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Coach Calloway gives us his thoughts on the football weekend. Coach discuss topics from both the NCAA and NFL from this past weekend. Who are the best teams in college and NFL.​DON'T FORGET - To leave your comments, rate us and most important please share on your social media accounts.​COACHES: The nations #1 coaching resource is get logged in today to our "Training Center".Follow Us On Social Media at: Twitter - @CallowayFBFacebook - ...
The CFNCast is all about celebrating what makes indie games great. From dev interviews to reviews, to advice to developers, this podcast will have it all
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Coaching vs. Teaching by Cody Conner
012 The Right Diet by Cody Conner
CFN Insider explores how the U.S. cannabis industry is evolving and the potential impact of a DEA decision to reschedule the drug or its cannabinoid constituents with a leading market analyst and group of five legal experts. In addition, investment opportunities are identified that may arise from these changes. In this episode, we take a look a ...…
011 The Heart of Community by Cody Conner
010 Scaling Workouts by Cody Conner
009 Recovery by Cody Conner
008 3 Stages of CrossFit by Cody Conner
007 Nutrition Part II by Cody Conner
006 Results Pt II by Cody Conner
005 Results by Cody Conner
003 CFN Nutrition by Cody Conner
004 Don't miss a Monday Workout by Cody Conner
002 What is Fitness at CFN? by Cody Conner
001 CFN Core Values by Cody Conner
For the second episode of the CFNCast, I ramble on with G and Bam, two parts of Bammsters. They connect with developers via their indie game reviews, their dev streams, and the many many interviews on their podcast! Together we talk about indie games, our experiences with developers, and a bunch of other nonsense.Check out our links!My Twitter ...…
Join CFN on Discord: off the First Episode of the CFNCast, I tell my stories about what I love so much about independent games.My LinksDigital Tip Jar - - I have been playingEagle Island - - ...…
CFN Insider explores the branding principle in cannabis and how it's ever more critical with recreational legalization in California and soon in Canada while big national brands make inroads. Three experts from influential cannabis brands give us their insights. Featured Guests Jeffrey Britz, CEO of International Cannabrands Inc. (CSE: JUJU) Jo ...…
CFN Insider looks at California's recreational market, which is poised to become the largest legal cannabis industry in the world. In addition, experts take a look at the elections earlier this month and how the results might impact the cannabis industry over the coming years. Featured Guests: Matt Karnes of Greenwave Advisors Sean Hocking of t ...…
The Cole Memo and other regulations have tried to open up banking access to the cannabis industry, but many banks and credit unions refuse to engage with the marijuana industry because it remains a Schedule I Controlled Substance. In this episode, we look at the challenges that cannabis businesses face and what's being done to solve the problem ...…
The opioid epidemic has reached a critical point in the United States, with more than 60,000 Americans dying from overdose last year alone. In July 2017, opioid addiction was cited as the "FDA's biggest crisis" and CDC Director Thomas Frieden said "urgent action is critical". Cannabinoids, it turns out, could play a critical role in addressing ...…
CFN Insider looks at where medical marijuana may be headed on a federal level and whether the industry has reached a critical mass. In addition, this episode looks at the status of legalization in other markets across North America and Europe. - What is the federal government's stance on medical marijuana? - Who is behind the opposition to medi ...…
Pastor Billy Allen shares a message about good examples of heroes of the faith in the Bible, and what we can learn from them.
Pastor Billy Allen share a message about being persistent with God’s dreams for our lives.
Pastors Billy & Marianne Allen share a message about God as our provider, how we need to trust him as our source for provision in any area, and how we need to rely on Him.
Pastor Marianne Allen, teaches on the implications of being a child of our Heavenly father and a temple of the Holy Spirit. And with that position how we can come to Him in prayer.
Pastor Billy Allen continues the series “Called to Be” this time he teaches on 7 things we need to become: hungry for God, worship God, pray to God, loving-forgiving, generous, and people of faith.
Pastor Billy Allen starts a new series about every christian personal calling to be and not just a series of things to do.
Andrew Brown, the coordinator of the Healing Place at CFNI, shares a message about faith to believe the promises of God and be persistent in prayer.
Andrew Brown, the coordinator of the Healing Place at CFNI, shares a message about faith to believe the promises of God and be persistent in prayer.
Pastors Billy & Marianne continue the teaching series on being thankful. This time they teach about speaking the right words, receive the blessing of God and be generous to others as part of being thankful.
Pastor Billy teaches how to help and maintain a thankful heart and avoid the sin of familiarity.
The first part of Pastor Billy’s teachings about being thankful regardless of circumstances, and the blessing of it.
Pastor Billy Concludes his message about discipleship. And what are the characteristics of a true disciple of Jesus.
Pastor Billy teaches from Psalm 23 how can we be led by the Good Shepherd and enter into his rest.
Pastor Billy teaches on the meaning of being a disciple of Jesus. Love God and love for one another.
Pastor Billy Allen continues the series of teachings on discipleship. This time, he speaks about the difference between living by faith and by religious or foolish works.
Pastor Billy Allen starts a series about the meaning of being a disciple. This time, he teaches on listening the voice of God and how to be lead by the Spirit.
Pastors Billy & Marianne Allen encourage us that God is still in charge despite the darkness in our world, and our responsibility to do our part for the sake of our nation’s current moment in history
Pastor Billy shares a message about God’s calling and gifts in our daily lives and how God has given us the grace and will to fulfill his calling.
Pastor Marianne Allen teaches about the spirit of perversion and how to be free from it.
Missionary Paul Cagle shares his testimony and encourages us to pursue God’s calling and reminded us that God has life in abundance.
Pastor Billy Allen shares a message about the trap of idolatry and how it can sneak up on us.
Pastor Billy shares a message about love, forgiveness, and reconciliation in the context of the current situation of our country.
Pastor Billy shares a message on anger and bitterness in the context of the events that been happening in Dallas and the nation.
Pastor Billy Thompson shares a message about sin and situations we get into and the urgency to get out of it.
Pastor Billy Allen [@-Insert@]shares a message about the practicality of his calling and, encourage us to use what we have available to us to fulfill his destiny in us.
Pastor Billy Thompson shares a message on financial freedom and how this affect our spiritual life.
Pastor Peter Burnett shares a message about our daily relationship with God and how this affects everything.
Pastors Billy & Marianne Allen talk about the important role of being a mother.
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