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Banter Over a Cigarette is a variety style blogcast podcast where I discuss the things that amuse me, interest me, concern me. I talk about strange things in the news, anything that can be labeled as what-the-fuckery, as well as movie reviews, interviews, and I highlight musicians and fellow podcasters from time to time. If this seems like its right up your alley check it out at Hosted by Eldon K.R.
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Listen to this small audio clip: Then click this link and watch the video: The audio might not be lined up with the video but I blame that on the internet.
Here be the promo I was talking about for the last couple of weeks. Listen to it for all the details, one to post tomorrow as well. And probably the day after that, and the one after that two. Got to get all these things out thank to my nemesis and his delay in getting […]
I’ll have to appologize for this one. I knew that this one needed editing but, meeting NaNoWriMo goals got in the way of that as well as some personal issues that I’ve been trying to work through. The show hasn’t been edited and I’m sorry. The season is coming to a close sometime in December, […]
From what I gathered from my Twitter feed over the weekend, everybody seems to be talking about the ACTA and how everybody seems pissed off by it. It would also seem that for once I got on the band wagon early because my cohosts and I discussed this in the middle of last week while […]
Here we go ladies and gentlemen. Would have had this promo A LOT sooner but it took a while to get Kyle’s line. Take this promo send it to everyone you know, send it to your favorite podcast. Alternatively if you have your own podcast you’re more than welcome to put this on your show, […]
This week we covered some interesting topics, but what I’d like to focus on is our feature. I talked with Scott Roche about NaNoWriMo at length and we discussed some of the main pitfalls that writers face from a domestic standpoint, as well as some problems you’ll face as a novice writer, as well as […]…
This is the audio part to the essay that I posted on Drawing a Blank. This is also a preemptive apology. You see, Ben, has had tomorrows episode since last night and he chose to go to bed early today instead of doing the show notes. There’s really nothing I can do if he won’t […]
That’s right boys and girls, Kyle came back after the month like I said we would. This one is a bit long, but stay tuned, silliness ensues. 0:00 Intro 6:20 Front End Banter 13:45 Break: Erotica a la carte promo 14:55 Apple Tablet 20:25 NSF Porn Problem 25:45 Technology is Scary, It knows who you […]
Righty-O! Here I am with the next episode for your listening pleasure. We created a new segment as well as had a guest host. I really hope you enjoy the show and I’ll see you next week. [Ben thinks it’s fun to make me look bad. So instead of doing the show notes today he […]
Alright. Here’s Episode 4. On time again. I think I’m starting to get the hang of this again. And so is Ben. It used to take forever to get him to find time to record, and then having him transcribe the shownotes was always like pulling teeth. It’s good that we have an actual schedule […]
After two weeks of interviews we bring you the season opener. It ran a bit long but that’s to be expected of the first show we’ve recorded in almost a year. Most shows will usually run abour 45 minutes long after this unless it’s another special episode or an interview. The downside is that my […]
This is the second part of my interview with Dan Sawyer of Down From Ten and the Antithesis Progression. Our season opener will hit the feed by next week and if I can’t seem to get either one of my regular hosts behind the microphone I’ll either go solo or find a guest host. If […]
Yes boys and girls, that’s right! We’re back, for reals this time, look I even have an episode to prove it. The first two episodes of this season will be the interview with Dan Sawyer, our actual season opener will be the third episode. The reasoning behind this well be explained in the after banter […]…
This song is called “Ill Business”. It’s from a local Indiana band called Once a Friend and they kindly allowed me to use this way back in March when I was originally intending to launch the show. We’ll be throwing more things from season three your way soon. Right now I’m having a problem with […]
Well, I was going to have Ben come over today and do the show notes today. That didn’t happen because Ben is deciding to be a dick, and it seems like he’s only using me as a convenience to him because I’m the only person he knows that has wireless internet. Or at least that’s […]
I’ll have to admit that I just used the elections as an excuse to post this one late. Partying on Halloween and discovering Doctor Who left me a bit too lazy to work on anything over the weekend and that is unfair to you, the listeners. Myself and the rest of the BOaC team have […]
Well this one was a long time coming. I felt that I needed to add a little bit more to the show. Or more to the point, I wanted to add something that would counteract Ben either sitting their quietly and saying nothing when he wasn’t flipping out or using a very odd combination of […]
Once again I’m sorry that this is so late. But I’ve got the whole thing with school going on. That and I’ve gotten really addicted to one of my DS games. The main reason this one was so late is that I’ve been trying to teach Ben some of the production aspects of this show […]
The reason that this is being posted so late on a Monday is because I didn’t work on the production aspect of the show at all this weekend because I bought a Nintendo DS on Saturday and I had been playing Contact, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, and Lock’s Quest all weekend long. I’ll let […]
I’m sure at least 3 out of the 10 listeners were dissapointed to see that there was no new episode on Monday. I’m sure that the other four didn’t notice and the remaining 2 weren’t worried about it. Well I’ve been busy getting ready for this. and I’ve been kinda busy with that and trying […]
It seems that unknown forces and family have conspired to keep me from accomplishing any work this weekend. Weekends are my time to catch up on homework and work on the show. This summer with a sick mother and a girlfriend was basically “Go here get this, do that.” or “We’re sick so we’re going […]
Not really. I was just drinking a pint while doing the show. And at times I was happy to have the booze. I’m sorry that I’m late in uploading this week but I was at Holiday World all day Sunday. And I woke up with a cold Monday morning, and a bunch of other stuff […]
Here it is, it took me a while to get it out but like I said, its Wednesday so here it is. It took me some time and frustration and love to put this together and now I have a good idea of how much work it is going to take to turn this into […]
Well this was a fun one to do. Ben and I ended up rambling and going off topic a bit and I had to edit out about half the audio that was recorded. There were a few things I wanted to correct myself on during the show but I really cant think of any of […]
I decided to change things up this week and add a little more into this weeks episode due to the fact that I’ve been gone for a while. So I decided to bring my friend into the show and he did pretty good. There were some issues he had but nobody is perfect the first […]
Sorry this one is late. At least its still Monday when I’m posting this. Late last night I got to sit down with P.G. Holyfield of the “Murder at Avedon Hill Podcast Novel. The interview did run long, three hours, but it seemed to be over in a second. That is just how awesome to […]
00:00 Intro 01:30 Technical Difficulties 06:30 Issues with iTunes 08:00 Double Trouble 10:20 Chaos caused by a storm in my neighborhood 13:02 Gas is going down 14:60 The current round of “Citgo funds terrorism” emails 18:25 Six plants that will grow anywhere 22:08 “Nevermind” baby now 17 and a teen spirit 23:41 OMGlists “8 villians […]…
Anybody who has known me since the beginning of the year knows how big of a podcast nut I am. Oh believe me anybody that offers up an ear to me will have it talked off non stop about podcasting if I get the chance. Podcasters likeTee Morris, Pip Ballantine, Chris Lester, Seth Harwood, and […]
Despite all of the difficulties that I had to face to get all of this put together I finally got it all finished up. Timeline 00:00 Intro 01:30 Introduction 10:35 The Japanese love steroids 14:10 Nerds with way too much time on their hands 15:38 The most epic job ever 17:50 In regards to the […]
I’ve encountered a few audio problems the last couple of days while trying to record but I refused to let that stop me. I spent some time here and there during various parts of the day recording things here and there. I managed to get the intro and outro recorded. I also recorded a bumper […]
At first I thought the strange white noise that I was encountering during my recording was just me losing my mind. But after more recording today I encountered it again. Its not any sort of outside interference its a problem with the mic. I had Pip Ballantine listen to it as well and she confirmed […]…
So I sit down to record the intro and outro for the first episode of BOaC Season Two and I do a sound check on my mic and I’m getting some really weird feedback. There is a constant white noise being picked up by the mic. It does it when the fans are off, the […]
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