Best parasha podcasts we could find (Updated September 2018)
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The Parasha Series
Getting Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky's shiurim (Torah classes) is easier than ever! This feed hosts Rabbi Orlofsky’s shiurim on the weekly parasha, pulled directly from Shiurim are added when they appear on the website. There’s no set schedule, but expect bursts of multiple shiurim every once in a while! Enjoy!
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Given in Telz-Stone, Israel, Rabbi Orlofsky discusses the topic of getting too comfortable in Galus.
If Avraham sent away Yishmael, why did Yitzchok keep Aisev at home?
Why does our Parasha precisely recount the exact pieces of jewelry Eliezer gave Rivka? And why does jewelry keep popping up all over Tanach and Chazal? An exploration of the deep meaning of Jewish marriage.
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