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Welcome to Realm & Ruin - A Warhammer Podcast!We are a podcast that covers the latest Warhammer news and lore discussions mainly from the 40k and Age of Sigmar universes, with a dash of history from the World-That-Was and Horus Heresy.
Breaking The Mold
A topic driven Realm of Collector podcast bringing convo, toys, and the community together.
Realms & Nerds
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Actual Play Comedy Adventure Podcast
Enter The Realm
Enter The Realm is a weekly video and audio podcast from the Realm Of Collectos where news about new figures from every corner of collecting are discussed. Transformers is what brought us together, but we also discuss Wrestling, GI Joe, Comics, Movies, and whatever else is new in the world of pop culture and collecting.
The Kings Realm
Presented by Guys In Shorts Sports
Premium C-Realm Vault Episodes
Premium C-Realm Vault Episodes
Many Realms
An actual play RPG podcast exploring a variety of different systems and genres in short, digestible arcs.
A Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Narrative Podcast
Host Dylan Hall brings on a guest each episode to build a fictional world from the ground up, including stories and characters to live in the world! World ideas will come from listener suggestions, prompts online, or from guests themselves!
Realm of Unknown
Your go-to hub for all things weird and bizarre, from the paranormal to UFO stories, cryptids, unsolved mysteries, conspiracies, and all other unknown topics within our strange world. Come for the weird and stick around for discussion and more!Support the Patreon! Support this podcast:
The Two Princes
When Prince Rupert sets out to break the mysterious curse that’s destroying his kingdom, he’s ready to face whatever dastardly villain or vile monster stands in his way. What he isn’t prepared for are the bewildering new emotions he feels when he meets the handsome Amir, a rival prince on a quest to save his own realm. Forced to team up, the two princes soon discover that the only thing more difficult than saving their kingdoms is following their hearts. The Two Princes stars Noah Galvin (Bo ...
A short biweekly podcast covering a variety topics around the World of Warcraft
State of the Realm
Podcast by DREAM Network
Join hosts Lee and Andy as we cover subjects from the paranormal, ufo's, ghosts, cryptozoology, mysteries and more. We will also include some great interviews and listeners true stories of the strange and paranormal, If you have a story for the show please send them to supernaturalpod@gmail.comThank you for listening.
An alternative deep dive into the spiritual, metaphysical, and paranormal realms with the leading authors, researchers, and thinkers from all over the globe.
Spectrum is a 30-minute weekly radio show which keeps you abreast of developments in the realm of science and technology news.
Four fresh Masters drink wine and discuss all things visual culture. *Regular episodes: Discussion and critical analysis of art historical topics fueled by alcohol. *Art History Babe Briefs (Art History BBs) : quick art history facts minus the expletives. *Hot Takes: The Babes mix it up, chatting about topics outside the realm of art history
Enjoy some of the best audio entertainment on the web!
An actual play Podcast were we get together monthly to tell tales and spin stories through the use of role playing games.
New podcast weblog Technical, Practical, Writing Solutions
Within The Realm
There's a story behind everything and it's all within the realm. Check us out on Facebook @withintherealm1 Twitter @realm_within or Find archived episodes at!
Deca Debrief
A fancast dedicated towards updates and discussion regarding the game Realm of the Mad God.
Arcs is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition podcast, in which three unlikely comrades journey across the mystical realm of Thirithia in search of a famed relic! Pretty basic, right? Well, dear reader… That’s only the beginning. Featuring radio-style production, original music and a lightning pace, Arcs is the perfect show for anyone looking for a hearty sip of comedy, drama, intrigue, and sometimes a dog. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a total newbie to DnD, you’re sure ...
C-Realm Podcast
Weekly Podcasts
The Realm Report
Nothing but juicy good Age of Sigmar content!
Alternate Realms
Erupting from the depths of web space. Alternate Realms is a doorway to all things comics and pop culture.
Join 4 friends in a bi-weekly D&D Actual Play Podcast in which three idiots faff around, enter some Dragons, slay some Dungeons and generally avoid Saving the Realm.
Insight into the different deities of the Forgotten Realms and their worshipers. The podcast can be found on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play Music, Podbean, Stitcher, and Soundcloud.
The Official Magic: The Gathering story in podcast audiobook form. Original stories may be found at
Stasis Lock is your #1 source for informative discussion on Beast Wars Transformers. Join these Beast Wars fanatics as they cover toys, toons, and comics from the Beast Era.
Weekly Podcasts
The Autonomic podcast is an all-ages podcast set in the mysterious realm of Respite, a magical land filled with terrifying monsters, supernatural plots, and kids just like you. Join a protector, a detective, a warrior, and a trickster as they solve mysteries, learn about themselves, and unlock weird and wonderful powers.Autonomic is family-friendly, and features five Chicago-area performers: Liz Anderson, Taylor B. Hill, Stephen Kropa, Kat Kuhl and Pranks Paul.
Comic Realm with Tiffani podcast is a weekly show that will cover all things comic books, film, news, and much more!
Bliss and Grit
Long time friends Vanessa Scotto and Brooke Thomas are having conversations about being spiritual practitioners in the modern world. How do you find sacredness in today's materialistic society? Is there a place for psychology in the realm of spirituality? Can embodied meditation lead to greater evolution? How do we ultimately embrace more aliveness- all the beauty and crazy, the joys and messes, the bliss and the grit that is a human life? Join us as we feel our way through the path by integ ...
Not Alone
Not Alone is a weekly podcast covering all things mysterious and unexplained. Your hosts, Sam and Jason, have been called 'the Siskel & Ebert of things strange', and others with interest in the paranormal saying that 'as a fellow believer in the weird, it's like coming home'. Join us as we reveal to you the hidden realm of the paranormal, nestled within the so called Real World. From stories you've never heard of, to ones you know by heart, we hope our variety of topics, from Curses to Crypt ...
Realm of Agape Christian Church seeks to provide sound biblically based, relevant media that educates and promotes genuine worship encounters with the One and True Living GOD, Savior and Creator of All - Jesus Christ.
This is an Actual Play of the Thousand Thrones campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition.In a dark bloody age of daemons and of sorcery a new champion must be found. Will our protagonists aid him in these formative steps, or will their choices usher in the Age of the Thousand Thrones, an age of untold darkness?
Did you play Dungeons and Dragons when you were a kid and now have progressed to games like Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age? If so then this podcast is for you!! Each week The Knight Of The Realm will discuss video games in the realms of fantasy, sword and sorcery as well as similar roleplaying games.
A show about what you’re not supposed to say. Thaddeus Russell, author of A Renegade History of the United States, interviews people who break the rules of conventional discourse and expand the realm of the possible.
Reading the Realms
A book club podcast that is reading all of the Forgotten Realms novels in publication order. Join us on our journey across Toril and beyond!
The Official Magic: The Gathering story in podcast audiobook form. Original stories may be found at
Second Best: A DnD Adventure is a real-play D&D 5e comedy podcast created by NYC improvisers.Second Best follows the adventures of Bug, Yolanda, Gail, and Hue in a fantasy realm called Milarien. They’re not the finest adventurers in the land - a fact they’re reminded of a lot - but that won’t stop this determined bunch.Stephen Buckley is your dungeon master, the players are Ali Gordon, Glo Tavarez, Marty Scanlon, and Stephen Kelly.
How does capitalism affect our personal lives? How does the economy affect life at home, relationships at work, romance and dating? Capitalism Hits Home with Dr. Harriet Fraad explores what is happening in the economic realm and its impact on our individual and social psychology. More about Dr. Harriet Fraad:
Sonic Realms
Sonic Realms honors and enhances stories that develop organically from pen and paper role playing games. Role play sessions are recorded, edited, and enhanced with sound effects, a full cast, and a cinematic score, creating an immersive adventure unlike any other.
The best site for Star Realms Strategy!
Season 4: Modular
Connecting You to Podcasts Covering World of Warcraft and other Blizzard Entertainment Games
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KMO talks with Phil, a 31 year-old Massachusetts native living in Baltimore, Maryland about a his political awakening campaigning for Obama as a college student and then voting for Jill Stein a short four years later. Other topics include the Great Awokening, campus culture, Peak Oil, and the potential future struggles of China.…
A bizarre and elusive humanoid creature seems to have an interest in local cats and scaring woman getting their mail, in Santa Fe, Texas. For the past few weeks, what people believe to be some sort of strange primate has been roaming about the south west region of the city, attacking residents and avoiding all attempts of capture by authorities ...…
This is the eighth podcast in a series about the Faerûnian Pantheon. Umberlee is the deity of the sea and oceans. She is a wrathful entity who revels in the destruction and death upon the open seas. Twitter:My personal twitter: Email: Invite for ...…
With more Chaos goodness than a Nurgle stew - it's time for Episode 36! Matt and Cameron discuss the AoS novels "Warcry Anthology" and "Scourge of Fate" as well as talking about their favourite Aspect Warriors! Also on the show:- Would we rather be a servitor or part of the Death Grand Alliance? Howling Banshee Exarch Gotrek lives! Horus Heresy ...…
Hockey is back! We talk about the rookie tournament, training camp, McLellan, and everyone's favorite...Drew DoughtyBy The Kings Realm.
State of the Realm #221 - Live Letter 54 Overview w/ Larry by DREAM NetworkBy DREAM Network. is the official online partner of the Realm of Collectors. Visit today for all your Masterpiece and third party needs! $5.95 flat rate shipping, free shipping on orders over $150, price matching with other online retailers, and Agabucks! Same as cash rewards system! Make a purchase, earn points to use towards you next pu ...…
In this one, Juniper fights a bear and Mateo uncovers the shocking truth behind the mysterious sirens stalking him through the Thicket. I'll have a large popcorn with extra godorni! Transcript: Instagram: @therealmscast Twitter: @therealmscast Website: Music: Many Realms Theme by Nik October (htt ...…
With co-hosts: Ty Prime - DaltiniansTFs - Megamus - Angry Mike - Cadillac Joe - Clutch - Interested in being interviewed on the show? send us a message on Facebook! I ...…
Dogs of Warcry is the first Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Warcry podcast, covering the fast-paced, cinematic, narrative, skirmish-game by Games Workshop. Join us for hobby discussion at drop tips at Contact You want to get a hold of us? Of course you do - here’s how: Website: themortalrealms ...…
This week we speak with Linda Godfrey about her new book "i know what i saw" full of great accounts by people who have witnessed some very strange creatures dogman, bigfoot, fairies & more. The books great so if you'd like a copy or more info on Linda's work this is the link Please feel free to get in touch with us at ...…
Jon is back from his vacation to quickly update us on what we can expect coming up this fall and winter from Dream Realm Enterprises!Rated U for Universal Audiences!
Coverage of WoW Classic podcasting continues, featuring an interview with Allen and Anthony from The Classic Casual podcast! Check out their Discord at RNG for the remainder of the year will feature returning guests from some of Rho’s favorite shows. This week Thorn and Thyst from Lagging Balls pay a visit! ...…
This show be retiring but not to fear for there is a plan! Blog Post (Update as of 09/08/2019: If you don't follow on Twitter, I have a new consolidated podcast called HeadphonesNeil Reviews, where I review movies, TV shows and the random Android App. The public feed and more info can be found at and you can support the ...…
Sr. A. A. Jackson shared this sermon on 9/8/19 (The Complete Version) based on Colossians 1:9-14 – We cannot allow the postmodern, pluralistic spirit of this age (“…to each, his own…”) influence the theology of Christ’s Church. So many souls today have anchored their hopes on the finite hopes of popculture in this life, as opposed to the infini ...…
Episode 208 of the Unspoken Realms podcast, featuring The Gathering Storm, Chapter 8, by Django Wexler. The Gathering Storm is a series of twenty prequel stories to the events of the War of the Spark novel and web fiction. To sign up to receive The Gathering Storm stories weekly by email visit the Penguin Random House signup page. To support Un ...…
Dustin and Rick discuss the newly announced HIGH ALERT expansion for Star Realms as well as Legend Tournament Winners and great new blog posts on! dclingman.
The Mad Ronin are visited by an old friend of Anakis, seeking aid in the City of Londale. A murderer is loose and one of his companions has been falsely imprisoned. It is up to the Ronin to track down the true culprit and help the Hawkins Clan. But what could be worse than a clan of Werewolves? Barney eavesdrops. Sye helps someone in need. Boot ...…
Reading the RealmsEpisode 14- IronhelmA Forgotten Realms book club podcast where we are reading, in publication order, the narrative cannon of the Forgotten Realms. In this episode we discuss the first novel of the Maztica Trilogy, Ironhelm by Doug Niles.For listener responses please send your letters to are also o ...…
KMO and John Michael Greer met up in Lancaster, PA this week to talk about ecofascism. JMG made a bit of a stir a few weeks back when he published an essay on his blog called The Next Twilight of Environmentalism. His thesis is that we're in the early stages of seeing media power-brokers discredit…By KMO.
On today's episode of In the Artists Realm by Sylvia Stein I dive right into Chapter 6 by Author Elizabeth Sims in part II of Crafting Dynamic Dialogue: The Complete Guide to Speaking Conversing, Arguing, and thinking in Fiction. Music all provided by Garage band. Photo courtesy of Steve Johnson through…
PREVIOUSLY: Jet, Curt, Hez, and Dreger all agreed to take out a chop shop full of orcs (The Blood Kings) at the behest of Jets contact, Rabrat. The chop shop is occupied by a small orc gang known as The Blood Kings, and is on the fringes of Rabrats gangs territory. Upon surveillance of the chop shop, Jet overheard talk of a midnight drug deal h ...…
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