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Arrows Of Revival
Arrows of Revival is a podcast series hosted by Bishop Omaudi Reid and Pastor Guerline Reid. The series includes teachings and discussions on the people and instruments of revival in these last days. The intent is to point every listener towards world revival. God is shaping us as arrows to hit the bullseye of His revival!
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In this episode, we discuss: - how to make major life decisions - discerning God's will in decision-making
In this episode we discuss: - the importance of knowing God's will in making major decisions - Decision making pitfalls to avoid - How to begin making major life decisions in God's will
In this episode, we answer questions from you such as: Can you be saved but not delivered from an addiction? Or once you say the sinner’s prayer and get baptized then all addictions go as well or is deliverance a process after salvation? In regards to marriage, how do you deal with a young person bringing in an unsaved person to church in the h ...…
In this episode we discuss: - the meaning and types of divination - identifying churches in divination - consequences of meddling with the spirit of divination - steps to being delivered from divination
In this episode we discuss: Is Halloween compatible with Christianity? How to teach our children about Halloween Can Christians be witches? The current rise in public witchcraft activity Witchcraft works of the flesh Christians should avoid Bewitching Doctrines Readiness to Confront witchcraft
In this episode, we discuss: how to revive a struggling marriage the importance of listening to your spouse, Spirit-filled Pastors and Counselors, and God. the benefits of focusing on giving to your spouse
In this episode, we discuss: - Signs that a married couple have lost or are losing their emotional connection - Destructive behavior in a marriage - How to begin restoring the emotional connection in a marriage - The dangers of blaming, and the need to take responsibility
In this episode, we discuss: Worldwide Vision Day What is Worldwide Vision Day? What are some of the benefits of Worldwide Vision Day? How Churches and believers can get involved in Worldwide Vision Day?
In this episode, we discuss: Current news reports of persecution Expecting Revival during persecution God's vengeance against persecution Dealing with persecution from family members and relatives.
In this episode we discuss: Some of the current news on persecution against Christians around the world. How we can respond to persecution especially to verbal attacks which believers worldwide face.
In this episode we discuss: The Local Church as a place of revival. The importance of believers attending the local church. 3 Blessings of regular church attendance, and Why watching online church service cannot replace local church attendance.
Rev. Dennis Balcombe, missionary to China, shares about the arrows of revival in China, and how believers can walk in revival in their own lives. Having personally experienced persecution and revival in China, Balcombe provides a unique perspective on the move of God around the world. As one who has passed on revival to the next generation, he ...…
In this week, we continue the interview with Bishop Kumar as he discusses the hubs and epicenters of revival around the world. you will also get a glimpse of his passion for revival.
We interview Bishop Sam Kumar, called the John the Baptist of India by Charisma Magazine, and the leader of the Revival Center of India. Bishop Kumar is a revival scholar, who regularly travels the world to ignite and study revival. He studied missions at Elim Institute in New York and holds two degrees from Regent University. He has traveled t ...…
This week we address another AntiRevival Doctrine: Once Saved Always Saved. First, we discuss your assurance of salvation, or security in Christ. Then, we discuss the possibility or not of losing salvation.
Today, there is an increase in doctrines in the church world that quells the hunger for revival. We call these teachings anti-revival doctrines. This episode introduces anti-revival doctrines and focuses on hyper-grace. We answer questions such as: Should believers confess their sins to God; Does God convict or correct the believer of sin; Are ...…
We continue our discussion on women leading in ministry (pastors, ministers, church leaders) presenting Biblical support for women to lead in ministry including examples from the Bible, the general teaching of scripture, and practical Biblical principles.
From the Word of God, we answer the question of whether or not women can lead in ministry as pastors or ministers. We take a comprehensive look at the scriptures and address the scriptures that are used to prevent women from leading in ministry.
We continue our discussion on how to nurture children to become arrows of revival.
In times of revival even children, little children, pre-teens, and teenagers can experience the power of the outpouring of the Spirit of God. God wants to sharpen and polish the children for revival. We discuss how parents and leaders can nurture children to be arrows of revival.
We briefly discuss the call of women as women of revival to preach the gospel and be leaders in ministry. Based on the prophecy of Joel 2:28, in the last days women would also receive the outpouring of the Spirit and prophecy. The Bible also tells us in Isaiah 32:9 that the women should "rise up", and that doing so would usher in revival. Pasto ...…
The first episode of Arrows of Revival opens with the topic "You Are An Arrow of Revival" God wants to use you to hit the bullseye of world revival. He has been sharpening and polishing willing believers of these last days to use in his revival. All are called to be arrows in this revival including women, children, young men, and old men, of al ...…
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