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Jake and Sakari are besties that are obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race. Give your ears a treat as they sashay through Season 10 each week. Don't forgot to subscribe!
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Category is: Whore-ganic Produce! Best friend racers Jake and Sakari are back to break down the corn shucks, the burlap sacks, and of course, that Untucked episode. Tune in!
Best friend racers Jake and Sakari are back to discuss all things LOVE CONNIE! Oh - and - Draglympics! Your new favorite gay sport. Tune in!
Sakari and Jake try to make the most out of a well - not so haunted runway! Category is: SPOOK! And the girls all kind of flatlined for us. Tune in!
Category is: Has their been enough time from the election to this maxi challenge?! Best friend racers Sakari and Jake discuss the political satire Grease-inspired musical episode and pick their hits and misses of the season!
Best friend racers Sakari and Jake found themselves asking "GIMME MORE" for Nina West's team's diva worship to the queen Ms. Britney Spears! Catch up with the two as they discuss the Evangelical Diva Worship eleganza of Mariah and Britney in an all new episode!
What's your sign, fan favorites?! Your favorite Scorpio Jake and Aquarius Sakari are here to make it clear: WE LOVE ASTROLOGY!!! Tune in as we continue the countdown to the crown in this "Black Panther" and "Get Out" acting parody challenge extravaganza...and dare we say...maybe the BEST runway challenge?!…
Best friend racers Sakari and Jake are BACK, binches! Season 11 is here and we have a closet-full of queens hitting the work room and the main stage in this super-sized premiere with Hannah Montana AKA BJ AKA Miley Cyrus. Tune in and get ready for our weekly ru-caps of this exciting new season!
Best friend racers Jake and Sakari have finally processed the tomfoolery that was the conclusion for 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4.' The two break down all four's performances, runway looks, and the dramatic finale that had all of us shook.
Category is: Carrie Bradshaw! Best friend racers Jake and Sakari discuss whether they are Carries or Mirandas in this hilarious, punch-packed episode of Sex and the City (and the puns don't stop!)
Category is: Judy Garland! Sakari and Jake discuss the shocking, sickening, and all the new oh ah sensation that goes down in this best Judy episode! In the words of Manila Luzon, it's "BRAND NEW!"
Category is...CLUB 96! Best friend racers Jake and Sakari are here to brighten your Monday morning with an all new Ru-Cap of last week's night clerb challenge! From 'Black Hole' to getting that V.I.B. treatment, you're gonna wanna tune in because they're discussing and dissecting it!
From Nina West to Silky Gananche, Sakari and Jake can't wait to discuss the 15 new queens that will be stomping and strutting down the runway for Season 11 of RuPaul's Drag Race! Tune in to hear who their early favorites are!
Gimme one shot...of ADRENALINE! Sakari and Jake are back to discuss and dissect all things LaLaPaRUza! From our beloved Gia Gunn being back to Naomi Smalls' fierce AF lip sync for your legacy, we can't get enough! Enjoy!
Best friend racers Sakari and Jake are dressed the house down boots in black to discuss the Roast of Lady Bunny and basically Naomi Small's mainstage runway look. Literally angelic.
Order in the courtroom, hunties! Best friend racers Jake and Sakari are back as they Ru-View all your favorite moments from the Jersey Shore-inspired 'Jersey Justice' sketches, and the swerves and curves runway lerks. Tune in!
Well...what you wanna do, isn't necessarily what you're GONNA do?! Best friend racers Jake and Sakari are here to dissect and obsess over this week's Snatch Game of Love! From Wendy Williams to Caitlyn Jenner, the two get to the bottom of this week's tops and bottoms. Tune in!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, HENNIES!!! Best friend racers Sakari and Jake are back from their holiday breaks and ready to dish all things All Stars 4, HENNY! With the main stage challenge of creating girl groups showcasing the she-larious talents of Stacey Lane Matthews, things get sickening, dramatic, and Gia Gunn continues to give us TV gold. Tune in!…
Best friend racers Jake and Sakari are back-back-back-AGAIN with the first ru-view of the season premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4! Tune in as the two gush over Gia Gunn, the variety show, Jasmine Masters, and more!
Hey sis, it's Christmas, you can cross our podcast off of your wish list! We're back to stuff your stocking with our special Christmas edition of the RuPaul's Holi-Slay Spectacular in preparation of All Stars 4 and Season 11. Get into it with us as we discuss Christmas lewrks and Ru's new already-iconic holiday album!…
From Latrice Royale to Manila Luzon,the sickening All Stars 4 casting announcement is here!!! Best friend racers Jake and Sakari are so excited to be back-back-back again talking about our favorite queens! Listen in and hear them dissect and discuss their fan favorites of the new cast.
Happy Halloween! Sakari and Jake bring the spooks, kooks, and spoops as they count down their top 5 SCARIEST movies of all time! From 'Evil Dead 2' to 'The Ring,' find out which films made the list.
Big Mouth Season 2 is here! Our very own Sakari works on the show and spilled the tea on Nick, John, Maya, Jenny, Gina Rodriguez, & everything we can expect for Season 2! Season 2 is streaming on Netflix NOW!
Best friend racer Jake worked the 70th Emmy's and Creative Arts Emmy's this year and shared the BTS scoop with Sakari. From getting a picture with Mama RuPaul to the best lerks on the gold carpet, the two dish about the hit and misses of all your favorite TV shows!
Jake and Sakari break down the series finale of late-summer obsession "Sharp Objects." From small-town boredom to family violence, the best friends deep dive into the show's dark themes, Amy Adam's performance and how it compares to the book by Gillian Flynn.
Category is: REPRESENTATION! Jake and Sakari gush about two of the summer's hottest movies: 'Crazy Rich Asians' & 'BlackkKlansman' and break down representation and race in Hollywood. Join the two for a half hour of Awkwafina, Topher Grace, and a tiny cup of tea of 'Drag Race' drama!
Ever wondered what we've been obsessed with during this hot, sticky, Los Angeles summer? From HBO's miniseries "Sharp Objects" to Azealia Banks to blockbusters (and every indie movie in between), best friends Jake and Sakari discuss all the things that are heating up their summers!
Sakari and Jake's summer series is FINALLY here! We took the train down to SDCC 2018 in style for the annual end-of-June comic book party of all comic book parties wherein we discovered the Wired Cafe party (was lit), sat a football field away from Seth Rogen at the Preacher's panel, visiting all our favorite booths for exclusive merch, and we ...…
Best friend racers Jake and Sakari gift you a double episode this #FanFavoriteFriday as they ru-cap both that infamous ru-union AND the grand finale. From Ru's and Asia's hard head-to-head convo about the Vixen, to Kameron's Taylor Swift exposed party moment, to that forever coined #ButterflyGate lip sync, they'll cover everything you need to g ...…
BONJOUR!!! Best friend racers Sakari and Jake are bringing you a mini Ru-Cap episode (don't worry, they explain it all!) of the final maxi challenge of the season. It's something you don't wanna miss!
Happy Pride, happy life! Best friend racers Sakari and Jake reflect on Pride, their first times putting on wigs, and tell all in this double trouble twin-packed challenge of an episode of Drag Race! Hear them discuss Michelle Visage's curls, Lena Dunham's teal pussycat wig, and the girl's inner saboteurs!…
Best friend racers Sakari and Jake get down to business about this week's maxi challenge extravaganza: Social Media Maven Makeovers! From their favorite runway looks, to the most touching moments in the work room, this hour-packed episode is one you won't wanna miss!
Category is: this episode wasn't...that great?! Best friend racers Sakari and Jake try and make sense of this confusing challenge, runway, et all. They DO however LOVE Deadpool 2.
Drinking game: take a shot every time Jake says "SCHNAPP OUT OF IT!" Okay, so you will get alcohol poisoning but best friend racers Sakari and Jake talk all things Cher in this Cher-larious new episode!
Category is: SNATCH GAME!!! The best challenge in RuPaul's Drag Race herstory was THIS week! From the library being open, to Aquaria's Melania, to Kate Upton, best friend racers Jake and Sakari discuss Episode 7 and more!
CATEGORY IS: Useful Challenge That Will Benefit Queens Long After Their Run On The Season! Best friend racers Sakari and Jake are here to make it clear: they LOVE Blair St. Clair. The two dish on the great main stage challenge and Kumail and Emily.
Best friend racers Sakari and Jake are here to make it clear: they LOVE Shania Twain, diamonds, and denim, okcur?! Catch up as the two dissect Episode 5 of Season 10, hunties.
Category is: GLOBAL...WARMING!!! Best friend racers Sakari and Jake dish on everything RUNWAY, hunties! From bikini bods to faux fur coats, they cover all the LERKS.
Category is: DATING APPS!!! Best friend racers Sakari and Jake break down the hot mess dating apps, Courtney Love, religion in drag, and so much more!
Category is: MEDICINE, hunties! Best friend racers Jake and Sakari discuss "Miss Vanjie," who Halsey and Padma Lakshmi, the musical performances and more!
Best friend racers Jake and Sakari are back-back-BACK again for an all new season of RuPaul's Drag Race SEASON 10! Catch up with the two as they run down everything from the entrance looks, to the girls out of drag, to Christina Aguilera. It's a hefty (but LOL-worthy) hour to get your day gagging!
Squirrelfriends Jake and Sakari (are drunk!) and here to make it clear...they are shook by the results of tonight's finale...that's why we brought you here!
Category is: Oscar-winning raunchy girls comedy! Best squirrelfriends Sakari and Jake are back-back-back-BACK again to dish on all things Episode 7. After Dela's self-immolation, the two dissect Nancy Pelosi's surprise appearance, Morgan McMichael's return to the competition, and the two present their case for WHO should be crowned a winner, baby.…
The face crack of drag race herstory happened in last Thursday's episode, hunties and we have a lot to say about it! Join best friend racers Jake and Sakari for the "what everybody's talking about" gag of the season: Ben's arts and crafts lipstick moment. Buckle up kitty girls as the two discuss everything from Milk's crocodile tears to Baby Spice.…
Category is: SURPRISE, kittygirls! By popular demand, best friend's racers Jake and Sakari will be OFFICIALLY doing a RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Ru-Cap each week. Take a listen as they discuss the 14 new fierce queens in the runway.
Sakari is back in the house and joins Jake for a SOUP-er-sized discussion on everything Andy Warhol Ball! Give your ears a treat as the two dish about Shangela and Trixie's alliance, Ben's face-crack, and more!
All Stars 2 winner Alaska Thunderf*ck joins Jake for an all star studded Snatch Game conversation extravaganza! The two dish on everything from Thorgy's note on Trixie's wall to Ben's Paul Lynde impression. This is one episode you're not gonna want to miss, kittygirls.
Sakari and Jake want to steal you for a second...they want to connect and get to know you a little better. This week's episode was all about "The B*tchelor." Catch up with the two as they pull out their magnifying glasses (and wine glasses) and dissect yet again every drag queen-detailed moment.
Sakari and Jake break down Diva's Live, Vanessa Williams, Todrick Hall, and more! Tag along as they discover what they agree on...and where they are at odds in yet another hilarious episode of Fan Favorite.
Jake & Sakari were GAGGED by this first (dense) episode. The library is open, hunties! Join them as they dissect every runway look, workroom drama, and the surprise final competing Queen. Halleloo!
Meet Sakari and Jake. Best friends that are obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race. The hilarious duo discuss and dissect the new All Stars 3 queens ahead of Thursday's big premiere. From Aja to Trixie Mattel, the pair colorfully guide listeners through their collected (and varied) opinions on the most anticipated season of 'Drag Race' yet. *Gwenyth ...…
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