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Be Your Own Heroine
Our podcast is a conversation with you. We share authentic stories with real women, helping you to feel a sense of connection and more power in every aspect of your life. We’ll be sharing useful tips, life hacks, tools and strategies to help us to evolve consciously and collectively, helping you to Be Your Own Heroine. We are stronger together.
Lynn Matti is a licensed mental health clinical counselor, addiction expert and Recovery Advocate, who is in long-term recovery from alcohol and benzodiazepines. Offering professionally curated and personally tested addiction, abstinence, moderation, sobriety, recovery and LIFE education, advice, and tips. Each week she addresses the overuse of alcohol, drugs and unhealthy behaviors to numb feelings in our addiction driven culture. She and her expert guests explore ways for you to start, bui ...
The Aesthetically Speaking Podcast is designed to provide information and education to physicians and practitioners of cosmetic and laser non-surgical and non-invasive procedures. Giving patients the best outcomes while staying a leader in the industry is a goal all physicians strive to achieve. The problem, there hasn't been a central community where you could learn, ask questions, and network with others. This podcast hosted by Dr. Warren Seiler III, a board certified cosmetic laser surgeo ...
Love Osho Podcats
Love Osho Podcast is for you if you want to learn to meditate, relax and find inner peace using OSHO Active Meditations. These are cutting-edge meditation techniques designed for modern people who face the challenges of a digital busy lifestyle. In each episode I will talk to leading experts in the world of OSHO Active Meditations and lifestyle interventions to learn from their experience. I will interview people who have transformed their life to find out how they did it and share my own st ...
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