Best profanity podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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An unfiltered discussion about all things Twitch with Say No To Rage and Excessive Profanity.
Hey everybody! Tasteful Profanity, presented by Beast Pod(e) Productions, is an independent podcast run by two imbeciles who consistently say stupid things. John and Mike both write about the Seattle Seahawks, but the show covers much more than that, including and not limited to: beer, the Seattle Mariners, mint chocolate chip ice cream, Facebook commenters, and Tanner "T-Train" McEvoy.If you enjoy the pod, feel free to subscribe and share!
Brian and Kathleen are posing questions worth asking in their own quirky style. It’s faith-based, straight-forward, and funnier than we might expect.
Explore the Super Nintendo catalog at random with the intrepid Super Nintendo Exploration Squad. Every other week, a rotating crew of SelectButtoneers select a game from the SNES library at random. Afterwards, we discuss it using the five standardized metrics for scoring a video game: Gun, Vanity, Mystery, Poetry, and Harmony. We dive in deep on games you've never heard of with some of the brightest minds in video game criticism.There are also a healthy amount of digressions and unrelated ba ...
My son takes me on crazy adventures in D&D and I foil his every attempt to take it seriously. This podcast contains descriptions of blood and gore because we are killing imaginary orcs... duh. But there is no profanity so it is appropriate for D&D lovers of all ages. We recommend you start with the first episode.
Black Annis
Black Annis Horror Podcast reviews all things horror. Join hosts Misty and Ben as they explore the best and worst in the horror genre. Nudity and profanity are encouraged.
Lexicon Valley
Lexicon Valley is a show about language, from pet peeves, syntax, and etymology to neurolinguistics and the death of languages. Hosted by linguist John McWhorter.
A weekly conversation about anything interesting. In each episode we discuss what we know about topics ranging from history and science, to music and language, and whatever else we find interesting.
A Lifetime Love of Stories...
Community Christian Church of Springfield, MODr. Roger Ray, Pastor
Attack Ads! questions the dominance of media supported mainly by the corrupting influence of commercial advertising sponsorship, and aims to raise both awareness and outrage at the limitations such a system produces.
Sore Losers
Ray, Lunchbox and Eddie are The Sore Losers. Three guys in their 30’s based in Nashville who love to talk about sports...even if they aren’t right all the time! The show features commentary on daily sports stories with added humor and witty banter between friends.
A podcast about spirituality and faith (or the lack thereof) in the 21st century.
Decant that shit. A podcast brought to you by Lucy & Ariel. House Rules: 1) This is a safe space 2) No slut shaming 3) There will be profanity Let us be the friends who you can talk about anything with and not feel embarrassed. Let us say the embarrassing shit no one wants to talk about for you. Cheers!
Zengineering Podcast is for everyone who loves Science & Technology and also cares deeply about the beauty of Life's Big Questions. We (Adam & Brian) are obsessed with the spot where modern Science, Technology & Engineering meet Philosophy, Art & Spirituality. We have found this to be the place where the most interesting questions are both formulated and discussed. It's the place where mental models are born, and that's what we're really chasing. Are you? Become a supporter of this podcast:h ...
A group of adventurers are chosen to learn about themselves, their companions and to save the world somewhere in between. This is an actual play Dungeons & Dragons campaign using the rules of Fifth edition set in an original locations. This podcast will include violence, profanity and other adult themes.
UFR ... Raising the Barreemail
C U Next Thursday
Life really hit us with a shit stick two days before Christmas when we found out that Shaza has a brain tumour. It has since paralysed half of her face and caused a lot of pain and suffering. But we don't like to dwell. We definitely like to milk the cancer cow though. Join us week by week as we get closer and closer to remission. Hopefully some of our more out there experiences will either bring you peace and comfort, or simply entertain you for about 30 minutes. DISCLAIMER: This is not ful ...
Just an Old Man who wants to sit down with his two sons and talk.
Doghair Presents
Doghair Presents is a podcast which attempts to teach you about a new topic each week. Usually something pretty geeky.
Livin' the Dream
Podcast by Livin' the Dream
We are building a community based on reason and compassion in BC through education, outreach, support, and advocacy. This podcast contains recordings of speakers at our weekly Sunday Meetings in Vancouver. Some speakers may use profanity or discuss explicit content.
Welcome to the How to Cure Your Liberalism Podcast!I'm a former Liberal turned Libertarian. My objective is to use this platform to promote Libertarianism, harshly criticize Liberal (by the American definition) thinking and policy, call out right-wing and Conservative hypocrisy, and share my vision of the future.I plan to present my arguments and ideas as calmly and rationally as I can, and I will do my best to avoid profanity. I want to be a welcoming and well-informed voice of reason that ...
Through this resource, your family will learn how to practically build Christlike character as Mark presents a biblical perspective on the topics of parenting, marriage, character development, career excellence, and other issues relevant to you and your family. As our culture continues to slide further into confusion regarding basic biblical principles, Christians need to know where to turn when looking for instruction on life and godliness. Now you can listen to the Lamplighter podcast, whe ...
Very Bad Words
As long as there’s been language, there have been forbidden words. What gives these words their power? Why are they considered “bad”? Producer and Host, Matt Fidler, reaches out to experts, linguists, and historians to explore these words and their cultural significance. From diving into specific bad words to exploring what language has the “worst curses”, Matt weaves personal stories and interviews to help shed light on the power of very bad words.
The Football Farm
Brian and Dave discuss the world of soccer, and beyond!
The HVAC Know It All podcast is hosted by me, Gary McCreadie. These are my thoughts, my jobs, my tools....This is my HVAC life.
Streetwise Hebrew
A bite-sized podcast that discusses Modern Hebrew language gems. From slang to etymology, textual graffiti, Biblical idioms that are still around, influences from other languages, and other linguistic phenomena, host Guy Sharett shows us what we can learn about the Israeli psyche, society, and culture through its language.
Prove All Things
A podcast where we test everything so that we can hold fast to what is good and abstain from what is evil
Join thousands of other documented successful entrepreneurs who have learned to launch or grow thriving online businesses using cutting edge strategies for Amazon, Amazon FBA, eBay, self-publishing, online marketing and other proven online strategies as taught by author Jim Cockrum of As arguably the all time best selling author in the world on the topic of creative online business launch and growth strategies, Jim's recently updated "Silent Sales Machine" book has launched co ...
All free!! All educational. All entertaining. All professionally recorded. Choose from many different topics from the most talented Conservatives around the world. Join us for author interviews, new conservative books, audio book excerpts, debating Leftists, lectures, humor, documentaries and much more. If you like our podcast please submit a high rating and comments on Itunes. Don't let the Lefties drag down our rating.
MMA Untold Podcast
Whether you are new to the sport of mixed martial arts or have been following it from the beginning, MMA Untold has something for everyone. Each week we will take you inside the lives and careers of fighters, historic moments in MMA, key rivalries, and a variety of other topics surrounding the sport. So pull up a chair, hop on the treadmill or jump in your car and listen as we take you inside the stories that make mixed martial arts the greatest sport on earth.
Hallel Fellowship
Once upon a time, two besties retired from roller derby and suddenly had a lot of free time on their hands. What to do? Drink beer and read books! Join Joscelyn and Pam for books, brews, profanity, belching, and the awesomeness of life after skates.
Whiskey Times
Whiskey Times is two dudes and chick who share a mutual love of foul language and crude jokes. They get together, have some drinks, and make light of all the craziness in the world; poking fun, pushing limits and throwing political correctness out the window. If you enjoy raunchy humor and profanity, tune in and enjoy the hilarity that ensues!
Each week hosts Ryan Blaney, Kim Coon, and Chuck Bush dive into all things involved in the general pursuit of
Full of sarcasm and quirkiness, Angie gives her opinion on society and culture as we know it today.
Soul of Sensitivity
I'm Anna with Sensitivity Uncensored. Each week on the podcast, I explore different aspects of living a soulful, sensitive life. I’ll bring you stories of other sensitive, creative pioneers as well as my own thoughts, teachings and tools. This is not the beginner’s guide to sensitivity, but rather the place for sensitive souls to gather up their courage and pioneer their way into a life of personal freedom and spiritual sovereignty. Your sensitivity is sacred – are you ready to live that way ...
Kinda Right
Al and Joe have been friends for many years and have spent countless hours drinking beer and trying to solve the world's problems. In the summer of 2017 Joe asked Al if he wanted to do a podcast. After some discussion and setup they launched "Kinda Right" in November of 2017. Finding a title was not a difficult task. Both are humorous and self deprecating so they searched for a title that didn't portray their opinions as absolutely correct. Joe thought of "Somewhat Correct" and after some di ...
A mix of conscious and thought provoking Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop-Jazz that wouldn't receive normal radio airplay, with African-Centered speeches and motivational messages into the mix.Send your conscious music: .
So it starts like a bad joke; theres an Middle-aged white guy and a young black male and they walk into an office..... the rest is history.
If you’re listening to this, you made it through another week, and margaritas are in order! These are life takes from a husband, father, and taco loving Dead Head. This is a politics-free zone. Here, we discuss tacos, movies, tacos, tv shows, tacos, the weird stories of the week, tacos, my family, and burritos. I bet you thought I was going to say "tacos" again, didn't you? I eat tacos and I know things. That's what I do.
Pointlesss Talks
A podcast by a Jamaican woman that identifies as a member of the LGBTQ Community. This podcast is for every West Indian who is very in touch with their roots and also identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community. This is a safe space filled with laughs, feelings, stories, profanity, and some very gay friendly and Caribbean topics. A podcast for people like myself, who are in touch with both and want to feel whole instead of having to choose which one they want to be at any space in time.
We are Rachel and Steve. By day, we adult and parent. By night, we drink and podcast. Join us every week for a lively, honest, alcohol-fueled conversation. We'll talk parenting, maintaining your sanity, preserving your marriage and the ever-thinning shred of your pre-kid identity. Catch up with us between episodes on Instagram (@drunkparents), Twitter (@drunk_parents), or old school email ( We'd love to hear from you. And we hope you enjoy the show.
Gary Gatehouse retired SPOOK (senior intelligence gather/operative) with over 30 years of service to his country, also served in Vietnam as an intelligence gather during the Vietnam war.A husband, father, grandfather and Patriot, Gary gathers intelligence from all open sources does analysis and reports to his listeners his findings on those issues that impact "WE THE PEOPLEGary has been on internet radio since 2007, his original show was titled "Getting after Lefty" but since moving to Freed ...
U PANIC'D Podcast
U Panic’d is a podcast featuring three individuals with diverse perspectives. Not always in agreement, they build off each other, providing vital information to the community. They speak on Black ideologies and issues (both past and present).They may disagree often, but these Boston natives all maintain a certain sense of camaraderie. As 3 young individuals who grew up in the Boston inner-city, they witnessed many of the ills of their community. And because of this, they are dedicated to see ...
Life Unfiltered
Welcome to Life Unfiltered by GymJunkies! An entertaining, informative, and real podcast hosted by entrepreneur, athlete, and marketer Terry Asher and his awesome girlfriend Danielle Eells. This power couple is here to give you an unfiltered look at health, fitness, business, relationships, traveling, and lifestyle.
Slums of Film History is an in-depth podcast on niche film topics that aren't normally discussed in polite company. We take turns weekly discussing a single topic from everything to bodily fluids to T&A to exploding heads. If there is a film subject too taboo we haven’t found it yet. Welcome.
Dive head first into the underworld of extreme metal with Hellcast! An extreme music talk show, we bring you an unholy barrage of interviews, introspect, reviews, and much more metal madness. Episodes are unleashed biweekly, with the black blessing of Hells Headbangers!
The Gaming Discourse is a place for honest discussion mainly about sports and video games. As well as podcasts, we host content ranging from reviews and analysis and are always brainstorming on more.Join us in our discourse. All opinions welcome.Website: www.gamingdiscourse.comPodcasts: (Sports)-Freader And Joe Show, @FreaderAndJoe (Gaming)-The Gaming Discourse, @GamingDiscourseWatch us on YouTube: to both on iTunes: https://itune ...
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Comedy Bit. Holiday Eating. Sebastian Gorka: The Democratic Party Has 'Become Fundamentally Un-American'. John Stossel- The Left's War on Science. Andrew Klavan: The Hilarious World of Abortion. Andrew Klavan: The History of Western Culture in 2 and a half Minutes. NGOs teaching migrants to lie. South African Suidlanders at the European Parliam ...…
Nurse Shares 30 Years Of Spiritual Experiences With Death & Dying. ACU Sunday Series. Watch this video at- Becki appreciates all the wonderful comments that her Sedona talk has generated. She writes: "Thank you for your precious comments! I'd love to respond to you. It is a joy to share my patients stories." If you ...…
In this podcast episode we fast forward to a mid level apprentice. There are certain tasks and duties that an HVAC apprentice at this stage should be able to accomplish. Listen in and Happy HVACing. ***Visit to save 8% on your purchase using promo code "knowitall", see link below for preferred Testo pricing.***Also visit hvackn ...…
Dennis Prager. Manhood, The Loneliest Generation, A is for Activist and Our Unelected Overlords. Nancy Pelosi insults Trump’s “manhood” and the media yawns. What would happen if Trump questioned her femininity? And an Article- The Loneliest Generation Jihad in Strasbourg The terrorist who murdered three people and wounded many more in Strasbour ...…
Politicians behaving badly by Kinda Right
Would you rather spend the rest of your life in high school or college? It's only the beginning for sponsorship logos on NBA jerseys and the biggest KC Chiefs fan won't answer the phone because of the bad loss last night.
What a brilliant night it has been.. on the way home now, and going phlat so can’t post a wrap til later. Mwah!! Xox.
America is in desperate need of spiritual revival. But one theologian thinks we’re unlikely to experience one anytime soon. In this week’s episode, Brian and Kathleen decide whether this pessimistic assessment is correct.
Male- Female Manipulation. Dennis Prager, Alison Armstrong. Male/Female Hour: Alison Armstrong on Manipulation Spouses often feel compelled to manipulate each other to get what they want. This leads to a lot of relationship distress. How can you avoid the traps? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit Prager ...…
It's Tyler writing this, which means it'll be short and sweet.See the title? That's what we talk about. That and 30 minutes of conversation about Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Insurgency: Sandstorm. If you're reading this, you're probably going to listen to the show. So stop reading and listen.-Music-The Gaming Discourse Intro - French 57Find M ...…
We couldn't have just one discussion on this topic so we are back with part two of this Lost Civilization topic! The Pyramids of Giza, Gobekli Tepe, and Gunung Padang are a few of points of discussion this time around. We're telling you guys, if you look into this topic at all, you'll be hooked!
The Diversity Delusion | Heather Mac Donald Watch this speech at- Hillsdale College The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture Heather Mac Donald is the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor of City Journal. She earned ...…
More than half of Americans are currently living with one or more serious, preventable, chronic diseases. These rates are expected to increase significantly over the next two decades. In this episode of Life Effects, host Sara Ivry talks to Gabriel Cortez, a San Francisco-based educator and poet who is one of many young people actively working ...…
Dust off your old Santa hat because the guys are back for their annual Christmas episode. The holiday libations are flowing, and the guys are filled with cheer. Zach returns to the show and calls for a new Twisted Metal game. Tim's neighbor is holding it down in the music department. And Taylor takes issue with Sixteen Candles. Plus, find out w ...…
Would you rather live in the country or the city? Eddie almost got busted for smuggling steroids and Ray tells us the dirty secrets about gyms.
The Guns at Last Light: The War in Europe, 1944-1945 Author Rick Atkinson talks about his latest book, The Guns at Last Light: The War in Europe, 1944-1945. To watch the video of this presentation visit- Hauenstein Center Published on May 21, 2014 May 13, 2014 Grand Valley State University D-Day marked the commencem ...…
In the second part of Mark Hamby's seminar Wisdom vs. Folly, Mark continues his study through the book of Proverbs. Learn God's principles for a healthy life and the best way to receive correction. Also discover a surprising principle that will change your view of marriage forever. *Please note this podcast was not recorded in the studio, there ...…
Aberdeen won their most recent game, that's all you need to know.
In this episode, we consider what will happen to a person at the second coming of Christ.
Would you rather live in the freezing cold or the scorching heat, NFL top 10 power rankings and Steph Curry doesn't think that the moon landing was real.
Today we meet stay home dad Neil Stevens who, along with his wife Tracy (and 4 biological children) have fostered 34 kids over the years! They've built an incredible legacy and Neil has been able to be home every step of the way thanks to his online business endeavors. Our community of business building warriors includes some very special peopl ...…
Last week was an amazing week for Jamaicans. Dalton won Xfactor, Dancehall Queen Head Top win the twerk challenge and cash prize, Kadijah Robinson finished in the top 5 for Miss World, representing Jamaica and a flairy and shoulder fling, then a report says Jamaica is no longer the most homophobic place on earth, and to top it all off Buju Bant ...…
Howdy, Zengineers!This week, we're joined by our good buddy, Dave McCarty, a professional structural engineer and an amateur climber and spelunker. Yes, that's the correct word for one that adventures in caves.Together we explore the life of a licensed engineer, and how that impacts Dave's professional and personal activities. We discuss buildi ...…
South Africa 2019- Beginning of the END, South Africa's Turn Toward Marxist-Inspired Tribalism and Gavin McIness Gets What’s Really Happening in South Africa. South Africa 2019: Beginning of the END. Watch this video at- Black Pigeon Speaks Published on Dec 9, 2018 Notes to selected materials used in this video: htt ...…
This episode is brought to you by Slack, the collaboration hub for work. Learn more at LinkedIn Talent Solutions, for $50 off your first job post, go to A conversation with Lane Greene, author of Talk on the Wild Side, about the "vague and anarchic" nature of language. Join Slate Plus! Members get bonus segments ...…
This week on Doghair Presents Rory is joined by Hallie and Justin from the wonderful Quiz and Hers podcast again, and this week Justin explains the history of his second favourite video game series Assassin's Creed! Justin and Hallie do an amazing game show podcast themselves called Quiz and Hers and you can find it at https://quizandhers.podbe ...…
Dropped your phone? Did the screen crack? The phone needs fixing! The Hebrew word you'll need to know is tikun, from the root תקנ. Use it when something needs to be fixed. Tikunim (plural of tikun) also means corrections, amendments, alterations. Not familiar with the תקנ root and its related words? We can fix that! Listen to the All-Hebrew Ver ...…
An Old Man and his Two Sons deliver a Post Script to the previous California episodes discussing the wild fires, the farmer's market, and traveling back to their home of Central Florida.
Two educators behind the "Sex Ed Is Our Right" campaign talk about the importance of sexual health, sexual orientation and gender identity education in BC schools. Ghada is from YouthCo HIV & Hep C Society and Darren is from the Community-Based Research Centre for Gay Men's Health.To learn more about the campaign visit https://www.sexedisourrig ...…
Sad day for Lunchbox, he lost 1,300 dollars, the Heisman ceremony needs to be more like Miss America and the NFL is getting REAL interesting.
We discuss the pigery of huge houses in this clip
4 Stories the Liberal Media Refused to Tell You, A Murdered Missionary, The Left’s Profanity, Pro-Life View Now Un-Christian, South Africa, White People, and the Assault on Western Values The Rebel Media’s Ben Davies. Katie Hopkins and More 4 Stories the Liberal Media Refused to Tell You Watch this video at- One Ame ...…
Defending the Family in a Troubled World. ACU Sunday Series. By Bruce D. Porter March 5, 2010. Those who honor the calling of righteous parenthood will find their souls refined, their hearts purified, and their minds enlightened by the most important lessons of life. Latter-day Saints have been blessed with revealed truths regarding families th ...…
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