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The BS Filter
Dissecting the biggest stories in the news to try to get to the core of what’s going on. No bias. No agenda. No BS. Just a brutal examination of the facts and the history behind them.
Beyond the Filter
Beyond the Filter
On "The Pat McAfee Show," Pat McAfee and his friends deliver one of a kind opinions that won't be heard anywhere else. Pat's a recently retired NFL All-Pro who has zero filter. A common man who has experience in an extremely uncommon professional athlete lifestyle is a beautiful concoction of hilarity for the average Joe. Both relatable and ridiculous, "The Pat McAfee Show" promises to inform, intrigue, and entertain. Thanks for listening. Cheers
Did you ever go to a comedy club and see the comics at the back table laughing hysterically? Did you ever wish you could hear what they were talking about? Hosted by Robert Kelly, The 'You Know What Dude' podcast provides you a seat at that table as comedians new and old try to one up and out wit each other. Credits don’t matter here. No topics, no filter, a true comic hang. The 'You Know What Dude' podcast with Robert Kelly… oh and it’s funny as hell.
No Filter Friday
Hollywood is rife with scandal after scandal. What is held as common knowledge around tinsletown shocks the public. When the story breaks the mainstream media only publishes what they think is digestible. Here, we explore what's really going on from the inside out.
This is a great comedy podcast and live webshow! Joe, Jonesy, & Gypsy rip apart current events, hot topics, and fun segments with zero regard for human life! Come join the interactive chat room during the live taping at 8pm EST every Tuesday night at!
I speak my mind on everyday issues no filter.
We cover Pro, Indie, Lucha and Fantasy Wrestling. No filters or gimmicks required.
No filters
No filters and just talk your minds out . Tymo-yeah i just invented that.
No Filter
Tips and advice on spiritual & personal development
Erase the Filter
An audio journal by J Mundok.
Absolutely No Filter Podcast - a totally candid experience for anyone who likes to keep it real. Your hosts are Karen & Ashley, and they lay it all out on the line, zero F's given. No matter if you are twenty-something or fifty-something they’ve got something for you! Join them as they outlandishly explore everyday wonders, curiosities and dilemmas.
One of the premier Youtube Reviewers hosts a weekly podcast about video games, real life, current news and everything else with no filter and no quarter given. or Angrycentaurgaming on youtube. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A blend of film talk and raunchy comedy. We go over current topics in the world of movies and chime in on new releases and all things Blu-ray. A variety of segments make up the rest of the run-time. There is no filter here. This is a fun and often times vulgar listening experience. Leave a message for the show at (213) 444-3766
No Filter Podcast
Hip hop culture. Past present future. tackling some controversial news in the modern world of hip hop and just looking to bring my message and opinions to all of you as hip hop continues to evolve
We Bring the Real with no filter.. Everything is open Every topic is Up for discussion. Every Opinion is a Opinion
Im more concentrated on the technical aspects and real use case scenerios and NOT on speculation selling or get rich fast schemes which dont serve anybody but cause more and more here now.
Talk show where INGRID TY chats about the latest news ,celebrity gossip and what's new in the entertainment world.
An exclusive babywearing podcast dedicated to delivering light, easy-to-filter, and non-overwhelming information for mothers on their search for practical tools to assist them in the early days, weeks, months, and years ahead. Join Brooke Maree & Angela Rodgers weekly as they discuss many essential tips and practical tools over a range of babywearing topics, PLUS interview industry's leaders and all-inspiring guests in the parenting world. Whether you're expecting your first baby and are cur ...
No Lies Detected
A podcast about the lies we tell ourselves and the truths we need to know. Mishal Moore and Meghan Tonjes use their personal stories and life lessons to give you the no-filter-no-bs advice you didn't know you needed. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The show where no Creepypasta is safe! Join host David King and co-hosts Dead Palette, Allen, Kaela and a smorgasbord of guests as they put popular tales to literary scrutiny in a cold story read. With no script, no plan, no prep and no filters, these frequently insightful (and more frequently silly) episodes might be just as under cooked as some of the fiction read!
Ex Nihilo
Living life for the Glory of God, through our marriage, through raising our children, helping people come to know the Hope of the World, Jesus Christ. Join us for as we work through life's real stuff, but without all the pretty filters.
Do you know where your furnace filter is, how to pick a painting contractor, what "16 inches on-center” means, or when to use composite or redwood decking? No? Well neither does Ian! Join international comedian Ian Bagg, as he begins his journey into the exciting world of new homeownership with his buddy, and expert contractor Mike Benedetto. In this weekly podcast, they humorously navigate home ownership and remodeling, as Ian asks questions and then tries to implement Mike’s advice. He, li ...
Take 3 guys and have them talk about the stuff you think about and go through everyday. No filters and no cares given (sometimes). Each and every Wednesday tune in for the latest episode to drop. We just want to talk about the stuff people go through in everyday life. Especially relationships stuff. But first comes the sports and music.
Real Radio is heard daily worldwide. The program is designed to bring you chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse through the Bible. We tackle current issues and important topics but we always examine them through the filter of the timeless truth of Gods word.
The Amazing Seller
Practical tips and techniques for building a successful Amazon FBA and eCommerce business.
What two women (with a whacked sense of life) would talk about while having drinks.
PT Time
Two friends (1 guy, 1 girl) with opposite but complimentary personalities that discuss everything and anything with no filter from adulting, to culture, to dating. They may not be teaching you about how to be a millionaire, but they will surely make you laugh a bit. Life is tough, why not talk about it and let the word vomit roll.
Trailer Park Boys
Join Ricky, Julian and Bubbles for the most outrageous comedy podcast on the world pipe! Watch the video version at
The CyberWire
More signal, less noise—we distill the day’s critical cyber security news into a concise daily briefing.
Welcome to "Noadvisory Podcast" the HOTTEST podcast in the Queen city! We like to keep it real, local, and with NO FILTER! Make sure to tune in!
Join Ray Kump as he distills politics, economics, and urban decay through a filter of his life experiences, from prison, to working at a morgue.
His Simple Truths
Welcome to His Simple Truths Podcast Series! This series of podcast is designed to be a resource to help others filter out the noise of the temporal world, learn to understand who they really are, and become one with Jesus Christ
Drinks With Dub
Drunken words are sober thoughts. Join Dub City and his guests as they have a drink (or several) and discuss a variety of topics with no filter.
No one is perfect. Everyone lives in a world of filters. Everyone knows it, but no one talks about it. If you've ever made a mistake and never told someone about it - this podcast is for you. Stop letting mistakes prevent you from doing something great. #getsomewins
Clockwise is a rapid-fire discussion of current technology issues hosted by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent and featuring two special guests each week. Four people, four topics--and because we're always watching the clock, no episode is longer than 30 minutes. Hosted by Dan Moren and Mikah Sargent.
ignorance at it's finest!!!!!!! WHAT? is the name of the show...catch a unique perspective with this weekly radio show featuring Interviews, music, sports, and 3 opposing opinions with absolutely no filter. Every Day on New episodes premier every Monday & Thursday nights @ 10PM EST on desertstormradio.comsubscribe to the podcast on itunes search for WHAT is the name of the show #WITNOTS#what #whatisthenameoftheshow #desertstormboys #desertstormradio #picstit ...
Out The Wazoo
You know that itch you were too nervous to scratch in public? Well fret not my friend, for we three gentle-people provide a service to those in need. We embrace a world where free speech is held hostage with our deepest and most disturbing curiosities...In an experience best described as indescribable, we cover the topic of life itself. We ask the questions that you're too squeamish to ask, and deliver answers so bold they're practically facts. We are three human beings who burned our filter ...
Raw Data
We’ve entered a new era. The creation and collection of information plays an ever-increasing — yet often hidden — role in our lives. Algorithms filter all sorts of experiences, from the mundane to the monumental. The fuel that powers and curates these experiences is…data. Data is the new oil; whoever controls data has power. Is this making things better? Worse? Raw Data is a show about how information becomes power. What are the implications for all of us, now that mountains of data are more ...
Get the latest Apple news and views from the top names in Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad journalism.Records live every Tuesday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.
Meet At The Bronze
Meg (the Buffy Expert) and Quetina (our Buffy virgin) watch the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We start with a perfectly themed and paired beverage, watch the episode, drink, talk, drink, research, drink, sing, talk, drink. We look into the stories, the characters, the actors, the lore and pretty much anything else that we feel like (we're self-produced and lack self-control or verbal filters). 90's fashion and music? We talk about it. Hotness of characters? We talk WAY too much ...
Tha Reality Is
Tha Reality Is... where filtering becomes extinct! Created & Hosted by Anthony Roberts to share real stories from real people while discussing all things society and culture.
A no filter, general topic podcast hosted by Cory Caesar. Join me as I take a unique look at life and the world around us through my eyes, one Chromatic Distortion at a time.
Your home for Nerd chat in the realms of comics, movies, pro-wrestling, cosplay and muzak-all through the filter of your lovely hosts, Everyday Rogue and Handsome Bane.
Big Ideas brings you the best of talks, forums, debates, and festivals held in Australia and around the world, casting light on the major social, cultural, scientific and political issues
Data Skeptic
Data Skeptic is a data science podcast exploring machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, and other data topics through short tutorials and interviews with domain experts.
No Filter
Welcome to the No Filter podcast. Tune in as we share our story... how went went from a one night stand to one life together. Single parenting, single life, custody, communication and growth.
Welcome to the NO FILTER PODCAST. This podcast will be all over the place I don't believe in putting myself in a box. There will be a lot of touchy subjects and my different views. This podcast will have no filter so be prepared to think.
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Investigators from McAfee's advanced threat research unit, working with partners at Coveware, have reevaluated hasty attributions of Ryuk ransomware to North Korea and have explored the inner workings of the threat. John Fokker is head of cyber investigations in McAfee's Advanced Threat research unit. He join us to share their findings. The ori ...…
Bilingual evaluation understudy (or BLEU) is a metric for evaluating the quality of machine translation using human translation as examples of acceptable quality results. This metric has become a widely used standard in the research literature. But is it the perfect measure of quality of machine translation?…
In today’s podcast, we hear that Finland’s data protection authority is investigating reports that Nokia 7 Plus smartphones are sending data to a Chinese telecom server. Thousands of API tokens and cryptographic keys are exposed in public GitHub repositories. The US government warns that certain cardiac devices can be hacked from close range. A ...…
In a very special shorter episode, Ray goes off about being accosted in bathrooms, and lays out his plans to fix the airline industry by making it less safe.
There are 2 different worlds. The world when you have money and the world when you don't. And I'm not talking a little money......I'm talking loooong money. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
God is the one who chooses when a nation will rise, and when it will fall, and can change a nations borders according to His purposes. But, God hears the prayers of His people, and can change the minds of any government that turns away from Him, or cries out to Him. Cultures can be destroyed from the inside out, for lack of self-control.…
What is the status of your ecommerce business? Is everything going according to plan or are you struggling to gather the momentum you need to succeed? If you need some solid advice that you can put into practice, you’ve come the right place! It is time for another session of Ask Scott here on The Amazing Seller! On this episode, you’ll hear fro ...…
Are you the forgiving type? Or does your forgiveness depend on the circumstances? Forgiveness is often discussed as if it were a single, straightforward, phenomenon. The reality, however, is not so simple.
Science writer, Mike McRae, outlines the ever-changing nature of illness, and how disease is socially and culturally defined.
We cover the world's best #FantasyWrestling group, the Fantasy Wrestling Worldwide Chapter! We interview superstars from the FWWC and also have special segments like "Promo of the week" and the "Milk Carton Moment" of the week. Fantasy Wrestling is our passion and we wanna share it and our shennanigas with the world. So tune in and join the tra ...…
Fancy Bear and Sandworm are launching cyberespionage campaigns against European governments before the EU parliamentary elections. The FIN7 cybercrime group is still active, and it’s using new malware. A scammer stole more than $100 million from Google and Facebook. Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plaintext for years. And c ...…
Historically, God esteems the woman highly. God even calls husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church, and gave Himself for it. And, you can detect the value of a culture by how it treats woman. When a woman becomes only an object of pleasure and not treasured, the culture declines, often into ruin.…
Have you ever thought about starting a business, being your own boss, making all the decisions? Indigenous business is a growing sector which provides employment and training in urban and regional communities. We meet four female business owners who are part of an expanding network of Indigenous entrepreneurs.…
On today's show, Pat and the guys are locked in on the start of March Madness and chat about who they think is going to make some noise in the tournament, which spawns a conversations about the greatness of Zion Williamson, and whether or not he is the next LeBron. Also, one of the most electric guys around, sports handicapper, inspiration for ...…
On today's show, Pat and the guys are locked in on the start of March Madness and chat about who they think is going to make some noise in the tournament, which spawns a conversations about the greatness of Zion Williamson, and whether or not he is the next LeBron. Also, one of the most electric guys around, sports handicapper, inspiration for ...…
At the birth of the United States, the new nation faced a problem. How do you make a crazy new idea — power coming not from a king, but from the people — a reality? There was no handbook; the framers of the Constitution had to just kind of make it up. They landed on the idea of a census. You count the people in each state, and apportion power t ...…
Misogynistic Driving Instructors, Shittens, the ABCs of Teen Oral
On this week's show (Episode #238) *High Spots Segment where we discuss all the hottest topics in wrestling today. *Shoot and Shout Segment: Jonesy, Knight Owl and our guest get 60sec to go off on anything that might be ticking them off at the moment! *Wrestle Talk Podcast Game Show Challenge: Our guest this week takes on The Knight Owl in the ...…
'No Lies Detected' is a podcast about the lies we tell ourselves and the truths we need to know. Join your hosts, Meghan Tonjes and Mishal Moore, as they give you the advice you didn't know you needed. Want advice? Call us - 931.546.9228 OR leave a voicemail on Anchor! Email us - Support us: (Yo ...…
In today’s podcast, we hear that Norsk Hydro’s recovery continues, with high marks for transparency. Some notes on the challenges of deterrence in cyberspace from yesterday’s CYBERSEC DC conference, along with context for US skepticism about Huawei hardware. Cookiebot says the EU is out of compliance with GDPR, it’s sites infested with data-scr ...…
Ian and Mike go Live for an hour on Facebook, and take your questions, comments, threats, corrections, and stories! Snagg it or Bagg it is live as well. Join us once a month on Facebook Live to give us your real-time projects. Share, Rate, Review, Thanks! Facebook: Ian Bagg Bought A House.…
What we think of the new iPad mini, how we physically customize our devices, other products we think Apple could announce this week, and our thoughts on Apple employees appearing on podcasts. This episode of Clockwise is sponsored by: Linode: High performance SSD Linux servers for all of your infrastructure needs. Get a $20 credit. Freshbooks: ...…
Like Israel, our nation was founded on Godly principles. But, Godless leaders will try and erase those principles from our minds and hearts. And, Isaiah warns his people that when this happens, you are against the Lord, His Words and His deeds, and are defying His glorious presence.
Throughout the centuries, music has inspired philosophers. Some thought it was dangerous other found it metaphysically profound or very suspicious. Goetz Richter discusses the perplexity philosophers feel when facing (the) music.
Building a thriving ecommerce business is hard work, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a relatively easy way to generate consistent passive income for your brand? On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott and Chris. In their conversation, the guys talk about the success of their new brand, how they’ve used digital products, w ...…
News of the Week AppleTV Event: What to Expect Apple Announces New iPad Air and Mini Apple Announced Updated iMac Apple vs Spotify Google Announces Stadia Game Streaming Service GarageBand at 15 Apple vs Qualcom WWDC 2019 Preview Apple Watch Heart Study Results The First iPhone Prototype Board Picks of the Week Rene's Pick: Spectre by Halida An ...…
It just is what it is...Its a Slippery Slope because how would you feel if your girl was going to carnival? Who's your favorite porn star? And how would you feel if your partner asked you to get rid of pics of your ex, BUT on another note is there a reason to still have pics of your ex in your phone? Be sure to tune in and follow to the team on ...…
In today’s podcast, we hear that an aluminum manufacturing giant in Norway has suffered a major ransomware attack. A new version of the Mirai botnet malware is targeting enterprise systems. The US Homeland Security Secretary says the private sector and the government in the United States need to work together against cyber threats. Europol has ...…
On this episode of Tha podcast, Anthony & Artesia recap their last two weekends in Austin for SXSW. They discuss the things they learned while in Austin to implement in their current business ventures, Anthony freezing up in front of Winston Duke, working with the Roberts Media Group family at SXSW and more! *💡 Podcast Title - 27m 45sec marker* ...…
God pleads with us to follow the straight path of righteousness and justice that He has set for us. But, when our hearts are far from God, and His blessings have been removed, we will look for a worldly leader who promises change, but there will be none. It happened 3,000 years ago in Isaiahs time, and just as it happened then, its happening no ...…
Do you feel comfortable in your own skin? Or are you always on a diet and searching for the perfect body? With so much focus on body image and staying thin , it’s not surprising that eating disorders are on the rise. But , contrary to popular belief, you can’t always tell that someone has an eating disorder.…
Today's show is highlighted for two incredible interviews. First, friend of the show, ESPN college basketball analyst, former head coach, and current radio host, Dan Dakich calls into the show to break down the NCAA Tournament. They cover who some of the teams he likes going in are, why Zion Williamson is different than anyone else he's ever se ...…
Today's show is highlighted for two incredible interviews. First, friend of the show, ESPN college basketball analyst, former head coach, and current radio host, Dan Dakich calls into the show to break down the NCAA Tournament. They cover who some of the teams he likes going in are, why Zion Williamson is different than anyone else he's ever se ...…
Do you live your core values? Have you experienced the pain of a setback so intensively that you had to change? Do you ever want to make a different decision when your core values are displayed, but your choices tell a different story? It’s called being confused. The literal first step to clarity is confusion. Most folks don’t take the time to ...…
In today’s podcast we hear about content moderation in the aftermath of the New Zealand mosque shootings. A shift in Huawei’s strategy in the face of Five Eye--and especially US--sanctions: the US doesn’t like us because we’re a threat to their ability to conduct untrammeled surveillance. Corruption, neglect, and replacement of experts by polit ...…
Our God is a God of Justice, and the Lord of Heavens army. And, when those in authority disobey God, and take advantage of the poor with their policies, God hears their groanings. And, Isaiah tells us of how the Lord rises up to plead His case, and stands to judge those who dishonor Him. His Supernatural Law is unbreakable. Only obedience to Go ...…
Grab a ‘Penis Colada’ and join Ricky, Julian and Bubbles for a very special TPB Podcast, filmed live on the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship! Jacob (and his waxed wiener) bring the Boys a care package, Ricky gets learnt on how a boat works, and special guest Tom Green gets ‘er done! Also: The Boys hold a Q&A with the drunk-as-f**k audience! Episode ...…
Regulating end of life intervention is fraught and raises philosophical and moral questions about our approach to death and suffering.
Did you know that there have been three significant updates from Amazon recently? It’s true! If you find yourself wondering what you missed or why these updates are important for you and your ecommerce business, you’ve come to the right place! On this episode of The Amazing Seller, you’ll hear from Scott and Chris as they discuss Amazon Live, A ...…
I sit down with the host of Musically Meditated Podcast, Joe Riley. We discuss the the Leaving Neverland and Surviving R Kelly documentaries. This podcast is sponsored by The Black Tux
The Crew is back yet again with another Exclusive sit down interview this time with one of Charlotte's Dopest Designers, Edwin Santiago!... Creator and owner of Juyshinclothing! Listen as he talks about his brand, his sneakers, staying on top of his game and much much more! We also have the weekly "HOT TOPICS" and much much more from Charlottes ...…
The crew of NoAdvisory is back yet again with 2 EXCLUSIVE Interviews!! We got an EXCLUSIVE call in from Grammy Nominated Producer/Songwritter and Yamaha Artist Philthekeys!!! We also sat down with owner Derrick Mayo creator and owner of one of Charlotte's hottest clothing brands BLAKMAGIK! Tune in as we cover the weekly "HOT TOPICS" and much mu ...…
Paul Virzi, Keith Robinson and Von DeCarlo join Bobby to judge a possible blow off on the Impractical Jokers Cruise, the merits of the music of criminals, and someone is tired of studio bullies!
Another full show for Rachel as she shares more about a recently fired Nickelodeon exec, shares her experience at the memorial for departed friend Brody Stevens, and talks about finding redemption in Hollywood. Plus: Rachel apologizes to the Burbank Police Department!
Akamai's Larry Cashdollar joins us to describe an exploit he recently came across while researching MageCart incidents. It's a remote command execution vulnerability affecting ThinkPHP, a popular web framework. The original research can be found here: The ...…
Karak, Rej, Silver, Jonny, Leeson sit down to discuss Take Two and Sony deals, Division 2, Borderlands 3. Subscribe for more reviews Follow me on twitter My Amazon Affiliate link. Using this helps ACG Patron - Merch 👉 h ...…
After over a year of desperation, deliberation, and dedication, the Wazoo boys finally host their number one supporter. Diving into the past and bathing in nostalgia, the quartet of homies speak of love, loss, and large boobies. Shotzu finally emerges from the darkness to confess his obsession with our guest, and Teddy admits to savagely maulin ...…
The boys talk about virtual reality, horror games, Ghengis Khan, improv comedy, basketball wives, Game of Thrones theories, and talking Pokemon.
In today’s podcast, we hear that a terror attack against two New Zealand mosques is announced on Twitter and live-streamed on Facebook. A new, unobtrusive JavaScript sniffer infests some e-commerce sites in the UK and the US. Cryptojacking finds its way into the cloud. A look at the consequences of regulation, both good and bad. How CISOs will ...…
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