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Odd Lots
Bloomberg’s Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway take you on a not-so random weekly walk through hot topics in markets, finance and economics.
Crypto assets and blockchain technology are about to transform every trust-based interaction of our lives, from financial services to identity to the Internet of Things. In this podcast, host Laura Shin, an independent journalist covering all things crypto, talks with industry pioneers about how crypto assets and blockchains will change the way we earn, spend and invest our money. Tune in to find out how Web 3.0, the decentralized web, will revolutionize our world. Disclosure: I'm a nocoiner.
Hosted by David Beckworth of the Mercatus Center, Macro Musings is a podcast which pulls back the curtain on the important macroeconomic issues of the past, present, and future.
The AICPA presents the Journal of Accountancy podcast. Where we talk about the key issues facing the accounting profession.
Earn miles without flying. Frequent Miler is all about getting the most out of the loyalty game. You can easily earn hundreds of thousands of points and miles without traveling, then learn how to use those points towards luxury travel. In this podcast, Frequent Miler founder Greg, and senior author Nick debate current topics in the points & miles world.
Simply Economics
A weekly economic recap of U.S. market activity and events.
Welcome to a real-world MBA, where entrepreneurs guide you through what it really takes to start, scale, and sell your own business. Your hosts: J and Carol Scott, who left careers in corporate management to launch their own house-flipping business. Every Tuesday, you'll meet a new guest and learn actionable tips for hiring, firing, marketing, raising capital and more. So whether you're looking to boost profits or bring a new idea to life, you'll come away informed and inspired. Tune in, and ...
Flippening is for cryptocurrency investors. Each week we discuss the cryptocurrency economy, new investment strategies for maximizing returns, and stories from the front lines of financial disruption. Flippening is for a new class of investors that were not part of the financial services world before bitcoin, but got into finance because of their passion for cryptoassets, blockchain, altcoins, and distributed ledger technology.
Hear from energy pioneers from across the globe who are accelerating the shift to clean energy by making their own electric power for their homes, offices, and communities. Join TED speaker and Solar Inventions CEO Bill Nussey and co-host Sam Easterby as they talk to the individuals who are disrupting the century-old grid monopoly and making clean, local energy a reality. Visit for more.
Citations Needed
Citations Needed is a podcast about the intersection of media, PR, and power, hosted by Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson.
The latest business and finance news from around the world from the BBC
Brad Farris & Jill Salzman tackle the most complex small business questions of our day. "Why can't I hire competent employees?" "How do I make more money without driving myself nuts?" "How do I take over the world?" They’ll get to the bottom of these mysteries with help from entrepreneurial geniuses, product pushers, brilliant branders and a ragtag team of moguls intent on magnifying profit. The soothsayers of success have arrived, and you don’t want to miss the priceless insights of these p ...
Tim Harford tells the fascinating stories of inventions, ideas and innovations which have helped create the economic world.
Interviews with Economists about their New Books
A personal finance and investing podcast on money, how it works, how to invest it and how to live without worrying about it. J. David Stein is a former Chief Investment Strategist and money manager. For close to two decades, he has been teaching individuals and institutions how to invest and handle their finances in ways that are simple to understand. More info at
Our editors and correspondents give their authoritative take on the markets, the economy and the world of business. Published every Tuesday on Economist Radio.
Dialogs around making the transition to becoming a consultant / business advisory for Accountants and Software Professionals
Who will win the trade war, and how? If the job market is so strong, why does your paycheck seem so meager? What will drive the economy of the future? Stephanomics, a podcast hosted by Bloomberg Economics head Stephanie Flanders, the former BBC economics editor and chief market strategist for Europe at JPMorgan Asset Management, will take listeners on location each week to answer questions like these and bring the global economy to life.
The London School of Economics and Political Science public events podcast series is a platform for thought, ideas and lively debate where you can hear from some of the world's leading thinkers. Listen to more than 200 new episodes every year.
Trump, Inc.
He’s the President, yet we’re still trying to answer basic questions about how his business works: What deals are happening, who they’re happening with, and if the President and his family are keeping their promise to separate the Trump Organization from the Trump White House. “Trump, Inc.” is a joint reporting project from WNYC Studios and ProPublica that digs deep into these questions. We’ll be layout out what we know, what we don’t and how you can help us fill in the gaps. WNYC Studios is ...
Are you thirsty for more joy in your everyday? Do you want to get paid to do what you love? Do you want to figure out your greatest passion, your purpose, and how to turn that into a profitable, thriving full-time career? Each week, host Cathy Heller has honest conversations with successful creative entrepreneurs about the hands-on, practical steps to make a living doing what lights you up, and build a life that you can't wait to wake up to every single day. You've got so much to contribute ...
HBR IdeaCast
A weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management from Harvard Business Review.
World Business Academy
The World Business Academy is a non-profit business think tank and network of business and thought leaders founded in 1986 with the mission to inspire and help business assume responsibility for the whole of society.Our monthly show focuses on the state of the political economy including trends we see emerging in markets and how our listeners can prepare for them.
This is Bombshell, a bi-weekly podcast coming to you from Washington insiders to dissect today’s foreign policy crises and tomorrow’s security challenges. We’ll talk military strategy, White House mayhem, and the best cocktails known to (wo)man. Brought to you by War on the Rocks.
Business Daily
The daily drama of money and work from the BBC.
The M.O.C.
Welcome to the Marine Operating Concepts (M.O.C.) The Marine Corps is an organization filled with unique individuals from all over the world. This podcast focuses on orders, policies, leadership and mentorship styles, the good times and the bad times in our corps. The goal is to provide you with thought provoking concepts, share ideas about the Marine Corps, and most importantly tools to help you work through issues you face. You're not alone in your thoughts, ideas, or issues so why not lea ...
Let’s face it, the world isn’t flat. Cultural intelligence is becoming an increasingly important asset for any businessperson. Beyond obtaining cultural intelligence, today’s businessperson must also manage cross-cultural relationships. Throughout this podcast series, we will hold conversations with global professionals and experts to explore how culture affects business. InternationalHub is a multimedia content producer devoted to helping you find your way, wherever the winds take you. Visi ...
Welcome to the Boss Mom Podcast, where mompreneurs and women in all stages of raising their business and family come to get tools, tips and support to help make their Boss Mom world just a little bit easier. With host Dana Malstaff
Business Game Changers covers the Big issues, disruptions, and cutting edge innovation. Each episode brings you leading experts, visionaries, and newsmakers to provide insights on trends, fluctuating markets, and important issues. Join us weekly to hear about our changing business world and how you can be part of the evolving game.
Overnight on Wall Street is morning in Europe. Bloomberg Daybreak Europe is anchored live from London and New York tracking breaking news in Europe and around the world. Markets never sleep, and neither does Bloomberg News. Monitor your investments 24 hours a day, around the clock from around the globe. Hosted by Caroline Hepker and Markus Karlsson.
Every trading day, Numbers By Barron's breaks down the market's most important stories into three essential numbers.
On Songland’s podcast we wanted to give the guest artists and winning songwriters from Songland the opportunity to go even deeper into the intimate and mysterious art of songwriting as they see it. Listen as they tell the fascinating stories of their songs’ creation in never-before-heard detail, and further peel back the curtain on this magical process. Songland's podcast debuted with the release of four introductory episodes, one with each of the three producers on the show, Ryan Tedder (Be ...
"It's like Steve Martin meets Steve Forbes." - Jim Stovall - NY Times Best Selling Author. Experience business school without the BS with former US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year Clay Clark and the optometrist turned business tycoon Doctor Robert Zoellner. This award-winning team has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Pando Daily, etc.
In each episode of "Exchanges at Goldman Sachs," people from the firm share their insights on developments shaping industries, markets and the global economy.
Hosted by Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood, “Make Me Smart with Kai & Molly” is a weekly podcast about the economy, technology and culture. In a time when the world is moving faster than ever, this podcast is where we unpack complex topics, together. Because none of us is as smart as all of us.
The Anti-Capitalist Chronicles look at capitalism through a Marxist lens. Support the show on Patreon and get early access to episodes and more:
This show is about the amazing stories of world-class multi-millionaire and billionaire founders , how they started and how they succeeded. Founder Stories include the founders of Facebook(Mark), Linked-in(Reid), WhatsApp(Jan), Ben and Jerry Ice creams(the name says it), Instagram(Kevin), Amazon(Jeff), Pandora(Tim), Hershey Chocolates(Milton) and more.You will hear their struggles and seemingly insurmountable problems and how they emerged victoriously, so you too can succeed as a founder.
The Global Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation is a non-profit focused on building a global SOF community-- and SOFspot is our podcast! Join GSF Director of Marketing Chelsea Hamashin, with President Stu Bradin, COO Meaghan Keeler-Pettigrew, and the team as we talk to SOF legends, discuss relevant technologies, and look at the ever-changing battlefield. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss an episode.
CNBC Editor-at-Large John Harwood sits down with 2020 election candidates, top political decision makers, and key influencers, from Elizabeth Warren to Gary Cohn to John Legend, in their favorite hangouts for relaxed, in-depth conversations that reveal who they are and what drives them.
ForbesBooks Radio
If you are an entrepreneur determined to start a business or a seasoned pro looking to grow your business, join us to go behind closed doors to hear from authorities who have faced the same challenges and are here to share their expertise.
The MFCEO Project
Do you really want to fulfill your own true potential? Learn how to build a real business with Andy Frisella on The MFCEO Project. Andy is an entrepreneur, CEO, author, and public speaker. He's built a $100+ million empire from nothing; and on the MFCEO Project he's going to show you how to do that, too. His podcast covers entrepreneur basics like money, marketing, and management. But Andy also takes your business to the next level with goal setting, productivity, the success mindset and mor ...
Axios Pro Rata
Get smarter, faster on the most talked-about topics in tech, business and politics in just 10 minutes. Hosted by Axios' business editor, Dan Primack.
Build your business the fabulous, feminine way with Tash Corbin and the #ladyposse. This podcast shares gorgeous heart-centred and connected strategies for creating and growing your online business, whilst having lots of fun and addressing pesky mindset blocks along the way. Being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t mean you need to become pushy, nor does it mean you suddenly have to be a perfect human specimen - join us for real, connected, human business done beautifully.
A monthly series offering perspectives on events and trends affecting the economy, the financial markets, and investment management.
Host Fred Dews interviews experts from the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization (think tank) based in Washington, D.C., about their research and ideas on solutions to the most pressing public policy challenges facing the nation and the world.
The Energy Gang
Looking to understand the fast-changing world of energy? This isn't your ordinary energy business show. Every week, we debate and discuss the latest trends in energy, cleantech, renewables, and the environment. Join us as we explore the forces transforming energy markets in America and around the world.
DOWNERS: the definitive podcast about sadness, hosted by Jack Bearheart, Kate Dufour, and Hao Lian. Downers is a weekly podcast with an episode released every Wednesday and sometimes Thursday and sometimes, sigh, even Friday if work is really busy. Follow us on Twitter @downersradio. You can find archives of all our episodes online at Stay safe out there.
Economic Update is a weekly nationally syndicated radio program produced by Democracy at Work and hosted by Richard D. Wolff. The program explores complex economic issues and empowers listeners with information to analyze their own financial situation as well as the economy at large. By focusing on the economic dimensions of everyday life - wages, jobs, taxes, debts, and profits - the program explores alternative ways to organize markets and government policies.
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In the US, big pharmaceutical companies are on trial, following the deaths of 400 thousand people who took opioid drugs. Canada holds a general election with tax cuts and environmental concerns about the oil industry on the agenda. And we'll hear about more Brexit uncertainty which continues to drag the pound lower – while thousands of miles aw ...…
The one thing all entrepreneurs have in common is that we started our businesses in order to give ourselves more time and money freedom. The ugly truth is, most entrepreneurs have zero freedom. They are constantly stressed and exhausted. As a result, their families suffer. What do we need to do in order for our businesses to give us true freedo ...…
All the BiggerPockets podcast hosts on stage in one place! This bonus episode was recorded at the BiggerPockets Conference last week in front of a live audience of more than 1,000 people at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee. We turned the mics over to our members, who fired a bunch of great questions at Scott Trench and Mindy ...…
Truck drivers and the robots that could replace them. Jahd Khalil visits a truck stop in the US state of Virginia to find out why there's a chronic shortage of truckers in the US. Robert Brown from the robotics company TuSimple and Greg Hastings, associate partner at McKinsey & Co, tell Manuela Saragosa why long-distance driving is exactly the ...…
How does a company lose $39 billion in value in just a few weeks? This week we’re diving into all the unicorn companies that rode a wave of venture capital hype onto the rocky, unforgiving shores of the stock market. It’s not just WeWork either — Uber, Slack, Snap and plenty of other tech darlings have struggled after their splashy IPOs. Is it ...…
Top scientist, Sir Charles Shults, joins the program to explain the real science behind CO2 and global warming. He explains the hoax is not only bad science, but dangerous to human and biological survival on the planet. He explains what actual problems we have and what reasonable solutions are available (which there are simple solutions no gove ...…
We ask whether high rent for students means only the wealthy can get the best education. Pietro Fioretta is a student who helped launch a Cut the Rent campaign, and explains the problem. Daniel Markovits, author of The Meritocracy Trap discusses how high rental costs impact students from poorer backgrounds. And we hear how students in the Nethe ...…
Melanie Katzman Ph.D., shares specific and actionable ways to better connect with people, the lost art of smiling, saying “got it” when colleagues send you completed tasks, calling people by their name, etc.By Clay Clark.
Aaron Antis (the marketing director of Shaw Homes) and Luke Owens (the founder of The Hub Gym) share how implementing Clay Clark’s proven systems has allowed them to DOUBLE the size of their businesses.By Clay Clark.
Alex and Steve started Reddit in a small apartment. Despite its many problems and coming close to shutting down, it survived and today is valued at more that a couple of billion dollars. Let us see how they did it.By Vijay Peduru: A Student of extra-ordinary, world-class entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs,Richard Branson,Jeff Bezos and others.He is inspired by “How I built this” and “Side hustle School”.
Think economics is the "dismal science" with abstract formulas that have no impact on life as it is actually lived? Think again. In The Economists' Hour: False Prophets, Free Markets, and the Fracture of Society (Little Brown, 2019), Binyamin Appelbaum--former correspondent and now an editorial board member of the New York Times--brings to life ...…
Investors are losing faith in Uber's promise of rapid growth and market disruption, and are demanding to see actual profits. Oracle's founder Larry Ellison has gone as far as to describe the transport app company as "almost worthless".Manuela Saragosa speaks to Scott Galloway, professor of marketing at NYU Stern School of Business, who says the ...…
Congressman Patrick McHenry, or 'Mr. Fintech' to his peers in the House, is announcing the reintroduction of the Financial Services Innovation Act, a bill that would create what he calls "permanent beta testing," or many jurisdictions call "regulatory sandboxes," in which entrepreneurs can apply for regulatory approval to conduct innovative exp ...…
The Boeing downgrades are rolling in. Stock pickers are losing money to index funds. And what the bulls and the bears say ahead of Snap's earnings report today. Host: Nicholas Jasinski. Producer: Mette Lützhøft.By Barron's.
What’s In This Episode: You've gotten results from your press outreach! Now what? "Showing people that some media outlet covered you gives them perceived validation." - Jill Most people will do a happy dance (sometimes for two hours) and then post on their socials allll about it. But, Jill says, you could be doing so much more. Any time you get ...…
How would you run your business differently if you started with the end in mind? Today’s show is all about forming your exit strategy up front… and there’s no one more qualified to talk about that than the co-founders of Barefoot Wine. Bonnie Harvey and Michael Houlihan weren’t even “wine people” when they went into business. Yet they found a w ...…
In this episode, Freeing Energy Podcast Host Sam Easterby talks with Jereme Kent, founder and CEO of Ohio based One Energy. Jereme shares his journey from the biggest utility scale wind projects in the United States to the complex world of behind the meter wind energy focused on industrial users and how new distributed energy models allow those ...…
The cost of chartering a supertanker surges and Cuba's banks accept foreign currency.By BBC World Service.
This episode is the first installment of our two-part series on the history of crypto exchanges. I’m joined by Nathaniel Whittemore, freelance crypto communications strategist and curator of Long-Reads Sundays on Twitter. This conversation is part of a larger series we’re doing on crypto exchanges. As part of this series, we’ve already intervie ...…
TikTok overtook YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook in U.S. downloads last year, and now, even news organizations are trying to cash in on that audience. Dan digs in with The Washington Post’s TikTok producer, Dave Jorgenson. Plus: Facebook friends a Democratic presidential candidate and how esports could become part of the Olympics.…
At least eleven people have died in protests in Chile sparked by a rise in metro fares. A state of emergency has been declared in many parts of the country. Jane Chambers is a journalist based in Santiago, and explains the background to the unrest. And we get a sense of how businesses are coping with the disruption from David Lloyd, chief execu ...…
The founder of Tru Labs (Healthy Supplements) joins us to share how he turned his passion into a product.By Clay Clark.
Specifically, how did Dr. Z move from his optometry practice to each subsequent business? How do you find businesses that are struggling, where you can add value?By Clay Clark.
Can the U.S. economy have a recession without it turning into a crisis? In the old days, such garden-variety recessions were fairly common. These days, less so. But why is this? And can we go back to the old-style soft recessions? The issue, arguably, is that private sector balance sheets (both debts and assets) have grown so large relative to ...…
The demands of the working day and our 24-hour economy mean many of us don't get the recommended seven to eight hours sleep a night. Experts say all that sleep deprivation comes at an economic cost. Manuela Saragosa looks at the business case for sleep. Contributors: Danielle Marchant, Executive Coach. Matthew Walker, Professor of Neuroscience ...…
Stocks of deal-making companies are rallying. What to expect from Boeing's earnings on Wednesday. And why McDonald's stands out in the thriving fast-food industry. Host: Alexandra Scaggs. Producer: Mette Lützhøft.By Barron's.
How do you stay disciplined to consistently take messy action and serve your heart out every day? Kelly Roach, business coach, strategist, bestselling author, and podcaster knows the ins and outs of building an unstoppable and profitable team that elevates your business. She shares the fundamental principles of creating unlimited success, tips ...…
Frances Coppola is a former banker, financial writer, and an author of a recent book titled, *The Case for People’s Quantitative Easing*, and she joins the show today to talk about it. David and Frances also discuss the overall potential effectiveness of helicopter drops, how they would be deployed during future recessions, and the criticisms a ...…
Frances Coppola is a former banker, financial writer, and an author of a recent book titled, *The Case for People’s Quantitative Easing*, and she joins the show today to talk about it. David and Frances also discuss the overall potential effectiveness of helicopter drops, how they would be deployed during future recessions, and the criticisms a ...…
Greg and Nick discuss favorite moments, lessons learned, and other final thoughts on the 40K to Far Away challenge.
In 1952, economist William Vickrey devised an innovative system of turnstiles to help solve a major problem on New York’s subway network. It never became a reality, but, as Tim Harford explains, the idea behind it has had a major influence on how companies decide what to charge us for goods and services today.…
Clay breaks down why the former Secretary of State Colin Powell was correct when he wrote, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”By Clay Clark.
Trump Photographer, Ray Reynolds, discuss what the media hates to report: the truth behind the Trump Rally’s. Ray Reynolds should know, he has photographed over 60 Trump events including the inauguration. His photos were featured in President Trump’s first campaign ad and in some of the most high profile pictures seen in the media. The stories ...…
Trump Photographer, Ray Reynolds, discuss what the media hates to report: the truth behind the Trump Rally’s. Ray Reynolds should know, he has photographed over 60 Trump events including the inauguration. His photos were featured in President Trump’s first campaign ad and in some of the most high profile pictures seen in the media. The stories ...…
Could you do us a favor? Take our listener survey so we can give you more relevant content: The world’s fifth-largest economy looked more like a developing country last week, as PG&E purposefully cut power to millions of people in Northern California for days. We knew this was coming. The growing safety and financial risk of w ...…
US markets had a disappointing day; we hear from Peter Jankovskis at Oakbrook InvestmentsBy BBC World Service.
We sat down with AQ and Islamic State expert, Dr. Nelly Lahoud, for a deep dive into the now declassified documents recovered from Osama Bin Laden's Compound in Abbottabad. Dr. Lahoud took us through what she learned from personally translating and analyzing all 6,000 pages of these documents, from the impact of drone strikes to the relationshi ...…
The world's largest democracy needs 10% growth just to create enough employment for the 12 million young people who enter the workforce each year. However, India's growth rate has dropped to its lowest rate in 6 years. Prime Minister Modi’s attempts to move way from a cash-based economy appear to have halted economic progress, with large number ...…
Do you have an upcoming business trip to a foreign country? How can you be prepared to enter a new culture? In today’s episode, we talk with Greg Jones about the lessons he has learned during his international travels. As a volunteer church missionary, Greg spent two years in Argentina. As a lawyer for Novell, Greg has traveled to Japan, India, ...…
Bloomberg’s Chief Food Critic Richard Vines speaks to Daybreak Europe’s Roger Hearing about the results of the Observer Food Monthly Awards and the release of the book "Signature Dishes That Matter."By Bloomberg News.
Dr. Zoellner and Clay Clark interview Mark Penka who shares about the trade-offs that he has had to make in order to learn more and ultimately earn more while growing his business ReNew-It Power Washing.By Clay Clark.
Senior Fellow David Wessel interviews Senior Fellows Elaine Kamarck and Stuart Butler about the new Policy 2020 project and resource at Brookings. Policy 2020 empowers voters with fact-based, data-driven, non-partisan information to better understand the policy matters discussed by candidates running for office in 2020. Plus, in a new Coffee Br ...…
What is the future of work? In What Do We Know and What Should We Do About the Future of Work? (Sage, 2019), Melanie Simms, a Professor of Work and Employment at the University of Glasgow offers an overview off a vast range of issues associated with work- in a short and accessible book. The book asks us to remember the continuities of problems ...…
Is the Saudi state oil company Aramco finalising its much-delayed share offering just as financial markets are losing faith in the future of fossil fuels?Manuela Saragosa speaks to energy geopolitical analyst Indra Overland, who says that the transition to electric vehicles could happen much faster than expected, posing a direct threat to what ...…
General Motor workers could return to work within the next couple of weeks. Teva Pharmaceuticals rallies on reports of opioid settlements in the works. And why did aluminum maker Alcoa rally despite disappointing profits and a gloomy forecast? Host: Alexandra Scaggs. Producer: Mette Lützhøft.By Barron's.
As a Brexit breakthrough moves markets, we get the detail on today's deal from Jennifer Baker, EU policy correspondent who's based in Brussels, and ask what's next for Boris Johnson's agreement. And what was the reaction on Wall Street? We get the latest from Cary Leahey of Decision Economics in New York.…
On The Anxious Achiever, Morra Aarons-Mele explores the way anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues affect people at work – for better or worse. In this episode, she speaks with clinical psychologist Ellen Hendriksen and Arvind Rajan, the CEO of Cricket Health, about the tension between work and social anxiety."The Anxious Achiever ...…
Jeremie Kubicek shares how he lives intentionally from Oklahoma to Russia, London, and back. Are you finding yourself just drifting through life? Best-selling author, Jeremie Kubicek shares specific changes that you can begin making today to become a more intentional person.By Clay Clark.
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