Best cephalopodcast podcasts we could find (Updated October 2018)
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The Cephalopodcast
The Cephalopodcast is a podcast hosted by the Giant Squidstravaganza, a giant squid trying to make his way in a difficult world full of humans and pollution. Written and produced by Paul and Joe DeGeorge.
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The Giant Squidstravaganza talks about rocks.
The Giant Squidstravaganza introduces his newest release, Relaxation and Beyond with the Giant Squidstravaganza.
The Giant Squidstravaganza makes some New Year’s resolutions, introduces a couple new podcast segments, and has a chance encounter with his old girlfriend Melissa. The Cephalopodcast is written and produced by Paul and Joe DeGeorge.“The Blob” segment written and produced by Emmett Fitzgerald with appearances by Erin Kelly and David Goff.Andrew ...…
Please join us for the Giant Squidstravaganza’s annual Holiday Spectacular. We’ll learn the true meaning of Squidmas. We’ll hear poems and sing songs! We’ll cook special recipes and write our Squidmas letters! It’s a holiday special that’s so festive, it will warm all three of your hearts! HAPPY SQUIDMAS EVERYONE!…
The Giant Squidstravaganza gives shout out to his newest sponsor, teaches us how to make Toast Over Easy, pays a visit to his Dream Diary, and offers a preview of this upcoming Annual Squidmas Special. Written and Produced by Paul and Joe DeGeorge. Katherine Green is the voice of the Sewer Monster in "Days in Our Lake."…
The Giant Squidstravaganza teaches you how to play the game of Monopoly.
After learning about water on Mars, the Giant Squidstravaganza delivers a eulogy for the Red Planet and then shares some facts about squid dicks.
The Giant Squidstravaganza discovers an archived episode of his junior high school podcast and then plays some Settlers of Catan.
The Giant Squidstravaganza recaps his first live appearance as a professional podcaster, and, at the behest of his mother, goes is search of employment.
The Giant Squidstravaganza contemplates the dream world and takes the mound to face off against an old foe.
The Giant Squidstravaganza instructs you on the proper technique for making buttered toast. We also play the game of Telephone and hear a preview of an upcoming comedy appearance
The Giant Squidstravaganza explains string theory and teaches you how to make toast (on medium).
The Giant Squidstravaganza plays a game, answers some fan mail, meets a TV producer and plays one of his old hit songs.
The Giant Squidstravaganza explores a shoebox full of items from his past and discovers a letter from one of his heroes. We also learn some facts about mouse traps.
The Giant Squidstravaganza discusses his personal finances and we learn a bit about squid anatomy.
The Giant Squidstravaganza returns to podcasting after a seven year hiatus. Written and Produced by Paul and Joe DeGeorge. Logo design by Dustin Williams. Online at and on Twitter @giantsquidrocks.
Kicking off Phoenix Comicon last week, the third annual Phoenix Ultimate Geek Smackdown (PUGS) occurred, pitting eight ultimate geeks against each other in a battle of wits…to the death. With our own Jonathan Simon helping coordinate the event along with Jeff Moriarty, and Andrea Beesely, we were able to record the quarter, semi, and final smac ...…
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