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Battle Bards
A musical journey through MMO soundscapes, Battle Bards reviews and discusses the soundtrack of MMORPGs with a trio of engaging hosts. The Battle Bards podcast alternates with Retro Reprise, a half-hour podcast showcasing classic VGM from the ’80s and ’90s.
What does “Good Battle” look like in the modern age? Cliff sits down with people advancing the kingdom of God in brave and audacious ways. Every man, no matter his past or his occupation, is expected to threaten evil with his life. In this podcast, Cliff talks with people waging “Good Battle” to advance the kingdom of God through compassion, love, and righteous ferocity, and discusses a wide range of topics with the audience.
A podcast on European conflicts from the perspective of each side to provide an alternative to the traditional national narratives. Going chronologically from the Ancient Greeks onwards I will describe to some extent how each battle was won or lost by particular decisions, tactics, technology or fortune. But the aim of each main narrative will be to place each battle in the context of the overall history of Europe.
Battle Scars
Some firefights and bomb blasts never make the news or the history books, but they’re still incidents that changed the lives of those involved. In each episode, host and former soldier Thom Tran talks to fellow veterans of our recent wars. We hear from a badly burned vet who became a TV star; a medic who says God answered his prayers on the battlefield; and one of the few women soldiers to take an enemy life in action. Thom also shares his memories of fighting in Iraq, where a sniper's bulle ...
Congratulations! You've found the most biased video game podcast on the planet! Join hosts Alex and Anthony as they offer their unique no-holds barred take on everything video gaming, from their passions to the controversies.
Sports Arena: Monday 7pm ESTBattle Rap Arena: Tues & Thursday 8pm ESTThe Cornermen: Friday, 10PM ESTTune in to chop it up with your hosts Jesserican and Hip Hop Syko as they sit down with the hottest battle rappers in the world, Discuss Sports with your Crazy Sports Host Syko who touches on Hot Sports Topics.and also Hear and Talk the Sweet Science with Boxing Expert Jesserican.
The Battle Bridge
The Battle Bridge is a weekly podcast discussing everything that is Star Trek: The Next Generation. We hope to entertain with episode and movie commentaries unlike any other around, in funny and interesting ways. The Battle Bridge wants to engage the listener by allowing anyone to come on the show and guest host your favorite episode of TNG.
Join the cast of DEATH BATTLE for their weekly podcast as they talk about what's going on in "nerd" culture, give you behind the scenes insight into DEATH BATTLE episodes, and interact with the community! Watch LIVE Friday at 4PM CT on Watch the free video version at
“A COLLECTION OF absolutely authentic accounts by privates and non-commissioned officers.... We see a great simplicity and directness of observation and recital, so admirable that one page of such writing is worth all the folios of the war experts and correspondents, not to say romancers and publicists.” The Athenæum. “THE HUMAN SIDE, the naked horror and simple glory of actual conflict, is what Mr. Wood’s soldiers are concerned with, and the stories they tell give a clearer picture of this ...
Each week, hosts Rick Brooks and Mike Cowgill explore the TV of the '70s and '80s through hand-picked episodes.
Battling Anxiety
Reverse your anxiety with positive thinking. Let's start a conversation today.
Watch Battles
Listen to some of battle rap's most influential battles with our special guests!
The Battles of the First World War Podcast is a new podcast that looks to go in-depth into the battles of the Great War of 1914-1918. The goal is to really go into the details of how and why these battles unfolded and happened as they did. In telling the narrative of these clashes we can revisit some of the stories of the men and women who lived, fought, and died during the first titanic struggle of the 20th Century, for these people have stories that deserve to be told.
Battle Rap Resume
Longform conversations between the biggest names in battle rap & Tom Kwei.
Half The Battle
Half The Battle is the premiere MMA betting podcast on the web. Hosted by Daniel Levi (@BestFightPicks) & Shaq (@mmagenius05). Tune in for bets, picks, and expert analysis on every single UFC fight card from two proven longterm winners. Also, listen to #HalfTheBattle for Draft Kings advice by 7x Draft Kings qualifier Kyle Marley (@BigMarley3) on The Big Marley Minute. Half The Battle also provides unique & entertaining discussions with your favorite UFC fighters & MMA personalities, asking t ...
Battle Pets
Join us in our adventure of battling through Azeroth with our armies of formerly non-combat pets!
Battle Ready is the new podcast from author and pastor Erwin McManus.
Broadway Battles
A competitive debate show by Broadway Nerds for Broadway Nerds!
Battle Red Radio
Talking Texans football.
This podcast is a joint venture with Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni. It's all about the making of stuff for makeup effects and prosthetics. Todd is author of 'Special Makeup Effects For Stage And Screen', what many consider to be the modern makeup FX bible. Stuart Bray is a working makeup FX artist with many years experienc. Credits include 'Saving Private Ryan', 'Shaun of the Dead', 'Dr Who' and more recently 'Game of Thrones'. If you have any FX questions you would like to see made into a ...
We Set the whisky up and fight them!
Battle for Liberty
Throughout the course of history few societies have achieved lasting freedom for their people. The Battle for Liberty represents that internal struggle against central control, turned outward in an analysis of the events of the day. In this show, Mike Tilden explores the broad themes of freedom and liberty in the context of current events, politics, social issues, and downright silly situations.
Get your fix of the most low-down rap battles set in the community they started it in. Presented by Preech-Man, one of the founding members of Fight Club.
One depressed man's journey to better mental health, or suicide.
Stories of World War I warfare, published in 1916 in the midst of the war. (That's why names of persons and units are literally "blanked" out.) Alec John Dawson (1872 - 1951), generally known as A. J. Dawson (pseudonyms Major Dawson, Howard Kerr, Nicholas Freydon) was an English author, traveller and novelist. During World War I he attained the rank of Major, and was awarded the MBE and Croix de Guerre in recognition of his work as a military propagandist, a work the listener may want to kee ...
Battle Station
Interesting is life!
Cover art by Jacob Stancliff (@guyinhats on Twitter)A weekly Podcast by Danny Saya, Brian Sutton, Jessi Reynolds and Andy Perez about all things Pokemon!for any inquiries, email us at orsaya.danny45@gmail.comFollow us on Twitter! @Pokefront
Every week on the Content Warfare Podcast, Ryan Hanley interviews the Internet's most prolific content creators to extract their secrets for winning the battle for attention online. Popular guests include: Chris Brogan, Marcus Sheridan, Mark Schaefer and Gini Dietrich. Popular topics include: content marketing, writing, podcasting, social media and audience building. Find out more:
The exclusive podcast of the Big Diss Roast Battle, a 1-on-1 battle of insults until a winner is chosen by the audience. This podcast takes an in-depth look at the battles that take place at the monthly Big Diss Roast Battle show at the Fountain Bar (122 State st. Madison, WI). Host and MC of the Big Diss, Marty Clarke, sits down with DJ / Sound Producer, DJ Sauce, to breakdown battles, play clips, interview guests, and get drunk while talking about the hottest show in the Midwest.
We Set the whisky up and fight them!
The Official Podcast of the Libertarian Party of Nevada
Borne the Battle
Borne the Battle recognizes each battle, challenge, and sacrifice our Veterans endure during and after their service, as well as spotlighting important resources, offices, and benefits VA offers our Veterans.
So tonight we recorded the 1st reboot podcast from the old SMG Wargaming Podcast. The name of the new podcast is"Battle Brothers of The GCWA"This is a GCWA podcast so if anyone on here wants to get on the podcast to talk about something just schedule it with me or Kuro Sogekihei. We can do skype recordings as well.The episodes will be shorter, smaller team, with special guest on most episodes as well.
Discussions with Battle Rappers on their performances, backstory of matches, history, unanswered questions, recaps and exclusive insight on all things Battle Rap.
Join Zack from Xavier Files and Adam from Bish & Jubez as they battle to decide the best and worst X-Men stories of all time!
A podcast on European conflicts from the perspective of each side to provide an alternative to the traditional national narratives. Going chronologically from the Ancient Greeks onwards I will describe to some extent how each battle was won or lost by particular decisions, tactics, technology or fortune. But the aim of each main narrative will be to place each battle in the context of the overall history of Europe.
Battle Culture
The latest news, reviews and predictions from the world of professional battle rap. Live battles, guest appearances and more. Hosted by iBattle's own Lexx Luthor.
Plastic Battles
A show dedicated to toy photography and art. Celebrating action figure fandom and fan-driven creativity, one episode at a time. Hosted by Paul Panfalone.
We take two boardgames with a common trait, compare them and declare one the winner followed by an Imperial Assault segment.
Battle Rap Resume
Longform conversations between the biggest names in battle rap & Tom Kwei.
Powered by The only show that brings you exclusive interviews, in-depth hip hop history lessons and the latest news and opinions on battle rap and through Drect's eyes.
A podcast for each day of the Battle of Britain detailing aircraft crashes, engagements, targets and places
Podcast by Lets Talk Battle Rap
Welcome to the AROO Podcast with Elena Battles. AROO is a podcast for people and dogs. I answer questions and share my opinions about how to decide on getting a dog, where to get a dog, identifying responsible sources of dogs, how to rehome your dog when needed, and how to work with dog breeders, animals shelters, and pet rescues.
Battle Rap Resume
Longform 1:1 conversations between Tom Kwei and the great writers of battle rap
A dynamic program devoted to battling and beating cancer of all types, with a particular emphasis on lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma. Guests include doctors, survivors, patients, caregivers, and individuals providing information and resources for people impacted by cancer.
Battle Potato Mash
A podcast about hockey, the Pittsburgh Penguins and being fans by two drunk women in the London that's not in Canada.
A podcast about video games and science (roughly) presented through the unique perspective of an ex-NFL coach, athlete, scientist and life-long gamer…ME! Ted Edwards… It’s also about extraordinary people who share my goal of making positive changes in the world. Video games are a common bond that bridge many demographics, unite industries, harbor friendships, and connect cultures. I bring on interesting people and talk about how video games and science have shaped their lives and what they a ...
Hosts Buzz Meade and Eric Little take Original and Remake Hollywood movies and throw them into a boxing style brawl, comparing everything from scripts to actors to the music used. Which will come out on top? Tune in to find out!
This work is Edward Creasy's best known fundamental work of history. It describes in detail 15 battles of world history, beginning with the Battle of Marathon of 490 BC and ending with the Battle of Waterloo of 1815. Each chapter is illustrated with rich historical detail and a timeline of events. - Summary by Carolin
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WGN Morning News is the #1 morning news show in Chicago. As a station that has been around for 70 years, they have a unique brand that people trust – a brand that today’s guest, Executive Producer Aline Cox, strives to maintain. It’s not necessarily easy separating opinion from fact to deliver real news today. It can be an ongoing challenge in ...…
In today’s episode we interview Brianna Battles, owner of Everyday Battles Strength and Conditioning, and trainer to pregnant and postpartum athletes and coaches everywhere. She shares what her work looks like, her thoughts on knowing what’s best for the individual, and when athletes maybe shouldn’t listen to their intuition…(and MUCH more!)…
Podcast Promo: #No Offense Podcast Facebook: Our first Skype Live Stream with our friend and host of the Bicker Bots Podcast, PJ Wilson. It was a fun conversation that goes longer than the audio. You can see the full episode on our YouTube channel. You’ll hear us throw out “#” a lot throughout the episode. We lost a be ...…
Does Call of Duty Black Ops 4 point to the beginning of the end of single-player campaigns in AAA gaming? Games editor Rishi Alwani and friend of the podcast Mikhail Madnani join host Pranay Parab to discuss. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 reveal (0:45) What we know now Thoughts on gameplay ‘Boots on ground’ - does it work? Multiplayer thoughts No si ...…
Hyrule Warriors (1:28) Battle Chasers (2:57) Nobuo Uematsu Confirmed (8:46) FF7 Changes Leaked (20:23) Kingdom Hearts 3 - New Footage, Wreck it Ralph (39:00) Chrono Trigger Patch #2 (53:40) Comments (1:03:22) YouTube Link: Introduction & Closing Music: Nowhere Land Kevin MacLeod (incompet ...…
Kyle Cochran joins Tiffany to talk about his battle with Type 1 Diabetes, his appearances on American Ninja Warrior, and his upcoming hosting appearance at JDRF's Obstacle Course June 2nd at the Stanford/Palo Alto Community Playing Fields, Sports Complex- Mayfield.More info: ...…
In this show we talk about Childish Gambino and his video, also we talk about battle rap as well.
we missed a week anyone notice? no? ok on to notes. black ops 4 battle royale mode, halo for dave and busters, pre register for smash at e3, metro exodus going multi console and more.
It's our first ever solo episode as we spend a happy hour detectiving and investigating all over the past with one man Guy Fawkes Night machine Tyth Panchetta. Meanwhile Morag and Chagrin are partying with all their friends, who are glad that the weird guy who usually follows the heroes around is nowhere to be seen. Chaotic Adequate is a comedy ...…
Toni Boynton took to the streets in support of Māori wards in Whakatane and says losing the vote won't stop her from continuing the battle. Māori wards were rejected last week in binding referendums in Whakatane, Western Bay of Plenty, Manawatu and Palmerston North. Former mayor of New Plymouth Andrew Judd was called a 'bigot' and spat on by st ...…
Dante and Pat talk about the upcoming position battles, this week they discuss WRs & QBs. Join host Dante The Dark Knight and co-hosts, The Sandlin Boys, Pat and Shel as they provide the most unique coverage of the beloved Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles you have ever witnessed. Eagles Talk – BY EAGLES FANS…FOR EAGLES FANS! Follow us on ...…
Is the kingdom of God a future reality to be hoped for or a present reality to experience now? The answer is that it is partly present and partly future. Many of its blessings are here to be enjoyed now; but many of them are not yet here. Some of the curse and misery of this old age can be overcome now by the presence of the kingdom. But some o ...…
Oh, Hi Listeners! Welcome back to the Gamesters Pairofdice we are so happy to have you. Today on the Podcast we are talking about games we’ve been playing, playing a new game, and a very special finishing move. Included on this podcast are the following games: Crawl, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Zombie Gunship. Enjoy our new game today called Th ...…
!!!SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS!!! This week we invite local Marvel Studios fanboy "Bucky" onto the show and make him give us a play-by-play of Infinity War against his will! Just kidding, we couldn't get him to talk about anything else. We tried. We tried so hard. [caption id="attachment_4091" align="alignleft" width="400"] Thanks so much to S ...…
If you thought the telecom business was boring, think again! Acquired brings you an episode packed with more drama than an entire season of Game of Thrones. Starting with a death in the family, we follow a tale of fortunes lost and rebuilt, bitter battles between rivals who once worked for each other, and at the center of it all, a lesson in th ...…
Followers of Jesus should not feel at home in a tear down world Instead we use our words to build up and give courage to those facing battles all around us Ephesians 42529
After their battle with Shardoq 2.0, the Bad Humanoids take a break. Bob, John, Rob and Mike record their voicemail greeting. Nero gets a message from Aleis. Jurm and Nate contemplate the impossible. Thanks for listening!!
In episode 2 we noob around in Fortnite Battle Royale and we're joined by our good friend Chad. As the title states, we're pretty terrible at this game, but we have fun regardless. We also talk about some our first video games, the new age of digital game downloads, Donkey Kong vs. Sub Zero? Whats that about? WATCH EPISODE 2 TO FIND OUT!!!Sorry ...…
You're late for a very important date with the VRT Boys! On this week's episode we're mainly just talking about dumb animal hybrids and the strange hobbies of actor Crispin Glover, but at certain points we get around to talking about the battle between Alice from the Resident Evil franchise and the denizens of Wonderland! Joey sat through all s ...…
This month, AJ and Abbey discuss Lucky Boy by Shanti Sekaran.Lucky Boy is a tale of two mothers’ love. One journeys from Mexico to California - seeking adventure and a better life. One, having battled infertility, will do anything for her new foster son. While the two tales merge and are eventually torn apart, each one drips with revelations, i ...…
The week that was (TWTW) takes a look back at the week’s most prominent tech stories from around the world. Members of our Patreon campaign get their recap hand delivered on Sunday at 5pm, for everyone else don’t worry you wont be left out, you’ll just have to wait until Monday for your fix. Video versions of TWTW appear on our website as well ...…
So does everyone hate the boss Death from Castlevania or is it just me? Welcome back to episode 5 of Raging Nerds! This week we talk about Boss Battles, venturing from the cute town of Monstro to the deep seas of Gaia. Who was smart enough to work around Psycho Mantis’s “clairvoyance” ? The guy who thought a boss should have a 20 minute time li ...…
The gents get together to talk about the NBA Final Four, the Cavs vs the Celtics in the Eastern Conference and the Warriors vs the Rockets in the Western Conference. The bro love boys have a classic competition in which Ian hosts a battle between Chris and Eggy. See what they put on the line in this one! Lastly, the three buds talk about the NB ...…
This episode is out of this world! We cover the best video games set in space, and discuss lots of topics, including the Pokemon Switch leaks, Riverdale Season 2 & 3, and more! Don't miss it!Lovely chiptune sounds provided by @luvvbottFollow us on Twitter:…
Save Battle Royale The Battle Royale bubble is growing and growing. Weekly updates, famous streamers, cool game modes and professional tournaments are keeping this game genre at the top of all the gaming charts. More people are playing and viewing these games then any other game out right now. Will the clones and mini game battle royale's that ...…
News, News, NEWS! In today’s episode, I cover all of the latest news at the Disney & Universal parks. A new Jurassic World ride is announced! Is an Epcot entrance hotel on the horizon? Who is going to acquire FOX…Disney or Comcast? The battle continues! Links New Jurassic World Ride Announced Comcast to Push Rival Bid for FOX Epcot Entrance Hot ...…
I originally had planned to discuss a different topic today, but a few days ago I was reading the story of Saul's conversion in the book of Acts in the New Testament and came across a verse that stopped me in my tracks. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes I have read a verse hundreds or thousands of times, but one day it really hits me and I see ...…
Sermon by: Robert Austell; May 20, 2018 - Romans 6:8-13 :: Sermon Audio (link) :: Click link to open and play in browser; right-click to save. Sermon audio is also accessible as a free podcast in iTunes. Search for "Good Shepherd Sermons" or "Robert Austell." Your browser does not support the audio element. ::: Scripture and Music :: CHOIR: Fil ...…
Join the Goblins this week as we go over what weve been playingNEXOMANIA!!!!! HOTS: Season 13 Ends Soon: Mercy skin raises the big bucks h ...…
After all these years, Kingdom Hearts 3 Premier FINALLY gave us hands on time with the polished and visually striking upcoming game. Black Ops 4's Battle Royale detailed, and we also have movies out the wazoo and so much more!
A recently discovered unpublished work by the beloved spiritual teacher and #1 New York Times bestselling author in which she reflects on the astonishing holiness that resides in each of us.On the fifth anniversary of her death and written during her long battle with cancer, Your Holiness is a thoughtful and poignant exploration of the godlines ...…
A new MP3 sermon from College Heights Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Savior's Battle Speaker: Mike Cooper Broadcaster: College Heights Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/6/2018 Bible: Matthew 4:1-11 Length: 49 min.
Week Four of SKAM Austin has finished, and thus we have this here episode of SKAM Austin Watch! On today’s episode, we talk about sex ed in American high schools, the battle of Penetrator Jo vs. Marlon in our hearts and minds and our love for Grace. You can find us on Twitter at @skamaustinwatch or on Tumblr at See y ...…
In this episode of the podcast Reetin, Aroah, and The Cyberpunk Monk talk about Boss Key closing doors, Senate taking a vote on Net Neutrality, Black Ops 4 Single Player, and a new Microsoft Controller. Boss Key Closing: Senate Votes On Net Neu ...…
On this episode of the Red Sox Unfiltered podcast, co-hosts Patrick Green, Dave Latham and Jordan Dickow discuss J.D. Martinez and Mookie Betts' epic homerun battle, Sandy Leon's starting catcher merits, Carson Smith's peculiar comments and much more! The much more part, as always, can be discovered by listening!…
This week Anderson falls asleep, Loach explains his absence, we talk about Kingdom Hearts 3, Call of Duty battle royale, Boss Key Productions, No Man Sky and a few movies coming out. We also review Deadpool 2 and Cobra Kai. Intro: Frozen/Yentl Mashup by Wade Winston Wilson Close: "I Get Around" by The Beach Boys…
On the tenth episode of Squad Up!, the squad invites "Hero of Hyrule" Robbie onto the show to engage in a long awaited debate - which era has produced the best video games? Drop in and pick a side! #teamEduardo #teamRobbie #Peach3zIsAlwaysNeutral Let us know what you think via social media: Twitch - - Fac ...…
Richmond, Virginia. An artist and professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, Emily Sara is also a healthcare advocate with plenty of hard-won wisdom. Since she was a child, Emily has navigated the challenging waters of the American healthcare system in a series of moves from coast to coast. In this three-part series, we talk extensively abo ...…
The battle with the religious leaders takes on a new level of dialogue as Jesus calls them out as religious hypocrites. #servantking
5-16-18 – Wednesday Evening Service. Spiritual battles are real and our role in the battle is vital. How do we fight these battles?
In this week’s episode: we talk about Call of Duty dropping single-player campaign for Black Ops 4, a new Xbox Adaptive controller, Apple green-lights a second headquarters in North Carolina, Amazon-Trump feud continues, Fortnite on Android, Tidal woes, YouTube Music/Premium, and Google AI demo controversy. Hosted by Kary Brown and Clarence Bro ...…
A new MP3 sermon from First Baptist Church Oak Creek is now available on with the following details: Title: The Battle of Armageddon Speaker: Dr. David L. Brown Broadcaster: First Baptist Church Oak Creek Event: Sunday - AM Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: Revelation 16; Revelation 19 Length: 41 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Providence Presbyterian Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Battle with Indwelling Sin Subtitle: Romans Speaker: Glen Clary Broadcaster: Providence Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: Romans 7:14-25 Length: 28 min.…
This episode marks the end of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. I share an insight into my personal struggle with depression and anxiety, along with a few thoughts about why I think we need to start talking more and ending the stigma. Thanks for all your support and feedback is welcome, as always.…
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