Best hiking podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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If you're new to backpacking, or if you’re hopelessly in love with someone who wants you to love backpacking, then this podcast is for you. We’ll talk about the essentials, how to lighten your load, and how to make the most of your time on the trail.
The By Land Podcast is here to help you have a better and more enjoyable experience in the outdoors. Whether backpacking, hunting, hiking, or simply enjoying the outdoors with family and friends, there is always a better way to do things and that is what this podcast offers. You deserve the very best experiences and By Land is here to help you attain them by simplifying the process, breaking down complicated subjects, and learning from people and organizations from around the world who are e ...
This is adventure. Climbing. Skiing. Hiking. Biking. Travel. Whatever your passion, we are all dirtbags. Outdoor writer Fitz Cahall and his team presents stories about the dreamers, athletes and wanderers.
From the Zugspitze to the North Sea or Berlin – every edition of Check-in presents a different region in Germany. Hosts Nicole Frölich and Lukas Stege take it in turns to discover the local tourist attractions and explore the sights. They go climbing, diving or hiking and try out the local culinary specialties.
Carolina Outdoors Show Sponsored By Jesse Brown's Outdoors Bill Bartee and Don Yager bring their passion and years of outdoor experience to the airwaves of WBT each Saturday morning at 5am. If it's an outdoor adventure they've done it or they know someone who has and they spend an hour each weekend sharing those adventures with you. Take a look at this list and see if any of these interest you: Scouting a field for dove turkey or deer Paddling both on flat and white water Climbing rock on th ...
She Explores
Stories of women who are inspired by time spent outside take the shape of interviews, in-the-field recordings, and listener submissions. These make up a tapestry of episodes covering themes such as solo hiking and camping; entrepreneurship; aging; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); conservation; motherhood; chronic illness; and feminism as they intersect with outdoor experiences. Hosted by Gale Straub.
A podcast for newbies to grizzled veterans of the trail. Each week a new themed episode is released addressing a range of camping, hiking, and backpacking topics.
Stories from the Trail is a podcast by and for people who love to talk trail. We don't limit our conversations to hiking, but most of us are hikers and we'll probably go there a lot. Hosts Gary Sizer (aka "Green Giant", author of Where's the Next Shelter?) and Megan Thompson (aka "Voldemort") will bring you their conversations with people who live outside. SUPPORT THE SHOW!
Real Trail Talk
Western Australian Hiking Podcast hosted by Donovan from The Long Way's Better and Mark from The Life of Py.
Jenny Hadfield, aka "Coach Jenny" is a popular columnist for Runner’s World, author of the Running for Mortals and Marathoning for Mortals book series, founder of "The Challenge" life performance program, and Marathon Expeditions, where she hosts running, hiking, and active vacations all over the world. It takes a village to train an athlete, and in this show, she shares tips, answers your questions, and hosts a village of performance experts to find tools, tricks, and strategies listeners c ...
What’s this place called Asheville you keep hearing all about? We are taking you beyond Beer City USA to explore the hiking, restaurants, arts and more ... ok and beer too, that make Western North Carolina one of the most sought after places to visit in the country! We will have special guests like local entrepreneurs, business owners, chefs, brewers, and artists sharing their stories about this beautiful area! Check us out for tips and even some cool stuff about van life! Become a supporter ...
YosemiteLand is a new, limited-series podcast from Capital Public Radio. Hosted by Ezra David Romero, it explores how Yosemite and the surrounding area is impacted by the more than 4 million annual visitors — a number that’s growing rapidly by the year. In each episode, Ezra unpacks challenges Yosemite faces and explores how to remedy problems such as over-visitation, congestion and traffic, a lack of affordable housing and more. YosemiteLand isn’t a podcast about top-10 hiking destinations ...
First published in 1894, this wonderful travelogue by a famed naturalist and conservationist still remains a book that delights and informs its readers. The Mountains of California by John Muir recounts the author's exploration of the Yosemite Valley, Mount Whitney, the famed sequoia forests and King's Canyon among other places of immense natural beauty. Written in his characteristic zestful style, with a deep understanding and respect for nature, the book is a treasure trove of geography, g ...
Featuring the brief and true adventure stories told at Boldly Went Live Shows by outdoor enthusiasts and athletes of all kinds.
A weekly podcast exploring academic research on religion and featuring top scholars in history, sociology, political science, economics and religious studies.
Interesting facts, articles, news and practical information for your cycling and walking holiday in Ireland with Whether you want to learn about traditions, must-visit places in Ireland or useful information, we will cover it on the podcast. is the latest arrival to the family. We organise cycling and walking holidays along Ireland's best trails: admire the breath-taking views of The Wild Atlantic Way; trek The Wicklow Way, Irel ...
Think Out Loud
OPB's daily conversation covering news, politics, culture and the arts.
Helping Entrepreneurs Survive, Thrive and Connect
The official Adventure Archives podcast.
This podcast features various scary stories and creepypasta from popular Youtuber MaddMike. These creepy stories are narrations of different peoples postings on reddit. From deep web, stalkers, serial killers, and murder. These stories will be sure to keep you awake all night and under the cover.
Texas Parks and Wildlife Podcast: Bringing you the latest about efforts to conserve the wild things and wild places of Texas
Join Daniel "Danny" Rensch and James "Motz" Montemagno each week on Coffeehouse Blunders as they discuss the latest in chess, coffee, tech, and anything else happening in their wonderful lives and around the world. Danny's life as an International Chess Master collides with Motz's mobile development and public speaking background for absolutely adorable and astonishing conversation.
Pressroom Podcast
Tune in every Wednesday to hear Duluth News Tribune reporters talk with local guests about art, music, shipwrecks, adventure, food and more.
A podcast about bicycle touring, bikepacking, bike camping... any way you describe adventure travel by bike, it's covered here! From tips and tricks to ideas on how to ride your ride. Let's shrink the world by bike.
In the next decade, the scale and scope of environmental change will test our ingenuity and strength. The fight for a livable planet is one that we must win. Each week we will meet people who can help us navigate this dynamic world and get us on a path to health. Hosted by Jared Blumenfeld, Podship Earth is a call to action. Jared Blumenfeld was the regional administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency from 2009-2016 (appointed by President Obama). He also served as the Director o ...
Xanthe Briefly
Composer, violinist, and singer-songwriter Chrysanthe Tan speaks in 3-minute bursts on the introverted creative life. Or rather...what it's really like to be an independent, autistic artist in LA. (sigh)
Alexandra and Sage Herr, teenage all-season hikers, interview the women who hike New Hampshire's most rugged and beautiful mountains.
LadyBrains podcast features a tight group best girlfriends--smart women discussing pretty dumb things.
Adventure travel stories, backpacking advice and accomodation
Hollywood Handbook Pro Version is an insiders' insiders' guide to kicking even bigger butt and dropping even bigger names in the even bigger red carpet lined-back hallways of the industry we call pro-biz.Feed generated by Unofficial RSS Feeds for Stitcher Premium.
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Witnessing the Magical Emergence of Potentiality. Where the Path to Authenticity is Paved with Enthusiasm when you Embrace Life as a Whole
Special features from Ancient Faith Radio - Interviews and special features from Ancient Faith Radio.
This Is Colorado
Connecting you with the people, places and things that make Colorado awesome!
Travel the world free or almost free for as long as you want, TF Metals, Dave Kranzler, Wall St for Main St and many more!
StarkCast is hosted by Joe Stark. Shows will often feature guests where we will discuss various topics. Science, entertainment, pop culture, whatever comes to mind!
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The Trail Show
Less gear, more beer!
Tesla Tidbits publishes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday giving you the day's most important Tesla news culled from around the Internet and beamed directly to your earholes in about five minutes.
Be Nourished
A podcast to talk about all the nourishing things in life: relationships, food, jobs, dreams, and everything in between! Find us at @benourishedpodcast on Instagram!
On this podcast you will meet world travelers as they pass through a little place called Vermont. We will chat about the places they visited, their future plans, and the reasons they travel. We will make sure to go on various tangents to leave no road unexplored!
I will share Paranormal stories of my own, and from people who want to share their ghost experiences.. It will be an adventure!
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Each week a new European metropolis in focus. euromaxx city highlights urban flair and local culture. The wonderful world of European cities. euromaxx city – every week on DW-TV.
Queer Out Here
Outdoors-themed audio by queer/LGBTQIA+ people. Take your ears adventuring.
Run Eat And Lift are experts on fitness and wellness. Their goal is to inform everyone what REAL fitness is, by discussing the myths of modern health and to provide you with you running, strength training, and nutritional advice. Enjoy the Show!
What She Said! with Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler airs Saturdays and Sundays at 12PM ET on 105.9 The Region.
Introducing All The Time We Have Podcast. Where three geeks try to talk about the latest geek news, science, technology, and everything else that makes us happy. As long as we can talk about it all before the time runs out. Subscribe, rate, and follow us.
Eye on the Outdoors airs in St. Louis on weekends on KFNS 590 The Fan and
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show series
Chauncey is joined by Mike Verstat, Brad Jackson and Tod Alberto.
Sam and Greg were joined by David Savona, the Executive Editor of Cigar Aficionado to talk about all things, you guessed it, Cigars! We cover some terminology, what to look for when buying cigars, and what the traits are of fine craftsmanship. David is a wealth of knowledge and we think that no matter what level you are at in enjoying cigars, y ...…
Ruben Martinez wanted to do something that "forced" he and his friend to always be able to hang out. The idea they came up with? Glamping Hub, a travel booking platform similar to Airbnb, but for unique outdoor accommodations that give guests direct access to Mother Nature. The idea grew! They went from around 8,000 listings a few years ago to ...…
When Randy Forrest reached out to me so that he could tell his own story of hiking the Appalachian Trail as a member of the Class of 2018, I knew straight away that I'd found a man changed by the experience. Like many people, Randy came to the trail via YouTube, comments made in passing, and the end of his career. The challenge appealed to him, ...…
Anna-Marie Watson grew up in an outdoor-loving, adventurous family. The adventures continued as she served nearly a decade in the British Army. Upon leaving the military, she knew she did not want a standard job and "normal" life. So, what did she do? She flew to New Zealand to bicycle the country. This started a series of adventures that led h ...…
In today's episode of Backpacker Radio, the Cinnamon Connection catches up with Bill Manning, the Executive Director at the Colorado Trail foundation. We do a deep dive on all things Colorado Trail related, including the best time to hike the trail, the biggest mistakes aspiring thru-hikers make, and the inner workings for keeping such a beauti ...…
Seek the good. Just like your diet, garbage in the body means garbage out. When you seek and find and put positive things into your mind, the result is going to be better self-talk. The result of better self-talk will be better confidence. The result of better confidence is better outcomes. And when you start seeing better outcomes, your motiva ...…
Bob and co-host Kevin discuss how a social media post killed an event, and how to be a good steward of our open lands. Also, how do you define a trail? Waldo Canyon open house, lunar eclipse, Bob teaching a winter photography class, and more. Links for this episode: Bob's photography workshop at the Garden of the Gods Waldo Canyon open house Hi ...…
Second show in our new series "Long Distance Prep School" - Planning a long hike in 2019? (or ever?) Start here! Each week we'll record and release another class led by a hand selected panel of experts. Up this week, Keith "Fozzie" Foskett and Scott "Squatch" Harriott talking with us about Things to consider when making your plan: Work Every De ...…
William has been adventure racing for 12 years with a total distance of 7000km of human-powered racing. His team doesn't go for the podium but focuses on having an excellent time being in the great outdoors and enjoying the experience. I hope you gain some insight from our conversation. ...…
In Episode #44 Nick and I are proud to have Clay Hayes on the show. For anyone that does not know Clay (where have you been hiding??) Clay produces some of the most amazing hunting videos you will ever see. He is a traditional / primitive bowhunter, author, accomplished bowyer and an amazing voice for bowhunters. Clay owns the Twisted Stave web ...…
Chauncey is joined by Keith Ogulnick, Wayne Libera, and Jim Crowley.
This week the #outdoorguys we’re talking about the future of the cross Charlotte Trail, get a little preview of a couple of Storytellers.By Carolina Outdoors Podcast.
This week the #outdoorguys we’re talking about the future of the cross Charlotte Trail, get a little preview of a couple of Storytellers.By Carolina Outdoors Podcast.
DW viewer Bob Smith shows his home town in Florida, from Lake Eola to the Orlando Eye to Seaworld, a theme park where you can stroke porpoises and feed stingrays.
The Russian capital develops an exceptional splendor in winter, from the snow-covered Kremlin to illuminated boulevards, ice floes on the Moskva River and skaters in Gorky Park.
From Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef: impressions of a 2000-kilometer trip from Australia's biggest city to the world's biggest coral reef.
Let's face it, a lot of us need help when it comes to designing and decorating our living spaces. We brought in some expert help with Kelsey Machado to walk us through some easy ways to make our places more stylish! From simple use of plants, to a splash of color, to something more in depth like an indoor patio, she has great advice for everyone.…
In this episode we talk about our two weeks in Germany decompressing and trying to hatch a plan. We end up in Amsterdam and drive to Spain Via Belgium and France. Thank you for listening to The Terrestrial Nomad Podcast. Please Rate, Review and Subscribe on Itunes, Youtube or wherever you enjoy this podcast.…
Leaving a great job with good benefits to start a company that's technically illegal to operate out of your apartment is a big jump at best, completely irrational and foolish at worst. Today, Amy and Jordan wouldn't have it any other way with building Powder7, considered one of Outside Magazine's Best Places to Work. This episode is filled with ...…
On this episode, it's just Bob as he talks about visiting Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and Joshua Tree National Park in southern California. He also discusses the effect of the government shutdown on Joshua Tree.
“For better or for worse, ideas are infectious. They become our goals, and the struggle to realize them becomes memory, the story of our lives,” says Fitz Cahall. When Brian O’Dell decided it was time to stop driving his Honda Civic, he didn’t list in on Craigslist. Instead, he posted in to outdoor forums in the PNW. The cost? Free, but there w ...…
“For better or for worse, ideas are infectious. They become our goals, and the struggle to realize them becomes memory, the story of our lives,” says Fitz Cahall. This year, we hear the story of how one person’s idea changed another person’s life, and what goals contributors, staff, and community at the Dirtbag Diaries have for 2019. Our ideas ...…
Heather Hansman is a freelance journalist who has also been a raft guide and ski patrol member in her past. In the summer of 2016, she spent 2 months on a raft floating the Green River through Wyoming and Utah. She's on today's show to let us in on her epic experience. Since we had her on last year, she has written a book about the experience, ...…
Dawanna Blue is a self-confessed high-maintenance hiker. She is a member of the Class of 2018 and her hike was five years in the making. Having arrived at the trail, she soon discovered that she preferred a hotel or a hostel to her tent or a shelter. Despite this aversion to one of the main parts of a thru-hike, Dawanna shaped her walk to make ...…
Check out Taoisttaddy (@taoisttaddy): Tao board on pinterest out my podcast, Taoisttaddy , on Anchor: also found where ever you listen to podcasts. #taoism #tao #taoist #taoisttaddy #healthy #love #peace #getoffyourbuttanddosomething # ...…
I have talked about the importance of the outdoors for mental health and wellbeing on many occasions. Some blog posts comes to mind as well as podcast episodes 10 and 25. I am still blown away by the interest and feedback on the subject. In this episode we return to the topic. My guest, Orla Dempsey is a Life and Career Coach. During our conver ...…
#healthy #getoffyourbuttanddosomething #4amhasnothingonme #minimalism #minimalist #naturelover #treehugger #naturalliving #permaculture #spiritual #selfimprovement
#healthy #getoffyourbuttanddosomething #4amhasnothingonme #minimalism #minimalist #naturelover #treehugger #naturalliving #permaculture #spiritual #selfimprovement
Check out Taoisttaddy (@taoisttaddy): Tao board on pinterest out my podcast, Taoisttaddy , on Anchor: also found where ever you listen to podcasts. #taoism #tao #taoist #taoisttaddy #healthy #love #peace #getoffyourbuttanddosomething # ...…
Check out Taoisttaddy (@taoisttaddy): Tao board on pinterest out my podcast, Taoisttaddy , on Anchor: also found where ever you listen to podcasts. #taoism #tao #taoist #taoisttaddy #healthy #love #peace #getoffyourbuttanddosomething # ...…
On this week’s episode we talk to Audrey Peterman. She’s a writer, public speaker, and respected figure in the outdoor community. Her work has helped get the knowledge and love of the outdoors to a variety of different cultures and groups all across the nation. We are so honored to have her with us today! You can find out more about Audrey at: ...…
First show in our new series "Long Distance Prep School" - Planning a long hike in 2019? (or ever?) Start here! Each week we'll record and release another class led by a hand selected panel of experts. Up this week, Reptar and Miss Janet talking with us about Things new hikers might be afraid of: Guns - Do you need one? Ticks - How to prevent, ...…
Today’s guest, Brandi Mueller, is an avid diver and underwater photographer. She’s dived in over 30 countries and works as an instructor for much of the year. Her passion for diving is infectious and her expertise has been featured in dozens of publications all over the world. Recently, she co-authored a book about her experience diving to see ...…
Dave and Amy Freeman spent an entire year living in the Boundary Waters, a vast wilderness in northern Minnesota that many flock to throughout the year for its pristine waters and canoeing adventures. That’s not all they’ve done though, they’ve made a life out of exploration and on this episode, we learn all about it. While Dave and Amy might l ...…
In today's episode of Backpacker Radio, Chaunce sits down with famed PCT trail angels, Scout and Frodo. We get an in depth look at Scout's new book, "The Continental Divide Trail: Exploring America's Ridgeline Trail", his passion for writing, and we learn about the first person to hike the Continental Divide. We also cover the most popular tent ...…
2018 has been good to us, especially in terms of travel experiences.Dozens of new countries, two new continents (for Elizabeth!) and millions of memories.Listen for our top 18 travel experiences last year. Let's see if 2019 can top it!Music:
In Episode #43 Nick and I welcome Mr. Ben Davis to the show. Ben owns the youtube channel Sawbriar Outdoors. He has filmed several traditional hunts and has a similar hunting style to Warren Womack, Robert Carter and Chris Spikes. We really enjoyed our chat with Ben and we hope you will too. Be sure to head over and check out his Youtube channe ...…
Chauncey is joined by Norm McCree, Deb Sillic, and Cheryl Smith.
This week the #outdoorguys are previewing January 31st’s Story Teller Night, talking hiking pack progress over the years, and we’re scouting for food!By Carolina Outdoors Podcast.
This week the #outdoorguys are previewing January 31st’s Story Teller Night, talking hiking pack progress over the years, and we’re scouting for food!By Carolina Outdoors Podcast.
The Smith's lead a unique life as it is. Training is a huge focus of much of their time in order to compete in triathlons all over the world. At one of these races, a harmless tube of chapstick would change the focus and fate of the way Matt competes, leading to a truly incredible experience for the couple and a change in purpose, perspective, ...…
Parker Hall of The Manual's brother company Digital Trends, is not only a great writer, but also a big time home brewer. From his humble origins of starting with his own brother in the kitchen, to winning awards at competitions, he's a wealth of information. We'll cover what you'll need to get started, what kind of malt you should use, extract ...…
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Roger Thompson joins Curt to discuss adventure travel as well as to share some good stories and readings from his book: "We Stood Upon Stars". Book: We Stood upon Stars Facebook: Twitter: Save 20% off the best freeze-dried mea ...…
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