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Check out Spidell's California Minute — a podcast dedicated to providing you with California tax news snippets. We'll be bringing you tips and hot topics that will save you time, and save your clients tax, in an audio format that you can access at your office or on your phone. So give us a minute, and we'll give you news you can use.
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This week we're covering a few news items that happened at the very end of tax season or just after.
This week we're talking about handling 1099-Gs in terms of which year a refund should be reported.
This week we're covering the IRS's new voluntary disclosure program and an update to the tax transcript service.
This week we're covering the effects of the government shutdown on the upcoming filing season.
This week we're covering the timeframes for reporting federal changes to the FTB and how to report those changes.
This week we're covering entity dissolutions and the $800 minimum or annual tax, because we frequently get questions on how a dissolving entity can avoid being assessed the tax going forward.
This week we’re covering some federal form updates, and notices that business in California will be receiving in early 2019.
This week we are covering a rule that allows some taxpayers domiciled in California to be treated as nonresidents.
In part 2 of our series on §199A planning tips, this week, we have tips to consider for businesses to maximize the deduction.
This week, we're covering some planning tips related to the IRC §199A deduction for individual taxpayers.
This week we're talking about the changes made to Schedule CA to allow for the differences between federal and California law following tax reform.
This week we're covering letters the CDTFA is sending out to individuals about use tax obligations, and what those letters might mean.
This week we're covering the administrative dissolution process, for which Spidell has been advocating for years to help taxpayers abate outstanding tax liabilities.
This week we are covering specified service businesses for the purposes of the §199A deduction.
This week we have a bit more information on how the EDD has reacted to the California Supreme Court's decision in Dynamex.
This week we are talking about waiving penalties for reasonable cause, whether it's because of a power outage or reliance on a preparer.
This week we're covering regulations that confirm the tax reform act elimination of miscellaneous itemized deductions does not eliminate expenses that were previously deductible under IRC §67(e).
This week we're covering business meal expense guidance that tax pros have been waiting for since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act went into effect.
This week we're talking about raising fees as a result of the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
This week we're covering FUTA and what it means to employers that California has paid off its unemployment account loan balance.
This week we have some stats on FTB business audits, including the FTB's business audit workload, how long these cases are taking, and how much revenue is being generated from these audits.
This week we're covering some of the bills that made to the Governor's desk and are awaiting his signature, including another bill in conflict with the IRS's recent proposed regulations.
This week we're covering the IRS proposed regulations disallowing charitable contribution deductions to funds that many states put in place to circumvent the limitation on state and local tax deductions.
This week we have some follow-up information regarding the problems that practitioners have been having with accessing client accounts through MyFTB.
This week we're covering the high points of the recently-released proposed regulations under §199A.
This week we're covering a lighter non-tax topic: waste and misuse of time by state employees.
This week we’re covering the filing requirements for Form FTB 3840 when a passthrough or disregarded entity does a like-kind exchange.
This week we’re covering who can and cannot sign a tax return for a fee in California and the potential penalties.
This week we’re covering data breaches and what to do if your practice has been affected.
This week we're covering tax preparer regulation efforts, starting with the recent situation in Nevada that's keeping Enrolled Agents from being able to do their jobs.
This week we’re covering an initiative to split California into smaller pieces and how that would play out if it passes.
This week we’re covering the recent Wayfair decision and the potential effect on sales and use tax collection.
This week, we're covering the new centralized partnership audit rules and SB 274, which lays out partnership reporting requirements for FTB purposes.
This week, we're covering mandatory electronic payments and the associated penalties and waivers.
This week we're talking about community property and how couples might keep income separate if they wish to do so.
This week we're covering areas of California nonconformity to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
This week we're covering SB 993, legislation that has been introduced in California to impose a sales tax on services.
This week we're talking about the steps to take if a taxpayer qualifies for Ralite treatment.
This week is the first of a two-part series covering the Ralite case, which relieves certain taxpayers of debt liability when they walk away from a business entity.
This week we’re looking at bills that California and two other states are using to get around limitations put in place by the tax reform act.
This week we’re going to be covering penalty abatement and what constitutes reasonable cause.
This week we're covering FTB notices and how to best contact the FTB.
This week we're covering what to do if a direct deposit refund is directed into the wrong bank account, and then we have some tips for communicating with the FTB.
This week we're covering a new bill that's trying to offset one big change made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.
This week we're covering the details of the filing extension provided to taxpayers affected by certain 2017 disasters.
This week we're covering a continuing problem with taxpayers receiving a 1099-G in a year different than the year the refund was actually received.
This week we're covering notices the FTB sends when they need to verify taxpayer information and how you can verify the legitimacy of a notice.
This week we have a reminder about the EDD’s e-pay mandate and how to get a waiver.
This week we have an update to the idea of prepaying 2018 taxes in 2017, which we had discussed in a flash e-mail last week.
This week we're covering virtual currencies, with an update regarding the IRS's attempt to get its hands on bitcoin transaction records.
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