Best battles podcasts we could find (Updated November 2018)
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Intel Battles
Welcome to Intel Battles, where amazing things happen.
Sports Battles
A podcast on European conflicts from the perspective of each side to provide an alternative to the traditional national narratives. Going chronologically from the Ancient Greeks onwards I will describe to some extent how each battle was won or lost by particular decisions, tactics, technology or fortune. But the aim of each main narrative will be to place each battle in the context of the overall history of Europe.
We take two boardgames with a common trait, compare them and declare one the winner followed by a discussion topic segment.
The Battles of the First World War Podcast is a new podcast that looks to go in-depth into the battles of the Great War of 1914-1918. The goal is to really go into the details of how and why these battles unfolded and happened as they did. In telling the narrative of these clashes we can revisit some of the stories of the men and women who lived, fought, and died during the first titanic struggle of the 20th Century, for these people have stories that deserve to be told.
talkSPORT presents a classic reunion of sporting rivals. Shaun Dooley referees as Sportsmen & Women remember their defining battles, the iconic moments that defined their sports and discuss how their rivalries shaped their own careers.
Join Chris and Luke in the North Georgia bunker as they drink beer and review the greatest battles in history on the battlecast podcast. Check out the website at
A history podcast in which we weave together a chronological narrative of the Civil War era. Visit us at
Just Add Water
The Utah Rivers Council, a nonprofit organization based in Salt Lake City, UT, explores water issues in Utah and the West, details legislative battles, and tackles an array of liquid controversies.
A podcast on European conflicts from the perspective of each side to provide an alternative to the traditional national narratives. Going chronologically from the Ancient Greeks onwards I will describe to some extent how each battle was won or lost by particular decisions, tactics, technology or fortune. But the aim of each main narrative will be to place each battle in the context of the overall history of Europe.
EMBC Sermons
Sermons from East Madison Baptist Church
John Dickerson of Slate’s Political Gabfest revisits a moment from the American carnival of politics. Hear about the grand speeches, emergency strategies, baby kissing, and backstabbing that make each presidential cycle so fascinating.
Get your fix of the most low-down rap battles set in the community they started it in. Presented by Preech-Man, one of the founding members of Fight Club.
News, Analysis and Theory Crafting
A weekly podcast covering everything you need to know about the New York Rangers, hosted by Blueshirt Banter's managing editor Joe Fortunato, and deputy editor Mike Murphy.
Trending - explaining the stories the world is sharing...
Welcome to Riverside Church podcasts! Riverside is a community of believers committed to learning and living in the love of Christ and taking that love to our homes, our communities, and the world. You may have noticed our logo - a Tree of Life with the motto: "Taking Root; Bearing Fruit". Psalm 1:3 says the person who is strong in the things of God is like a tree planted by rivers of water, bringing forth fruit in its season. Riverside is that tree by the river - taking root in God's Word, ...
Weekly sermons from Gateway Presbyterian Church
New Song Church Exists To Help People Know God Many people today know about God, but they don’t know Him in the personal way He can and wants to be known. He feels distant and more like a historical figure than a close friend. At New Song we desire to connect real people with a real God, the real Jesus, and the real Holy Spirit in a way that creates real life change. Come find your place this weekend at New Song Church.
Messages of Hope, Support and Inspiration in Ten Minutes or Less! Every M/W/F!
Inside the Huddle
Listen to Inside the Huddle with Michael Spath weekdays 10a-noon on Sports Talk 1050 WTKA The Ticket and
The FuMP
The Funny Music Project!
The Bottom Line
Evan Davis hosts the business conversation show with people at the top giving insight into what matters
SOP Radio is a Philadelphia Flyers podcast brought to you by the folks at Sons of Penn.
Military HD
Features stories about U.S. service members and military operations from around the world.
The Old World Lives is a Warhammer Fantasy battles podcast. The podcast aims to provide a good coverage on topics like background, army lore and rules, painting and hobbying.
Podcast by Andrew LaCombe
Podcast of Bluewater Mission sermons, updated weekly.
Jason and Erin, a married couple with wildly different tastes in entertainment force each other to watch some of their favorite TV shows.
Shoving the J into journalism, Hack covers current affairs, music, politics and culture with youth in mind. Get our half-hour radio program sent directly to you each weekday.
Fishko Files
WNYC's Sara Fishko with sound-rich essays on art, culture, music and media - past and present.
Books Of Battle
I love Poetry. I make poems about what I experience or have experienced, or just about topics that intrigue me. I love talking about the greatest battles in history. I hope you enjoy a 19 year old's view of the world. Thanks for listening and enjoy!!
Each week on the Key of David Gerald Flurry discusses world news in the clear light of Bible prophecy.
UNRELENTING, a daily podcast about creating success after failure. Seven days a week, we are going to disempower failure, dispel the myths of success and prove again and again that failure is never the end. We’ll do this by sharing and deconstructing stories of diverse voices- entrepreneurs and innovators, leading artists and athletes, and other top performers who have all won big after losing. Together we’ll extract, discuss, and learn from the specific, proven strategies, tools, techniques ...
We give people Hope.
The Leaf Report
A weekly inside look at the Toronto Maple Leafs with The AthleticTO's Jonas Siegel and James Mirtle.
Dr. History's audio stories of the Old West. Stories of Cowboys, Indians, Mountain men, pioneers, the Oregon Trail, miners, cattle drives, stagecoach and bank robbers, the cavalry, outlaws and lawmen, some famous and some you have never heard of. From the Custer Battlefield to the Klondike to Indian battles to buried treasure and lost mines to the early explorers. I love telling true stories that shaped the old west.
Don't have time for a full news hour? Listen to the PBS NewsHour, segment by segment. Our full coverage of politics, science, arts, health, national and international news is included in this feed in easy-to-digest 5 to 10 minute segments. Segments are published each night by 9 p.m. Is this not what you're looking for? Don't miss our other podcasts for our full show, Shields and Brooks, Politics Monday, Brief but Spectacular, and more. Find them in iTunes or in your favorite podcasting app.
Sermons From the Rochester NY Potters House. Delivered Sundays and Wednesday's
Overnights is heard from 2am to 6am nationally on the ABC. There is great music and interesting guests from Australia and all parts of the globe. You'll hear conversations about food, travel, science, music, books, personal finance, sport, film, astronomy, fashion, gardening, relationships, collectables and much more.
When children's behavior is difficult, parents need support, good information, and practical tools to reduce stress, understand their child's emotions, and build cooperation and warm connection in the family. Join Elle Kwan and Abigail Wald as they share the Hand in Hand Parenting approach with useful examples and stories from real parents like you.
The Medium Roast
A weekly parody of podcast culture.
The Platform
A safe space for women to grow and learn from the leading voices in health, wellness, entrepreneurship, and women's advocacy.
Eighth grade history content recaps and general knowledge dropping from Fitz Intermediate school in Garden Grove Unified.
Radio Broadcast for the Kingdom Authority Network. Radio Host is Apostle James Alford.
We discuss battles cards and talent the world over. News Updates recaps and debate #ABR #FAMEGANG
Lu Tuda
iiwii broadcast radio
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Joe and Mike are back in action to talk about Thanksgiving Miracles (or nightmares), Chytilmania, trades for Nylander?, the Rangers current streak, questions galore.
If you have a fruit problem you have a root problem. Some of the deepest wounds in our lives often come from rejection. The enemy of your life works in isolation Because our greatest desire is love, our greatest fear is rejection. We’re All Born with a Rejected Conscience Isaiah 59:2 Proverbs 29:25 You cannot be worried about being what everybo ...…
In our News Wrap Monday, firefighters in California have gained ground on the deadliest U.S. wildfire in a century. At least 77 people have died, with just under 1,000 still missing. Also, three Democratic senators asked a federal judge to remove Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general, arguing that because he has never been confirmed by th ...…
In the 11 days since Northern California's Camp Fire ignited, residents have experienced “hell on earth." Firefighters have now contained about 66 percent of the fire. But as rain approaches, rescuers scramble to locate the nearly 1,000 people still missing--fearing that piles of ash will become treacherous mud. William Brangham speaks with Jim ...…
Seven weeks after Jamal Khashoggi's murder, evidence suggests Saudi Arabia’s crown prince orchestrated the killing. How will the U.S. respond to its longtime ally? To discuss, Nick Schifrin is joined by Rep.-elect Tom Malinowski, D-NJ, who previously worked at the State Department, and Michael Doran, a former director at the National Security C ...…
A major initiative of the Trump administration has been adding work requirements to benefit programs for the poor, now including Medicaid. This year, Arkansas became the first state to roll out the requirement. As a result, more than 12,000 people there have lost their coverage. Special correspondent and Washington Post columnist Catherine Ramp ...…
Two weeks after Election Day, Democrats have increased their gains in the House, but Republicans secured additional victories in Senate and governors' races. Were these results indicative solely of sentiment toward President Trump, or broader ideological trends? And what's the outlook for Nancy Pelosi? Amy Walters of the Cook Political Report a ...…
This weekend marked the 40th anniversary of the Jonestown massacre, in which more than 900 followers of Jim Jones were victims of a cult mass murder-suicide in Guyana. Among the survivors was Jackie Speier, now a Democratic congresswoman from California. She joins Judy Woodruff to discuss her new book, “Undaunted: Surviving Jonestown, Summoning ...…
We tend to reserve reading aloud for kids or others who can't read on their own. But beloved children's book author Kate DiCamillo thinks the practice offers a special opportunity for people to connect. She offers her humble opinion on the universal and age-defying magic of listening to a shared story.…
Welcome to episode seven of the Old World Lives! a Warhammer Fantasy Battles Podcast. In this episode Jimmy and Niklas runs through and disuss the sixth edition Night Goblin army list!There's still time to send in questions to our next episode. We want your hobby questions!No harsh language (I...think)Social media:Facebook: https://www.facebook ...…
Amy, Erika and Travis talk about what to do when you goof up!
While I was on leave from work before officially quitting my job this spring, I was reading books, trying to stay connected and be inspired. I read Disrupters by Dr. Patti Fletcher, and I couldn’t put it down. Patti’s ability to explain what women must do to rise to the top is emotional, eye-opening, and humbling. She tells the stories of women ...…
The rapper encouraged women in the crowd to take their tops off during his set.
In which we begin our coverage of the Battle of Chancellorsville, which took place in Virginia during the first week of May 1863.
Troy Williams did his time -- 18 years of a life sentence in California prison -- and he survived by using his experiences as bases for podcasts, videos and other valuable documentation on the inside. Continuing these pursuits after an unexpected parole in 2014, his acclaim and contributions have only grown, most recently as a Soros Justice Fel ...…
The Martian, A Good Day to Die Hard, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Terminator 6 all have one unusual thing in common -- they were all filmed in Hungary. The Central European country has emerged as a top staging destination for Hollywood and streaming services, drawn to not just its beauty and cheaper crews but also a rebate for filmmaking inves ...…
Ballot recounts of the Senate and Governor races in Florida ended this weekend with Republicans winning both seats, though questions remain about counting procedures and why the state was once again among the last to declare results. POLITICO’s Marc Caputo tells Hari Sreenivasan that its delay is in part due to close races, lean political divis ...…
Australia is known the world over for its wines – but when and how did the industry begin and how has it developed through the decades?
After reporting in Alabama and California, NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Simon Ostrovsky visits the final state that the UN says can exemplify some of the country’s most egregious human rights issues. More than one third of residents in McDowell County, West Virginia are below the poverty line, and many of them only have access to dent ...…
After losing their record label in 2002, Wilco released “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot” online, which ended up on a list of Rolling Stone’s top 500 albums of all time. But singer-songwriter Jeff Tweedy wrote in a new memoir “Let’s Go (So We Can Get Back),” that while gaining recognition for his talents, he had to start confronting his addictions and anx ...…
While hundreds are still missing, thousands are also scrambling for shelter as a northern California wildfire, which has killed at least 70 people continues to burn. Evacuees are finding refuge in places like a Walmart parking and an empty Sears building. Reporter Julia Sulek of San Jose Mercury News joins Hari Sreenivasan with the latest.…
Absent From The Body by Andrew LaCombe
At least 631 people are missing in California's deadliest wildfire ever -- more than double the previous count, although the larger number may include survivors who safely fled. The Camp Fire has already killed at least 63 people, displaced 52,000 and wiped out nearly 10,000 homes. Reporting from Gridley, near Paradise, special correspondent Ca ...…
In our news wrap Friday, President Trump said he has answered written questions from special counsel Robert Mueller but not yet submitted the answers. He assured reporters that he worked on them himself. Also, Republican Brian Kemp effectively claimed Georgia’s governor’s race when Democrat Stacey Abrams ended her bid. Abrams called alleged vot ...…
President Trump and the news media have long shared a strained relationship. On Friday, a federal court ordered the White House to reinstate a CNN reporter's revoked press pass. Yamiche Alcindor reports, and Judy Woodruff speaks with Marc Lotter, former communications adviser to the vice president, and the Washington Post's Margaret Sullivan fo ...…
The Trump administration has announced new rules governing how colleges respond to allegations of sexual assault and harassment. The changes broaden rights for those accused of misconduct and narrow the definition of sexual harassment. But will they discourage victims from coming forward? Amna Nawaz speaks to Scott Jaschik, editor at Inside Hig ...…
A New York Times investigative report published this week details how Facebook reacted to the discovery of massive disinformation campaigns run by Russian operatives. Sheera Frenkel, who helped write the story, joins William Brangham to explain what the social network’s leadership knew before the 2016 presidential election and what, if anything ...…
The new fall film “Widows” looks like a heist movie, featuring plenty of star power, thrilling plot twists and explosions, as the widows of four armed robbers band together to finish the job their late husbands’ began. But director Steve McQueen wanted more than tired tropes. He explains to Jeffrey Brown how he stimulates his audience with a pe ...…
New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washington Post deputy editorial page editor Ruth Marcus join Judy Woodruff to discuss the week’s political news, including the president's ongoing friction with the press, a leadership battle in Congress and proposed prison reform.
How a viral rumour on WhatsApp led to the lynching of two innocent men in Mexico.Ricardo Flores and his uncle Alberto were building a well. They set out to buy some supplies, but as it was a warm August day, they decided to take a break along the way. Within hours they were arrested and lynched – beaten and burnt to death by a ferocious mob. Ru ...…
Erika, Amy and Travis talk about winning at ARGUING! Enjoy!
The Friday shakeup with WA Young Nationals vice president Siobhan Blake and Josh Taylor, senior reporter at Buzzfeed.
Right after Jesus Christ defeated Satan in the titanic battle of the ages, He made an interesting statement: “The Kingdom of God is at hand.” It’s been almost 2,000 years. God’s Kingdom still hasn’t come. What did Christ mean?
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