Best quilt podcasts we could find (Updated September 2018)
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A weekly podcast about all things quilty
Canada's number one podcast for quilting, fibre art and everything in between, answering your quilting questions with the experts across Canada.
Just Wanna Quilt
Conversations with quilters, designers, tool-makers, all kinds of people connected to the quilting industry. Hobby quilters, famous quilters, and everyone in between. A research podcast from Tulane Law School hosted by Elizabeth Townsend Gard. Yes, some talk about copyright and intellectual property law too and how it connects to quilting.
Alex Anderson Quilt Connection, dedicated to inspiration, education and growing today's quilting community. Segments will include quilt related topics including, instruction, events, interviews, questions and answers and much more.
This is a new, fun podcast series covering items of interest in the quilting industry
News, views and interviews about quilting in New Zealand.
A podcast about quilting, fabric, thread, textiles, art, design and everthing related to quilting.
Quilt, Book and Bard
bchalmer Family Friendly
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Nancy talks to us about the Social Justice Sewing Academy, where she is part of the team that turns kids' impressions of their world into amazing quilts for exhibition. She is the long-armer on the project. She talks to us about that and also her long-arm business.
I'm making quilts in the middle of a hurricane! For pix, go to
Dawn goes through the basics of batting -- what terms mean and how batting differs. It's super super interesting (really!), especially if you want to understand the differences in the various kinds of batting. For more information: She even suggests how you can become a tester of batting with the Warm Company!…
Beth is so delightful. We chat about her thoughts on quilting, on charity quilting, and special moments in her life related to quilting. She talks about the meaning of giving quilts, and their importance.
Mark, and his wife, Yvonne talk to us about their YouTube series, The Quilting Marine, and how quilting, and the show, has helped Mark with PTSD. Yvonne, who produces the show also talks about her experiences too. Here is their channel:
Andrea talks to us about making lists, Burning Man, and her epic nearly 20 year quilt project. Meanwhile, well.... let's just say....well... just listen.... Andrea is awesome. I'm a little, well, overwhelmed in the most ridiculous way. And there's a song in the middle of it. So, welcome, Monday.
Colleen talks to us about her beautiful map art quilts, as well as her work with the Sewing Justice Sewing Academy.
In the Spring, Melanie talked to use about guilds and other things. Hard to believe that we were only a few months in, and had under 300 members in the FB group. Now, we are at around 1400, and Melanie has become such an important part of our Quilting Army. (If you haven't heard it, we have another interview with Melanie ...…
Kristi talks to us about her business of creating barn quilts both for outdoors and for quilting studios. She was spotted by one of our Quilting Army members. We are so glad they found her.
I first heard of Eric the Quilter when he was interviewed on the BBC about a year ago. He is a quilter, who also works professionally in a knitting factory (I think I'm getting that right!). He makes fan quilts, does art quilts, and so much more.
Patty owns a sewing/quilt retreat in Maine. She is also a quilt judge. She's also a lot of fun. For more on her quilt retreat,
Andi owns a cool shop in Marietta, George, where we visited on our Southern field trip​ this summer. She also has a new endeavor that she talks about -- training people to fix sewing machines. And there's so much more we chat about. For more on Andi and the Red Hen Stich Shop, go to…
Gail talks to us from Canada about her quilting life, about long-arming, and about being a HandiQuilter educator.
Pam Cobb talks about her quilting life, having both a podcast and a YouTube quilt talk show (Stitch TV). This is part 2. Lynn Rinhart's episode is part 1, the co-host of Stitch TV.
Lynn talks to us about her quilting life, including being a quilt appraiser and be the co-host of Stitch TV. She is also a quilt appraiser, and she talks to us about that part of her quilting life as well.
David (my mentor in law school) comes to chat with us about tariffs and fabric, and why Joann's had put out a call for action last week. We had a good deal of discussion on the FB group, Just Wanna Quilt. David helps us sort it out.
Olivia is part of our Quilting Army. She's a fan of Eleanor Burns, and she makes patterns. We talk about all kinds of things, and I get a little law prof on her about copyright. (It was at the beginning of the summer. I was missing the law students. So sorry about that!)
Chris talks with us about real-world questions arising for both photographers and quilters about copyright. Chris has previously worked at the U.S. Copyright Office, and now is an attorney for high-profile content owners in Los Angeles. He is also a photographer who writes books on copyright. He's awesome. For more, go to and ...…
Leah Day has taught so many of us how to quilt better. On our podcast for a second time, she talks to us about publishing, her thoughts about copyright, and (before she did it) why she was considering cutting back on Facebook as a mechanism for reaching her fans. For more, see and our website,…
Jayna Zweiman talks to us about how the Pussy Hat Project ( came about, and now her latest project, Welcome Blanket ( We recorded the interview in early Summer, and we mention Museum of Design Atlanta, which we have since been to (and there is an interview about MODA posted already ...…
Joann joined us to talk about her quilting life. She owned a quilting shop in the 1970s and 1980s. She talks about the development of the quilting industry, and shares with us her quilting life.
Amy talks to us about her quilting life, including making patterns and collecting a lot of rulers! We also talk about growing up with a mom who owned a quilt shop. (See part 2, with her mom!)
Barbara Brackman talks to us about her life, her gathering of quilt blocks for the Encyclopedia work in patchwork and applique in the 1970s and 1980s. She is a rock star quilt historian. It was quite thrilled to chat with her!
I'm back with talk about quilts, travels and Travis! For pix, go to!
Mary Fons and Tula Pink were in town for Quiltfolk magazine in late June. I had the awesome honor of joining them on their shoot, and then then came back to the house for a 2 1/2 hour interview where we talked about all things quilting. They were amazing. The house will never be that cool again. For more on Tula Pink, go to http://www.tulapink. ...…
Tina talked with us about her company, her love of Malaysian batiks, and her social mission in creating her business. She also talks about how batiks are made, and the challenges of creating a small business, including shipping and other things. For more on Turtle Hand Batik, go to For more on the podcast, go to www.j ...…
Jenny Doan is...well, Jenny Doan! She has taught a generation of us how to quilt on YouTube, and Missouri Start Quilt Company in Hamilton, MO is a quilt destination point for many, many quilters. We are thrilled to chat with her, and for this interview, Judy Walker (a professional journalist!) joins us, which was awesome too. For more on Missou ...…
This is kind of a part 2 of the Suzy Webster interview. Now we have her mom too (and her kid)! They talk about their award winning quilts, applique, and also, we talk with a young quilter who discusses what he loves about quilting and even see a quilt he made and long-arm quilted himself. Suzy is an author of quilt books. Listen to part 1 for m ...…
Suzy talks to us about her quilting life, including writing quilting books. She is also an award winning quilter (you have to listen to part 2 for that!).
We went on a fieldtrip to Atlanta, where we were able to see the amazing exhibit, Art and Craft of Activism at the Museum of Design Atlanta. We talked with Laura Flusche, the Executive Director of the Museum. (I'm not sure if it was explicit, but the content is a little more mature than usual, and so I labeled it "explicit"). For more, visit ht ...…
We visited Intown Quilters in Decatur, GA when we were on our Atlanta adventure. We walk around the shop and learn more about it. This is definetely raw audio. (We are shopping at a couple of points). But I thought I would throw it up on the podcast anyway. Here is a link to the shop:…
Pam sat down with us to talk about protest quilts, our Just Wanna Quilt project, and we even get her to curse about how the general media discounts quilting as something only (uncool) grandmother's do. So, yes, we get to put "explicit" on this one.
Sue, an art quilter and an author, and also one of the key organizers of Threads of Resistance comes to talk to us about the latest controversy with the exhibit and also many things quilty. For more on the exhibit: And find out more at our website too,…
Carla Treimer talks to us about Quilts Beyond Borders and her quilting life. For more information on Quilts Beyond Borders:, and we also have more information at our webpage: Carla also has a quilt in the Houston Quilt Festival this November 2018.…
Nancy tells us about her life as a sewing educator, as she travels around the country for Viking, Pfaff and Singer.
Kelly comes to talk to us about all things having to do with thread, embrodiery, and stabliziers! And yes, that's her real title: Creator of Opportunities. And she is amazing.
Lee talks to us about being a professional within the quilting industry.
Corrie is learning to quilt as part of her law school experience. We'll be talking with her as she works through the Gypsy Wife quilt with Gigi Baay.
Becky and Rachael of the Quilted Twins talk to us about their wonderful quilty life -- where Becky creates patterns for scrappy quilts (that are available for free on their website), and Rachael sells fabric (at great prices) online and in a warehouse in Florida. They are awesome. For more, see their website: and also look ...…
Kathee Nelson shares her quilting life with us, talking about all kinds of things including art quilts, dying fabrics, and quilting with her sisters. Her son also gets engaged in the middle of our interview, so look for that. For more on Kathee, go to and look for her guest page.…
Christa Watson, of Christa Quilts, comes to talk with us about writing books (on free motion quilting, also precuts), the Precut Store and so much more. We are so hoping this is the first of many conversations. For more on Christa, go to
Season 2 begins. We explain what the quilting army is, what a research podcast is, and a few more things in 5 minutes.
Michael, a super smart law professor, talks to us about his theories of the knowlege commons and how to start to think about the study of quilting using his theories.
Tara talks to us about her quilting life. We talk about meeting up in Atlanta to go to MODA's quilt and cross stitch exhibits, and we talk about how technical writing influences her way of thinking about quilting. For more info on Tara, go to
Greetings from Ocracoke Island (plus a little from Durham, NC)! For links, head over to
Theresa talks to us about some of her big projects, including a quilt with song lyrics and asks some copyright questions. For more information on Theresa, including her Fearless Girl quilt, go to
Andrea talks to us about her life as a quilter, including as an Artist-in-Residence at the Canadian Museum of Immigration, as well as her new project that includes a song about quilting.
Jenny Bacon has been making quilts since the 1970’s when she took a class with the Embroidery Guild and learned to make a silk pincushion. Jenny makes traditional quilts, describing needle-turn applique and hand quilting as favourite techniques, but she also makes art quilts, where she uses traditional techniques in non-traditional ways. She ha ...…
The Quiltfiction podcast is up and running, and if you go here-- --you can listen to the first three chapters of Friendship Album, 1933. Go listen! Tell me what you think!
Sara is incredible. By 13, she had published a quilt book, and before she graduated high school, she had her own fabric lines. She went to college at Berkeley, and graduate work at Harvard. Now, she has started the Social Justice Sewing Academy, a community-based quilting work that is really amazing. See more about it at ...…
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