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Each week on the Bart Ehrman Blog Podcast, John Mueller will read two posts from the Bart Ehrman Blog – the first will be a post from the not too distant past, and the second will be from the blog archives (one published roughly the same calendar week but from years 2012 to 2016). The Bart Ehrman Blog was created in 2012 to raise money for charities devoted to fighting poverty, hunger, and homelessness. Each week, Dr. Ehrman publishes 5 or 6 posts (approximately 1000 words each post) providi ...
Carlin, Maggie & Bart
Welcome to BART's new podcast series "Hidden Tracks: Stories from BART." Our podcasts will give you an inside look at BART, the San Francisco Bay Area's rapid transit system that carries an average of more than 430,000 passengers on a typical weekday. This is your source for stories about the people who make the system work and our riders.
Get ready for fun. Business folks from all over challenge Host Bart Jackson with some of business’ stickiest situations and frustrating inter-personal dilemmas. Tackling them head on with his witty wordsmithery, Bart will craft the response that is most likely to ease the tension or extract the speaker from a potential fist fight. The world belongs to the talkers – those people whose words convince others that they are trustworthy, their products beneficial, and their ideas wise. So tune in ...
Aaron (aka Bolo), Brandon (aka Dj Bart Belo) and Berny (aka Boogz) have taken their love for music and started a podcast to share that love with everyone else. They will not only be discussing their own creations and contributions to the music scene, but will also be interviewing both local and international artists as well as providing exclusive performances that you will not be able to hear anywhere else. Make sure you listen in every week to the new show to get opinions on not only music ...
Podcast by BartDrago
Welcome to my Anchor non-commercial podcast intended for private personal study and educational purposes only with no charge made for any materials. Together we will absorb a daily recommended dose of inspirational content. We will laugh, we will cry – but most of all – we will delight in the inspired creations of humanity. Great documentaries, films, TV series, books, music, eclectic visions, interesting opinions, history lessons and anything else that uplifts and in ...
Take a break from the tournament trail and tune into DeucesCracked Podcasts with Los Angeles-based cash player Bart Hanson. He'll take you inside the highs -and lows- of what it's all about to grind out a living playing poker.
The sounds will be smooth house, deep tracks between 120-125 BPM
The sounds will be smooth house, deep tracks between 120-125 BPM
The sounds will be smooth house, deep tracks between 120-125 BPM
The sounds will be smooth house, deep tracks between 120-125 BPM
The sounds will be smooth house, deep tracks between 120-125 BPM
The sounds will be smooth house, deep tracks between 120-125 BPM
Written just before Prohibition to entail the possible troubles that might happen en route. Both sides of the argument, or battle as the case may be, strike out with various over-top methods like legislating most fruits and vegetables as unsafe or intoxicating large groups with breathable alcohol. (Summary by Daryl Wor)
TechMission's and partners present sermons and talks by Bart Campolo. Please visit for a listing of ministry and volunteer opportunities in your area.
Bart B More Mixtapes
The very first edition of Bart B More's new Mixtapes Series; a biweekly recap of fresh new music with a taste for the classics! Each mix will drop every other Thursday, so make sure to check back or follow this profile to stay up-to-date... Tracklist 1. Elisa Bee - The Same 2. Maximono - Disfunktion 3. Chemical Surf - Second Floor 4. Billy Kenny & Aaron Jackson - Right Here 5. Sage Armstrong & BOT - Diamond Rangs 6. Motez Feat. Tkay Maidza - Down Like This 7. Lucky Charmes - What’s Up 8. Mr. ...
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Chris starts the hou with a hysterical shock collar story. Anthony Munoz discusses line play in New York.
Anthony Munoz discusses the Jets and Giants offensive lines.
The Knicks give fans some promise on Opening Night. Did the Red Sox get bailed out in Game 4.
Could John Mara's comments have been taken the wrong way? Plus don't hate Bill Belichick in NY today
Chris Mannix previews the NBA Season.
Do Yankees fans want Manny Machado after his dirty play and admitting he doesn't hustle all the time?
Jamal Adams, Rich Gannon, and more Odell talk throughout the 2nd hour of the show.
Rich Gannon discusses Eli Manning, the Raiders and more with CMB.
Jamal Adams joins us in his weekly spot to look back at the win over the Colts.
John Mara isn't happy with Odell Beckham Jr. Was saying it publicly a smart decision?
Judy Battista discusses John Mara's comments with CMB
Remember those too-brief times when you operated at your absolute peak performance? The right decisions, words, solutions just seem to come. Remember feeling exhilarated and surprising yourself with your own level of production? And then it seemed to fade. Well, hitting these peaks is no mystery, nor matter of luck, insists Dr. George Watts, ps ...…
Giants fans have finally turned ont heir quarterback situation. Plus Adam Gase has some harsh words for the media when it comes to Ryan Tannehill
The Jets are 3-3, just how good can Sam Darnold be? Is this about to be a Jets town?
In the first reading (post published October 6, 2018) Dr Ehrman has some fun with the number 666. In the second reading (post published October 9, 2013) Dr Ehrman writes about some common misconceptions pertaining to the Council of Nicea. Join the blog at and read up to 6 new posts each week and every post in the archive ...…
We react to Aaron Boone and Brian Cashman's press conferences, plus the Giants get blown out on Thursday Nioght.
We make bold predictions on the Yankees offseason, plus Eagles-Giants picks ATS.
The Giants prepare for the Eagles in a game that can change their season and also their recent history vs the Eagles
Jack Curry recaps the Yankees Game 4 loss and looks ahead to the offseason.
The Giants cut bait with their biggest draft bust ever. Lil Wayne is ready to take down Frank Isola.
Jamal Adams joins us in his weekly spot to look back at the Jets win over the Broncos.
Jack Curry joins us to recap the Game 3 loss and look ahead to Game 4
So many questions need to be answered after the Yankees terrible Game 3 loss, and who should take the blame, Boone or Sevy?
USA’s top immigration attorney Michael Wildes tells why it makes economical & humane sense to repair our policies and lift the lamp. It just makes solid economic sense to create humane and thoughtful immigration policies, says the nation’s foremost authority and top immigration attorney, Michael Wildes. Host Bart Jackson invites Wildes on to sh ...…
CMB talk about the Yankees vs. Red Sox series and what Boone should do with Giancarlo Stanton, if he continues to struggle.
The great reporter for the YES Network joins CMB to recap the first two games of the series with the Red Sox and give his take on what may happen tonight and the rest of the ALDS.
Carlin, Maggie and Bart give their thoughts on the Giants loss to the Panthers, the fallout from Odell's comments and the Jets win against the Broncos.
In the first reading (post published October 4, 2018) Dr Ehrman writes about the author of the Book of Revelation. In the second reading (post published October 6, 2012) Dr Ehrman explains Paul’s view of Resurrection and his letter to the Corinthians. Join the blog at and read up to 6 new posts each week and every post i ...…
Kim Jones joins CMB in her weekly spot to talk about all things Giants Jets.
CMB react to to the comments made by Odell Beckham Jr. in an interview to air on Sunday. Kim Jones joins the show in her weekly spot and Chris Maggie and Bart give their picks for Week 5.
Jack Curry of the YES Network joins CMB to preview Game 1 of the ALDS between the Yankees and Red Sox.
Does the Game 1 winner win the ALDS? Are Yankee fans being rational? Jack Curry joins the show to preview tonight's game.
The crew talk about who should start Game 1 for the Yankees and who wins the position breakdown between the Yankees and Red Sox.
CMB react to yesterday's Yankees WiId Card win over the Oakland A's, give their takes on everything that happened last night listen to the Alex Cora press conference.
The crew gives their bold predicitons for tonight's game and we go to Oakland to get their perspective.
The voice of the Oakland A's looks ahead to tonight's Wild Card Game.
Are Yankee fans nervous or excited ahead of this Wild Card game? How long a leash will Severino get?
Jack Curry from The YES Network previews tonight's Wild Card Game.
Is starting Gary sanchez a mistake in thie Wild card Game? How short a leash will the Yankees catcher be on?
Jamal Adams joins us in his weekly spot to look back atthe Jets loss to the Jaguars
The Yankees make a surprising choice for their Wild Game starter, was it the right choice? The A's manager addressed the media ahead of tomorrow's winner take all game.
Who are the most popular fraud targets? The U.S. and state governments. Why? Governments cannot possibly police each of their millions of transactions. But beware you Medicare false claimers, overcharging defense contractors, sales tax skimmers, and bill-padding construction contractors. An explosively growing army of honest employees await to ...…
The Jets had no answers Sunday and neither did their head coach.
The Giants problems on offense are troubling, who is to blame? Plus the broadcast misses troubling signs for Odell Beckham Jr.
In the first reading (post published Sept 23, 2018) Dr Ehrman responds to a blog member who asked about how he keeps track of everything he reads when researching for a book. In the second reading (post published Sept 29, 2013) Dr Ehrman shares a story found in the Proto-Gospel of James providing proof that Mary was a virgin when Jesus was born ...…
Will Sam Darniold be a turnover machine vs the Jaguars defense? 3 Quick NFL Picks, plus David Robertson no longer the fireman?
Kim Jones discusses the Giants and Jets in her weekly spot
The Giants defense has its work cut out on Sunday vs Drew Brees and company. Carlin and Morash disagree on the Giants drafting of Odell Beckham Jr over Aaron Donald.
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