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Podcasting from Middle Tennessee to the entire galaxy in 128kbs of Glorious, Lifelike Stereophonic sound - this is RadiOblivion with Professor Michael T - where I provide Better Living Through Discarded Music with Wild Sounds and Rock 'n' Roll right here at on yer internet dial.
Band interviews, music, local and classic, smack wont regret listening
Fear and Fame
Fear and Fame is a podcast about true crime, paranormal, and conspiracy theories in the public eye. Hosted by Jules and Mallory. Join us, bbs!
Welcome to Overripe for Disruption, a lighthearted and lightweight tech podcast you've never heard of, hosted by two guys (Gautam Narula and Andrew Schuster) you don't care about. We talk about current news in the startup and tech world. We humbly bring you Banter as a Service.
David Stillow
Motivation, Life ,Politics, and music
Nat Love was born a slave, emancipated into abject poverty, grew up riding the range as a cowboy and spent his maturity riding the rails as a Pullman Porter. For me, the most amazing thing about him is that despite the circumstances of his life, which included being owned like a farm animal solely because of the color of his skin and spending later decades living and working as an equal with white coworkers, he was an unrepentant racist! Convinced that the only good Indian was a dead one, an ...
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I've been threatin' ya'll. Now here 'tis... All 50s Punk on this eppy-sode - RadiOblivion #119. The Six-Pack O' Pounders has the likes o' Jack Earls, Hasil Adkins, Myron Lee and The Caddies, and more. Fer three (3) stinking pennies a day you can get the Baker's Dozen edition with seven more trax by Kip Tyler and the Flips, Musical Linn Twins (w ...…
Got a WILD Six-Pack O' Pounders™ with the child o' Billy Childish, brand new one-man BOOM from Canada (you t'ain't never heard it), the Blues Explosion, a nice little psychedelic trip into your mind, and more. Blow Yer Radio Up, Baby!! If'n you want more loud sounds join me on my Patreon page at Git all past eppy-sodes ...…
We are forever grateful for your patience, bbs! This week enjoy some ramblings, stumbling over our words and a hefty amount of dogs barking in the background! Mallory drops some knowledge about the MOVE cult while Jules tells the story of the original singers of I Fought the Law: The Bobby Fuller Four mysterious murder? suicide?…
I rushed home from the radio station Friday after a two-hour caller request show. After 120 minutes of playing mostly dull dross I needed to purge it from my very pours! Wait. Is that how yer supposed to spell "pours"? Poors? No. Poures? Mebee. I got it! Pores. This Six-Pack O' Pounders is LOUD!! Turn it up to eleven, turkeys! If'n you want mor ...…
LIGHT HEARTED This week we toned it down, bbs! Jules tells us about the Rosenheim Mansion (aka American Horror Story House Season 1). Super Fans be crazy! Mallory tells the love story of Margaret Howe Lovatt and Peter the Dolphin. Yep. Dolphin love affairs.By Fear and Fame podcast.
The first Six-Pack O' Pounders in five years, baby! RadiOblivion is back with the first set since April o' 2014, and I've got a whole year's worth o' playlists lined up for all you sound hounds. Join me, Professor Michael T, every two weeks for a new, fresh, full Six-Pack O' Pounders™. If'n you want more loud sounds join me on my Patreon page a ...…
WE BACK, BBS! We hit you strong coming back from our month hiatus with a TRIGGER WARNING episode!Mallory gets detailed with the Ken (aka The Scarborough Rapist) and Barbie rapes and murders.Jules tells the tale of the first Hollywood scandal, Virginia Rappe.By Fear and Fame podcast.
TRIGGER WARNING: SCHOOL SHOOTINGSHowdy ya'll. Sorry for our short hiatus. This week we finally tackle our listener Grant's request for Dyatlov Pass. Also, Jules gathered together as much hard facts on the sad story of Sol Pais.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Boiinnng! This week Jules digs deep into the life of James Dean, the all American boy thang! Mallory tries to piece together the recent murder trial of Diane McIver. What did Tex do?!By Fear and Fame podcast.
Burps, coughs, and sniffles included: This week Mallory jumps into the Papin Sister murderers. Jules gets into some mental health speculation with the Wolverine Killer.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Make it past the intro and you are in for a true treat! Jules dives into the cheese curd movie projectionist's...murder? unexplainable death by indigestion? Mallory tells the history of the Squirrel Cage Jail in Council Bluffs, IA. STAY TUNED, BBS, IT'S WORTH IT.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Get ready for International Women's Month!!! Let's talk about the ultimate badass bitch, Alison Botha.By Fear and Fame podcast.
*Skirr* It's another week full of spooky and shitty shit. Mallory takes you to the most intact ghost town in America, St. Elmo, Colorado. Get to know the family that kept this town a running for far too long. Jules tells the true 'Mean Girls' tale, the murder of Skylar Neese.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Get on the whiskey train(wreck)! Jules gets into the mentally ill Randy Stair who refused therapy and shot his coworkers and then proceeded to kill himself. Mallory delves into Charles Walton, the man who was killed and pinned to the ground with a pitchfork. Was it witchcraft? Satanic cults? Probably not. But who knows what Potter has up his sl ...…
We are getting you your bullshit early this week, bbs! Yay! This week Mallory explores who put Bella in the Wych - Elm? Did YOU sneak this Nazi spy into a hallow tree trunk? Was it Barney? Meanwhile, Jules does a heavy analysis of the mental illness related to a school shooting. SURPRISE!By Fear and Fame podcast.
Thanks for you patience and understanding, bbs! We are back after a week off with some HAWT content. Jules continues on with copy cat killers of 'Natural Born Killers'. Buckle up for the rollercoaster killing spree of Sarah Edmondson and boyfriend Benjamin Darras. Stay tuned for Mallory's whimsical tale of the heir to the Winchester Revolving A ...…
This week Jules talks about a *truly* GARBAGE MAN with the story of Charles Starkweather and Carol Ann Fugate. Meanwhile, Mallory indulges into listener, Veronica's, request of the story of Irene Garza. Please rate, review and subscribe, bbs!By Fear and Fame podcast.
Taking time to recognize the victims of the Columbine High School shooting.By Fear and Fame podcast.
This week is jam packed with our contest winner, Marti's choice, the story of Karen Carpenter! *Get ready for a special glance at Jules' ukulele voice* Also, Mallory gets down and dirty at the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders. ****TRIGGER WARNINGS****By Fear and Fame podcast.
Listener requested, podcaster's delivered : This week Mallory unravels the insanity that is H. H. Holmes. Jules gets into the more obscure fame of Ashton Kutcher's ex girlfriend Ashley Ellerin. Bare with us bbs, this week has been a rollercoaster! Thank you for tuning in!By Fear and Fame podcast.
Buckle in this week as Jules unravels a different perspective to the Columbine Shooting and Mallory lightens the mood with the haunted Lake Shawnee Amusement Park.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Join us on this tiny episode talking more about the Emma Walker Case and a paranormal experience from a bb!By Fear and Fame podcast.
Hello, again! Join us this week as we talk about the real life story of the 'Exorcism of Emily Rose' - Anneliese Michel - and dive into our listener Jess's wrote in story about murder? arson? suicide? WHO DONE IT? (Also, enjoy our easter eggs of far too many sniffles, Ben cooking in the background, and the snowplow being ungodly loud!)…
It doesn't get more relatable than this weeks episode, so fill 'em up! Jules talks about a high school royalty turned murder - the story of Emma Walker. Mallory dives into the famous Cecil Hotel's latest hot buzz - the story of Elisa Lam. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a feature of "Disappearing Syndrome" by Hail The Sun (with permiss ...…
BBSODE time! We have a *TRIGGER WARNING* due to heavy and sensitive content of the rising issues of human trafficking in the USA. We also touch on some personal paranormal experiences. Fill em up!By Fear and Fame podcast.
Ayy, Happy New Years, bbs!! Join us this week when Jules talks about a sketchy club scene murder and Mallory dives into the possible satanic cult sacrifice of the Jamison family.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Pour yourself a glass (of whatever) and listen to Jules unravel the ghastly murder of the Elizabeth Short - AKA the Black Dalia - and Mallory takes you along an Appalachian Trail journey with a couple who was brutally murdered by serial killer Paul David Crews.By Fear and Fame podcast.
This week, tune into us babbling about a murderer who obviously has zero sense of smell and the sad end to a Filipino/American actress.By Fear and Fame podcast.
We open gifts from MAMA LANE and talk about CCTV. We also share some BBMAIL from Madaline AKA twenty_one_lights! :)By Fear and Fame podcast.
HI HELLO! Jules and Mallory discuss a punk rock love tale as old as time (Sid Vicious and Nauseating Nancy) and Mallory talks about the earliest recorded serial killers. LIL HARPE + BIG HARPE REPRESENT.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Mallory and Jules really dive in with discussions of a musical cult leader and the sudden death of another member of the 27 club. Please rate, review and subscribe! We love you bbs!By Fear and Fame podcast.
Welcome back, bbs! We are just throwing content your way! Introducing our first. Ever. BBMAIL! We are so stoked to share.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Hey bbs! Mallory talks about a bloody cult and Jules talks about the death of a 70s king.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Yay! We are so excited to be here for episode 7. It runs a little longer than usual because we were just SO EXCITED! Mallory discusses the many cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren and Jules talks about the mysterious death of young Hollywood heartthrob River Phoenix.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Our first BBsode for ya'll! We are updating the 657 Boulevard Story "The Watcher". Then, Mallory and Jules both tell stories about escaped inmates near their homes! Wahoooo!By Fear and Fame podcast.
Mallory and Jules talk about some unsolved murders, including a listener's contribution. Hey Hope! Welcome to creepy town.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Hello! This week, Mallory describes the murder of an architect's lover and Jules discusses the possible murder of a Hollywood starlet. Remember, TRUST NO ONE, bbs!By Fear and Fame podcast.
This week, Jules tells the story of a late Playboy playmate. Mallory has returned from Iowa and tells the story of a missing Iowa woman. We pretend we are detectives. Rate, Review and Subscribe on iTunes!By Fear and Fame podcast.
Mallory and Jules tell personal paranormal stories as well as delve into Denver history and the afterlife of a popstar gone too soon. Spoiler for the Haunting of Hill House inside. Listeners beware. Ooooooo.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Join us this week as we talk about the murders of Sharon Tate and her friends, and the trials and tribulations of the Fitzgerald marriage.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Welcome to the podcast! Join as we get through an anxiety attack whilst chatting about an artist gone too soon and the all too famous Kurt Cobain.By Fear and Fame podcast.
Kanye, Kavanaugh and Folsom Street Fair; Too Much Hype has got you covered.
All about TV and the Emmys in this episode, and a little on Kanye too.
Nike and Kaepernick take over the world, Trippie Redd drops an album and a rising star in Mac Miller is gone way too soon; Too Much Hype covers it all on this week's episode.
In our debut 2018 episode, we discuss new forms of ridesharing transportation, newly minted trillion dollar tech companies, and misremember iconic American musicals that neither of us have ever seen. The intro and outro theme, Unreal Super Hero 3, is used with permission and can be listened to in its entirely at…
From Scarlett Jo to the death of Indie Music, Darcey, Rockey and Devin got you covered with hot takes.
Darcey breaks down an interesting first date, and we also talk about Drake and popular Netflix show Queer Eye.
A week filled with great new music, fashion trends, and tough loss, Too Much Hype discusses it all.
Ye to Drake vs Push to mental health. We cover everything on another classic episode of Too Much Hype.
Christian rants about the campus tour 911 call at CSU and MoniJ drops knowledge on the influence of the tobacco industry in Wyoming. Then we welcome educational equity scholar Giovianna Burrell to talk about her upbringing in Wyoming and her Colloquy for Black Women that she recently held in Cheyenne.…
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