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This is the responsible gun owners podcast. Join our pro-gun and diverse community. Learn from and discover what's true as we share American history, fun stuff, training tips, gun reviews and news for and from leaders in the industry, media and the free. We have a free IOS and Android app for this show also available.
Each month the Black Man Answers Cosmo Podcast will reply to the letters section of Cosmopolitan Magazine and interview interesting people.
Welcome to my official podcast where I challenge motivate and inspire!
Happy Black Man
Evolving one day at a time! Thanks for listening and lending me your ears!
A political/social online radio program that examines regional issues through the lens of Scotty Reid. The views and opinions expressed by the hosts, guests and callers do not necessarily represent those of the Black Talk Radio Network™, Sponsors or Advertisers.
Funky Blackman
Soulful House with added bangers sprinkled with a little Electro and topped with some Funky House for your rabbit ears :)
Half White Son of a Black Man is a podcast sprung from the mind of writer, comedian and actor Andrew Sanford. Each week, he and fellow panelists Ja-Ron Young and Mikael Page are joined by a special guest, and they dig into the headlines of the week, with subjects ranging from race, to politics, to downright silly stuff. With unique improv games like Spin It! and Explain!, the panel provides their own unique and always unexpected spin on current events. Suffice it to say, if you're looking fo ...
Black Man
The standing of the black people.
Black Man
Black Man - это не просто талантливый диджей и новатор, это бренд сочетающий качество саунда и глубину восприятия. Всё это делает его желанным гостем на сейшенах любого формата. Развиваясь как музыкант и профессионал.
Blackman Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist church located at 390 Brinkley Rd, Murfreesboro, TN. Our mission is to help people meet and follow Jesus. Sunday School 9:10 AMSunday Worship Service 10:30 AMCommunity GroupsSunday/Tuesday/Thursday 5:30 PM
Welcome to the Reflections of a black man in turkey podcast, where amazing things happen.
Racism is real. It is still the number one problem in America. Provocative and polarizing. A honest look at racism, emotions and societal lies that interfere with happiness
The creation and building of a self sustaining sacred sanctuary and community for the North American (NA) born indigenous Blk female who has never known what it is like to have our men protect us. We do however know what it's like to be abused, exploited, molested, abandoned and yes sadly, even killed by them. It is high time, we looked down upon but very much overly relied upon melanin rich sistuhs told our own stories of what our lives have truly been like living in NA with Black men of al ...
Talking of the Couch podcast is a weekly podcast that focuses on mental health and mental wellness with in the communities of color. These conversations will be with Tatiana Smith, a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in Dallas, Texas. It's time to shed light and break stigmas within the black culture about mental health/illness and mental wellness as well as in other communities of color. This podcast is a voice for the mental health community as well as the average person who may b ...
Roland S. Martin is a nationally award-winning and multifaceted journalist. A nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate, Mr. Martin is the author of Listening to the Spirit Within: 50 Perspectives on Faith, and Speak, Brother! A Black Man’s View of America, and his newest book, “The First: President Barack Obama’s Road to the White House as originally reported by Roland S. Martin.” Mr. Martin is a commentator for TV One Cable Network and host of “Washington Watch with Roland Ma ...
Prep Radio
Nutrition and training discussion by Veteran bodybuilder and nutrition consultants Paul Scarborough and Tom Blackman
Welcome to the Christafari Ministries Podcast with Pastor Mark Mohr. Please visit our official website for more information:
Can a play written in the seventeenth century protest against contemporary issues? Is it possible to use a Shakespearian tragedy draw attention to political injustice? Apartheid was a system of enforced legal racial segregation in South Africa that was imposed on the country's majority non white inhabitants by the minority white population. In 1988 actress and director Janet Suzman took the decision to defy the racist apartheid regime by staging Othello in Johannesburg with a mixed cast of b ...
This is Iyanna Jones is a one hour weekly radio show that discusses all things creative, political and creatively political.
My aim is to promote extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. Countering the negative images that are the "only" images projected of people of color throughout the world via the various media sources of an unfair "system". In addition to unique and honest insights into current news events and the everyday challenges in life.
Discussing issues facing The Black Man in Today's Society
The Darkest Hour
Comedian Erick Feiling AKA Blackman talks about life, tech and politics in this powerful heavy hitting podcast.
Magical Boys
The Magical Boys, formerly known as The Joystick Jockeys, are made up by one gay black man, D.J. and one bisexual Cuban man, Rueben. Tune in to their bi-weekly podcasts where they break down the latest and greatest in the media you love.
In each episode, host Jordan Blackman brings on game industry leaders and then dives deep into their experiences and know-how to uncover useful takeaways. Topics include rapid prototyping, specific game design strategies, tactics for Kickstarter success, venture capital funding, and much more. Tune in to hear from guests such as Lorne Lanning, Robin Hunicke, and Brian Allgeier.
Black Like Me
Black Like Me with Dr. Alex Gee is a podcast that invites you to experience the world through the perspective of one Black man, one conversation, one story, or even one rant at a time.
The unfiltered opinions of ANGRY BLACK MAN.
A black man walking a fine line between the sun and the moon, find out who's on the Summer Jam Screen, while some folks are out here Selling Hope Like Dope. A few folks might have to Hold This L and not all Heroes Wear Capes. Health Over Wealth is how we always end the show on a positive note. Keep fighting the good fight!QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/FEEDBACK:
The storied sexual encounters of an attractive dynamic black man. As a student, a rapper, business Man and traveler. Learn and enjoy!
Emanuel Sanders
Life expenses life struggles every day as a black man in the United States of America
Don's 80
These are the performances and thoughts shared when a Black Man in America reaches 80
Science that makes sense, with various smart people, including AUT Chemistry professor Allan Blackman.
The No Play In This Ride podcast hosted by Blxck Out are thoughts, opinions, and stories from a Black man stuck in traffic. Listen, laugh, think, and enjoy.
Rod is the Coolest, Most Politically Incorrect, Conservative Black Man on the Planet. Logical, factual, historical to a fault. He makes politics, pop culture and current events entertaining and insightful. His daily program is a Liberals nightmare. Lively and entertaining to get your mornings off to a great start. Call into the program 603 835 3226. The Rod Eccles Show is 3 hours of fact, logic, info and fun.
Learn to block and delete idiots from your life. Remove addiction to bad people, drugs, alcohol, government and more (WITHOUT MEETINGS!) Then use your new-found time and energy to MAKE A LIVING DOING WHAT YOU LOVE, like the author does. A USER'S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE is a libertarian manifesto for getting healthy, getting brilliant, maximizing potential and changing the world. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THIS BOOK: "Part intellectual memoir, part self-help book. Michael W. Dean's ...
Typical black family background. Here to touch on the perspective of a young black man living in America.
Welcome to a black man ranting. On this podcast I talk about random things that upset me, make me happy, or indifferent.
Inspired by the 1st black man in space, this is a podcast that discusses comics, movies, tech, and overall geek culture but with a different flex!
Rod Eccles Show
Rod is the coolest, most politically incorrect black man on the planet. Rod has a way of sometimes making Rush Limbaugh look like a Liberal. Is an original political and society news, commentary and satire site with a Constitutional slant. Rod has always stood for the Constitution of the USA and expresses those views on his site, his blog and his talk show. Catch his talk show NOW ON THE CB MEDIA NETWORK here on Blog Talk Radio ( wee ...
Hi I’m a 26 years old realist black man ... im special I have a identical twin ..I’m here to make u laugh cry and vibe...
Born in Barbados… raised in DC, Dj Bimshire is one of the Nation's Capital most versatile djs. Known for his smooth mixes and high energy, this rising star has carved his way into the minds, hearts and EARS of party-goers in the DMV.Bim, as he is affectionately known by his peers, followers & dj counterparts, started his professional dj career at the young age of 15, with Muzik Nashun Sound in 2000.Now almost 15 years later, Bim's dj career extends over all the major nightclubs, promoters an ...
​One woman's battle — challenging the world — changing the law. Jane Gagliardo was fired by her pharmaceutical powerhouse employer when her disability surfaced. Chapters and Challenges is a weekly podcast inspired by the Pulitzer-nominated book "Call To Witness." For those ​who feel powerless facing what seems like insurmountable challenges​, let this be a light​. Be inspired with Jane and her co-host author, Sherry Blackman, as they bring you true stories.
Teach These Devils is the semi-fact, opinion based, surprisingly accurate, prophetic ramblings of humorist and modern black man James Earl Brassfield, otherwise known as JEB. Alongside this delusional mandman is The Condor himself. Constant contributor Wilson Chavo Rivera. JEB, Wilson and Their guests; who are almost always children of Dr. Yakub will tackle current events and social issue topics. Topics like, pop culture, politics, race, sex, religion and equality. JEB and Wilson just want t ...
Filmmakers Eric and Sarahi discuss the entertainment industry and the struggles they face as a black man and a Latina. Mixed in with their preference on Kanye, Star Wars and the proper way to eat tacos.
Different expressions, experiences and extras that go through this blackman's mind and heart. Hopefully the lessons gained are learned and resonate with those going through it with peace for peace.
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Five Things You Need To Know About EDC Michael and I talk about concealed carry every day. When and where to carry is a little like walking around naked. Some places its comfortable, and other times its inappropriate, offense and even illegal. Mike says you need: Mindset Skills Tactics Gear Insurance (we suggest the United States Concealed Carr ...…
Rod cleans up the Paper Pile, The Trump economy keeps making huge leaps forward, The pundits are predicting Democrat win in house. Todays Holidays and so much more
Giving honor and tribute with some kind words to the legendary queen of soul, Aretha Franklin who passed to the essence Aug 15, 2018.
Thanks for listening to the conversation in Season 1! Dr. Alex Gee previews what is coming up for Season 2 of Black Like Me. You won't want to miss the upcoming Genealogy Series where Dr. Gee will talk about the shocking revelations he discovered in his own family history. Catch up on Dear White People and Atlanta so that you can join the conve ...…
Summer Jam: Prayers to Aretha Idris James Bond fiasco again... cop that went viral for beating the shit outta brotha Florida case of stand your ground, Michael Dre ...…
Summer Jam:Young folks don’t want construction jobs: Trump’s inlaws just became citizens through chain migration aka family visa program: ...…
This is a best of program with an Intel Report from July 2018.
Talking Off The Couch podcast focuses on mental health and mental wellness within the community of color. Tatiana Smith who is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, Texas decided that it is time to shed light and break stigmas about mental health/wellness in the communities of color. This podcast is a voice for the mental health communit ...…
Hey folx! We're off this week and next due to FlameCon so Rueben is being very self-centered and giving you all a taste of his improvised screenplay/movie comedy podcast You're Welcome, Hollywood.
Our dear friend Stevie is in on the podcast. She's basically like a female Jack Nicholson. Tales And Tangents. Follow us @TheseDevils.
More Primary news and its not pretty. Omarosa thinks she is doing damage to Trump but its really damage to herself. Trump polls are out and Rod was right about why News Papers will do coordinated editorial attack on him. Twitter rears its really ugly side, something Rod said would happen did. The Intel Report, Todays Holidays and so much more. ...…
Social Media turns on the left? Mueller Witch Hunt continues and goes after Stone. Is the Blue Wave realy a Blue Ebb. Omarosa second wave? Todays Holidays and so much more.
On Dear Science with AUT’s Allan Blackman we are talk about Monsanto and the $289 million dollar payout to Dwayne Johnson, as well as why spaghetti splits into three, not two parts, when you break it.
Welcome to the No Play In This Ride Podcast. This week... Kanye West Frozen NFL Protest Eric Benet Hard Knocks Cleveland Browns Omarosa As always share, subscribe, and enjoy!
I was listening to a conversation between two men, (younger than myself that were) saying how boring shotguns were. I decided not to interrupt. Instead I engaged Michael J. Woodland about it. Michael J. Woodland wanted us to try something different on this week where we chatted online as we share this conversation about shotguns. I spoke outsid ...…
Rod goes off and goes deep into what he feels and thinks about a Black James Bond. Pelosi is losing more than her mind it would seem. Michael Moore makes a decleration. Cali cant split into 3. Judge orders expelled illegals to be returned to USA, todays holidays, the paper pile and more.
Is Trump winning at the polls? Democrats have such a Blue Wave goin they believe that even a loss is a win and they will need less wins in NOV to take the house. Ocasio Cortez tries to explain that Medicare is cheaper than current free market system, Social Media gears up to ban ban ban, todays holidays and The Rev Rod.…
Talking Off The Couch podcast focuses on mental health and mental wellness within the community of color. Tatiana Smith who is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, Texas decided that it is time to shed light and break stigmas about mental health/wellness in the communities of color. This podcast is a voice for the mental health communit ...…
The Certified Old Head and comedy genius John Armstrong is on the pod. John stops in to the newly minted Jecca to talk about moving up in the joke world and the trials of living. It's Wednesday!
Tuesday election results and what it means for November, Mueller is finding it harder to frame Trump? The Intel Report plus a whole lot of other import tidbits and todays, holidays
Summer Jam: Alex Jones being banned on various platformsMexican workers walking out due to bigoted safety coordinator, Black man that filmed it was fired... offering surveillance facial recognition technologies to law enforcement, Amazon employees object to it... https://th ...…
Summer Jam: Trayvon Martin (RIP) documentaryOh No Mo’Nique what is you doing?! chapter of brotha Malcolm’s autobiography popped up on the auction block, there’s been talk for years about a missing chapter in this book. I j ...…
Alex Jones has sparked a movement that many in America dont like. Climate Change is on the hotseat yet again. Rosie ODonnel pops up in DC. The Nov Mid Terms are shaping up. Todays Holidays and so much more.
On Dear Science today we are talking about how to get near the sun in order to study it, the way that we reveal ourselves in our text messages with a debate about the use of full stops, and a helium anniversary at a time when we should be very aware of its depleting resources.
On this fun and honest episode, Dr. Alex Gee teases his upcoming full discussion of the Netflix series Dear White People by sharing his thoughts on the first episode. Dr. Gee is joined by some of his podcast crew to get a White perspective on the topic of White people entering Black spaces, such as Black churches. Plus, hear the group struggle ...…
Welcome to the No Play In This Ride Podcast. This week... Cameron Terrell Armondo Frank LeBron James I Promise School Trump Travis Scott Astro World -Album Review Denzel Curry Taboo- Album Review As always share, subscribe, and enjoy.…
Kevin Wax brought our message. Find out more about Blackman Baptist Church at
Kevin Wax brought our message. Find out more about Blackman Baptist Church at
Trump is on a roll as his PA rally proves but Democrats struggle to find a narrative that sticks. The economy continues to deliver good news. The countdown to the Mid Terms begins. More #MeToo with a boyband member. Cleaning up the Paper Pile. Todays Holidays and so much more
Every time we get an election its gonna be a reflection on Trump now Ohio is the epicenter and leftist are crossing their fingers, CNN cant take the heat but then dishes it out right after Accosta gets verbaly accosted. Todays Holidays, corruption in someplace not surprising, and so much more.
Back from the mental break with a renewed sense of focus. Decided to change up the podcast just a little and tighten up a few things. I have a rant about 3D gun printing. Last week, I married a couple of great people under the Speak Life Church banner at Duke University Chapel but before that I went to the largest podcasters convention in the w ...…
How many episodes does it take for Boruto to get interesting? 65. Stay connected with us on Social Media! Official Magical Boys Website: Official Magical Boys Twitter @TheMagicalBoys Official Magical Boys Instagram @MagicalBoysPodcast D.J. Kirkland @OhHeyDJ Rueben Medina @roobots…
Venezuala admits that Socialism doesnt work, Cuomo in hot water with the press? A sitting US Senator doesnt understand immigration law, The Mueller investigation switches tacticts, the Intel Repor with agent 0010, todays Holidays and more.
American History has a way of disproving Leftists beliefs as Rod gives short lesson on Democrats Jackson and VanBuren, Global Warming doesnt rear its ugly head after all, TSA now following you but not at the airport, ICE doesnt get back up from cops in this city on the Left Coast, todays Holidays and so much more.…
On Dear Science with AUT's Allan Blackman, we talk about a newly discovered underground lake on Mars, a defrosted 42,000 year-old worm, and how statistics can help us figure out who wrote which Beatles song.
Dr. Alex Gee talks with the owners of Short Stack Eatery in Madison, WI about how they are committed to using their business to better the community. Alex Lindenmeyer and Sinead McHugh share how they started their restaurant business and sought out the African American history class to grow their vision. Don't miss hearing these two innovative ...…
Erik and Chris share stories on life, love and troubles with the law
Talking about frenimies that lurk in your circle. Floyd and Fifty. Mike Cohen and Trump. Nas and Jay Z. Watch and build your circle. One wrong cog can ruin the time piece.
This morning Rod tells you the real reason behind birth rate decline in west, Why the New York Times still doesnt get it, the Election for 2018 is heating up, a name change in Austin TX, Todays Holidays and so much more.
Welcome to the No Play In This Ride Podcast. This week... What about your friends? Immigration KD and CJ McCollum Confederate Flag Debate 80's Babies Drew League As always subscribe, share, and enjoy.…
I'm back with another random life update. I talk about my job, dating life and the Orlando Comedy scene. Two of my friends broke up and I had to meet somewhere in the middle after hearing both sides of the story. A well known guy showed up at the Orlando Improv and getting pissed at upper management having me work crazy hours. There is a lot to ...…
It’s nice and hot in the Gage Cage! This week Andrew and Mikael sit down with comedians Mario Benitez and Juan Escalante! Things start with a frank discussion of the controversies surrounding director James Gunn. Then they discuss Drinking Water From a Sarcophagus, Jeff Sessions Leading a High School Chant of “Look Her Up” and The Affects of Sa ...…
Does Michael Cohen have the goods on Trump? The GDP Numbers are out and Mad Maxine is out trying to foster violence in the street because the numbers are good. Freedom Friday brings us fun stuff from Hollywood as well. Twitter and Facebook on the decline, Todays Holidays and soooo much more. Frolic in the truth by celebrating your week end of f ...…
Zuck could be in real trouble while Facebook goes through some backlash, Twitter gets caught again, Mad Maxine says she is on a mission from God, Some in Congress have finally had enough of Rosenstien, Todays Holidays and so much more. You gotta tune in to this episode.
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