute best dark ambient music, experimental music, and avant-garde sounds and nothing else. Listen anytime at
Writing the Wrong Way is the perfect podcast for serious writers who want to stand out in a crowded industry by becoming more productive while taking more artistic risks. Jonathan Ball is an award-winning author of dark, experimental artworks. He holds a PhD in creative writing and uses an analytical approach to show serious writers new ways to write, edit, and work so they can create innovative art that stands taller than the crowd.
BTA Sounds Radio
Music from my collection of vinyl, cassette, cd, and digital. Featuring folk, blues, experimental, field and archival recordings, noise, punk, reggae, ska, world musics, 78 rpm, and MORE
Free Form Freakout
Free Form Freakout is a weekly radio show that plays a broad mix of popular and obscure music and produces bi-monthly podcasts focused on underground and experimental music.
Once a month, Infinite Jest does an experimental standup show @ The Flying Scotsman in Perth. Then, comics hang out and talk about whatever. These are their stories. Hosted by Jez Watts. - - More info at
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Tales From The Drop Box Episode 138 is filled with slightly off kilter lunacy. Working with no plan, this episode arrives at your inbox as a mix tape of sonic goodness. There is still several tracks released last year in this episode because these tracks are just too good to not be heard by you. There are also several new tracks I think you are ...…
The unending love affair with Future Music continues in this week’s edition. Things get off to an atmospheric start with new music from Volor Flex, Noah, and Mikron. The tempo picks up throughout the show as featured tracks from DJ Koze, Peggy Gou, Frantzvaag, and Moomin take center stage. There are plenty of gems in-between, so max out the vol ...…
The unending love affair with Future Music continues in this week’s edition. Things get off to an atmospheric start with new music from Volor Flex, Noah, and Mikron. The tempo picks up throughout the show as featured tracks from DJ Koze, Peggy Gou, Frantzvaag, and Moomin take center stage. There are plenty of gems in-between, so max out the vol ...…
Loosing Opportunity feels way too symbolic these days, but it reminded me of the tribute to Curiosity I did in 2012, which now feels like our last hope, in some strangely other symbolic way. So here’s a little retrocast about Mars and Curiosity as we mourn the loss of Opportunity. Goodbye, sweet rover. Episode 180: Blues F ...…
One woman discovers that her childhood crush has grown up into someone she doesn’t recognize.By (KCRW, Bob Carlson).
The ladies read listener comments and questions about living by Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. Plus, they share how members of the By the Book Facebook community have been expressing their creativity! We love hearing from you! Email us at, or tweet us @jolentag, @kristenmeinzer, or @bythe ...…
The ladies read listener comments and questions about living by Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. Plus, they share how members of the By the Book Facebook community have been expressing their creativity! We love hearing from you! Email us at, or tweet us @jolentag, @kristenmeinzer, or @bythe ...…
More great books at
Coldwired Podcast ( February 2019 Selection pt III. Tracklisting: 01. Three CP - Briques Oranges 02. Andre Sobota - Alter Ego (Extended Mix) 03. Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Marc Romboy Remix) 04. NikoChristo, Synas - Dominated by Submission (Axel Terblanche Remix) 05. Stiven Rivic, Michael and Levan - Almanac (Andre Abs ...…
Joining us today is Kathryn Finney, founder and managing director of DigitalUndivided (DID). Founded in 2013, DID is a social enterprise that takes an innovative, transformative approach to economic empowerment by encouraging Black and Latina women to own their economic security through entrepreneurship. DID accomplishes this goal by boldly emp ...…
On the latest episode of EAA’s The Green Dotpodcast, the crew sat down with Dr. Harry Friedman, one of the foremost experts on the B-17 Memphis Belle,to discuss his connection with the bomber and the history behind the legendary B-17. The Green Dot, sponsored by GE Aviation, is a podcast created by aviation enthusiasts for aviation enthusiasts. ...…
A short story, "As We All Should Lie." SF/Fantasy. PDF download version at
This episode's guest is Stella Duffy. Stella is a writer, director and performer who has written 16 novels including Room of Lost Things, State of Happiness and London Lies Beneath. She's written and devised 14 plays and over 70 short stories including several for Radio 4 and her solo show Breaststrokes was both Time Out and the Guardian's Crit ...…
I share helpful hints that I've learned along the way in my 30 years as a writer. I focus on attitude, outlining, keeping the story moving, formatting and a daily page count. I'd love to hear your thoughts on writing so drop by my Facebook page at @howtheydiditpodcast, I’m also on twitter at @hfilmmaking and on Instagram at How They Did It: Fil ...…
Floodplains. The term conjures up images of iconic Louisiana swamps- cypress trees, alligators, and areas inundated with water. But what a floodplain really is, is a wetland ecosystem which periodically experiences pulses of floodwaters, bringing nutrients and sediment to the land. While these cyclic events can be beneficial to wetland communit ...…
Welcome to 26 MOVIES FROM HELL, a podcast dedicated to discussing, reviewing and shedding light on overlooked and underrated Cult, Horror, Experimental, 70’s Exploitation and just plain Strange movies.
In our latest live show – exclusive to our Patreon Chart Topper supporters – we asked which writing rules they liked to break and it led to some heated discussions! To support the show, check out Our novel Back To Reality is out now PODCAST Here are the “rules” we discussed ...…
Another week and another new episode of Tales From The Drop Box. Episode 137 continues the trend of the past couple of episodes as it contains a couple of brand new tracks and a couple from last year. Of course, there is always one classic track. This week that track is from the Buzzcocks recently remastered version of their 1978 debut LP Anoth ...…
Playlist and other information available at:
Crank Playthings 100 00:00 - anomalous_readings 01:12 - track3 03:17 - 5968+ 06:38 - banamadeusmozart 11:18 - extraBatteries 24:12 - Charlie Chunt 26:06 - mystery meadow 29:23 - Process over Results 35:28 - humplunk 43:09 - queasy nightdare 48:01 - ultrasound 49:01 - fakebookMelody 50:56 - Madame_Blavatsky_listens_to_the_wireless 54:51 - whaleb ...…
Winter Storm Watch 2019 (#135) On February 8th, 2019, the world was in the grip of the Polar Vortex. But in Salem Oregon, we were in the grip on “Winter Weather Fever,” a condition that only exists when everyone assumes that we will have frozen streets and layers on snow, only to become incredibly disappointed. With all signs pointing to YES, w ...…
Izzy Barreiro is an accomplished DJ, producer, composer, synthesist and teacher. They perform as @stud1nt and are part of the deeply necessary collectives Discwoman and KUNQ. They have taught classes everywhere from Moogfest to Ableton Loop. They are also the director of production at Whimsical Raps, a Brooklyn-based musical instrument company. ...…
We spoke to Orion Fiction’s Victoria Oundjian about their strategy for digital first publishing and she gives us some amazing tips on how to use metadata to make your books more visible online. In this Deep Dive you will learn: Why Digital First is a strategy that’s being adopted by so many publishers What BIC […] The post EP168 Teaser: A Digit ...…
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PALGARY ALMANAC #69: Jason Kenney's policy that would devastate CJSW & TheGauntlet, Winter Cycling Congress, Glenbow preview, CJSW Salutes. Playlist: Girlpool - Roses Sam Valdez - Farther Away Beirut - Gallipoli Living Hour - Bottom Step Eine Kleine China - Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Lovelet - Tusks Krista Muir - Mother of Crowys The High Dia ...…
A romantic daytime drive becomes a nightmare when Mihai’s mind betrays him – and he turns on the person he loves.By (KCRW, Bob Carlson).
Micki Miller - CityDef Dee - Hit (Feat. Bruce Leroy & Keith Murray)DJ Harrison - FlyingFearlessRadiant Children - Poke BowlMicki Miller - DrinkElujay - Get UJ.Givens - UnderstandMozaic - Must've been A Summer FlingElujay - SpaceshipsJoey Diggs Jr. - Right Now
This is the 251st edition of the Epileptic Gibbon podcast music show and the playlist to accompany it. You should be able to CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD but note the shows are large files. Unfortunately the iTunes subscription no longer appears to be working so either download the show via the link above, or stream the show via Mixcloud (if you beco ...…
Featuring new material by:Jobin + Chartier- & Deupree- Re-issues:Secede- Optic Echo Presents Tuesday nights 6- ...…
The ladies try to tap into their creativity with Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. We love hearing from you! Email us at, or tweet us @jolentag, @kristenmeinzer, or @bythebookpod. And if you haven't already, please join our By The Book Facebook community! ...…
The ladies try to tap into their creativity with Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. We love hearing from you! Email us at, or tweet us @jolentag, @kristenmeinzer, or @bythebookpod. And if you haven't already, please join our By The Book Facebook community! ...…
We need the willing suspension of disbelief to sell shoes? "How is corporate storytelling different from other kinds of storytelling?" I was stumped by the question. I have to thank the interviewer who found the bullet point in my LinkedIn profile and called me out on it. I hope his audio editor eventually eliminates 90% of the pause that follo ...…
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Coldwired Podcast ( February 2019 Selection pt II. Tracklisting: 01. Pole Folder - La Ronde De Renard 02. Robin Thurston - Pacific Dawn 03. Phil Martyn - Phosphorous (Andromedha Remix) 04. Airwave - Attraction 05. GabiM - Uma Uma 06. Tim Penner - Oceans Between 07. Jonas Woehl - The Conductr (Moe Danger Remix) ***Go ...…
Joining us today is Ronke Faleti, Founder and CEO of korédé. korédé supports women through innovative design with modular bags that are customized to the needs of the individual woman. Women can experience the freedom of carrying one beautiful bag that's not only functional but also stylish - from boardroom to playdates and weekends away. Ronke ...…
In the pop culture imagination, perceptions of robots and AI occupy a space of mystery and intrigue that gravitates between harbingers of impending societal collapse and bringers of mythical salvation. However, where does contemporary science and technology stand? Moreover, how do the social experiences of the past and in the present color our ...…
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This episode features special guest Khurshed Denhugara. Khurshed is a friend and supports Brentford Football Club. Recorded at the Royal Academy, London.
I’ve had a lot of people on the podcast but none have had as many roles in filmmaking as award winning filmmaker, Ryan Barton-Grimley. He’s been a Producer, writer, director, editor, actor, cinematographer, production designer, worked in the editorial department, and as miscellaneous crew. So much to unpack in this informative episode. I know y ...…
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Join Dan Pullen and Bradley J Kornish as they discuss Tobe Hooper's 1986 film 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2' with featured guest Nolan McBride and call in guests Martin Kessler and Andrew Hawkins.
Crank Playthings 99 00:00 - The word becomes another word becomes another word becomes esh becomes bones becomes marrow becomes grit becomes teeth becomes blood becomes plasma becomes DNA becomes ooze becomes time becomes space becomes stars becomes the milky way becomes planets becomes silence... - Claire Duncan 09:03 - whistle phase - Molly S ...…
A Northwest Quatrain (Commentary Track) w/ Xeres of Xeron! To complement our Northwest Quatrain, please enjoy this Commentary Track with Xeres Furd and myself, recorded immediately after our Northwest Quatrain. As we tried to keep the chatting to a minimum, and just play music, this is a chance for us to casually discuss the material Xeres play ...…
In the very first of our One Page Punch-Up specials we asked our Patreon Chart Topper supporters to send us one page from their work-in-progress and we gave them to Orion Editorial Director Emad Akhtar to critique them. The standard of writing was really high and you can read along by downloading the PDFs here… […] The post EP167: One Page Punc ...…
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