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Back at ur face with @shalanegoos coming through to SWEEP the whole show! They get deep in Zevia's almost soda merits during the 'Chubby Chaser'; talk Dan's liquor store blessings for the 'Weigh in' and get all troll comment greasy during the 'Troll Toll'. Luds ya'll. TYBG.
The Cf Bois Bring in @Jackbreal The hood philosopher to get carbonated coffee Lit during the 'Chubby Chaser' and they all take shots at the weirdest coffee soda ever, they Get deep into the weight of switch cartridges and match up the wildest troll comments to their internet mamas during the 'Troll Toll'. Tell a friend! TYBG!…
The CF Bois welcome @aceobrody_psg to get 69 sideways during the 'Chubby Chaser'. All three can't help singing I believe I can fly as they bless the base god with praise and get all troll comment deep during the 'Troll Toll'! Luds ya'll! TYBG!
ChubbyFat is back with @derek_d_brown to kick it off again! We talk apple whispers in the ‘Chubby Chaser’ soda review; Breakdown that Gold Bond baby oil science and Derek Sweeps all the internet's nastiest troll comments during the ‘Troll Toll’. Luds Ya’ll! TYBG!
The CF Boys welcome Highland Park's finest @darkside90042 to all the fat funnery! They go talk taco hard during the 'Chubby Chaser' as they sip Goya Champagne! Dan weighs himself in old ass parmesan cheese packets for the 'Weigh In" and they all get deep in the dot com dungeons during the 'Troll Toll' with the internets weirdest troll comments. ...…
The Boy celebrate 69 with Fat Familia Alex Alpharaoh (@Alpharaoh)! They wish him well on his national tour for "Wet:A Dacamented Journey" and sipp nasty as all Chinese Red bull For the 'Chubby Chaser'. Get real competitive during the 'Weigh in' and Dan brings in possibly the worst dungeon Troll garbage ever for the 'Troll Toll'. Peep the new ho ...…
The CF Bois welcome @aKoldPiece who educates them on College football smash tactics during 'The Chubby Chaser' as they all sip Chinese Coca Cola. Harold get's a dub guessing Dan's weight in ketchup packets for the 'Weigh In' and we all get points as they dive into the internets worst with the 'Troll Toll'. Thanks ya'll, Luds you, TYBG! Tell A f ...…
The CF Bois welcome Elisa Noemi @elisasonrisa and she hits the 'Chubby Chaser' after a decade long root beer void! Elisa does ALL the math possible during the 'Weigh In' and as always the 'Troll Toll' involves the internet's nastiest! Luds Yall!
The Boys welcome Ryan Schumaker @YesThisIsRyan to his Fifth dive into the Fat games! They pledge allegiance to Cola during the 'Chubby Chaser' Guess a man's weight in salsa cups and Dan brings in the worst comments the internet has to offer during 'The Troll Toll'. Luds ya'll! TYBG!
The boys welcome @june_skinny_blak aka June, aka the human scale aka Lean Tag Team belt holder to a LIT AF weed garage explosion. They Sipp potentially Racist soda on da 'Chubby Chaser' Guess Dan's weight in his own personal disgust 4 da 'Weigh in' and June Sweeps the 'Troll Toll' bringing out all the barrels in Harolds mouth! Luds Ya'll! TYBG.…
The CF Boys welcome @the_last_letter Pomona familia Z to sip lemonade next to Harold's sweaty Colombian sweep of the 'Troll Toll'. The boy's enlighten Z to the the fact Ray-J Hit it first and they play all the ChubbyFat games! TYBG.
What does republican soda taste like? The ChubbyFat Boys Welcome @Alexluu to find out! They sip Peach cream while Alex overthinks the 'Weigh In' but comes back and snatches the 'Troll Toll' from Harold for an RIP Q Worldstarr and Xhamster sweep! We love ya'll. TYBG.
Da CF Boys welcome Nato @iamnewagetakeover to get his AC Slater Muscles all over all the ChubbyFat Favs. They sip cloudy AF Ginger ale during the 'Chubby Chaser' and Harold and Dan roast out there feels during "The Weigh In'. GUn SOunds, Air Horns, TYBG!
The CF boys welcome poetic funny man @Ghettospeare to get Fat! Ghetto hits the 'Weigh In' with a GZA like confidence and Harold sweeps 'Troll Toll' but not before throwing a temper tantrum! Game knows game grandpa! Thanks ya'll WE LUDS YOU!
The ChubbyFat Boys got glass laced soda for the 'Chubby Chaser' Guest Raymond Gabriel Dives into the the CF games with a belly full of the worst coconuts got to offer and Harold GEts all the deep dark internet troll goodness on point during the 'Troll Toll'. TYBG. Member Orbitz.
@Egyptianprincess8 Links up with the ChubbyFat Boys yet again! We get pirate machete rootbeer LIT and Harold Sweeps the 'Troll Toll' in perfect pervert fashion! Check it out, Tell a friend, Share like survive! We love Ya'll!
The Boys get fat with da homie Alex @Alpharaoh. He brings his critically acclaimed talents to our show about nothing and Beats Harold in all the ChubbyFat Games! Apple beer on the 'Chubby Chaser' Dan's new book on the 'Weigh In' Alpharaoh on top of the whole Ting!
Our Boy @MatthewSterlingNye back to get Fat,Kick off the New monthly Houseband schedule, and drink the most fire 'Chubby Chaser' in a Minute! while Throwing the loudest Fire possible during all the ChubbyFat games! Follow him @matthewsterlingnye! Follow us @chubbyfat! Follow your hearts into the grave!!!! Follow the houseband: https://soundclou ...…
Chubby Fat again wit all da whisper gun sounds and jadakiss giggles possible! Tyrone Stokes @lttherapper deeply contemplates dead batteries weight while half enjoying cherry flavored Ginger beer and the boys go deep into booty eating tactics during the 'Troll Toll'.
Pineapple cider topped off anime arguments with @Penclique co-host Kuya David! We get Fat and Welcome Dan's partner in poetry David back to CF! They get deep into marketing trends and incest porn during all the Chubby Fat games.
The Fat is BACK! Long Hiatus! The Bois back to weekly and welcome @christian_deboe to help get us back in! 'Chubby Chaser' soda review is Vile! 'WeighIn' is Empty Alpine Cartridges and 'Troll Toll' back with those deep internet comment cuts!
These Chubby MF's cant stop talking about DBZ, Then vomit on each other over the doo-doo soda they drank! Plus! Harold sweeps ALL GAMES and our guest David Romero fusion dances with... Daniel? ( Call back, BABY!)
THE BOY'S ARE BACK BABY!!! After a long Hiatus Chubbyfat is back with 'Africola' on the ChubbyChaser soda review, GEt real Dumb during Troll Toll and plug Dan's nEw podcast 'Pen Clique' HArd AF!!!!
The CF Boys Welcome Boobie and Matt Nye to a LIT AF Backyard Burner!!! They play all the ChubbyFat games, sip wild Peach soda, and fight about Ninja Gaiden!
whoop whoop! fam!, we'd like to welcome our fellow ninjas! to this special! ALT RIGHT REPUBLICAN JUGGALO RADIO EPISODE1!!1
Guess who's* back in the MF house*, with a Podcast for ya MF mouth*? (L to R) *daniel & harold *apartment *ears? mouth is cool too.
this week: Seriously WTF! is wrong with us*?! *(mostly harold, but kinda daniel too, lol)
The boys once again prove that with a little editing and pharoahe monch "simon says" clips. you can MAKE ANY MF PODCAST POP THE FUCK OFF, B! GET THE FUCK UP!
The CF Bois are back with that Poke Gang Gang Go FIRE!!! They Play 'Troll Toll' Harry gets his hair braided, and it Pracks off Gary Oak WOKE AF!!!!
We Bang out another APT jammer this week with a another MF clip show! Since we just celebrated our 1 Year Anal-Versery! We reflect on all the good times that got us here to our current state of fuckboi existence. ENJOY!
The CF BOIS go solo as Gucci in his cell! No Guest...But 'Wu-Knows', the best 'Troll Toll' possibly ever and New poetry from Daniel J. Cheese!!!
The ChubbyFat boys get back yard lit with spoken word artist and fellow foodie Myron Dimitri Woods. They sip some of the healthiest soda ever made, play all of the CF standards and go long in the paint.
The CF Boys welcome Jake Cavallaro AKA Jake Chambers to a show filled with Grape pop fire! They breakdown Game of thrones theories and Jake gets salty AF about the ChubbyFat Games!
The CF Boys go solo to bring you Harry's Coachella Update, Dan'sVegas Stories and a few of the Fat Games! They play 'Wu Knows' Siphorrible soda and create a new genre of trap muzik!
Jackie Estay (@jibbalee) drops by the backyard to give Dan and Harry tattoos and drug stories from South America! They Play "Philias, Phobias, and Foes" and get all Dancehall Horn HYPHY!!!
YO!, microphone check 1, 2, what is this? The ChubbyFat Podcast with the roughneck business! Peep the solo show this week we go HELLA META and be americans on easter. we drink soda,play troll toll and cry about phife.
Poet, Actor, and Director Alex Alpharaoh (@Alpharaoh) Comes by the backyard to Get Fat AF! Alex break down the always fire CF Games and HARRY ACTUALLY WINS an episode!!!
Poets, Artist, and Curator of the "Promenade Gallery" in Pomona Mary 'Egyptian Princess' Tawadros comes by the show to breakdown that Egyptian science. They sip Dad's Red Pop and Play all the Fat Standards!
Moving along with this weeks SOLO DOLO show. were a bit behind due to Harold being kidnapped by Colombian drug lords (his parents). this week: G.O.T STONED! w/ Papa Colombia!, WU-Knows! w/ Harold and a bunch of other CF ramblings! Also, welcome the new ChubbyFat House band: IRIS (…
This week on CF we have a special international send off for our great friend, the lovely Leslie Flores (@lesnmnflores). We talk Leslie's move to Shanghai, China, Drink Japanese fizz water and discover the reverse aging process which is leslies impersonation of Ric Flair.
Ryan Schumaker ( hits ChubbyFat for the third time and his hot comedy fire comeback makes Harold literally PASS OUT! Listen to Harold recover from a lil' seizure at the awe of Daniel and Ryan.
This week on ChubbyFat: We have Poet David A. Romero! ( We get Hella fat with the Chubby Chaser soda review and talk about the beauty of how Wasps swag out with Cosby sweaters built into their DNA. Also, who will win the cursed Insane Clown Posse Cup??!?!?!?!?..................its Harold..........again..........…
This week the CF boys welcome Poet David Lazzaro! ( Creator/director of the The Prime Poetry League ( We talk dem many bout da grime uk scene bruv, Major Keys and about how Lil B the based god blessed us. David beats Harold at games most likely and ...…
ChubbyFat welcomes Mike Maldonado of the Band IRIS ( He uses his ever popular "Bass Face" thru our Chubby Chaser and Goes "Mano 'a Mano" with Harold in Craigsaves and Troll toll.
Join the ChubbyFat boys with Will (@xbsglendora) Skateboard guru and master of all things downhill. They introduce 3 time guest Will to pay the "Troll Toll" for the first time and get all NPR with it.
Join the boys in a quaint Q & A with guest Justin David Mora! (@justindavidmora). The host of the new weekly trivia show "Just Trivia" ( at Bread & Barley in Downtown Covina, CA. We Flex Heavy thru Nature VS Nurture and Harold proves yet again that World Star has taught him more than ...…
The CF boys go one bedroom apartment to intro new segment music! Papa Colombia stops by to breakdown his appearance in the CF commercial during "G.O.T. Stoned" and they all sip the super fire "Fizzy Lizzy" Soda!
The ChubbyFat Boys welcome Poet and Activist Matt Sedillo to the CF antics. Matt sweeps "Troll Toll" but Harold come backs for the "Craig Saves" Win!
ChubbyFat celebrates 6 months of being alive by shoeless tap dancing with guest Rayne Lew (@theheroinechic) of Sleeping Forest! ( Harold hosts Troll Toll, the boys breakdown how to get into Heaven and Rayne Enlightens Dan to appliance humping etiquette.
The CF Boys welcome OdiousxEarth ( Hip-Hop voltron force comprised of Von Odious (@vonodious) and Earth(@earrrth). They sip butterscotch witch brew and breakdown the white Worldstarr...Huffington Post.
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