Best Legalisation podcasts we could find (Updated April 2019)
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The HotBox Show
An audio record of our cannabis legalisation journey since August 2011 when the media coined the phrase the "Dagga Couple"
Puff Digital’s "Into The Weeds”( ITW ) Podcast explores it’s subjects discovery of cannabis whether positive, negative, comedic, medical or recreational. Join musician and advocate Ben Rispin, Medical Cannabis educator Bubba Nicholson and states side co-host Efrem Shulz as they delve into the depths of the cannabis experience with some of the world's most fascinating users and learn, how they, got Into The Weeds.
The ABC's overseas reporters give their interpretation and analysis of the week's major events.
Big Ideas brings you the best of talks, forums, debates, and festivals held in Australia and around the world, casting light on the major social, cultural, scientific and political issues
Exploring Law in an engaging and scholarly way.
We tease out the complex history behind those baffling events in the news.
The Monthly Hour
Editor Nick Feik is joined by The Monthly’s contributors and the people they write about. This is an essential hour of news, culture and ideas that gives you an insight into each issue of Australia’s leading current affairs magazine.Produced by Sharon Davis, with theme music by Evelyn Ida Morris.
A podcast series exploring a range of controversial, topical and thought provoking ideas. Produced and hosted by Cormac Moore.
Mark & Caroline
Mark & Caroline for Breakfast from 5am and the greatest hits all day. 92.7 Mix FM is Everything Sunshine Coast
The Nick Stacey Podcast is a free audio experience talk hosted by Crypto, Wealth, Health & Business fanatic - Nick Stacey. Learning and educating you on Cryptocurrencies, healthy eating, ecommerce, money and other modern man subjects including legalisation, his life experiences, success and failures. This lunatic kite surfer is dedicated to learning and educating you on these exciting topics by bringing in key players in each area with the intention to learn more and educate more!
The Governance & Policy Podcast is brought to you by the Adam Smith Center, and aims to promote the learning of PPE in the classical liberal tradition. We speak to leading economists, political scientists and thought leaders, and unveil the invisible hand of the market.
Croydon Constitutionalists podcast promotes a Classically Liberal set of ideas and encourage others to campaign and promote individual freedom.
Roadshow is a podcast performed in front of live, drunk, audiences in Britain. There's comedy, news, discussion, and some very concerning audience participation. Think of it as VICE IRL. In partnership with Old Blue Last Beer.
Change Agents
Change Agents is about the art of change and the people who make it happen. It focuses on real and recent case studies where often ordinary people have brought about profound social, political, cultural and political change. It celebrates their success and challenges them to explain how they did it and the obstacles they overcame along the way. Change Agents is a collaboration between The Conversation and the Swinburne Business School and Swinburne University’s Department of Media and Commun ...
Change Agents
Change Agents is about the art of change and the people who make it happen. It focuses on real and recent case studies where often ordinary people have brought about profound social, political, cultural and political change. It celebrates their success and challenges them to explain how they did it and the obstacles they overcame along the way. Change Agents is a collaboration between The Conversation and the Swinburne Business School and Swinburne University’s Department of Media and Commun ...
Talks, presentations and workshop summaries from the International conference on Muslim education held in Norwich in the Uk in 2003 with delegates from across the world. Organised by the Norwich Academy, DMC Consultancy and Ihsan Education Network. Also features a number of other talks, lectures and prsentations on the subject of holistic education and upbringing
The Grain of Truth Network is a monthly comedy show podcast in the style of a digital radio station which blends surreal segments with current event satire.
Join us as we go Behind The Times, trying to get to grips with whats going on in the world today.
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show series
The #HotboxShow Ep80 Ft. Michael KrawitzOn tonight's edition of the #HotboxShow there's a spot on the couch for American activist and war veteran Michael Krawitz. Michael has been a cannabis activist as long as anyone, anywhere, and has a fascinating story to tell of his journey as the founder of 'Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access' in the 90 ...…
A major new study of over 4000 Melbourne men on PrEP has revealed old assumptions about STIs and condom use could be wrong. We speak to Michael Traeger from the Burnet Institute and Simon Ruth, the CEO, of Thorne Harbour Health to learn more. The post Major new PrEP study challenges assumptions about condoms, and STIs part 1 appeared first on T ...…
Penny Wong and Jason Ball speak out about bigoted comments from Liberal candidate Gladys Liu. We also speak to Jason about why Israel Folau’s homophobia is dangerous. Plus, Paul Sinclair from the Australian Conservation Foundation rates the parties on their environmental policies. The post Penny Wong and Jason Ball on homophobia, plus which par ...…
Where are the jobs of the future ? What kind of training will I need? These aren’t easy questions to answer as automation and artificial intelligence transforms the economy. A recent report suggests that up to five million Australians will be changing careers in the next decade as jobs come and go.
Do corporations, mercenaries, and rogue states now hold more power than the nation-states? The strategies of conventional wars don’t work in a world of disorder: global terrorism, international criminal empires, dwindling natural resources and bloody civil wars.
The UK's tallest mountain has a fierce reputation. Three climbers died earlier this month due to an avalanche on the mountain's flanks.
What we will be eating in 30 years and where it will come from? Climate change is causing havoc for Australian food producers. Then there’s consumer concerns about how food is produced. And the pressure to feed a growing population. So how are Australian farmers responding and will indigenous foods form a greater part of our diet?…
Dr Ciarán O'Kelly from the School of Law and Lindsey McCracken from Belfast firm FSCom about Corporate Law and where it might take you.By (Queen's University - School of Law).
The received idea of Native American history has been that with the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1890 Native civilization died. David Treuer puts up a different narrative, because the Indian culture didn’t disappear.
Surveys suggest that most Australians support immigration and see the benefits but we’re worried about our capacity to absorb the rapidly growing population. People complain about traffic gridlock and overcrowding in capital cities, housing prices and environmental damage. So is it time to reduce the annual intake of migrants?…
INTERPOL facilitates worldwide police cooperation - where does it come from and how does it work?
Jett Kenny refuses to deny romance with dance partner Lily Cornish
Andrew Neufeld, frontman of both hardcore outfit Comeback Kid, and indie rock outfit Sights + Sounds, joins Ben, Bubba and Efrem at Toronto’s Post Office Sound and shares how he got into the weeds. Find Andrew online at @andrewjneufeld
Can we better conserve our ecosystems and biodiversity by placing an economic value on it?
What lessons can be learned from the US experience?
At the heart of the Milky Way, there's a supermassive black hole that feeds off a spinning disk of hot gas, sucking up anything that ventures too close -- even light. We can't see it, but its event horizon casts a shadow, and an image of that shadow could help answer some important questions about the universe. Scientists used to think that mak ...…
An investigation of the doomsday cult known as The Family, and it's charismatic leader, Anne Hamilton Byrne
How to Enhance Your Studies at QUBBy (Queen's University - School of Law).
The Informer’s Ian Muchamore digs into a new study that shows Australians take 8.4 years to seek treatment for anxiety disorders. Ian finds out why our community has higher rates of anxiety and speaks to Dr Jeannie Yo, Sally Morris from the LGBTIQ+ Health Alliance and Dr Grant Blashki from Beyond Blue about the best ways of getting help. The po ...…
One group that’s been caught in the middle of the furore over the barbaric laws in Brunei like no other is queer Muslims. Toby Halligan caught up with Dr Siobhan Irving from the Sydney Queer Muslims. She spoke about how un-Islamic the Sultan’s laws are, the role of Saudi Arabia in spreading hatred and how queer Muslims just can’t win. The post ...…
The Informer is relaunching in a new weekly format going to air at 7PM each Thursday. This episode includes a break down of Labor and the Coalition’s stances on important LGBTIQ+ issues. We spoke with the Guardian’s Paul Karp, the CEO of the Australian Federation of Aids Organsations Darryl O’Donnell, and Per Capita Tanja Kovac. Plus – we speak ...…
On tonight's edition of the #HotboxShow we are showcasing SA's first cannabis flavoured glossy magazine. On the couch will be editor in chief of Seven Leaf Magazine, Samzizy to tell us all about the project.Other topics to keep you enthralled and on the edge of your seats include, Cape Town Expo - lit or shit?, It feels good to be a #Dabstar, c ...…
Migrant or refugee women are often particularly vulnerable to domestic violence. Not because there is more violence in these communities, but because they have more problems accessing help services.
Episode 41 - Interview with George MonbiotBy (Queen's University - School of Law).
The economy of the future will be built on science and technology and if we stand still we'll be left behind. Science and business leader David Thodey says Australia's quality of life will depend on the application of digital technologies together with policies to manage the workplace transition.
Cambodia's construction boom is based on blood bricks. The huge demand for bricks is met by debt-bonded families working in the kilns under horrible conditions. It's modern-day slavery.
Did Cat Henesey sleep with on Bachelor in Paradise? @BachParadiseAU , #BachelorInParadiseAU,
ITW:S1E28 - Prolific, Toronto based promoter and punk rock historian, Ewan Exall of Embrace Entertainment, joins Ben, Bubba and Efrem to share how he got into the weeds.
In Australia we compel citizens to vote, or at least to submit a ballot paper. But this is not the only way Australia does elections differently
The Chinese government is rounding up and interning large number of Uyghurs – the Muslim ethnic group from the western Chinese province of Xinjiang.For decades there have been tensions, between the Uyghurs and the Chinese, but what is happening in Xinjiang today – is something quite new. So why are the Uyghurs being interned? Are they connected ...…
The Cape Town leg of the Cannabis Expo is in full swing. Myrtle is speaking on all four days and spoke to a packed auditorium on the 1st day. Join this live stream from 13:30 for her 30 minute presentation. or right here on Facebook.#review #nugporn #smoking #dabs #legalize #review #strains #news ...…
You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy watching athletes in action. Whether it be the Olympics or a time-trial, there’s always the possibility that a record will fall. But will those records keep falling or are we fast reaching our limits? Athletes and sports scientists debate the physical and mental boundaries of elite sport.…
Is romance really dead? Are sexual companion robots the future of relationships? After the news Big Ideas looks at one of the biggest mysteries of man kind – love.
There’s been a lot of discussion lately about women in politics. Whether we have enough of them and how they’re treated by their male colleagues. But it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. When Natasha Stott Despoja became a senator in 1995, the media focussed on her looks, marital status and bringing up baby. Natasha Sto ...…
Will Angie Kent spend the night with a Bachelorette suitor?
ITW:S1E27 - Writer, blogger, director, creator, and all around social media maven, Casie Stewart joins Ben, Bubba and Efrem at Post Office Sound in the heart of Toronto Ontario to discuss life, love, digital media and how Casie got into the weeds. Find Casie online @casiestewart
What does it mean to ‘belong’ in Australia, if you’re of Asian heritage?
Justin Trudeau - Canada’s charismatic leader - struggles with a political scandal that has cost him some of his political gloss.
The last days of the Islamic State group in Deir ez Zor are horrific: severed sewerages, pervasive sickness and stomach-churning stenches.
Tonight's #HotboxShow asks the burning questions, 'is the Zim expo a fake'?, why is the UK press addicted to strong THC'? 'are Ganja Grannies overgrowing the government'? and 'could the SA Dagga industry be worth R100 billion in the next 5 years'?On Hangouts from the Eastern Cape we'll have local content producer and international advertising p ...…
Fungi are the unsung heroes of recycling. They play a vital role in breaking down organic matter for plants to use. Now we've discovered fungi can clean up oil and plastic. And their root systems are being used to create alternatives to plastic , wood and bricks. Who knew the humble mushroom could be so versatile?…
Can plants think, learn and communicate? We used to believe that only humans and other animals had that ability. But science is showing that plants are smarter than you think. Plant scientists describe how plants talk to each other, respond to sound and share resources.
Episode 40 - The Injured CampaignBy (Queen's University - School of Law).
Are you the forgiving type? Or does your forgiveness depend on the circumstances? Forgiveness is often discussed as if it were a single, straightforward, phenomenon. The reality, however, is not so simple.
ITW:S1E26 - Musician and producer, Dave Baksh of Sum 41 sits with Ben, Bubba & Efrem at Halo Studios in Hamilton and chat life, music, some crazy Sum 41 tour stories, and of course; how Dave got into the weeds. Find Dave on IG @Dave_brownsound
Science writer, Mike McRae, outlines the ever-changing nature of illness, and how disease is socially and culturally defined.
Two weeks ago, Algeria citizens took to the streets demanding that the aging, ill president - Abdelaziz Boteflika stand aside and not run for a 5th term as president.While he has now agreed to this demand. He has postponed the upcoming presidential election and many Algerians fear the regime is determined to remain in power.So, what’s going on ...…
Turkish protestors rallied against Islamophobia and held prayers for the dead, following the Christchurch terror attack.
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