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Creation Fest is a FREE to attend Christian Music Festival and Bible Week in Wadebridge, Cornwall. This podcast features teaching, seminars and workshops on various subject, and by different teachers, from the 2016 event.
This podcast is dedicated to the Twin Peaks Fest. For more info on how to attend the festival go to
From Banff Centre Radio
Fest Live TV
Fest Live TV is an Internet Television channel devoted to arts festivals from around the world.Starting in 2011 with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Fest Live TV brings you exclusive interviews with performers across a wide range of shows.
Live Shows and Interviews from Freedom Fest!
Recordings from Cap Times Idea Fest 2017, a two-day event featuring lively discussions and engaging conversations with leaders from the realms of politics, the economy, education, journalism and culture.
The Talk Fest
The Talk Fest is a Podcast that will make you Think, Laugh and Grow with all of the topics discussed. Deron, the Host, addresses many topics that you deal with in your everyday life. If you are looking to be entertained while being educated, this free podcast will give you great insights and commentary on a variety of topics.
Brooklyn Web Fest
Podcast by Brooklyn Web Fest
Dub Web Fest Show
Dub Web Fest is a celebration of the storytelling power of the Internet. Dub Web Fest brings together the movers and makers of the digital media and tech worlds to create amazing creative, collaborative opportunities.
Blabber Fest
Best friends light up your Friday night talking nonsense . . . that might actually sound meaningful . . . while sitting in the closet of their bedrooms . . . in an attempt to become millionaires . . . while avoiding the eminent responsibilities of adulthood.
Podcast by Nerd Fest
F.E.ST. Radio
FEST Radio is a show by and for the members of Föreningen Ekonomerna at Stockholm University with the latest and greatest from our wonderful association.
Södermalms scoutkårs alldeles egna podcast.
Lyric Fest
Lyric Fest's mission is to bring people together through the shared experience of song by offering to diverse audiences lively, theme-oriented voice recitals designed to edify, educate, stimulate dialogue and foster community. Our podcasts feature the season's artists in spirited and engaging conversation.
Fest Quest
Join Richard and George as they discuss weekly about what it takes to make a great event. Whether it is a festival, conference, or show. They interview founders about how they made their event, or performers about what they like and dislike about events they have attended or performed at.
B Fest
New films by Bigfish, released every Monday!
IMDbitch Fest
IMDbitch Fest is a new podcast from Jo Hylton and Rhiannon Cates, two women whose friendship has been cemented by a shared love (or lust?) of pop culture. Every month we'll record an episode about a movie one of us hasn't seen, digging up as much gossip and useless information as we can along the way.
Regarded by many as one of the best festivals in the country, Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest is set for 10-day fest features some of the hottest names in contemporary and traditional jazz, blues, R&B, fusion and more.
Jazz Fest Minutes
Join producer Fred Kasten for these 120-second profiles, and find out about the musical backgrounds, influences and inspirations (and even sample some of the music!) of a diverse cross-section of the artists performing at this year’s New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival presented by Shell.
The hottest cuts from the hottest acts!
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Washington Post associate editor David Maraniss sits down with Jim Doyle, Wisconsin's former governor and attorney general, for a conversation on gun control, criminal justice and state elections.
Three former student athletes grapple with the role of athletes in a multi-billion dollar college sports industry.
Marquette University Law School pollster Charles Franklin breaks down the latest numbers on midterm elections, approval ratings and more.
Three Wisconsin mayors talk about what it means to them to lead locally.
David Axelrod, Barbara Lawton, Dan Balz and David Maraniss talk about midterm elections, Supreme Court nomination proceedings, and the role of money in politics in 2018.
The girls discuss Kim Cattrall scatting, chicken tendies, and the 1986 body horror film The Fly, starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis.
Jo & Rhiannon discuss seltzer water, the Twilight Saga, Eminem's problematic career, and the 2002 musical drama 8 Mile, starring Eminem and Brittany Murphy. Plus: Alex K is back extolling the virtues of Citizen Kane!
Jonas Hacker sings Rachmaninoff's Arion with pianist Laura Ward at Lyric Fest's September 24, 2017 Pedals, Page-turns, and Postludes.
In their second film festival, the girls discuss all three films in the Spiderman franchise, play a round of Spiderman-themed Jeopardy, and debut their latest game: "Whose Mouth is THAT?!"
Katrell believes Anela is possessed and performs an exorcism on her. Tune in next week to find out if the truths of our unanswered questions is ever revealed.
Katrell and Anela bicker over the identity of a thief. Tune in next week to continue this crazy
On our last episode of the year (well definitely not last, probably last, but hopefully not last) we are joined by Chair of the Marketing Committee Anna Sundstedt as we talk about the year thats been and all those sweet memories. Chris also gives us the full scoop of their trip to China.
During their discussion of Independence Day, starring Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, the girls sound off on Ocean's 8, the problem with Devon Sawa starring in a Casper sequel, and why they prefer alien movies to freak you out about the grotesqueness of humanity.
Jo & Rhiannon discuss summer depression, Solo: A Star Wars Story, snake anatomy, the Rosie O'Donnells of the animal kingdom, and the 1997 creature feature Anaconda, starring Jennifer Lopez and John Voight.
Katrell thinks Anela is crazy as she tries to track down mysterious smells coming from her backyard. Tune in next week at your own risk.
Reliving past trauma and educational history, tune in next week for what you just might
Is Monogamy Natural? Featuring Ty A candid conversation about monogamy and relationships.
Our normal program is interrupted by a suspicious vehicle. Tune in next week to return to your normal listening experience.
We announce the release of our apparel and attempt to keep listeners listening. To find out if we ever reveal our true intentions, come back next week and follow us here.…
College graduates exposed as real-life hobos. To find out if we get our lives together or if it crumbles at the seams, keep on listening and follow
The girls discuss the decadence of the 80's, Jo's brief foray into OkCupid, vanishing New York, the M&M store, and the 1985 comedy Desperately Seeking Susan, starring Rosanna Arquette and Madonna.
Temou je sex v trojici. Ako tuto temu otvorit s partnerkou? Viac na
Lyric Fest’s Co-Artistic Director and pianist Laura Ward engages in a wide-ranging conversation with international opera stars, tenor Bryan Hymel and soprano Irini Kyriakidou. Their concert on May 6th at Church of the Holy Trinity on Rittenhouse Square—the grand finale to Lyric Fest's 15th-anniversary season—features music by Vaughan Williams, ...…
In their first film festival episode, Jo and Rhiannon drink a dangerous combination of Nos Energy Drink and Corona while discussing all eight films in the Fast and Furious franchise. Topics include The Old Spaghetti Factory, The Rock's beef with Vin Diesel, Food Network crime lords, and Frankie Muniz. Plus: a trivia drinking game and pitches fo ...…
This week we get some reinforcement by Nadine Olsson that comes through to help us host and Matti Myllyaho, the project leader for Backstage: Global Music Industry, drops by to tell you all about their exciting plans.
We are joined this week by our wonderful vice president Emma Berger. Nicky has some suspicions about the water in Brunnsviken, Oktay is in another continent and some shade is thrown Chris way. We bring you as always the latest from our association mixed some random off topic conversations.
Peter White is a perennial favorite at Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest. His Christmas Show has become a tradition for many and whets the audience appetite for more Peter White music during the annual Berks Jazz Fest. Peter says the first music he ever played at the ripe old age of 7 was Christmas music on the piano. His Dad taught him how to play and ...…
Pepsi or Coke? Misery the pig or Babe 2: Pig in the City? What did Ashlee Simpson ever do to anyone? The girls explore these questions and more in their discussion of the 1990 horror film Misery, starring James Caan and Kathy Bates.
Carl Zeplin is a Kutztown Area High School Music Teacher and Chris Gallagher is a member of the Berks County All Star Jazz Band and will be performing at Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest. Chris was one of Carl’s students when he was in middle school. Chris says he learned determination and how to ‘keep moving forward’ from Mr Zeplin. Carl’s favorite ag ...…
Tua And Elisabeth, the project leaders of Fashion F.E.ST., join us for a chaotic episode to talk all about the fantastic show they have created for us.
Matt and Dave Cullen answer the 5-question lightning round that is the hallmark of each Backstage Pass for the 2018 Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest. Some of the musical roots they discussed in part one of the Cullen Brothers Backstage Pass come up again in their responses. Their insights allow a peak into the impact of jazz music and the opportunities ...…
We have been going backstage but this time we went back home with the Cullen Brothers, Matt and Dave! They reminisce about the favorite rooms in their house and how those settings set the stage for their musical careers. They talk about growing up with 10 kids in a home that was really a garden where musical seeds were planted and all 10 kids h ...…
Tobias Beck and Ella Schwarz from our beloved Entrepreneur Club drop by to tell you all about Create Squared, Sweden's largest student entrepreneurship marathon.
An important component of school music programs is the opportunity to introduce students to all types of music including jazz. They are the future consumers of music and will keep it alive! A great interview and a great addition to Boscov's Berks Jazz Fest!
Rhiannon confronts her Anglophobia, Jo finally sees Call Me By Your Name, a listener weighs in on Tom Hanks' potential villainy, and the girls discuss the 2002 soccer rom-com Bend It Like Beckham, starring Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley.
Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest does not start until the Groovemasters take the stage at The Peanut Bar. This marks the 27th year you will find Bennie Sims at the helm of The Groovemasters. Bennie Sims is a self taught musician who couldn’t read music, but he could hear and ‘feel’ the music. He picked up a guitar and his career was launched! Bennie ta ...…
National Anthem Fails In this episode, Deron discusses The Top 5 Worst US National Anthem Renditions.... 5 Worst Star Spangled Banner Renditions Fergie National Anthem Rendition RKelly National Anthem Rendition Carl Lewis National Anthem Rendition Michael Bolton National Anthem Rendition Rosanne Barr National Anthem Rendition Ezra Harris Nation ...…
Education is a key component and part of the mission of the Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest. Raeann Rowlin is a Commercial Music Major and Grant Fickes is a Mathematics Major at Kutztown University. Both will be performing with the KU Jazz Ensemble at the Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest at The GoggleWorks. Raeann plays trumpet and has always played jazz musi ...…
Oktay makes his debut. Chris, Nicky and Soroush let the fame go to their heads. The election committee stops by to talk about the process of applying for the board, what the experience is like and some general advice.
Levi Landis, Executive Director of The GoggleWorks Center For The Arts has long staged the Juried Art Exhibit in the Schmidt Gallery on the Second Floor. That’s the visual arts component of the Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest. This year The GoggleWorks will showcase the performing arts as well. Levi always asks, “How can we be a resource for the local ...…
The girls discuss misguided Scorpio hate, the perfect amount of McChickens, and the 1992 romantic comedy Boomerang, starring Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry.
Episode 01: The Grand Premiere • Episode 01: The Grand Premiere • Episode 01: The Grand Premiere • Episode 01: The Grand Premiere • Episode 01: The Grand Premiere • Episode 01: The Grand Premiere • Episode 01: The Grand Premiere • Episode 01: The Grand Premiere • Episode 01: The Grand Premiere
Marvanne Kouvaros wants “everyone to have a smile on their face and a tummy that is full”! When you go backstage at the Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest you are bound to find Marvanne Kouvaros. She was a school teacher and working with RHS Marching Band when she was first invited to volunteer with Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest to help move equipment. She wa ...…
For their first annual Groundhog Day special, Jo & Rhiannon play an inaugural round of the Groundhog Day drinking game and discuss Meryl Streep's many Oscar nominations, being the negroni you wish to see in the world, and the cult of Bill Murray.
Lots of ‘Firsts’ in this #BackstagePass for the Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest. Cammie Harris, Executive Director of the Women’s Club of Reading Center for the Arts, makes a connection with Josh Taylor, guitarist with The Hot Club Of Reading, to stage a gypsy jazz event at the WCR Center for the Arts. The character and history of the building meshes ...…
Cap Times editors John Nichols and Dave Zweifel look back at the legacies of William T. Evjue and Ed Garvey.
Wisconsin's longest-serving governor shares stories from his political career.
Erich Cawalla and Will Rapp discuss how music charted the course of their lives and careers. They discuss their musical journey, mentors and legacy and the ways jazz music influences their performances. Lots of insight is shared in this Backstage Pass. Check it out and save the date … April 8. That’s when Erich Cawalla and his quartet partner w ...…
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