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Best Phyllisl Miata podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Phyllisl Miata podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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ASCENSION - THE KNOWING is a podcast use to disseminate God's messages as they are given to me by Spirit, messages of Living in Your Divine Creation. The Video Series: Living in Your Higher Self...explains the 7 Universal Laws at work in the creation of one's world (available on our website: www.PhyllisL-Miata.com) The Audio Series: Transforming to Greatness... helps you to get to the Greatest you, the higher intellect and soul of who you are. There are 54 steps. Start with step 1, preferabl ...
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ASCENSION - Step 54: Epilogue - CHRIST ... www.patreon.com/TTGAscension
ASCENSION - Step 53: The 5th Dimension and Beyond - In The KNOWING .. .www.patreon.com/TTGAscension
ASCENSION Step 51: The 5th Dimension – Oneness ... www.patreon.com/TTGAscension
ASCENSION Step 20: The 4th Dimension – Greatness now; In the now, Greatness ... https://phyllisl-miata.com/store/
ASCENSION Step 49: Beyond the 4th Dimension – Alpha and Omega ... www.patreon.com/TTGAscension
ASCENSION: Step 19 - The 4th Dimension – Editing your Reality, Mental Conditioning https://phyllisl-miata.com/store/
Step 18 The 4th Dimension – Religion v. Spirituality: The Role of Prophets...(3m_33s) www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION Step 47: Beyond the 4th Dimension – Very Powerful ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION Step 17 The 4th Dimension - The Threshold into Divine Consciousness Shifting takes place in the 4th Dimension of Thought Get you book today: Permission To Be Great Online Bookstore: https://phyllisl-miata.com/store/
ASCENSION Step 46: The 4th Dimension - You and Your Brother are the Same ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com www.patreon.com/TTGAscension
ASCENSION: Step 16 Entering the 4th Dimension... Claiming your Spirituality (3m_35s) Spirituality v. Birth of World Religions Bookstore link: https://phyllisl-miata.com/store/
ASCENSION Step 45: The 4th Dimension - SEEING The ALL ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION Step 44: The 4th Dimension - No Gimmicks, No Miracles, No Breakthroughs https://phyllisl-miata.com/store/ www.patreon.com/TTGAscension
ASCENSION Step 14: Leaving the 3rd Dimension, The Universal Law of Polarity... Online bookstore link: https://phyllisl-miata.com/books/ ... *Please share. Transforming our communities into loving communities requires sharing the knowledge and helping in the transformation (3m_19s)
ASCENSION Step 43: Divine Faith Growing www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION Step 13: 3rd Dimensional Thinking and Reality...The Universal Law of Mentalism...(3m_5s) Please support this podcast: http://phyllisl-miata.podomatic.com/ An additional link for you to extend your knowledge on 3rd, 4th and 5th-dimensional thinking and reality. https://www.secretenergy.com/news/3rd-4th-5th-dimension-reality-overview/…
ASCENSION Step 42: The 4th Dimension - Good Morning Spiritual Beings www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
2min_43 sec Transforming to the 5th Dimension of Existence Learn more about the Dimensions of Existence visit... http://www.peaceinpractice.iinet.net.au/dimensionsofconsciousness.htm To print badges visit... https://www.patreon.com/TTGAscension
Affirmations: Resetting Thoughts; Staying On Track...(2min_16s)www.PhyllisL-Miata.com orwww.PhyllisLMiata.com
ASCENSION Step 40: 4th Dimension - The Gods of SOCIAL PRESSURE .... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION Step 39: The 4th Dimension – RESURRECT Whenever www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION: Step 10 - Operate in Your True Identity (2m_53s) (Re: The more identities you claim, the more Egos you have)
ASCENSION: Step 9 His Spirit, His Plan, Our Choice (2m_13s)Evolution v. Transformation
ASCENSION Step 38: The 4th Dimension - Question Religion ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION Step 37: The 4th Dimension – STOP ORDER ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION: Step 7 - My True Identity…of God (2m_55s) https://www.patreon.com/TTGAscension
ASCENSION Step 36: The 4th Dimension – Higher and Higher ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION: Step 6 - My Identity, My Chain Reaction, My Life ( 2 min_44 sec)
ASCENSION Step 35: The 4th Dimension - The No Fear Zone ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
I go forth in my thoughts ( 2m_36s) www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION Step 34 The 4th Dimension Checking in with Spirit _Mental Cleansing (4 min_4sec) ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
We are all part of the Universal Consciousness of One (2min _24sec) www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION Step 33: The 4th Dimension, E=mc^2 ...3 min_52sec ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION Step 32: The 4th Dimension – Open the Gift, Elevate 4min_24sec
ASCENSION Step 3: My Life's Stage: Word thoughts (2 min_11 sec) www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
From where should we transform: The “plane” of transformation i.e. The playwriter, the dramatist, the actor, and the stage www.PhyllisL-Miata.com https://www.patreon.com/TTGAscension
ASCENSION Step 31: The 4th Dimension – From the Spirit Within 2min_55sec ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION Step 1 - Why Today? Why are we starting this transformation today? (2m_25s) www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
Step 30: The 4th Dimension – Towards Divine Consciousness, Towards Wholeness (3m_33s) ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.om
ASCENSION Step 29: The 4th Dimension – Your Awakening (4m_55s)
ASCENSION Step 28: The 4th Dimension – Only God, Only Our Spiritual Father (4m_25s) ... www.patreon.com/TTGAscension www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION Step 27, 4th Dimension: For Spiritual Beings, Spirit is the Operating System, not the brain which is Human Beings operating system (4m_03s) ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION: The Love Portal and info. This audio, which is part of the Transforming to Greatness Ascension Series, helps to prepare one for this 54 Day elevation series. www.PhyllisL-Miata.com www.phyllisl-miata.podomatic.com/ https://www.patreon.com/TTGAscension #transformingtogreatness #PhyllisLMiata…
ASCENSION: 54 DAY RETREAT INTO DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS...This audio, which is part of the Transforming to Greatness Ascension Series, helps to prepare one for this 54 Day elevation series. www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
ASCENSION Step 26: The 4th Dimension – Removing Roadblocks, Open Roads Ahead (3m_37) ... www.PhyllisL-Miata.com
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