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Best Dr Laura Schlessinger podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Dr Laura Schlessinger podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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As one of the most popular talk show hosts in radio history, Dr. Laura Schlessinger offers no-nonsense advice infused with a strong sense of ethics, accountability, and personal responsibility; she's been doing it successfully for more than 30 years, reaching millions of listeners weekly. Her internationally syndicated radio program is now heard exclusively LIVE on SiriusXM's Triumph Channel 111 (M-F 2pm - 5pm ET / 11am - 2pm PT), and is streamed on the Internet and podcast. This podcast off ...
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Stop Attracting Unhealthy People, Today on Dr. Laura / Mo was invited to her nephew's wedding but her children were excluded. Should Mo make a fuss about it or let it be?By info@drlaura.com
Gloria caught her 18-year-old grandson having sex in her home! What steps should she take next with him after violating her trust?By info@drlaura.com
Cheryl's dad intends to move out of state after suffering the loss of his girlfriend. Should Cheryl invite him to move closer to her family or let him be?By info@drlaura.com
Leslie's husband of 60 years has just completed his fifth round of chemo for an aggressive form of cancer. Leslie friends and family are asking her how she is coping with being her husband's caretaker and she feels bad answering truthfully.By Dr. Laura
Six months ago Lillian's husband and eldest daughter were killed in a car accident leaving Lillian with two small boys. Lillian's parents have invited her and her children to live with them and be surrounded by a supportive family. Lillian is ready to move but she fears she is losing her "backbone" in the midst of all the tragedy and upheaval.…
Building Friendships, Today on Dr. Laura / Marissa is no longer fond of the mother's group that she's part of due to their stance on not being stay-at-home moms. How can Marissa gracefully bow out of their future functions when next asked?By info@drlaura.com
Marilyn had a miscarriage early in life and now her kids are asking questions since discovering a sonogram photo. The next time her kids bring up the matter...how can she best explain what happened?By info@drlaura.com
Jay and his mom disagree over politics & religion which has caused a strain in their relationship. What can Jay do to help improve the relationship with his mother?By info@drlaura.com
Paulette is no longer attracted to her husband, to the point where she does not want to be touched by him. She blames it on her "past," but Dr. Laura knows that Paulette's recent aversion to her husband is much more nuanced.By Dr. Laura
How to Handle Grief Within Your Family, Today on Dr. Laura / Butch's mom has dementia and refuses to take her medicine. What steps does Butch need to take to ensure his mother gets proper care?By info@drlaura.com
Sabrina is about to be a first-time grandma but her daughter and her mother-in-law are at odds over petty issues...whose side should Sabrina take when both sides are being petty?By Dr. Laura
Susan's teen daughter attended a party where drinking was occurring amongst her friends. What should Susan say to the parents who failed to ensure her daughter and friend's safety?By info@drlaura.com
Rachel's 23-year-old daughter is in ailing health and may not have long to live. Rachel is worried that if she expresses her extreme sadness it will hurt her daughter's feelings but Dr. Laura urges Rachel to be open and communicate with truly and openly.By Dr. Laura
In this hour, we open the phone lines to all of you to tell Dr. Laura your "Bread Sandwich" story - which is one of the most embarrassing moments you can remember as a little kid in school. Vicki told a story of accidently blaring a top 40 hit during her church service!By info@drlaura.com
At what age are we mature enough to start seriously dating? Sara is 23-years-old and doesn't feel ready or emotionally mature enough to start do so.By Dr. Laura
Olivia is eight years old, and she gets scared during sleepovers and starts to miss her mom. Could these fears and longing be connected to her parent's recent divorce?By Dr. Laura
The Personality Types Most Likely to Cheat, Today on Dr. Laura / Jelissa's husband is being reluctant about taking care of his medical issues. How can Jelissa encourage her husband to take this matter more seriously before things get worse?By info@drlaura.com
Both Stephanie's parents made her a secondary priority when it came to having relationships rather than raising their daughter, and Stephanie has A LOT of resentment.By Dr. Laura
Sherry's marriage is suffering as her husband is also the boss at work. What can Sherry do to minimize the conflict between them to have a happier life together?By info@drlaura.com
Chris learned that her co-worker was submitting notes about her to their boss. Should Chris address the matter with her colleagues or look for another job?By info@drlaura.com
Riley is 8-years-old and she wants to know how she can make her mom less sad while her parents are going through a divorce.By Dr. Laura
Feeling Ignored? Here's Why People May Avoid You, Today on Dr. Laura / Lorna has been going through a rough patch in life and doesn't know how to properly cope. How can Lorna turn her stress into a positive attitude so she can have a happier life?By info@drlaura.com
Lisa's children all made honor role at school so her husband wishes to rewards them with money. Should Lisa support her husband on this thought or is it a bad idea?By info@drlaura.com
Paige's mother-in-law wants to take a trip to Mexico for Thanksgiving but she would rather save her money. How can Paige communicate this without upsetting her husband's mother?By info@drlaura.com
Charlene has three children, and she wants to know if and how she can change parts of her eight-year old's mannerisms and personality.By Dr. Laura
How Excuse-Making Hurts Children, Today on Dr. Laura / Patricia's sister excluded her from being invited to a bridal shower. Should Patricia confront her sister for the reasoning behind this decision or let it go?By info@drlaura.com
Theresa's son recently harmed himself after finding out that his wife was having an affair. How she can help her son through this tumultuous time?By Dr. Laura
Laura's 18-year-old daughter keeps breaking up with her boyfriend only to get back together with him. How can Laura drive home the importance of making better decisions when it comes to dating?By info@drlaura.com
Rachel is suspicious of her husband's intent to combine retirement accounts. Should she agree to her husband's request or trust her instincts?By info@drlaura.com
Susan wants to tell her young children that she was previously married before being marrying their father... and Dr. Laura asks why.By Dr. Laura
Want a More Satisfying Relationship?, Today on Dr. Laura / Chris wants to go visit his family for the holidays but his wife would rather see her own. What can Chris do to help settle this debate between him and his wife?By info@drlaura.com
Grace has been a stay-at-home mom her entire life, but now that her kids are grown she questions rejoining the workforce. What can Grace do to figure out this next chapter in her life?By info@drlaura.com
Gina wants to move to a condo on the beach but her husband is not on board with her desire. Should she stay put with her husband or is this the final straw in their marriage?By info@drlaura.com
Jennifer's husband of 14 years has told her he loves her, but he's not "IN LOVE" with her. Has Jennifer's lack of affection pushed her husband away?By Dr. Laura
Don't Worry, Be Happy, Today on Dr. Laura / Kate has forbidden her daughter to date and now she won't speak to her mom. Should Kate address this behavior or let her have a temper tantrum?By info@drlaura.com
Yolanda has never had a relationship with her father or his family, but recently, her half-siblings (who she's never met), want to develop a relationship. Is it okay for Yolanda not to meet her half-siblings?By Dr. Laura
Aviancia is saving sex until marriage but she's having difficulty with her "first dates". When is the proper time for Aviancia to mention her celibacy to those she dates?By info@drlaura.com
Two years ago, Melody's mother paid a visit to Melody's abusive ex-husband, stating that she never believed that he was actually abusive. Now, Melody's mother wants to visit her and her siblings and Melody worries she wont be able to emotionally handle herself after the "betrayal."By Dr. Laura
Jim's wife is going through menopause and their sex life has been poor. What can Jim do to get his wife to be interested in sex again?By info@drlaura.com
Jeanne recently lost her husband, but before his passing, he planned his celebration of life ceremony with his daughter. Days before he passed, the daughter's husband said that the celebration of life planning was putting "stress" on his wife.By Dr. Laura
Elyse is undergoing a double mastectomy within the week, but she is worried about comforting and taking care of her husband, who is stressing out about his adult daughter shacking up.By Dr. Laura
Feeling Down? Volunteering Could Lift You Up, Today on Dr. Laura / Nadia is always busy and thus worried that she is not getting enough sleep. What can Nadia do to overcome her fears about getting the proper amount of rest?By info@drlaura.com
Christina met a guy online and now he wants her to fly to Florida to meet him. Should Christina make the plunge or is she not thinking things through?By info@drlaura.com
Pam wishes to move closer to her daughter with kids, but this is upsetting her other child. What should Pam do to help clarify things with her adult child so there is less tension?By info@drlaura.com
Best Of / Jean's 19-year-old son went to a bar with his girlfriend and consumed alcohol. What consequences should Jean enforce upon her son's actions in regard to drinking underage?By info@drlaura.com
Don discusses the trials and tribulations that come with 40 years of marriage, and how he would not have traded a single second for anything else in the world!By Dr. Laura
Best Of / Trisha's downstairs neighbor is complaining about how much noise she causes while walking throughout her apartment at night. How should Trisha respond to her neighbor's frequent complaints?By info@drlaura.com
Best Of / Karen's 15-year-old son is constantly playing video games and argues when she asks him to stop. What steps can Karen take to end his addiction and make him more respectful?By info@drlaura.com
Becoming a Grandparent, Today on Dr. Laura / Kelley's husband became irate after she spilled coffee in the car. How can Kelley best respond to her husband's outburst?By info@drlaura.com
Nicole's mother and brother passed away within seven months of each other. Soon after, Nicole's extended family got aggressive about claiming possible inheritance money. How do you cope with grief when greedy "hyenas" are hounding you?By Dr. Laura
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