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Join the pro-gun community of mature (cool) gun owners that have been fighting and surviving in the world of the RKBA for decades. Discover how to speak to a diverse audience with insight and compassion from a former US Marine, law enforcement officer, CIA analyst, and firearms trainer, author, speaker and now Christian pastor, known internationally as the Black Man With A Gun™ that has been in this community since 1991. This podcast (since 2007) shares American history, with a truth you won ...
Each month the Black Man Answers Cosmo Podcast will reply to the letters section of Cosmopolitan Magazine and interview interesting people.
Welcome to my official podcast where I challenge motivate and inspire!
Angry Black Man
Evolving one day at a time! Thanks for listening and lending me your ears for an hour or two ;)
One Black Man's View
A political/social online radio program that examines regional issues through the lens of Scotty Reid. The views and opinions expressed by the hosts, guests and callers do not necessarily represent those of the Black Talk Radio Network™, Sponsors or Advertisers.
Black Man
Black Man - это не просто талантливый диджей и новатор, это бренд сочетающий качество саунда и глубину восприятия. Всё это делает его желанным гостем на сейшенах любого формата. Развиваясь как музыкант и профессионал.
Soulful House with added bangers sprinkled with a little Electro and topped with some Funky House for your rabbit ears :)
Half White Son of a Black Man is a podcast sprung from the mind of writer, comedian and actor Andrew Sanford. Each week, he and fellow panelists Ja-Ron Young and Mikael Page are joined by a special guest, and they dig into the headlines of the week, with subjects ranging from race, to politics, to downright silly stuff. With unique improv games like Spin It! and Explain!, the panel provides their own unique and always unexpected spin on current events. Suffice it to say, if you're looking fo ...
Blackman Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist church located at 390 Brinkley Rd, Murfreesboro, TN. Our mission is to help people meet and follow Jesus. Sunday School 9:10 AMSunday Worship Service 10:30 AMCommunity GroupsSunday/Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 PM
Uploading daily content, make sure to come and say hi.
Racism is real. It is still the number one problem in America. Provocative and polarizing. A honest look at racism, emotions and societal lies that interfere with happiness
The creation and building of a self sustaining sacred sanctuary and community for the North American (NA) born indigenous Blk female who has never known what it is like to have our men protect us. We do however know what it's like to be abused, exploited, molested, abandoned and yes sadly, even killed by them. It is high time, we looked down upon but very much overly relied upon melanin rich sistuhs told our own stories of what our lives have truly been like living in NA with Black men of al ...
Talking of the Couch podcast is a weekly podcast that focuses on mental health and mental wellness with in the communities of color. These conversations will be with Tatiana Smith, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, Texas. It's time to shed light and break stigmas within the black culture about mental health/illness and mental wellness as well as in other communities of color. This podcast is a voice for the mental health community as well as the average person who may be strugglin ...
Roland S. Martin is a nationally award-winning and multifaceted journalist. A nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate, Mr. Martin is the author of Listening to the Spirit Within: 50 Perspectives on Faith, and Speak, Brother! A Black Man’s View of America, and his newest book, “The First: President Barack Obama’s Road to the White House as originally reported by Roland S. Martin.” Mr. Martin is a commentator for TV One Cable Network and host of “Washington Watch with Roland Ma ...
My aim is to promote extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. Countering the negative images that are the "only" images projected of people of color throughout the world via the various media sources of an unfair "system". In addition to unique and honest insights into current news events and the everyday challenges in life.
Prep Radio
Nutrition and training discussion by Veteran bodybuilder and nutrition consultants Paul Scarborough and Tom Blackman
Welcome to the Christafari Ministries Podcast with Pastor Mark Mohr. Please visit our official website for more information:
This Is Iyanna Jones
This is Iyanna Jones is a one hour weekly radio show that discusses all things creative, political and creatively political.
The unfiltered opinions of ANGRY BLACK MAN.
Discussing issues facing The Black Man in Today's Society
The Darkest Hour
Comedian Erick Feiling AKA Blackman talks about life, tech and politics in this powerful heavy hitting podcast.
In each episode, host Jordan Blackman brings on game industry leaders and then dives deep into their experiences and know-how to uncover useful takeaways. Topics include rapid prototyping, specific game design strategies, tactics for Kickstarter success, venture capital funding, and much more. Tune in to hear from guests such as Lorne Lanning, Robin Hunicke, and Brian Allgeier.
Magical Boys
The Magical Boys, formerly known as The Joystick Jockeys, are made up by one gay black man, D.J. and one bisexual Cuban man, Rueben. Tune in to their bi-weekly podcasts where they break down the latest and greatest in the media you love.
A black man walking a fine line between the sun and the moon, find out who's on the Summer Jam Screen, while some folks are out here Selling Hope Like Dope. A few folks might have to Hold This L and not all Heroes Wear Capes. Health Over Wealth is how we always end the show on a positive note. Keep fighting the good fight!QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/FEEDBACK:
Science that makes sense, with various smart people, including AUT Chemistry professor Allan Blackman.
Typical black family background. Here to touch on the perspective of a young black man living in America.
Emanuel Sanders
Life expenses life struggles every day as a black man in the United States of America
Rod is the Coolest, Most Politically Incorrect, Conservative Black Man on the Planet. Logical, factual, historical to a fault. He makes politics, pop culture and current events entertaining and insightful. His daily program is a Liberals nightmare. Lively and entertaining to get your mornings off to a great start. Call into the program 603 835 3226. The Rod Eccles Show is 3 hours of fact, logic, info and fun.
Black Like Me
Black Like Me with Dr. Alex Gee is a podcast that invites you to experience the world through the perspective of one Black man, one conversation, one story, or even one rant at a time.
The No Play In This Ride podcast hosted by Black Out is a casual look through the eyes of a Black man in America. Each trip is filled with thoughts, opinions, and stories about the everyday struggle. Listen, laugh, think and prepare to be pissed off!
Don's 80
These are the performances and thoughts shared when a Black Man in America reaches 80
Welcome to a black man ranting. On this podcast I talk about random things that upset me, make me happy, or indifferent.
Learn to block and delete idiots from your life. Remove addiction to bad people, drugs, alcohol, government and more (WITHOUT MEETINGS!) Then use your new-found time and energy to MAKE A LIVING DOING WHAT YOU LOVE, like the author does. A USER'S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE is a libertarian manifesto for getting healthy, getting brilliant, maximizing potential and changing the world. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THIS BOOK: "Part intellectual memoir, part self-help book. Michael W. Dean's ...
Hi I’m a 26 years old realist black man ... im special I have a identical twin ..I’m here to make u laugh cry and vibe...
An every other day podcast of a young black man sharing the unfiltered thoughts of my brain. Ya know, the stuff we think about alone and never dare speak out loud. Let’s talk about it!
Yung Pastry and Lil Mattress talk about the topic at hand once a week.One black man and one white man with a lava lamp in between give their opinions on current news, music, culture, wwe , mma and more.
Teach These Devils is the semi-fact, opinion based, surprisingly accurate, prophetic ramblings of humorist and modern black man James Earl Brassfield, otherwise known as JEB. JEB and his guests; who are almost always children of Dr. Yakub will tackle current events and social issue topics. Topics like, pop culture, politics, race, sex, religion and equality. JEB just wants to teach these devils, will they listen?
This Weeks SoulSermonMixTill I Meet Thee – Cody Chestnut – Forthcoming – 2012Slo Woman (Davys Deep Mix) – Mint Condition – 2012What Am I Gonna Do – Quintus McCormick – Still Called The Blues – 2012(Love Is) My secret Weapon – Darrow Fletcher – CrossOver Soul 1975-1977 – 2012Never Met A Woman Like You – Euge Groove feat Jeffrey Osborne – House Of Groove - 2012Don’t Walk Away – Jonathan Butler – Grace & Mercy – 2012Put It On Me – Jimmy Ja – 2011I Went Along With Your Program – Bobby Boyd – Str ...
Inspired by the 1st black man in space, this is a podcast that discusses comics, movies, tech, and overall geek culture but with a different flex!
Filmmakers Eric and Sarahi discuss the entertainment industry and the struggles they face as a black man and a Latina. Mixed in with their preference on Kanye, Star Wars and the proper way to eat tacos.
Rod Eccles Show
Rod is the coolest, most politically incorrect black man on the planet. Rod has a way of sometimes making Rush Limbaugh look like a Liberal. Is an original political and society news, commentary and satire site with a Constitutional slant. Rod has always stood for the Constitution of the USA and expresses those views on his site, his blog and his talk show. Catch his talk show NOW ON THE CB MEDIA NETWORK here on Blog Talk Radio ( wee ...
The storied sexual encounters of an attractive dynamic black man. As a student, a rapper, business Man and traveler. Learn and enjoy!
Born in Barbados… raised in DC, Dj Bimshire is one of the Nation's Capital most versatile djs. Known for his smooth mixes and high energy, this rising star has carved his way into the minds, hearts and EARS of party-goers in the DMV.Bim, as he is affectionately known by his peers, followers & dj counterparts, started his professional dj career at the young age of 15, with Muzik Nashun Sound in 2000.Now almost 15 years later, Bim's dj career extends over all the major nightclubs, promoters an ...
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On this bonus episode of Brooklyn Chixxs the ladies discuss the issue of sex during your periods. They also discuss Stevante Clarke, the killing of another black man by the police, prom sluts and recap a favorite reality TV show.
On todays segment of Dear Science with AUT's Allan Blackman, we talk about a Nazi warship during WW2 damaging the growth of Norweigan trees using chemical smokescreens. Allan takes us into the fascinating world of chemical recycling using enzymes, bacteria and some awesome science. And finally Will thinks its Einsteins birthday anniversary but ...…
NYC cops are taking heat for the Crown Heights shooting of an unarmed black man. But Russ says the shooting was justified. Plus he takes Hall of Famer Ray Lewis to task over his comments regarding Odell Beckham Jr.
Tonight we discussed the silent war between the black woman and the black man. We looked at educational differences, environment factors, and historical elements that add to the war between the 2. We ultimately decided that the war is an illusion and that the real war is within the individual.
There are three ways to do an internship. Each has different benefits, but competition is stiff. Experts, employers interns and your hosts, both former interns, guide you through what employers expect and what interns get out of the experience. Hosts, Buffy Gorrilla and Ben Pawson, explore the internship landscape in detail. If you know nothing ...…
On Dear Science with AUT’s Allan Blackman we talk about power cuts and the science TV series Connections, proteins on old documents that tell us about the environment the writer was in at the time, and the separation of Hydrogen and Oxygen.
Pana TeknoIf DavidoFall DavidoMad Over You RuntownLebeh Lebeh Ding DongAYAYAY PumpaShe Bad TurnerSanko TimayaPam Pam KetchupBaby Na Yoka FlavourI Like The Way TimayaNwa Baby FlavourBend Down (Pause Remix ft. Wizkid & Machel Montano) RuntownMami Lo Tiene Machel MontanoFast Wine (Jillionaire Remix) Machel MontanoRough Wine (Ultimate Rejects Remix ...…
a collective shrug from White America. We promise not to get hung up on one topic because there's so much to cover, but then we do, so too bad. We also do a brief movie review for a movie you've never heard of and won't see, so you're welcome for that. Also some other stuff and whatever who cares.
Ken Kangas brought our message. Find out more about Blackman Baptist Church at
Nil Irvin, Mario Sacase & Daniel Blackman join this week's episode of Window Seat to talk about how men can do a better job in affecting women's rights.By (Full Service Radio).
Source: Mueller pushed for Gates' help on collusion; CNN; Mueller pushed for Trump campaign deputy's help in probe of possible collusion with Russia; Source: Muller team told Gates more in interested in possible collusion between Trump campaign and Russians than help with Manafort case; Sessions names prosecutor probing claims of FBI misconduct ...…
Hr 1: Conservative student punished for exposing university bias. AND... Corey Duncan says every police officer is NOT on a witch-hunt trying to kill a black man. Get real! Hr 2: Easter or Resurrection Day? AND... Pastor David Hegg asks, did the chocolate bunny come off the cross, or was it Jesus? It's bait and switch. Come for the Easter Bunny ...…
Ripped from the headlines, episode two with Retired Superintendent Keith Merith is a candid, unfiltered discussion about the recent police shooting of yet another unarmed black man in Sacramento – 22 year-old Stephon Clark. Why do so many black men keep getting killed? When an officer shoots his or her gun, is it always justified or the right c ...…
Hey there!!! Today’s episode is all about empowering the black man. I’m so so so excited to be bringing you this power-packed interview with my buddy Khas Dock! I’m just gonna drop his contact information and be on my way. Have an epic day! Show love to yourself and others. Be great! I speak life to you and to everyone and everything connected ...…
Segment 1: Unarmed black man shot in Sacramento Have you ever expereienced racism? Young Jeezy announcing retirement Does a rapper technially retire? Who Got Washed: Maybach Music III- Rick Ross ft. TI and Jadakiss Segment 2: Does a person's sneaker ruin it for you, if you try to talk to them for the first time? Are you considered desperate if ...…
Protests continue in Sacramento, California following the police killing of unarmed Black man 22-year-old Stephon Clark. Clark was killed in his grandmother's backyard. Police fired 20 shots at Mr. Clark, who was holding a cell phone, not a gun. Meanwhile, in another high-profile police killing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana of Alton Sterling, the L ...…
Protests continue in Sacramento, California following the police killing of unarmed Black man 22-year-old Stephon Clark. Clark was killed in his grandmother's backyard. Police fired 20 shots at Mr. Clark, who was holding a cell phone, not a gun. Meanwhile, in another high-profile police killing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana of Alton Sterling, the L ...…
Protests continue in Sacramento, California following the police killing of unarmed Black man 22-year-old Stephon Clark. Clark was killed in his grandmother's backyard. Police fired 20 shots at Mr. Clark, who was holding a cell phone, not a gun. Meanwhile, in another high-profile police killing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana of Alton Sterling, the L ...…
Protests continue in Sacramento, California following the police killing of unarmed Black man 22-year-old Stephon Clark. Clark was killed in his grandmother's backyard. Police fired 20 shots at Mr. Clark, who was holding a cell phone, not a gun. Meanwhile, in another high-profile police killing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana of Alton Sterling, the L ...…
Ask me anything and I'll promise to answer honest and true. This could be the end of this series as we know it so lets make this a memorable one!
We Just Talkin Podcast Episode 3 with Pastor Warren Stewart Jr. and guest Yazmeen Anderson we talked about many topics from Pastor Stewart confidence, black lives matter and the recent kllling of a unarmed black man shot 20 times by police, we talked about the New Snoop Dogg Gospel Album and about our opinion and we also address other's negativ ...…
Former Michigan State dean charged in Larry Nassar scandal, Two officers in black man's fatal shooting won't be charged, Decision to add citizenship question to census draws protest.
THE DAMN DIRTY TRIO IS BACK ONCE AGAIN!!With our special guest Tremmel White Jr. (C.E.O Of White Out Ent)We back once again for another good ass episode y'all!!We start off introducing out guest Tremmel White of White Out Ent. and how it all started. we move into the Austin Bomber and his bullshit, why the media doesn't label this man as a terr ...…
This post Losers and Libertarian and How to tell the difference. by Colin Flaherty appeared first on White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game, black on white crime. Follow Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry Podcast by Colin Flaherty Losers and Libertarian and How to tell the difference. Even smart people can do really, really dumb things. About the A ...…
Its been a few weeks since the whole crew been together. With the killing of another unarmed black man in the news we discuss the Us vs them stories created by low pay. Bronze got trust issues he's realized through his cousins cat. Luis is too lit for porn and the death penalty for opioid dealers makes us rethink the positions of big pharma. Da ...…
Chris, Travis and Gardner are all in-studio. Gardner thinks the radio station might be haunted. John Calipari will have more time to eat at Cunetto’s after his Kentucky squad lost to Kansas State in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Sister Jean and Loyola Chicago continue to ramble on following a win over Nevada. The Ringer created a Sister ...…
Bolton replacing McMaster as Trump national security adviser, Former Playboy model says Trump tried to pay her after sex, Protest over shooting of unarmed black man overtakes freeway.
As the season weather shines on us here in the Capital brings new music from St Vincent, Grenada, St Thomas and everything nice and sweet. Look out for two pressure plays for the weekly jam we call Dbreakaway Show. This show is powered to the lovers of Soca music 365, and the fans of the show, the Digglets.Tracklistings:1 - Skinny Fabulous - Ma ...…
Craig & Stead are joined by black man and professional Ric Flair enthusiast, My Black Friend co-host Big Debo! Craig, Stead & Debo talk about Dragon Ball, being black (something Craig is definitely familiar with), the varying quality of the Simpsons, nerdy moments, black superheroes, bread, snow, mud, dieting and much more! Theme By Neale Upton ...…
DOPE x Jet Carter x J Ivey x TM Sat Down With Blanca of IG:@BuiltByBlanca To Talk About What We Put In Our Bodies, Cheapest Way To Shop For Food, The Candy Lady, Fight or Flight Mode, Interval Training, Stretch (It's Important), Can I Vent? Yes You Can! Jet Carter's Phenomenal Womyn Of The Week (Aicha Ayana), Unarmed Black Man Shot To Death In ...…
Cornelius Sublette joins Beatrix and Ayden as a guest to speak about his interactions on dating apps as a black man in the RGV gay community. Together they address internalized oppression & the different “isms” that prevail in the gay scene.
Austin bomber had "personal problems", ya think? Sacramento cops killed unarmed black man and a history teacher fired for dissing military.
This week we're talking about white saviors, black panther reviews and more! Plus, we're snatching up your black cards this week. Tune in!Links To Things Mentioned In This Episode:White Savior in Africa: Fiasco's Unwarranted Black Panther Re ...…
This post Why black on white hostility and violence in South Africa are important to us in America. by Colin Flaherty appeared first on White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game, black on white crime. Follow Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry Podcast by Colin Flaherty Why black on white hostility and violence are important to us in America. Because th ...…
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