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Functional Geekery
Functional Geeks, Geeking Functionally
The 602 Club is's dedicated podcast to our passion for all things geeky outside of Star Trek. We cover classics as well as much of what is coming out as a way of helping listeners find new things to try. Each week host Matthew Rushing, friends from around the network and beyond deep dive into topics such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, DC Comics, James Bond, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter, and much more. So pull up a chair, order a drink from Ruby and enjoy. ...
Sons of Geekery
Bethany talks about knitting, theater, geekery, and more!
Craft beer geeks. Regular geeks. We combine these in a mind-blasting explosion of nonsense that every craft beer fanatic, geek, and homebrewer can connect with. Join hosts Marcel and Matt as they explore the weird world of beer and geekery. Beers will be reviewed. Science fiction will be mentioned. Homebrewing will be scrutinized. And we will almost certainly argue about who shot first.Join us.
Brett & Sean Talk Roleplaying Games
Word Therapy
Commentary on social issues, philosophy, literature & politics... With some geekery and fun. Cover art photo provided by Stefan Steinbauer on Unsplash:
We are your hosts Joe and Aaron. Join us from St. Louis through the magic of the interwebz, each month, as we plumb the depths of nerdery, geekery, gaming, pop culture, art, philosophy, and only very occasionally politics. We aren’t actually plumbers, we’re librarians, but we promise- there shall be no shushing- far from it! We encounter the dialectic through topics like tabletop gaming, the latest superhero schlock, the magic of geek-love, the promises of VR technology and more! Sit back, a ...
Geeks and Geeklets
Welcome to Geeks and Geeklets a podcast devoted to gaming, parenting, and all around geekery. Come join us as we balance our lives as gamers with parenting and watch our littles grow up surrounded by geek culture.
Listen to us tear apart the media we consume like blackholes in the vast abyss of geekery.
Welcome to Geek Responsibly
Nerd Jersey
Two native Jersey nerds have banded together to form a podcast unlike any other. (Well, kind of.) Alex Bond and Nicole Herviou banter about pop culture, comics, movies, TV, and, of course, hockey. That's right, kids: geekery and hockey. This is the stuff of legend. At least, we hope so. So listen as Nicole and Alex remind you to always wear your Nerd Jersey with pride.
Podcast on Infinite Earths is a movies/comics podcast ran by two nerds who spend a bit too much talking about nerdy stuff.
RetConned is a program of assorted geekery - movies, comic books, video games and everything in between.
Metal Geeks Podcast gets geeky with discussions on metal, comics, games, tv, movies and other Geekery. MSRcast will melt your face with killer Metal and discussion! Rock Out With Your Geek Out!
A weekly selection of entertainment, news and geekery from around the world.
Talk Hard Movie Pod
Talk Hard is a loose discussion about movies, TV, filmmaking, and other geekery with your new best friends, so pull up a chair. Allen Martin hosts with his filmmaking cohorts Todd Sheene and Scott Stafford by his side. No subject is off limits as long as it entertains.
DGiT Daily Podcast
It’s the DGiT Daily. It’s a daily newsletter and podcast, specifically focused on bringing you the best tech news, hot takes, and links to what’s happening from across the web. It doesn’t matter if it’s from the Wall Street Journal or the depths of a 41 tweet Twitter thread. We’ll find it, and our real live human writers you already know from our network tell you what it means. We’re committed to entertain with an honest, authoritative, never too serious, and brief look at the news of the day.
Interviews with your favorite (or soon-to-be favorite) authors, artists, astronauts and more. From WBEZ.
On a weekly basis the Rooster Teeth crew discuss gaming, films, popular culture, the internet, and projects that they're currently working on. Watch LIVE every Monday at 5PM CT on Watch the free video version at
Formerly known as the Super Best Friendcast. Every week, the cowards known as Woolie and Pat discuss the latest in video game news, movies, and anime.
Dude Soup
Jump in the Dude Soup -- all the gaming, nerd culture, and meat-packing industry commentary you can handle. Watch LIVE every Tuesday at 4PM CT on Watch the free video version at
Posted on Tuesdays, Norm and Will discuss topics of interest with Adam--nothing is off-limits! Still Untitled covers everything from hot-button issues within the maker community to experiences from Adam's life to questions from the audience. Enjoy!
Join me on my journey of woolly discovery celebrating the unique characteristics of British wool and meeting some of the people involved with local wool, from sheep to skein.You can visit and follow me on twitter and IG @_knitbritish
IGN UK Podcast
Hear the magic that happens when all members of the IGN UK team run head first at each other to chat about video games, movies, TV shows and weird things they've put in their mouths.
Steve - @guitarmoog - and Chris - @ottocrat - investigate cakeism: the philosophy of having your cake and eating it, as preached and practised by the British government in its approach to Brexit. Each week, we explore the latest developments as we head towards Brexit and spend time wading through the weeds from the perspective of two long-standing Brussels and UK government insiders. Our aim: to inform you, our listeners, about EU realities and so, hopefully, to equip you to spot lies and to ...
A conversationalist podcast in the interstices of life, geekery & entertainment. Also very silly! 😋
Nerd culture is now pop culture, so I get my buddies together every week and we talk about it.
Story Break
Story Break is a weekly podcast from RocketJump where we (Will Campos, Matt Arnold, and Freddie Wong) sit down in the RocketJump writer's room and attempt to "break" a story for a ridiculous concept, property, or idea that we in NO way have any rights to. Join us every week as we attempt to tackle everything from beloved video games to billion dollar franchises!
IGN is the ultimate gaming and entertainment resource featuring award-winning coverage of video games, movies, TV shows, comics, tech and more. A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc. Find more at
SuperHouse LIVE
Nerd News, movie reviews, and celebrity interviews.
The Damn Woods
Jake & Oz talk about things they've played or heard for your amusement.
Jim, Burns and Dave discuss film, TV, games and culture, driven by listener questions
A nerd-off between friends Mikey O'Leary and Reena Leone.
Sean Aitchison and Alex Aguilar delve deep into the influential webs of pop culture.
Geek Mentality
A podcast dedicated to all the stuff you love - movies, television, comics, and really anything else considered "geeky." But really probably mostly talking TV and movies. And every year we do "Fans Not Experts Movie Month"
Chris Pirillo
I'm Chris Pirillo. Ask Me Anything! Geek. Dad. Toys. Star Wars. LEGO. Tech. Reviewer. Advisor. Retro. Seattle. Entreprenerd. Kidult.
Trek Talking
Call In show about STAR TREK, fans being fans. (646)668-2433, QAPLA'
A podcast with entertainers talking about creativity, inspiration, and the intersection of art and entertainment.
Monkeys Fighting Robots covers pop culture news, including your favorite comic books, superhero films, movies, TV shows, & Anime. Your host, Matthew Sardo will also give you a behind-the-scenes look at the world of pop culture journalism. Thanks for taking the time to listen. Send your comments and questions to
Super Co-op Squad is a weekly talk show all about discussing gaming, comics and the movies and TV's show that spawn from them with unique perspective, from the minds of three very different gamers. Johnnie, Garrett & Joshua are a crew of 3 friends who love chopping it up about games and all the media they love and thought, "Hey, we do this all the time anyway so lets do it in a podcast!". Join the Super Co-op Squad as they talk about current gaming trends, upcoming titles, movies & more, and ...
Welcome to Philip DeFranco's Rogue Rocket Podcast where the employees of Rogue Rocket talk about news, entertainment, and more!
Hosted by @206geekTodd, the 206geek. Inspired by chris @hardwick’s @id10t podcast, @thatkevinsmith on #HollywoodBabbleOn with a bit of @WTFPod.
The Fandible crew discuss various gaming and geek related topics.
We are a community of geeks who gather together to create quirky, entertaining, and compelling original content celebrating the fandoms we love.
Each week Legion of Leia founder Jenna Busch and writers Anastasia Washington and Sabina Ibarra (and assorted celebrity geek guests) take on the geeky topics of the week.
Geek Hard
If you're going to geek out, GEEK HARD!
Bagged and Bored
Bagged and Bored was started by Chris as a comic and pop-culture blog, seeking to share his love with as many people as possible he contacted his two best friends Paul and John to help spread the word. Soon realizing that they had a lot more to say than a simple website would allow, the Bagged and Bored Crew took their thoughts and audibly recorded them making them available on iTunes as the Bagged and Bored Cast for more people to experience. To inform as well as entertain. It's the Bagged ...
Considering the Bible's saintly reputation, it packs surprising gore, horror, and depravity. As well as beauty, wisdom, and tedium. For millennia, the Bible has held Western culture captive to its strange stories of ancient people trying to figure out God. Maybe you're not religious, but you're curious about the Bible. Maybe you grew up in church, but you're looking for a new way to relate to the Bible. Welcome! We're Sam and Amanda. We're obsessed with the Bible. Sam is a liberal Presbyteri ...
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show series
--- be sure to like us on Social Media @206geekBy (206geek).
--- be sure to like us on Social Media @206geekBy (206geek).
"Your thoughts are important and they should be sent to your mother."
Inspired by Aaron C., we talk about playtesting. Announcements Sign up for our newsletter, be entered to win dice from or place an order using promo code in the show to get 15% off your order of $10 or more We are still headed to GaryCon. Random Encounter Dan G. emails us to cover 5 of our latest episodes DM Cojo emails us about ...…
Two phones came out today in advance of Samsung’s Galaxy S10 which gets announced later today. The Vivo V15 Pro has a popup selfie cam, and the Xiaomi Mi 9 is a beefy contender for under $500. These are just the first in a host of phones coming soon! Our roundup includes stories about Razer’s phone layoffs, smartphone firsts, the microphone Goo ...…
This week on Back Issue Bloodbath, Andrew and Sammy take a look at the first 12 issues of Immortal Hulk by Al Ewing, Joe Bennett and friends! The post Back Issue Bloodbath Episode 173: Immortal Hulk appeared first on Geek Hard.
If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use. The next wave of Smash amiibo are almost here, and we've got the full scoop on where they're available for preorder. If you've been out of the amiibo game for a while, you should know that the quality of amiibo now versus when they were fir ...…
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. The original LEGO Movie was one of the most popular and profitable animated movies of all time so it was only a matter of time till that success was built upon with a second part. In this episode of The 602 Club Matthew Rushing and Christy Morris talk about The LEGO Movie 2. We discuss general impressions, bro ...…
On this episode of the Nerdy Laser Podcast, I am joined by comic book writers and creators Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin. Their comic book Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia is for comic book fans of all kinds. You don’t have to be a wrestling fan to appreciate this story, its a great mix of Sci-Fi & Wrestling. I talk to them about the writing and c ...…
Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss Apex Legends, printer technology, time zones, and more on this week's RT Podcast!
In our 8th episode we get weird. Well, weirder than normal, anyway. We taste some left-of-center beers and contemplate what really makes a beer a strange beer. Also, and perhaps more awesome, Matt and Marcel get to pick their favorite shows from the small screen in Scum, Beer and Villainy's first TV draft. Expect much geekery as Matt brings out ...…
Huawei is caught, once again with its collective pants down, this time stealing more IP. What’s more, Huawei has/had an internal company website where employees can post stolen secrets and get bonuses. Sheesh Our roundup includes stories about Huawei’s ironic new tagline, whether or not your phone is spying you, emoji in the courtroom, the leng ...…
I instantly fell in love with Yoshi’s Crafted World when it was announced at E3 2017. A Yoshi-starring Nintendo platformer with a gorgeous art style and an intriguing level-flipping dynamic? Sign me up! Nintendo finally gave me the chance to play it, though only for about 20 torturously short minutes, and so far, I can confidently say that Yosh ...…
Download for Mobile | Podcast Preview Tetris 99 is startilingly substantial, Mr.X retrospectives and we're firmly hooked on Apex. RESET THE CLOCK. You can watch us record the podcast live on Outro: Capcom vs. SNK 2 OST - Nebuta (Aomori Stage) Hollow Knight: Silksong in development, and it’s free if you backed original ...…
On this special episode we talk with Strawberry Shortcake creator Muriel Fahrion. With a vivid imagination and infectious upbeat outlook on life, she is still active to this day and always creating joy for others. Support the show
Ahoy mateys! We take on a new pirate movie and even visit the new and improved ride at Disneyland! Yarr!By (Maximum Fun).
Originally Aired: 02/15/19 – We review Netflix's The Umbrella Academy. We talk with Jordan Canning of Baroness Von Sketch. We also speak with Tennille Read of Workin' Moms. The post Geek Hard: Episode 454 – Sketchy Umbrellas for Workin’ Moms appeared first on Geek Hard.
Does TCL have five - FIVE - folding phones in its future? That’s the way it looks from CNet. One interesting design is the bracelet phone which bends around your wrist. Will we be wearing bangles in the future? We’re not so sure. Our roundup includes stories about LG’s first 5G phone, a short smartphone quiz (I got 7/10), the UK’s possible acce ...…
Flopcast episode 354! It’s a short show, because Kornflake called in sick, and the rest of us should have. But Kevin and the Mayor of Chickentown are still here, all miserable and confused, for a quick goofy conversation. Subjects include: The big Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One! (Hey, isn’t the Mayor supposed to be there right now? Oops.) ...…
On our latest Pop Culture Cosmos, we talk the future prospects for Anthem and what this game releasing this week will do for EA and Bioware. Plus Rob McCallum stops by in the Cosmic Crossfire to share his thoughts about the realities of the Disney Fox merger plus we complete our time at CES 2019 by airing interviews with Blue Microphones, Caval ...…
If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use. The next wave of Smash amiibo are almost here, and we've got the full scoop on where they're available for preorder. If you've been out of the amiibo game for a while, you should know that the quality of amiibo now versus when they were fir ...…
In this episode, the gang discusses Kingdom Hearts 3, the Haunting of Hill House, our discussion goes deep about Disney reboots and live action remakes and we jam some Tyr in George Hates Metal, and so much more! Check out our sponsor at if you are looking for cool brands such as Funko, Bandai, Art FX, Banpresto, and mor ...…
Amoxie Villain is killing it as a spooky-sexy male burlesque performer in Pittsburgh, PA. Viktor Devonne and he chat origins and his present-day performance style. His performances range from horror movie icons such as Norman Bates and Black Phillip, to dark and smoldering onstage seductions.... topics: starting out, replacing performers with p ...…
In this episode, the gang discusses Kingdom Hearts 3, the Haunting of Hill House, our discussion goes deep about Disney reboots and live action remakes and we jam some Tyr in George Hates Metal and so much more! Check out our sponsor at if you are looking for cool brands such as Funko, Bandai, Art FX, Banpresto, and more ...…
Apex releases with barely any notice at all! The Squad discusses what that means for video game marketing going forward and how likely it will be that other publishers employ the same method...oh yea.....and we talk about the game and if it's good or not. This is the Super Co-op Squad video game podcast. Every week Garrett, Joshua, and Johnnie ...…
The PWR Spot Show is back on the air & with it being the season of Valentines the boys are going to talk all about real life wrestling couples. John and Richard are joined by good friend of the show Issac Cain as the discuss the pros and cons of the being a wrestling in a relationship. And after a brief hiatus from the last episode, the Ten Min ...…
This Week on Earth Station DCU! Drew Leiter and Cletus Jacobs discuss the documentary on the Emerald Archer. Jimmy Olsen goes on a date and pisses off Kobra in Action Comics #1007. Barbra Gordon takes on politics in Batgirl #31. Batman sings Baby Shark in Detective Comics #997. Barry learns about the Forever Force in Flash #62 & #63. In the Fla ...…
Here’s another Monster Scifi Show Podcast which brings us one step closer to Episode 200. There’s a great deal of geekiness and all things nerdy. Can you handle this podcast? For this week, our BIG 3 Scifi news items are back and they are about: Howard the Duck coming to Hulu No Harley or Joker for Suicide Squad Arrow 150th episode review Remem ...…
Sunday Night at 7:00pm Leslie Hoffman talks about life as a stunt woman working on Star Trek and other movies. Studio LIne is (646)668-2433, we would love to hear from you.
My battery is low and it’s getting dark are the saddest words ever uttered by a robot. This episode is dedicated to the longevity and importance of Opportunity, the Mars rover that lived 14 years beyond its desgned life span. The success of the mission cannot be underplayed. Terminator Dark Fate – the 6th film in the Terminator franchise stars ...…
Live stream recorded 2-16-19 --- be sure to like us on Social Media @206geekBy (206geek).
In this episode, we welcome back Johnathan Wheatley of History of Comic Books Podcast as our guest host. This episode is all about our love of Star Trek. We catch up on Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery and express our love for Gene Roddenberry’s creation in general, and where it has taken us since it’s 1966 debut. Call or text us 24/7 at (864) ...…
For nearly 50 years, the “Bad Boys from Boston” have been tearing up the charts and breaking hearts. Mike, Mike, Michelle, Ricky, and Bambi ride the highs and lows of the band like a Rock N Roller Coaster. Plus, the Award-Winning Bobby Nash returns to throw “That Famous Guy” Stuart Gauffi in the Geek Seat and Gough from Down Under tells us all ...…
The unexplainable. The mysterious. Sometimes there are things your player character in your rpg will just not know. Announcements Sign up to our email list, you will be entered to win a set of dice from Gary Con Avalon KS status update Wishing JR good luck while he’s in the hospital Random Encounter We posed a question on Twitt ...…
MWC 2019 is going to be all the hotness, with folding phones, 5G, and a bevy of new flagships, including the Samsung Galaxy S10, Xiaomi Mi 9, and LG G8, listed no coincidentally in that order. We also talk about MWC over on the Android Authority Podcast, released later today. Our roundup includes stories about Samsung wearable leaks, how Amazon ...…
On this week’s PCC multiverse, what does the future hold for Alita: Battle Angel at the box office, did the latest Nintendo Direct peak our interest with a new Zelda remaster, Mario Maker 2 and more coming to the Switch. We celebrate 50 years of Sesame Street with Rob McCallum and examine how it retains its charm, plus Marcus De La Garza previe ...…
If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use. The holidays are piling up, with both Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day vying for your attention. But since it's getting late to order a romantic gift for your partner, it's nice that there's still plenty of time to take advantage of Walm ...…
Cardy and Dale are doing a duo this week because of REASONS, but that doesn't mean we're lacking in your weekly fix of British boys. We have a good old chat about the newly crowned 'Best Film' at the Baftas, Roma. We also dive into Will Smith's lovely new look for Aladdin, Disney's 2019 lineup and new horror film, The Hole in the Ground. There' ...…
Episode #261 - JK Woodward comic artist for IDW, gives away a signed copy of IDW 20/20 Star Trek one-shot to the first two callers. We will talk about the Star Trek Discovery episode An Obol to Charon. Tilly and Stamets and Reno, oh my! A Space Oddity and Prince in the same episode of Star Trek? Saru and Burham's death scene, and, much more.…
Winter is still here! (At least in the nation’s midsection.) And that means you’re looking for stuff to do when you’re stuck inside. And who better to recommend some good nerdy activities than Nerdette co-creator Tricia Bobeda?!? She did just that on WBEZ’s Morning Shift last month and we’re bringing it to you now because we love you. So please ...…
Now, Apple wants to be the Netflix of Netflix. Apple is reportedly launching a new video service along with its news app that we reported on yesterday. Also, NASA called time of death on the Opportunity Rover. RIP Opportunity. Our roundup includes stories about new Made by Google products coming this year, Apple’s self-driving car woes, the EU’ ...…
Dangerous Driving, the upcoming arcade racer from Burnout co-creatorsFiona Sperry and Alex Ward, will be released on April 9, developer Three Fields Entertainment announced today. It will be available digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via the Epic Games Store) for $30 USD/£25. A physical version, which bundles in Three Fields' Dange ...…
You can buy me flowers, but you can’t buy me love. Chocolate, jewelry, clothes, watches, diamonds, cars, furs, property or stocks are also great gifts. This week, the Soul Forge Podcast explores the commercialization of love in our 2019 Valentine’s Day Special. Let’s talk about the kinds of expectations we have of ourselves and our partners on ...…
This week, we give our immediate reaction to the February 2019 Nintendo Direct just moments after it goes off the air!! Mario Maker 2, Link’s Awakening & so much more were announced. We discuss the impact of the Activision Blizzard layoffs, the trailers for Frozen 2 & Aladdin & all the Marvel shows coming to Hulu. Could AEW give WWE a run for i ...…
Adam talks about recently watching some of his favorite Comfort Movies--films he can put on at any time to relax at home. We also talk about what "bad" movies we'd want to remake because of unfulfilled potential.
This week on Myopia: Defend Your Childhood, we forgot about Valentine’s Day and while we hide from significant others, here is a movie! Before the think pieces starring Michael Fassbender, Ashton Kutcher, and Justin Long, there was a movie about how Steve Jobs was an asshole and it was on TV! We watched the Pirates of Silicon Valley, the Linux ...…
Maddie, Jeff, and Tyler talk to Chris Sebela about his new comic series from Image Comics Crowded! Ten minutes in the future, the world runs on an economy of job shares and apps, including Reapr: a crowdfunding platform to fund assassinations. Charlie Ellison leads a quiet, normal life until she’s suddenly targeted by a million-dollar Reapr cam ...…
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