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The Joe Pags Show
Weekday Afternoons 5-8
Joe Pags Show
The Joe Pags Show, heard Mon thru Friday, 5 - 8pm CT, on NewsRadio 1200 WOAI, San Antonio
Podcast by Trevor Lomax
Jason Lewis
Podcast by Jason Lewis
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It's Hump Day. Special guests on the show Republican Congressman from Texas Will Hurd, Michael Malice/Author – “Dear Reader”, and Kayleigh McEnany from the GOP.
The Joe Pags Show 1-22-19It's Taco Tuesday on The Joe Pags ShowOn the show today Joe speaks with Lt. Colonel (U.S. Army, ret.) Jeffrey F. Addicott is a Professor of Law and the Director of the Center for Terrorism Law.
On MLK Day Monday Joe talks MLK, MAGA Hats and the Trump DACA Deal
Selfless? Altruistic? Feel like you never have any time for the things you want to do? This is the podcast for you. Why putting yourself first is the LEAST selfish thing you could do and will actually improve every facet of your life. Happy MLK Day!Welcome to the Muscle & Hustle Podcast! Want to build muscle mass? Want to get shredded? Interest ...…
It's Free Speech Friday. Why is the media ignoring the March for Life? The Women’s March is fizzling out. Special guest on the show today, Alveda C King/Evangelist – Author.
Hour 1- Government Shutdown Continues Topic, BuzzFeed Topic, Ocasio-Cortez Pags ParodyHour 2- BuzzFeed Cont. Topic, Border Security Topic, GUEST Chip RoyHour 3- GUEST Brigitte Gabriel, Pags Parody, GUEST Andrew Pollack
The Joe Pags Show 1-17-19Andrew Pollack/Meadow’s Father joins Joe today.Ouster of Scott Israel as Sheriff. The courts not dropping the suit against a campus security official and who’s next in his drive for justice for the victims of the Parkland attack.
it's Hump Day. Today on the show Joe discusses Cardi B and her Twerk video/contest. Joe also talks about how some of the new house democrats are willing to talk and make a deal to building the wall. Special guest on the show today, Thomas Homan/Fmr Act. Dir ICE.
The Joe Pags Show 1-15-19It's Taco Tuesday on the Joe Pags Show
It's Motown Monday. Today on the show Joe unveils his new parody A O Crazy for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Joe also discusses the alleged Russian collusion accusations against the President. Special guest on the show Chip Roy republican Representative for District 21 in Texas.
Why have fatty meats been demonized for so long? In this episode, I break down where this myth came from and what is actually right and wrong about it. This episode will help you enjoy a better diet with higher quality food and even make you feel much better! Take notes on this one!Welcome to the Muscle & Hustle Podcast! Want to build muscle ma ...…
Hour 1- Government Shutdown Topic, Border Wall Topic, Government Workers TopicHour 2- GUEST Laura Trump, GUEST Sheriff David Clark, Border Security TopicHour 3- GUEST Mercedes Schlapp, GUEST Grover Norquist
The Joe Pags Show 1-11-19It's Free Speech Friday!!!
On a Thursday Joe talks about President Trumps visit to the border with Guests Americas Sheriff David Clarke and Kevin Phillips from
It's Hump Day. Today on the show Joe discusses the President's Speech from Tuesday Night and the Democrat's rebuttal. Special Guests on the Show today include Kevin Brady Republican Rep. of District 8 in Texas, Jerome Corsi/Author, and Mercedes Schalpp/Trump Admin.
On a Taco Tuesday Joe talks about President Trumps upcoming address to the nation and the democratic rebuttal also Taking Your Calls! Plus Guest Grover Norquist from 'Americans for Tax Reform' talking AOC and the new democrats radical tax agenda.
It's Motown Monday. Today on the show Joe discusses the Golden Globe Awards and how out of touch Hollywood seems to be. Special guests on the show include Senator Ted Cruz R-TX, Lara Trump/President's Daughter In Law, and Senator John Cornyn R-TX
This is a crucial mistake that I personally made for so long in my own fitness. I believed that Plateaus were real. I believed that it was me, it was my body, it was my genetic potential but I was DEAD WRONG. Now I'm here to share with you this huge lesson I've learned and HOW to overcome your plateau!Welcome to the Muscle & Hustle Podcast! Wan ...…
Hour 1- Ocasio-Cortez Topic, Rashida Tlaib Topic, Pags ParodyHour 2- Mitt Romney Topic, Economic Numbers Topic, GUEST Kayleigh McEnanyHour 3- GUEST Sheriff Mark Lamb, GUEST Cabot Phillips
The Joe Pags Show 1-4-19It's Free Speech Friday
It's a Feelin' Alright Thursday. Today Joe discusses how millennials seem no to respect their elders. Also up for discussion is Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of The House again today. Special guests are Cabot Phillips/Media Dir Campus Reform and Kayleigh McEnany/GOP Spokesman.
Happy New Year! On the first show of 2019 Joe talks President Trump visiting troops in Iraq and the outrage over signing MAGA hats. Plus Border Security talk with GUEST Sheriff Mark Lamb from Pinal County, Arizona. Also taking your call about Mitt Romneys recent op ed.
I've just overcome one of the biggest obstacles in my life: myself. For months I struggled with not believing in myself, with creating excuses about why I couldn't get what I wanted, and with limiting my outcomes. Now I share with you everything I learned on a three month journey of studying how I can manifest what I truly want in life.Welcome ...…
On a Free Speech Friday Joe talks Border Wall Shutdown Showdown, Also taking your calls! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family from The Joe Pags Show!
With Special Guests Ted Cruz and Deputy AG Darren McCarty
On a Hump Day Joe talks with Guests Energy Secretary and Former Texas Governor Rick Perry about energy independence for America, Also Andrew Pollock with the latest on the fight for school safety, Plus Former Fox News Personality Kimberly Guilfoyle and why she left Fox News' "The Five" to join the Trump Campaign.…
The Joe Pags Show 12-18-18It's Taco Tuesday on the Joe Pags Show
Your focus is all wrong! In this episode, I talk about why the long-term focus is not only what you need to succeed even though we are inundated with "right now" messages from the media and life.Welcome to the Muscle & Hustle Podcast! Want to build muscle mass? Want to get shredded? Interested in being in the fitness industry as a coach, person ...…
It's Mo' Town Monday! On the show today, Can boys have periods? One school district says yes. Really? Also Guest Dr. Jerome Corsi talking about his involvement with the Mueller Investigation. Plus Guest Katie Waldman, DHS spokeswoman, with the latest on the 7 year old girl who died crossing the border, funding for the border wall, and the carav ...…
Hour 1- Obama Care Topic, Texas Judge Deemed Obama CareHour 2- GUEST Hogan Gidley, Anchor Baby Pags Parody, GUEST Denish D’SouzaHour 3- White House Invitation Topic, GUEST Bernard Kerik, Pags Parody
The Joe Pags Show 12-14-18It's Free Speech Friday!!!
The Joe Pags Show 12-12-18It's Humpday on the Joe Pags Show, Joe is live in Washington D.C
It's a Crazy Train Tuesday. Today on the show Joe discusses the President's meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Joe also unveils a new a parody called "Mazie". Today's special guest is Bernard Kerik/Author.
The Joe Pags Show 12-10-18LTC Jeffrey Addicott/Dir Center Terr. Law and GOP Spokesman/Kayleigh McEnany join Joe on a Motown Monday
Hour 1- George H. W. Bush Memorial, #Me Too Movement Parody, GUEST Sheriff David ClarkHour 2- Citizenship Topic, GUEST Michelle MalkinHour 3- Abortion Topic, GUEST Doug Adler, Stock Market Topic
It's Free Speech Friday. Today on the show Joe talks about customer service or the lack there of at most retail stores now. Today's special guests are Brigitte Gabriel/Author and Mark Lotter/Fmr Press Sec VP Mike Pence
The Joe Pags Show 12-6-18Doug Adler/Sr VP Investments Raymond James joins Joe to talk market and Joe checks in with Campus Reform
Joe Pags Show 12-5-18It's Humpday on the Joe Pags Show.Michelle Malkin/Host and Author
Enjoyed reminiscing about Bush 41 and his remarkable life this morning with Bo Thompson. Always a pleasure to to be back on 1110WBT.
It's Taco Tuesday. On today's show Joe unveils his new parody based on the song "Baby It's Cold Outside". Joe's special guests on the show are Sheriff David Clarke/Milwaukee Cty (Ret) and John Zmarik/Sr Editor
It's Motown Monday. Today on the show Joe discusses the latest political correctness controversy. Is the song Baby It's cold outside really talking about date rape and should it be banned from being played on the radio? Special guests on the show today include David Bossie/Author and Danielle D’Souza-Gill/Author – Activist…
Justin Murphy is a nutrition coach in the space who has come in and made immense impact in a short amount of time. In less than a year, he went from zero to over six figures in revenue with his elite coaching team at iCoach nutrition. Justin struggled early on in life to find balance and his true path until he found fitness and nutrition. His s ...…
Hour 1- George H. W. Bush Passing, Caravan Topic, Caravan Pags ParodyHour 2- GUEST Sheriff Mark Lamb, GUEST Katie Waldman, Border Patrol TopicHour 3- GUEST Laura Loomer, GUEST Ted Nugent
It's a Feelin' Alright Thursday. Today on the show Joe discusses President Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen and his guilty plea and the lefts reactions. Special guests on the show include Andrew Pollack/Meadows Father, Ted Nugent/Rock n Roll Legend, and Abigail Marone/
It's Hump Day. Joe discusses a story coming from the UK. There were traces of feces found on the touch screens of the kiosks at the Mcdonalds restaurants. Joe also talks about the election in Mississippi. Special guests: Dan Krenshaw R-Texas and Gregory Writestone/Author
On a Taco Tuesday Joe talks about Political Bias in Social Media. Is White Christmas Racist? A New Pags Parody! Also Guests Sheriff Mark Lamb and DHS Spokesman Katie Waldman on the Caravan Chaos at the Southern Border.
It's Motown Monday. Joe talks about Thanksgiving and he also talks about the caravan at the US border. Joe's special guests today are investigative reporter Laura Loomer and Author David Horowitz.
Joe Pearson, CSCS is a strength and conditioning coach and former professional athlete. In this episode, Joe brings extreme value when it comes to how to lift weights in the best possible manner. We break down what each modality can learn from each other including bodybuilding, power lifting, and more. We talk about how to prevent injury (and d ...…
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