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Seminole Headlines
Seminole Headlines
The Jeff Cameron Show on ESPN Tallahassee.
Coverage and Analysis of Florida State Football
The official podcast of Florida State Athletics
Upon Further Review
Talk sports with sports fans. A weekly run down of the most interesting topics in sports.
Podcast by Shoestring Tackle Podcast
Mikey Davis will discuss local high school football in the city of Valdosta, Ga. He will also discuss high school recruiting as well as cover the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida State Seminoles.
Three And Out
Most extensive college and high school football show with game analysis, news and guests. Sammy G is currently a pro scout and former Director of Football Operations at a D2 University and NFL/CFL Agent from 2006-2016. Sammy G went to college in Missouri where he played football. He has extensive knowledge in college football as he travels the state week to week scouting teams in Florida. The Doc is a currently a practicing orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports injuries. He has been i ...
Wake Up Warchant
Wake Up Warchant is a daily podcast (Monday-Friday) covering Florida State Seminoles football, basketball, baseball and recruiting. Hosted by Aslan Hajivandi and Corey Clark.
Covering ACC Football and beyond. We talk Atlantic Coast Conference football and NCAA news. Weekly recaps on the games, and predictions for the coming week are standard, and we branch out into conference realignment, players of the week, and award and draft chatter as they come up. Boston College Eagles, Maryland Terrapins, Virginia Cavaliers, Virginia Tech Hokies, North Carolina Tarheels, Duke Blue Devils, NC State Wolfpack, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Clemons Tigers, Georgia Tech Yellow Jac ...
Seminole Perspective
Brought to you by -- In today's sports media and fan culture, overreaction is the norm. Seminole Perspective brings a rational point of view and the ultimate perspective on Florida State football. If you are interested in sponsoring Seminole Perspective or other State-Lines Network podcasts, email #SeminolePerspective #StateLines
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show series
1) Call IPFW 2) Todd Marinovich / Overbearing sports parents 3) Is Bill Self's hair real 4) Corey vs Squirrel
1) Optimistic and Realistic about year one of Willie Taggart 2) Weak baseball fights 3) Jalen Ramsey / Do we like Deion?
1) The Cameron's are huggers 2) Rulon Gardner Pt 1 3) Rulon Gardner Pt 2 4) Ride the horse Jimbo!
1) Heights we are afraid of 2) VT score that would make you second guess Taggart 3) Terry Collins ejection
1) If Jimbo stayed, this show would've gone awry ... like this segment 2) Brett Favre concussion interview 3) Hog poop is killing people in North Carolina / Did Jeff invent MTV?
1) 2013 ACC champ montage 2) Bowl swag 2016 3) Yadier Molina hit downstairs
After an extended delay since the last podcast, it’s time to get back to business. This episode discusses what FSU might do at tackle after the departure of Josh Ball, the quarterback battle, and more. Check the Unconquered Shop for the latest merchandise. Support the podcast by buying a shirt or other gear! Lots more to be added soon. Please s ...…
1) DEL PORTO! 2) Pitino 3) Millar 2018 NBA Draft 4) What Them Kids Doin / Mart Smith and Jimbo rode horses
1) Winegardner Part 1 2) Winegardner Part 2 3) Mailman Shelter from the Storm
1) Fayatteville recruiting 2) Dare devil fails 3) Marvin Harrison 4) Montage UF 2016
1) Jeff hates Big and Rich 2) Carlos Martinez doesn't like ghosts 3) Hue Jackson HeeHee! 4) Lowes snake
1) A lot of CFB Ws and Ls 2) McElwain/Shark 3) Meteorite death 4) Seth Greenberg interview didn't go well
1) Camathon seg 1 2) Albert Bell 3) The NFL is Dangerous / A Lion Mauled a Guy 4) John Daly is fleet of foot
1) Brady Hoke 2) Doc Rivers states the obvious 3) Snakes, demon children and Urban Meyer 4) Samoans & Moses 5) Surfer who fought great white survives
1) Philly Phannatic hot dog cannon 2) Zamphir 3) Manziel & Halloween 4) Boar beach
1) A guy got jacked by a tree 2) Cutcliff hates losing 3) Unfortunate injuries / Matt Millar Nerf Ball 4) Password
1) Local is better than national / Jimbo Fisher talk - are A&M fans prepared? 2) MyPillow! / Peach Bowl executives really want to be interviewed / Can Lane Kiffin make a home at FAU? 3) We're taking a break / Probables
1) Amusement park talk / Don't trade Manny Machado to the Yankees, please 2) Croatia is about to have a lot of babies 3) Small group keeping NCAA football game alive 4) Marcell Dareus facing two sexual assault lawsuits / Tampa strikes again
1) RIP Crenshaw Lanes / Amazing story of Coach Marvin Overby, a main factor in the birth of the JCS Bowling Tournament 2) Al DelGreco interview 3) Is George Campbell the new unicorn? / A lot of players will benefit from the new staff
1) Saturday Night Live talk 2) MyPillow! / FSU top 40 3) Great golfers from other sports / Probables / Moths at Doak
1) Happy 7Eleven! / Wimbledon update / British Open 2) Congrats Mike Bell / FSU baseball recruiting talk 3) Florida fans... spoiled? / Would you hire Lane Kiffin? / Why doesn't UCLA compete with USC?
1) FSU top 40 players 2) Does Cam Akers have a 2nd gear like Dalvin did? 3) There are a lot of things more entertaining than the summer league... / FSU basketball talk
Jeff, Corey, and Ira discuss FSU football and rifle through your Headliner questions!
Jeff, Corey, and Ira discuss FSU football and rifle through your Headliner questions!
1) Terrible Jimbo loses / Riveting conference questions / My Wish / MyPillow! 2) How is Jimmy Garoppolo going to play this year? / Jameis talk 3) Does seniority matter to Willie Taggart? / Probables
1) Listener email / Thai cave story update / CFB radio broadcast schedule is here! 2) Jeff is trying to improve hydration / It's been a tough offseason for VT 3) Probables
1) Greenbrier talk / FSU Saturday Night Live event 2) MyPillow! / Does travel anxiety get worse as you get older? 3) FSU betting numbers / over or under 7.5 wins?
1) FSU football 2) Football broadcast schedule / VT tough offseason / FSU QB battle 3) Cam Akers talk
1) Call IPFW! 2) Todd Marinovich / Overbearing Sports Parents 3) Is Bill Self's Hair Real? / More Hair Talk 4) Corey vs Squirell
1) You Can Be Optimistic and Realistic about Year One of the Taggart Era 2) Weak Baseball Fights 3) Jalen Ramsey / Do We Like Deion Sanders?
1) The Camerons Are Huggers 2) Rulon Gardner Pt 1 3) Rulon Gardner Pt 2 4) Ride That Horse Jimbo!
1) July 4th is amateur hour / Shirtless guys at NFL games 2) NFL suspensions 3) Vacation schedule / ACC Meetings / Probables
1) Jake Fromm breaks non-throwing hand 2) Agassi on Federer being "timeless" 3) Etymology of "our ass is in the jackpot now" 4) Update on the Thai kids in the cave
1) July 4th / College football is "40 some odd" days away / Rhino poachers dead 2) Leonard Fornette helps LSU student pay for senior year tuition 3) Week 1 usually doesn't mean much by season's end / College coaching talk 4) Bryce Love a Heisman lock?
1) Amazing July 4th moments & rivalries 2) What teams does Phil Steele think will surprise this season? 3) July 4th plans / Probables
1) Surprise college football teams / Tiger's performance at Pebble was astounding 2) An airline lost Graeme McDowell's clubs 3) Underdog to win Wimbledon this year? 4) It's all interconnected, you can't escape it / Jeff's nostalgia involves a lot of nefarious acts / Hot dog eating contests are dumb
1) July 4th festivities / Joe Paterno / Football kickoffs are approaching / MyPillow! 2) Is Akeem Dent a for sure get for FSU? / More recruiting talk 3) Music radio has changed / Soccer coach & kids lost in a cave story
1) NBA free agency / Football is back next month / Tough 3 game stretches 2) Jeff's sons don't flop / World Cup talk / MyPillow! 3) Jeff celebrated Canada over the weekend / Kids we thought were going onto big things but floundered / Probables / Football starts next month
1) Ira Schoffel interview 2) Woman tries to feed shark by hand... didn't go well for her 3) Here come Virginia! / Scary movies 4) Discussing the particulars of Lane Kiffin and Roger Federer's sweet new deals
1) College football is back next month 2) College football officiating / LeBron to the Lakers 3) PGA player accused of cheating by playing partner / Do you call out friends when they take liberties during competitions? / Tiger Woods
1) We are 56 days away from college football / How important is QB play in college 2) David Hale interview 3) Probables
1) Jeff wants to be good at naps / Good players and teams that get no respect / Teams we don't like watching 2) Jim Harbaugh out the door soon? 3) Dari Nowkhah interview 4) More Watchin', Less Washin'
1) College World Series 2) Chris Low interview 3) MLB attendance decline
1) Jameis Winston talk / MyPillow! / More Jameis talk 2) 95 year old man beat a fox to death 3) Probables
1) Jameis Winston officially suspended 2) FSU recruiting talk 3) FSU football scheduling west coast games?
1) Jameis Winston OFFICIALLY suspended 2) That dropped pop fly... goodness Arkansas 3) Can you believe the NFL?
1) Magic Johnson to step down if he doesn't land big free agents 2) Yes, submarines suck 3) Soccer ball to the balls / terribly painful moments 4) Phil Steele is thorough / Probables
1) MyPillow! / Jeff should be paid to endorse coffee / Jameis WInston talk 2) Weezy is still kickin'! / Circling back to President Thrasher's "gold standard" comment 3) Jeff couldn't be a cop / Dead body found in Jenoris Jenkins' home
1) FSU recruiting talk 2)World Cup / Most unfortunate injuries / Matt Millar took a nerf football to the boys (his fault, not Jeff's) 3)Walt Bell talk / FSU coaching
Jeff, Corey, and Ira discuss Mike Martin's final season, the in-state football recruiting battle, and rifle through your Headliner questions!
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