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ENERGY To Thrive
Each week on the ENERGY To Thrive podcast, Jennifer Powter shares practical tips, strategies, interviews and resources to help women get their lives back on track, both physically and emotionally. It’s about creating true transformation from the inside out. Popular topics include health, fitness, weight loss, relationships, emotional resilience, and self care. Find out more:
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If there’s one thing women have in common it’s that we are really, *really* good at making ourselves feel crappy. We do this in a variety of ways from people pleasing to trying to be perfect; from catastrophizing to overachieving, or simply isolating ourselves and numbing out because feeling our feelings is simply too scary. It costs us our hap ...…
Did you know that 69% of women in a long-term committed relationship (I’m talking about over a year or more with the same partner) will no longer have spontaneous sexual desire? That means about half of all women simply don’t want to have sex. And that, is not good if you’re wanting to live with energy to thrive as your sexual health is just as ...… Living a good life is about so much more than just “being happy”. It’s about having having energy, being confident, feeling joyful, experiencing good health and being emotionally resilient to life’s ups and downs. Yet so many people don’t get to experience this, at least not consistently. Why is that? Join my ...… All Taryn Brumfitt wanted to do was support her girlfriends and help them love and accept their bodies so she posted a “before” and “after” pic on Facebook. Except this wasn’t the typical kind of before and after photo – in this one, her before picture was of her looking ripped standing on stage in a bikini du ...… Transformation happens when you become willing to go deep and do the emotional work that’s required, but often that’s the scariest place to go. It’s tempting to use food to numb out and stay stuck. But if you stay stuck you also stay miserable…so, although facing your pain can be hard it’s easier than wasting ...… Your energy is the most important resource you have. It influences how you think and feel as well as what you do and experience. When your energy is low there can be dramatic negative effects in your life from weight gain, to getting sick frequently, to sleeping poorly, and relationships suffering. Let’s face i ...… The reason that weight loss is such a transformative journey is because you can’t escape yourself. You are left alone with your thoughts and everything that you let come into your mind influences how you feel – both physically and emotionally. This often influences how you act and the decisions you make. What’s ...… If you want to lose weight you have to change the habits, behaviors and old patterns that lead you to becoming overweight in the first place. Most people just try to change their food – that’s not enough. Every woman, in her heart of hearts, knows that the quick fix doesn’t work! You have to be willing to chang ...… Have you noticed it? Or maybe you’re a part of it… The norm is for high-functioning, high-capacity, successful women to live life exhausted thinking that how they feel is just “normal”. They exist in a chronically depleted state and then they tell themselves “that’s just the way it is”, “it’s normal”, “that’s ...… Have you ever felt like it was so unfair that your friends could eat or drink whatever they want and never seem to gain a pound yet you have to watch what you eat like a hawk and yet still seem to gain weight? I hear this all the time from women who are 5’4” and under. Shorter women do have more challenges whe ...… The other week I was teaching a workshop to 25 women who were under 40 years old (they were new moms) and I asked the question, “Who here feels like their mom taught them how to cook?” Only ONE woman put up her hand!! I was shocked, but not really as it supported the fact that we are now spending more money on ...… Chances are you feel busy and like there just isn’t enough time to fit everything into your day. If you’re like most people, the first thing to go is taking care of yourself. I mean sure, you still shower and eat (probably not the healthiest choices), but you probably don’t fit in those other important things l ...… It’s been said that sugar is the worst legalized drug of all, that it acts like cocaine or heroin in the brain and that it’s more addictive than both of those drugs. North Americans are consuming sugar like never before - in fact, on average, ~160 lbs of sugar per year are consumed by the average person. That m ...… There can be many things that you don’t want to see, feel, pay attention to or deal with in your life. They hurt. There’s pain. It feels like too much. Yet those very things - those challenges - can pave the way to a better life IF you’re able to heal and move on. For many people this is where they get stuck- t ...… Feel like you’re going through a mid-life crisis? Is life just hitting hard lately? If you’re in your 40’s or 50’s chances are you’ve been through a few life storms (or maybe you’re smack dab in the middle of one right now) and you may have found that your self care has become non-existent. Maybe you’re carryin ...… Do you feel like every Monday you’re starting your diet over again and that no matter how hard you try, you never see the scale budge? Then you’re not alone – in fact, you’re like millions of women who’ve been trying to lose weight for years. In a world where the “move more, eat less” philosophy has become outd ...… Do you ever wonder, “Is this it – is this how my life is going to be?” Asking this question is a good thing because it means you’re hungry for something more. It can also mean you’re becoming aware you’ve been living life by a set of rules that no longer serve you and it’s time to create new ones. But change ca ...… Any woman, who has ever tried to lose weight, can agree that weight loss is hard. What’s even harder is keeping the weight off after you’ve lost it and not regain it. Why? Why do so many millions of women struggle with this? Join Melissa Kathryn and I, two weight loss coaches who’ve overcome our own struggles, ...… It’s time for a new conversation to start on what it takes to truly get healthy from the inside out. I’m tired of the old conversation around health – especially the one around weight loss – where the focus is just on the external. Today the diet industry is worth $64 billion dollars. That is insane. The quick ...…
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