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Join Kristen Hayer in conversation with Donna Weber, President and Customer Onboarding Leader at Springboard Solutions as we talk about her book, "Onboarding Matters" and share some of her approaches.Check out these links:New Book: ≠ Implementation:…
Join Kristen Hayer in conversation with Andrew Rowlands, Customer Success Design Lead at Telstra as he shares his approach and some of the challenges he has faced as he has taken on the task of building customer success in an organization that isn’t Software as a Service.By Strikedeck & Kristen Hayer
Join Kristen Hayer in conversation with Meredith Blanchar, Senior VP of Customer Success and Support at SailPoint as she talks about how Covid-19 has created a shift in customer success toward a focus on value, and how she is refocusing her team at Sailpoint on customer value as they move into 2021.By Strikedeck & Kristen Hayer
Join Kristen Hayer in conversation with Sunil Joseph, VP of Customer Success at Avanoo as we discuss how professional services are different from customer success, and how to make a shift from a professional services approach to a customer success approach if that is right for your company.By Strikedeck & Kristen Hayer
Join Kristen Hayer in conversation with Emilia D'Anzica, Consultant, Customer Success at GrowthMolecules as she talks about emotional intelligence, why that is important as a leader in Customer Success, and how you can develop your emotional intelligence.By Strikedeck & Kristen Hayer
Join Kristen Hayer in conversation with Maranda Dziekonski, the Vice President of Customer Success and People Operations at Swiftly as they talk about the ways to navigate shifting from one industry to another, and the role of domain expertise in learning a new industry.By Strikedeck & Kristen Hayer
Women's Month Special Podcast!Join Kristen Hayer in conversation with Cairo Amani, Customer Success Manager for Lane and the Co-founder of ThriveNetwork as they talk about how women can promote their careers in customer success. If you’re a guy, please don’t skip this episode. It’s important to the women in your life that you understand how you can…
Karen Rhorer, the Head of Customer Success and Sales Strategy at Atrium HQ joins Kristen Hayer, the host of Strikedeck Radio to talk about operations, metrics, analytics and KPIs for both CS and Sales. Palo Alto 2019 Customer Success Live Podcast Link: Strikedeck & Kristen Hayer
Andreas, a seasoned customer success leader, fellow consultant and partner in the development of the Customer Success Performance Index, joins Kristen to discuss the CSPI - a publicly available tool that CS leaders can use to benchmark their performance on 8 dimensions.By Strikedeck & Kristen Hayer
Kristen worked with Evan Rich, the Director of Customer Success at NS1, as he built out their first health scoring system. This episode covers that process, what it took to build, how that reporting helped his team, and what he would recommend to other leaders looking to do the same.By Strikedeck & Kristen Hayer
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