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Two Canadians in Tokyo talk about Canadian football, Japanese baseball and other things they find entertaining (usually only to them). Currently ranked as the 4th best Canadian Football Podcast originating from an Asian country. They drink too much and it shows.
The only podcast from Korea, talking about baseball around the Pacific-Rim (in English), pop culture and our own personal lives. Learn about the comings and goings of players from around the Pacific Rim. Who's the next Ichiro, Darvish, Kei Igawa- yikes, Chan ho Park. You get the picture. We'll let you know the comings and goings of players in MLB, NPB, KBO, CPBL
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Lanny & Scotty talk about the Grey Cup, promote a few Christmas gift ideas & look back on the last year with the "Best of Lanny & Scotty". "Best" is used very loosely
Lanny & Scotty look back on the eastern & western finals, discuss their take on the Jonathan Rose debacle, debut the trailer for their upcoming NiceFellas movie & Lanny sings a Bomber's lament. Oh yeah, they mention the Grey Cup too
Lanny & Scotty review the divisional semi-finals, talk about possible changes in BC, make their predictions about the upcoming divisional finals & Scotty attempts to channel his inner Phil Collins. Spoiler Alert - it didn't work
Lanny & Scotty discuss the final week of regular season, look ahead to the start of the playoffs, talk about Trestman's release by the Argos & promote a new film about outcasts and podcasts
Lanny & Scotty discuss the regular season's penultimate weekend, talk about some Command Center issues & sample a Kim Mitchell-like combination of beer, all in one can
In this special Halloween episode, Lanny & Scotty look at a frightningly close playoff race, imagine a freaky late night Lulay/Posey text-fest & try a nightmarishly awful beer of the week
Lanny & Scotty discuss Week 18, pick on the Argos a bit, get a Grey Cup prediction from Jim Mullin & talk about legalized weed
Lanny & Scotty look back on the Thanksgiving Day weekend, chat with Jim Mullin about CFL 2.0 & present some nature lessons
Lanny & Scotty discuss the week 16 results, look ahead to possible playoff scenarios & sense that not only Fall, but perhaps also Love is in the air
Lanny & Scotty look back at a highly entertaining week 15, talk about the now-infamous June Jones rouge decision & do their best to channel William Shatner
After a one week hiatus, Lanny & Scotty return with a look back on a 3 game week, talk about the latest Travis Lulay injury & preview the new fall line-up of CFL TV shows
Lanny & Scotty discuss a highly entertaining Labour Day weekend, look ahead to some big games & prepare for the grande finale of their annual Labour Day Classic/Banjo Bowl "batsu game"
Lanny & Scotty look back at a week very close games, preview what should be a dandy Labour Day weekend & try their hand at a CFL game show
Lanny & Scotty talk about some upsets in Week 10, look ahead to an interesting few weeks & Uncle Winty shares his opinion on offensive coordinators getting "clever" on the one or two yard line (caution - listener discretion is advised)
Lanny & Scotty look a week of fairly close games, talk about the release of Duron Carter and where he may end up & Lanny discusses his adventure in a Walmart toilet
Lanny & Scotty look a week that had a couple of decent games, ponder the fact the Kavis Reed still has a job & the boys go back to church for a CFL sermon
Lanny & Scotty discuss yet another week of not-so-close games, wonder about the wisdom of starting Bethel-Thompson & Lanny tries a Canadian Sapporo beer
Lanny & Scotty look back on week 6, talk about all the recent trades & discover that neither of them can sing anything by the Fine Young Cannibals
Lanny & Scotty discuss the 3 game week, talk about Terrell Owens and his desire to play in the CFL & debut a new fragrance for men
Lanny & Scotty look back at week 4, ask some burning questions about coaches and QBs & address the Toronto end-zone turf issue
Lanny & Scotty look at another week of not-so-close games, write letters to a couple of coaches & get adventurous with a pineapple flavoured beer-type beverage
Lanny & Scotty look at a week of blowout games, discuss the Ricky Ray injury & talk with Johnny McCuaig of the Johnny McCuaig band about life, CFL & their new single "Here We Go"
Lanny & Scotty look at the opening week of games, discuss drunk fans and talk about the possibility of expansion to Mexico. Es excelente!!
Lanny & Scotty look forward to the upcoming season, taking a brief look at each team. Also the annual wager is placed & they go to the Dank Side with Beer of the Week
Lanny & Scotty discuss the Grey Cup, talk about the halftime show & revisit some of their favorite dumb crap from this season's podcasts
Lanny & Scotty look back at the divisional finals, discuss the upcoming Grey Cup & wonder what the hell was Jason Maas thinking
Lanny & Scotty discuss the past weekend of football, look ahead to the finals & attempt to find a solution to the Edmonton name controversy
Lanny & Scotty look at a horrible weekend of football, list their favorite and most hated teams & introduce Montreal Alouettes Christmas toys
Lanny & Scotty discuss a dandy in Ottawa, look at a still undecided playoff picture & present their annual tribute to 1970's TV
Lanny & Scotty talk about a close one in Toronto, discuss the Lions continuing downward spiral & look ahead to possible playoff scenarios
Lanny & Scotty look at a week of close games, talk about a rather strange Kavis Reed interview and provide Climax Series updates - don't you love it when we talk dirty?
Lanny & Scotty discuss a close one in Toronto vs. the Riders, look at upcoming games with playoff implications, try to determine what's wrong with the Leos & talk about the past weekend's run-in with a Swedish treat
Lanny & Scotty look at the overtime thriller, discuss Hamilton's ability to always get screwed & show the CFL how to REALLY apologize
Lanny & Scotty look at the debacle in Montreal, get a "kick" out of BC-Ham & enjoy(?) a beer with just a hint of banana & candy
Lanny & Scotty discuss part 2 of the battle of Alberia, question Jason Maas' leadership & give you a moose update
Lanny & Scotty look back at a not-so-classic Labour Day weekend, talk mascot abuse & discuss the fine art of cramping
Lanny & Scotty look at the debacle in Hamilton, dodge North Korean rockets & oh yeah - talk about some football as well
Lanny & Scotty look at Edmonton's first loss, relive the Gong Show via the Ti-cats & Scotty channels his inner lounge singer
Lanny & Scotty look at a rare bland week, discuss a recent Rider trade & Uncle Wilty sends some fun facts about Labatt Blue
Lanny & Scotty look at another Bomber squeaker, ask some rather tepid Burning Questions & are joined by Rock for "Beer of the Week"
Lanny & Scotty look at a wild finish in the 'Peg, a breakout game for Duron Carter & the continuing horror show in Hamilton
Lanny & Scotty discuss a busy week 5 in the CFL, old friends get asked some new questions & Lanny shops for shoes like a real man
Lanny & Scotty look at the million dollar mistake, ask another "Burning Question" and they get "Lucky" with the beer of the week
Lanny & Scotty head to the People's Court, address some hot topics in "Burning Questions" and look at the game of the week
Lanny & Scotty talk about the Rider/Bomber game, kicker's early woes & voice a small complaint about the new International streaming service
Lanny & Scotty discuss a cracking first week, read some beer can poetry & try to figure out the CFL Gods
Lanny & Scotty discuss the teams, look ahead to week 1 and make their annual "batsu game" predictions
Lanny & Scotty discuss the Grey Cup, talk to Jim Mullin & revisit some of their finest(?) moments of 2016
Lanny & Scotty discuss the division finals, look ahead to the Grey Cup & take a peek back at 1976
Lanny & Scotty look at 1st week of playoffs, talk division finals & wonder how they got nominated for a Twitter Award
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